1.7.7 / April 11, 2016
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Like an ingot of iron, you will be... FORGED IN BATTLE.· Hone yourforging abilities with five mini-games that make you feel like atrue swordsmith· With your forged weapons, battle Lord Vandhar’sevil forces· Unleash apocalyptic battalion attacks to decimate yourenemies· Gather resources throughout five unique battlefields andlater use for improving your weapons’ effectiveness· Forged inBattle: Man at Arms is based on the hit web series, Man at Arms:Reforged

App Information Forged in Battle: Man at Arms

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    Forged in Battle: Man at Arms
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    April 11, 2016
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    Android 2.3.3 and up
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    Defy Media
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    5757 Wilshire Blvd Suite 300 Los Angeles, Ca 90036
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**If you are having trouble swapping oraccessing your weapons hold the weapon button down to expand thelist between melee and ranged weapons.We are so excited to bring you two new gaming modes in ourlatest update: Pets and Challenge Mode! Now you can equip cutelittle donut hole pets to follow and aid you on your journeythrough Tickputt! Looking for more challenges? Take your new petswith you into Challenge Mode, where you can play over 25 newchallenges to win various rewards – for both you and your pets!You MUST play this game because:● It’s free● You get to annihilate homicidal pastries● It’s free● You can solve some seriously sweet puzzles● It’s free● You can combine awesome objects to make even awesomerweapons● It’s free● All your Smosh faves are in it● I feel like we’re forgetting something...did we mention it’sfree?Ian, Anthony, and all your favorite SMOSH characters cometogether in the ultimate Food Battle where only YOU can save thevillage of Tickputt from an evil army of killer donuts!I know what you’re thinking -ooooh, how do the donuts kill, withheart disease? These are serious killer donuts made in a super evilabandoned factory by a super evil mad baker who spliced their genesand made them super evil - so SHUT UP!As Anthony, you’ll battle your way through five magical,increasingly creepy worlds. In order to survive, you’ll have tosolve some seriously sick puzzles, find and collect food weapons,and get through a ton of crazy levels to reach the final face-offagainst your old enemy, the evil pink frosted sprinkled donut!And then, just when you think your enemy is defeated, you getsmacked with the tastiest plot twist in the history of plottwists!This game is really easy to play, you can control the entiregame using only one finger.The graphics are super scrumptious - even better than DonutMassacre 64.This game has a completely ORIGINAL STORY, voiced by all yourSmosh favs.The best part? It’s completely free!So, you wanna play? Hell yeah!Stay up to date with continued game development at http://smosh.com/FoodBattleTheGame, and send usyour feedback via Twitter using #FoodBattleTheGame
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Mine, my Mustachios! Mine! Keep tapping to find gold and treasuresas you travel to the Earth’s core in this new idle clicker game.Try the popular idle clicker game with over 3 million plays on theweb on your mobile device!Tap as fast as you can to dig deep intothe earth and mine your gold. Mine enough gold and you can sit backlike the clicker tycoon you are and let your Mustachio workers digfor you! Upgrade to hire more and more workers with unique skills,then match the right equipment near the right workers for awesomecombo bonuses!Key Features:• Keep clicking to destroy a layer ofthe earth and receive diamonds or treasure chests filled with rare(and not-so-rare) artifacts• Collect and equip artifacts to boostyour mining skills• Discover unique crafting combinations andenhancements to mine faster!• Complete achievements and earndiamonds• Upgrade your Mustachios to unlock new skills and makeeven more gold while you’re idle• Boost equipment by creating apower combo• Find the special Molerat and push your luck for areward -- careful, you can’t return what he doles outBecome a fanon www.facebook.com/AddictingGames or visit us on [email protected] to receive exclusive news from the Addicting Gamescommunity!
Slaughterhouse Escape: Deluxe 1.13 APK
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Help a plucky Little Piggy make a squeally escape from theslaughterhouse floor in this frantic, funny and addicting actionrunner. It's a frightful place full of spikes, buzz saws, electricfences and other items that signal certain doom. You’ll have tohoof it if you're going to get him out of there alive (and notsliced to delicious perfection). Lucky for this little pig, you'llfind power-ups and secret doors along the way that just might givehim a chance (but we're not optimisitic.) Unlock new costumes andcustom looks to customize Piggy the way you like.Do you smellbacon? Yeah, that's definitely bacon.
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TRY. FAIL. REPEAT.Shut the Fail Up is a really, really hard quizgame. You might almost say it’s impossible. Honestly, Shut the FailUp will troll you SO HARD you may as well start raging about itnow. Up for the challenge? Then get ready for obscure trivia,bewildering optical illusions, and weird stuff made up by asweaty-toothed madman. Please take a deep breath and remain calm.It’s just a game. (Or IS it?) Think you can be the first one on theplanet to crack this thing? Go ahead, buster… Shut up and startfailing.FEATURES- Over a hundred questions to drive you nuts.-Impossible-to-find golden bananas.- Dumb puzzles.- Smart puzzles.-A butt.- Tipsy clowns.- Sneaky zombies.- Sharks with terriblesecrets.- Olivier the Often Dying Owl.Become a fan onwww.facebook.com/AddictingGames or visit us on [email protected] to receive exclusive news from the Addicting Gamescommunity!
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Ever dreamed of conquering the world? Our FREE Turn-based strategygame World Wars will turn you into a hardened military genius and aconquering hero, and you’ll have fun along the way.March yourinfantry and send your tanks against formidable, battle-trained AIgenerals. The maps and deployments are randomly generated, soyou’re guaranteed a unique experience every game.Enlist today.World Wars wants YOU!
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This is the best of GT all in one place! Watch all of your favoriteGT Original shows, in-depth game reviews and the latest trailers onyour Android phone or tablet.Whether you want to see the latest rant from the Angry Video GameNerd, predictions from Michael Pachter or opinions from GeoffKeighley on the Bonus Round, we have you covered. Looking for thelatest on newly released video games? Take a look at our library oftrusted reviews which are available to you as soon as they hit thewebsite and filterable by platform, including PlayStation 4, PS3,Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii U, 3DS, Vita, and PC.For optimal viewing quality, we recommend a WiFi connection.Features• Search the entire GT library of trailers, reviews and originalshows• View the latest videos the same time they hitGameTrailers.com• Filter reviews by platform or sort by highest rated and mostrecent• Show roster allows for easy discovery of episode archives of allyour favorite GT showsThe GT App has the following shows:• GT.TV• Seedlings• Bonus Round• The Final Bosman• The Angry Video Game Nerd• Pop Fiction• ScrewAttack• Invisible Walls• Annoyed Gamer• Pach Attack• Hey Ash Whatcha Playin• Mega 64• De-Pixelated• Eight Bit Strange• GT Retrospectives• Combat Facts• Video Game Reunion• The Science of Games…and More!