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Now no need to carry any Formula Book! Free, Lite and Offline MathsFormulas App for all standards, class 8, class 9, class 10, class11, class 12, diploma and engineering! Download More than 126Integration, Derivation, Trigonometry, Geometry, Mensuration,Algebraic Math Formulas in just one formula dictionary app!Following Formulas are available offline in Math Formulas Plus App1. Algebra Formulas - Factoring Formulae - Product Formulas - PowerFormulas - Root Formulas - Logarithm Formula 2. GeometryMensuration Formulas Calculate perimeter, areas, volumes offollowing shapes using Mensuration formulas - Square - Rectangle -Parallelogram - Rhombus - Circle - Cylinder - Cone - Sphere 3.Trigonometry Formulas - Fundamental Trigonometric Identities -Conversion of Product into Sum and Difference - Ratios of MultipleAngles - Conversion of Powers into Sum and Difference 4.Differentiation / Derivation Formulas - General Derivation Formulas- Hyperbolic Functions - Inverse Hyperbolic Functions 5.Integration Formulas - Basic Integral Formulas - Integration RulesThis app can be used as reference dictionary book for 1.High-School Students - Class 8, class 9, class 10 (SSC) Students 2.HSC, or class 11 , class 12 students 3. Engineering and DiplomaStudents 4. Science and Commerce Students 5. Competitive Exams 6.Math Quizzes Please let us know what do you think of this app bygiving Formulas Plus app a review!

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    Formulas Plus - Free and Offline Maths Formula App
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    November 4, 2018
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Ninad Khire
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quick.nnkhire.quickpercentage 3.1.2 APK
Ninad Khire
Quick Percentage Calculator allows you to calculate percentage %,find percentage value, increase or decrease by percentage, convertfractions to percentage, calculate tip, compare prices, findselling price and profit using Margin Calculator, calculateCompound Interest using Compound Interest Calculator, Calculate,Add or Remove GST and Calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI). QuickPercentage's Compound Interest Calculator allows you to set theduration or period in Years, Months and Days! Standard PercentageFunctions 1. Basic Calculator with History and Memory You candirectly input calculations like 23+23 , 15*30 , 40-20 , 10/5 andfind results. 2. Find percentage ( % ) You can calculate simplepercentage. For example, you can calculate what is the percentageof 545 out of 625. 3. Percentage value You can simply findpercentage value of a number. For example, you can find what is 25%of 18999. 4. Increase or decrease by percentage Increase a numberby a percentage. Ex. Increase 5400 by 25%. This function can beused to calculate taxes like GST, VAT, Excise duty, etc. Decrease anumber by a percentage. Calculate discounted price by enteringoriginal product price and dicount percentage. Ex. Decrease 25%from 1200. 5. Fraction to Percentage Convert any fraction like 3/2to percentage like 150%. 6. Tip and Split Calculate You cancalculate tip and per head contribution. For example, You candivide the bill of 1000 in 8 people. 7. Price Comparison You cancompare prices of a smaller quantity product and a bigger quantityproduct. Special Percentage Functions 8. Margin Calculator FindSelling price and profit using Margin calculator. 9. CompoundInterest Calculator Calculate compound interest on principal amountfor duration of years, months and days. 10. GST Calculator -Calculate, Add or Remove GST amount from a product price CalculateGoods and Service Tax of a product. Also you can add GST amount toa product price or remove GST amount from the product price. 11.BMI (Body Mass Index) Calculator Calculate your Body Mass Index(BMI) using BMI Counter. The Quick Percentage and Compound InterestCalculator offers you exclusive features like 1. Standard Memoryfunction keys It has M+, M-, MC and MR buttons like a standardcalculator. 2. Direct Result Sharing You can directly share resultsyou have calculated using a dedicated share button. 3. Direct CopyYou can directly copy results you have calculated using a dedicatedcopy button. 4. Directly Launch the App in any Function You cancreate shortcut widgets by using which you can launch the appdirectly in any function you want to. 5. Basic Calculator You candirectly input calculations like 23+23 , 15*30 , 40-20 , 10/5 andfind results. Don't Forget To Like The Quick Percentage CalculatorOn Facebook https://www.facebook.com/QuickPercentage/ Try our newapp - Calculator E Plushttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ninadkhire.calculatoreplusDo let us know what do you think about the app. You can review ourPercentage Calculator on Google Play or you can directly email us!Your review will help us to make the Calculator even better anduseful. Please share the app with your friends! Thanks!
