1.03 / May 16, 2011
(3.8/5) (1122)


Are you finding an interesting football game?"More than 60,000 has downloaded our game!"

Rush to the enemy field! Control your football player to tododge enemys. Take red bull drink and you can knock down enemy andmake a boost to your player. Pick more footballs and get a higherscore. See which Running Back Level you can get and submit yourscore to the leader board. Challenge other players in theworld!

If you ever has any idea to improve our game, just email us.We'd love to hear from you! You can follow our update @ http://www.twitter.com/sillycube.

It's a casual game. If you like NFL, Rugby or Football, you'lllike the game as well. You can turn off your brain for a fewminutes! Just enjoy the brainless moment!

Supported Screen Resolutions: 320 x 480, 480 x 800, 480 x854
Android OS: 2.1, 2.2

tag: American Football, NFL, football game, Rugby, Sport game,Sport

App Information Football Rush Beta

  • App Name
    Football Rush Beta
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  • Updated
    May 16, 2011
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 1.5 and up
  • Version
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  • Installs
    500,000 - 1,000,000
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Smart Diagram Lite 1.04 APK
Smart Diagram brings easy diagram making toAndroidOrganize ideas and thoughts with clear diagrams. Simple & Easy,No painful learning. You can note down your flash ideas with flowchart now!Usage: Flow Chart, Tree Diagram, Mind Map, etcSupport Android 2.1 or above. App tested on Samsung Galaxy S,Nexus 1, Motorola Droid. Other devices may not support gesturesoperation. Please report bugs to info@sillycube.com with yourandroid device, OS version. We may not be able to support devicesother than the 3 models.Features:Create Shape with GestureRectangle, Circle and Diamond block can be easily drawn on thescreen.Drag & Drop DeleteSimply press a shape then hold for a second, drag it to the rubbishbin and it will be deletedManually Shape MovementShape can be easily navigated to other areas instantly. Just touchit for half second and move it away. No painful movement again.Easy SharingA finished map can be exported to jpg, png, svg or shared with yourcolleagues with email. You will never leave it on your phonenow.Export to JPG, PNG, XML fileMulti-language support on shape's text fieldMultiTouch ZoomingUser quote:"Perfect tool if you want to create flow charts on the road. Easyto use, tutorial included, nice export formats" by jamslug (January20, 2011)Free Version will be limited to 5 diagram. Paid Version willremove the ad and waive the diagram limit. More configurationsetting will be added. Please view Smart Diagram Pro for moredetails. You can follow our update @ http://www.twitter.com/sillycube.""""""""""Recently there is users complaining the ad take up theworkspace. This is due to the house ad from Adwhirl suddenlycausing strange errors. The house ad is now disabled. Sorry for anyinconvenience caused. We seriously handle your complaints all thetime. 31/3/2011 by SillyCube Dev Team"""""""""""
Smart Diagram Pro 1.03 APK
Smart Diagram Pro is the full version of SmartDiagram.In additional to the features in ad version, the diagram limit iswaived. Users can save unlimited number of diagram. All ads areremoved. Export SVG (NO IMPORT SVG from MS Visio!), Import andExport XML file are enabled. You can now backup your diagram fileswith XML. SVG can be opened in MS Visio for further editing. Theexport diagrams will remove our app signature as well.Usage: Flow Chart, Mind Map, Tree Diagram, etcAdditional Features- More setting like canvas, gesture color, rubbish bin position,gesture response time, etc- Grid line can be displayed- More styles in an Arrow- Multi-language support on shape's text fieldFor upgrading to Smart Diagram Pro, users can export project to XMLin Free version and import it to Pro version. We cannot shareprojects between Free and Pro because this may cause securityproblems.Support Android 2.1 or above. App tested on Samsung Galaxy S, Nexus1, Motorola Droid. Other devices may not support gesturesoperation.
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Color Link Pro 1.00 APK
Come and try Color Link, the colorful shapepuzzle that will make you addictive! In this game you will try tosolve the puzzle before the color bomb explodes. The game play issimple but entertaining. You will swap between 2 blocks of sameshape to collect 4 same-color blocks. It will collapse when 4blocks are met.Compared with ordinary Jewel style game, players will not swapbetween adjacent blocks. Color Link offers a new way for users tomaster it. 5 modes will be included in the games, Bomb, Time, Bone,Collect and Endless mode. Give your brain a breeze now!Bomb mode:Solve the puzzle with the count down of color bomb.Time mode:Solve the puzzle within time limit.Bone mode:Explode bone at the bottom of the stage.Collect mode:Collect specific amount of color blocks before the time runsout.Endless mode:Endless puzzle challenge.* In the pro version, the time limit of 5 minutes for each gameare waived.If there are any problems, leave a note to info@sillycube.com. We MUST FOLLOWUP your case. You can follow our update @ http://www.twitter.com/sillycube. We love tohear from you! You can also try other game popies, paper war for 2players, etc.
Light Analog Clock 1.0 APK
Light Analog Clock in black and red color, nohour and minutes hand.Show the time in 2 red lights. The bigger one is hour, and thesmaller one is minute.Just to decorate your phone's home page.If you have any feedbacks, leave a note to info@sillycube.com. You can followour update @ http://www.twitter.com/sillycube. We'd love tohear from you!
Math Scramble (Ad-Free) 1.05 APK
Math Scramble is a scrabble-like math game.You need to choose an equation from given number balls to match thetarget answer. It's a brain challenge for math lovers.A longer equation gives higher score and bonus time. In thisversion, ad will be removed and users can submit scores to theleader board. Come and Challenge other users' brain power!In our next update, hell mode will be added. If the downloadnumber of free version reach 10,000 we will start to developeit.Keyword: brain, maths, math, calculation, scrabble, killtimeNotice: support android 1.5 or above. 320x480 resolution orabove.
Break it! Full 1.05 APK
The full version of Break it! Lite. In the Pro vesion totally 100stages will be available. 6 extra episodes will be available. Canyou finish all of them? The app works for android 2.1 or above.Hope you like our game! If you have any feedbacks, leave a note toinfo@sillycube.com.