1.0.0 / June 20, 2015
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Football splash champion is definitely the most highlyaddictivepuzzle game with enormous amounts, boosts and featureswhat’s makethe game very playable and enjoyable. The objective ofthe game iscreate match 3 (3 of the kind, 3 of the same figure), tocreatematch 3 you need to slide the left and right columns up anddown,the middle column is slides by herself, your purpose is tomatchthe 3 columns with the same football image, when you succeedto doso tap on the middle column to create the match. 12 great andfunelements will be discovered during the game, some of theelementswill help you to win, other will slow your progress in thegame, beaware of them. Good luck to all the lucky players.

App Information Football Splash Champion

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    Football Splash Champion
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    June 20, 2015
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  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
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    Puzzle Temple
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We are happy to introduce you a new adorable match 3 puzzle gamewith divine crushing combinations and extremely fun challenginglevels which set in a delicious and sweet Cookie Forest Kingdom.Step in to an enchanted and beautiful cookie jewels land to beginyour exciting adventures mania journey. Swap to match between 3 ormore colorful sugar cookies of the same kind to splash and crushthem up and make a clash of jam. Play your way through 400 uniqueand magical fever levels which increases their difficulty in eachlevel up, to make sure you will never get bored and check if youare a match 3 master. Every level providing you totally differentgoal with enormous collection of amazing powerful boosts, highlychallenging obstacles, time limits, moves limits, different boardshapes with refreshing candy arrangements, stunning dessertingredients and much more surprises. Use the boosters shop at thebeginning of each level to be prepared to play hard. Performbrilliant match 3 puzzle strategy to make a super big cookies blastwith superb animation effects and wonderful bonuses, in order toget the 3 stars score and earn large amount of gems, these gemswill serve you in the boosters shop. Cookie Forest puzzle game iscompletely free for download and play, and does not contain in-apppurchases option at all. It is free pure fun. ☆☆☆☆☆ How to Play☆☆☆☆☆ ☆ Switch and match 3 cookie gems to crush them up. ☆ Swap tomatch 4 cookie diamonds to get a special lined cookie which willblast full line or row of cookies. ☆ link to match 5 cookie jewelsin a row or line to get a chocolate candy which will freeze andsplash one kind of cookie from the whole garden. ☆ Switch and match5 sandwich cookies in any way except line or row, to get a uniquecandy pack which will make a stars blast. ☆ Swap between candy packand lined cookie to make a super huge explosions all over theboard. ☆ Link between chocolate candy to any other boost toduplicate this boost all over the board. Enjoy from many hours ofendless fun and free entertainment.
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Diamond temple inviting you to challenge yourself with a verycolorful match 3 puzzle game. Come along to a divine journey atyour rich Diamond kingdom. Start playing by switching and solvingFun Match 3 puzzle quests across 298 exciting levels full of sugardiamond temple, jewels islands, magical gem castles and moreancient surprises. Enter the 2 amazing game modes of our new &free casual game. Slide and match between 3 or more Beautiful &Shining diamonds of the same kind and make a clash of jewel toslice them and achieve your goals in great epic blasts. Keep thesecret treasure of the greatest Diamond temple safe to clear theall temples before you run out of time. Create Super power boostsby making intelligent match moves to make a bigger blast withstunning animation effects to earn large amount of Gold. Enjoy theprofessional Arcade mode with 298 addictive levels and the Classicmode which is completely Endless Mania mode. Diamond Temple game iscompletely free to download and play, and does not contain in-apppurchases. Crush your Diamond temples for real pleasure. ☆☆☆☆☆ Howto Play ☆☆☆☆☆ * Switch and match 3 Diamonds to be the temple'schampion. * Swipe and match 4 Gems to get a special shining budwhich can eliminate full line or row of gems.. * Slide and match 5Jewels to get a rare Rainbow Candy jewel which will blast one kindof diamonds from the whole temple. * Easy and fun to play,challenging to master. * Achieve the target score to win thelevels. * Use all power boosts to explode more treasure. *Optimized for Phones and Tablets.
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Dinosaur Bubble Temple 1.0.2 APK
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A Dinosaur Bubble Temple fantasy about cute and brave boy who goingfor an exciting journey in an amazing wild Jurassic forest torescue beautiful and colorful dinosaur babies who were trapped in ablocked gem bubbles. Your aim is to Shoot, to blast, crush andsmash the magical bubbles in this match 3 bubble shooter mania gameto help to the generous kid release the charming dinosaurs.Dinosaur Bubble Temple is a brand new and addictive bubble shootinggame with two unique game modes which were specially developed forpuzzle and casual games fans. Puzzle Mode and Endless Mode. Basedon the new great bubble shooter algorithm, very cleverly createdlevels, stunning high quality graphics and very smooth and friendlygame play which will take you to the highest fun and entertainmentlevels of FREE bubble shooter game ever. Our Bubble Temple gamehere to give the players a big pleasure on their free time. Showyour matching three and shooting skills to win the levels with 3stars score. Shoot and match 3 bubbles of the same color to splashthem away. Choose your beloved game mode and prepare yourself tobubble rescue adventure. The Puzzle mode brings you 500+interesting and challenging levels that were created relying on thedesires of the addicted players to Free fun bubble shooter games.Use the powerful boosts like rainbow bubble and bomb bubble inorder to blow more bubbles by huge blasts and progress faster. TheEndless mode presents to you deluxe bubble shoot game whereanimated dinosaur bubbles keep coming to the bottom of the forestwithout stop. You need to be fast and sharp to blast them beforethey will cross the limit line. Think you are a master? Check itwith Endless mode. Simply press the screen on the place that youwant to shoot the bubble, and immediately you will see a guidelinethat will make you be very accurate and efficient on your way tothe success. Choose your favorite mode and you certainly will enjoyfrom hours of fun.
Dinosaur World Free Game 1.0.0 APK
Puzzle Temple
New and free Jurassic entertainment, a unique match 3 puzzle andcasual game. Throw and match rows and columns of 3 Jurassic ringswith the same color to blow them up. Super powerful boosts andpower ups is ready to help you on your dinosaurs journey to the funand pleasurable dinosaur jungle world. The levels were designedwith great care and thought, so the maps and the goals of thelevels will change completely from level to level, you will receivethe goal of the level at the begging of every level. The goal ofthe game is to match 3 figures or more from the same kind, thereare different match combinations you can create, the mostcomplicated combinations will earn you with the biggest amount ofpoints in easy play mode and to earn more time in medium and masterplay modes.So think well before using your moves, you have to besharp to be the first star champion. As more rings you will blowmore time you will earn to continue the fun. Especially developedfor the lovers of the match 3 puzzle games and casual games. Thisis a special match 3 game. Download Dinosaur World Free Game andenjoy yourself with this special classic game.
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