mh.nnkhire.mahasscresults 3.0.1 APK
Ninad Khire
New results from MP Board, Maharashtra Board, Telangana Board,Tamil Nadu Board, Gujarat Board, ICSE ISC Board Exam Result 2019and Lot more... Find your result and calculate your percentage!Telangana Board Result 2019 TN Board Result 2019 bihar board matricresult 2019 bihar board result 2019 tn 10 th 12 th board result2019 mpbse result apps 2019 mp board result 2019 mp board result2019 mp board result 2019 madhya pradesh 10th hssc result 2019 hsscresult app hsc result app 2019 hsc result app 2019 odisha hscresult app 2019 maharashtra hsc result app 2019 gujarat hsc resultapp 2019 up hsc ssc maharashtra mh board Download this single appto view, check, print and share result of any board result in Indialike • SSC Board Result • HSC Board Result • SSLC Board Result •HSSC Board Result • CBSE Board Result • ICSE Board Result • NEET -UG Board Result • JEE Board Result • AIIMS (All India Institute ofMedical Sciences) MBBS Entrance Exam 2019 • UPSC Exam • NCERT Exam• NEET 2019 Exam • Mumbai University Exam • Kerala KMAT Exam 2019 •Delhi DTTE CET Exam 2019 • NEST (National Entrance Screening Test)Exam 2019 • AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences) MBBSEntrance Exam 2019 10th Board Result 2019: of following boards ★CBSE 10th Result 2019 ★ Rajasthan Board 10th Result 2019 ★ Up Board10th Result 2019 ★ mp board result 2019 ★ BSEB 10th Result 2019 ★Orissa 10th result 2019 ★ JKBOSE 10th Result 2019 ★ HPBOSE 10thResult 2019 ★ HBSE 10th Result 2019 ★ ICSE 10th Result 2019 ★ CGBSE10th Result 2019 ★ PSEB 10th Result 2019 12th Board Results 2019:of following boards ★ CBSE 12th result 2019 ★ Mp Board 12th Result2019 ★ Up Board 12th Result 2019 ★ Rajasthan Board 12th Result 2019★ Bihar Board 12th Result 2019 ★ WB Higher Secondary Result 2019 ★Orissa 12th Result 2019 ★ JKBOSE 12th Result 2019 ★ HPBOSE 12thResult 2019 ★ HBSE 12th Result 2019 ★ ISC Board 12th Result 2019 ★CGBSE 12th Result 2019 ★ PSEB 12th Result 2019 SSC Results 2019: offollowing boards ★ AP SSC Results 2019 ★ Goa Board SSC Result 2019★ GSEB SSC Result 2019 ★ JAC SSC Results 2019 ★ JKBOSE SSC Result2019 SSLC Results 2019: of following boards ★ Kerala SSLC Result2019 ★ Karnataka SSLC Result 2019 ★ TN SSLC Result 2019 ★ MizoramHSLC Result 2019 ★ Manipur HSLC Result 2019 ★ Tripura MadhyamikResult 2019 HSC/ Intermediate Result 2019: of following boards ★Kerala HSE Result 2019 ★ Karnataka PUC Result 2019 ★ TN HSC Result2019 ★ Maharashtra HSC Result 2019 ★ AP Intermediate Results 2019 ★WB Higher Secondary Result 2019 ★ Orissa CHSE Result 2019 ★ GoaBoard HSSC Results 2019 ★ GSEB HSSC Result 2019 ★ JAC Inter Result2019 ★ Manipur HSE Result 2019 ★ Mizoram HSSLC Result 2019 ★Tripura HSE Result 2019 ★ Nagaland Board HSC Result 2019
Marathi Compass ( मराठी होकायंत्र / दिशा दर्शक ) 3.1 APK
Ninad Khire
This Compass app provides directions in Marathi and Hindi IndianRegional languages. The Marathi / Hindi Compass app displays all 8Marathi / Hindi directions in Indian Regional Languages. In Marathilanguage the compass is called as Disha Darshak ( दिशा दर्शक ),Disha Suchak ( दिशा सूचक ) or Hokayantra ( होकायंत्र ) . Itdisplays the following 8 directions namely : 1. East / पूर्व 2.East South / आग्नेय 3. South / दक्षिण 4. South West / नैऋत्य 5.West / पश्चिम 6. North West / वायव्य 7. North / उत्तर 8. North East/ ईशान्य This app uses the Magnetic Field Sensor inside your phone.In case your phone does not have this sensor it will not work. Thisapp may not show accurate data in case your phone is influenced byobjects like speakers, electric power and iron objects.
Webpage Printer Plus - Webpage URL Saver 2.1 APK
Ninad Khire
Webpage Printer Plus URL Saver allows you to : - Save URL ofWebpages - Share and Manage Saved URL links of Webpages - Printwebpages. - Save webpages for offline use. - Convert webpages toPDF format. - Print webpages to a Printer. - Surf the web. - Searchon Google. - You can share a link or address from any app toWebpage Printer Plus and print the webpage. - You can use this appto print pages along with any other browser. For example, if youwant to print a webpage you have opened in Google Chrome WebBrowser, then just share that link from chrome to Webpage PrinterPlus. And then you can print the webpage. The Webpage Printer Plusmakes it easier to print webpages. You just have to enter the URLor address of the webpage you want to print and once the page isloaded you can print the webpage. You can print your onlineresults, bills, receipts or anything else.
Just Digital Japa Counter 1.8.1 APK
Ninad Khire
The Just Digital Counter has very simple design and lot offunctionalities. Features... 1. Count anything without any limitusing On-screen buttons or volume buttons. 2. Specially designed asa Mantra or japa counter for chanting. 3. Customizable hapticfeedback. 4. Simple interface and completely free of advertisements( ad free ). - Press the Big button to increase the counter. -Press the Small button to decrease the counter. It's that simple.5. It has memory. It remembers the count always. 6. Use volumebuttons as UP or DOWN buttons. 7. It has two modes, count usingOn-screen buttons or using Volume-buttons mode. 8. Lifetime count :It shows how many times you have increased the counter. 9. Todayscount : It shows how many times you have increased the countertoday. 10. Mala counter : It shows how many malas (cycle of 108counts) you have counted.
MyText - Text Wallpaper Maker, Focus on your Goals 3.1 APK
Ninad Khire
Create Custom Text Wallpapers with the MyText Wallpaper App andFocus on your goals. Just enter your text, then select the fontcolor, background color, font style and set the wallpaper! You canalso share the images you have created! You can set the wallpaperFull-screen or custom defined!
Maharashtra SSC HSC Board Result 2019 app 2.0 APK
Ninad Khire
View, Print and Share Maharashtra SSC Board Result 2019 andcalculate percentage in this app. The results of Maharashtra StateBoard are available in this app. The result of following exams isavailable through this app 1. Maharashtra SSC Board Result 2019 2.Maharashtra HSC Board Result 2019 3. 10th 12th board result 2019maharashtra Features of the Maharashtra Board Result app 2019 : 1.Check your SSC or HSC result instantly. 2. Print your result intoPDF format directly through the app. 3. Share the result instantlythrough the app. 4. Results are loaded directly from the officialpublisher of the results. 5. State level statistics of theMaharashtra Board Result are available. 6. Divisional Board levelstatistics of the Maharashtra Board Result are available. 7. SSCBoard Result 2019. 8. HSC Result app 2018. Maharashtra SSC BoardResult 2019 Maharashtra SSC Board Result Maharashtra SSC Board sscresult app 2019 ssc result app ssc result app 2019 maharashtra sscresult app 2019 ts ssc result app 2019 ap ssc board result 2019Maharashtra ssc board result 2019 10th ssc board result 2019 hscresult app 2019 hsc result app 2019 odisha hsc result app 2019maharashtra hsc result app 2019 gujarat hsc result app 2019 up hscssc maharashtra mh board Hope you will like our app. Please sharethis app with your friends and loved ones. Also don't forget torate and review the app. All the best for the Maharashtra BoardResult 2019
com.ninadkhire.stateboardresult2018 2.0.2 APK
Ninad Khire
Be the first to get the Bihar Result 2019. Get bseb 10th result2019 faster. View, Print and Share the Bihar Board Result 2019 andcalculate percentage. bihar board matric result 2019 bihar interexam 2019 bseb 10th result 2019 bihar board 10th result 2019 bihar10th result Bihar board result 2019 Bihar board result app 2019Bihar board result check app 2019 Bihar board result apps BSEBResult app 2019 BSEB Result app BSEB Result 2019 Bihar bord resultapp bihar bord result 2019 Bihar bord result Bihar bord result 2019Bihar result 2019 Bihar result apps