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Third person modern shooter is the most exciting and thrillingWorldWar II shooting game in Fort Knight Royale Battle. It’s timeforarmy encounter of top shooter against the militant hunters.Find thecity American soldier to stop the fire super storm withthe shooterfor free weapons. You will gain the total controls ofthis gameplayto achieve triumph in this Battle. Shoot youropponents with AK47,M4A1 and shotgun to move alone in this battleeasily. In thisimpossible army attack, you have to land instealthy elite agentarea with your parachute. The air force ofshooting simulation willprovide you modern knight royale arms thatwill help you to win theterrorist open Fort battle. You will needto start the stealthymission with the help of the most advanceWeaponry off all time. GoFight to survive the match with variousplay styles to completevictory royal in Fort Knight RoyaleBattle.Game Play:Fort KnightRoyale Battle is thrilling and actiongame with incredible gameplaywhere you play as Fort hero and savecity from dangerous enemiessoldiers. You will need to jump from ahelicopter to enter theRoyale Battle Field with all of your gearintact. The knightfighters are keeping eye on the intruders theywill attack on youwith arrow spitting, guns fires with swords andwith much moreattacking skills. As soon as you land within theblue fleabag on thefort battle, your first task is to find aweapon to protectyourself. Each arena structures a different typeof weaponries andequipment’s that you can use to be the Lastman/women standing inthe mass city. After you continue the firstwave of enemies, thecity war isn't over for you, as the enemyforces will be falling inwith all their strength in this freesurvivor royale battle game ofFort Knight Royale Battle. Let’sstart survival in the World War andtake part in counter-terrorismmission that full of actionadventure. Search for weapons, stay inthe play zone, loot yourenemies and become the Last survivors.Fort Night Last Royale Combatis free to download and play, howeversome game items can also bepurchased for In-app Purchase withScore.Key Features:• Play as CitySavior and Survive in FortBattle• 3D third person shooting Survivalgame• Addictive ShootingMission & Gameplay• Different types ofguns including Glock,Sig Suaer and Taurus• Modern royale field andstory based gameplay• Pick enemy weapons to increase healthFortKnight RoyaleBattle is specially designed for all fort knightbattle andshooting games fans. There are multiply kinds of gamemode, you canchoose to fight in campaign mode to compete with theperformerscome from all over the world. There are a lot of futureprojectstyle weapon that can meet your luxurious imagination. Weknow thatyou guys love knight battle so we provided the best battleroyalegame ever with the release of this Fort Knight action games.

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    Fort Knight Royale Battle
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    May 1, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Game Volla Productions
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Start a new life with Good teacher vs High school gangster as asweet and loving teacher. Make your dream come true and become ahigh school teacher. Teacher who can teach the students with zealand can punish them on their misconducts and naughtiness. She/he isresponsible for class management and class control. This game givesyou 4 options to choose from the given two experience teachers(Janifer & Smith) or from the two young bloods (Susain &Jecob). You will be the teacher in the class and you will be theone who control the class in this Good teacher vs High schoolgangster. Students will be fighting in the class and also will bedisturbing the class environment. Make sure they don’t make theclass like Fish market. You can punish the student to stop them doall of this. Make sure you judge the right student who isresponsible for all of this misbehavior other vise you will belosing the mission and make sure you do it on the right time.Gameplay:Good Teacher Vs High School Gangster is amazing game withinteresting gameplay where you play as good teacher and controlsthe student with the help of some strictness during the class.Don’t be an Evil teacher or a spooky teacher. Be a good teacher andmake sure your class is also as good as you are. Students will runfrom the class to bunk the class you need to find the student fromthe school and bring them back to class. Make sure that thestudents don’t fight in the class and stop them if they do. Studentfighting in the class is the failure of the teacher in the classthat is you in this game. During the exam you become a goodExaminer as the students will try to cheat in the exams. Make surethey don’t cheat in the exam. Don’t let them pass the exams bycheating. Students may try to enter the class late. Make sure youtry to stop it by nominating the right student and may punish themaccordingly so they don’t repeat this again. Thrilling missions areready to blast the game in gaming world and enjoy the interestinggameplay in this High School Good Teacher simulator.Good Teacher vsHigh School Gangster Key features:• Play as High School Teacher andcontrol the students in class• Choose your favorite teacher toteach the students• Real time simulation problems faced by theteacher in the class.• Most realistic 3D environment of the Schooland Class.• HD sounds effects and voice hovers.• Class environmentwith the realistic gangster students.• Real life punishments andteacher Behavioral Simulation. Good Teacher vs High School Gangsteris specially designed for all high school teacher lovers andgangster students’ fans. Make sure you make the best teacher out ofyou and guide the high school Gangster students to a beautifulfuture. Become a lifelong example for them just by playing the Goodteacher high school simulator.
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Welcome to the new most exciting monster hero action fighting gamein Multi Monster Bull Hero vs Super Villains the best multi superhero simulation game of 2018. In this futuristic game your battlewith these monsters is also for the survival of your city to stopdestructions. You play as Legend monster hero with amazing powerskills to fight with super villains. Both the multi monster heroand the fighting bull with the dangerous villains and defeat all ofthem who came as your rivals.The monster hero has immense power andhis partner is the angry bull capable of any kind of fight with thesuper villains who also has powers. Everything that comes in theirfight had no survival and vanishes in this Multi Monster Bull Herovs Super Villains. This is a new monster hero game who crush andsmash everything come in his path to become a savior for all. Thesemulti monster bull heroes also fight for the people of their cityin this action fight simulation game. Game Play:Begin for the realfight in Multi Monster Bull Hero vs Super Villains where you playas real multi monster hero and fight with super villains who aretrying to destroy the grand city with the help of evil powers. Youcan select from three different monster bull pair in the start ofthis game all have equal powers. Same as you your rivals also ofthe different category like bat villain, super monster villain andfantastic villain. Your enemies are mortal success of you is acause for justice. Both of you are the protector for your city soeveryone depending on you both. All the fight between these monsterhero and evil villains is incredible and both the rivals fight attheir best for the downfall of their opponents. In this epic actionfighting game both use all your super powers as no one want theirenemy defeat him or he lose from his rival. In this actionsimulator game you have to fight at your best to defeat dangeroussuper villains.Multi Monster Bull Hero VS Super Villains Features:•Introduce the new Monster Bull hero fight pair• Choose the pair tosave the civilians• Fight with super villains using your powers•High detailed 3d city environment• Smooth and easy game controls•Very interesting gameplay missionsThis game is really a new kind ofaction fight multi monster hero game with bull as your ultimatecompanion who fights with you till the last moment foraccomplishment of every mission. Multi Monster Bull Hero vs SuperVillains game is for all the high action fight game lovers who findfun and amusement in these addiction games. So become the mostcourageous and fearless multi monster hero who defeats his entirerival at the end.
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Back again with the true virtual Kid life and enjoy your preschoollife once again in this Virtual Kid Preschool Simulator. 3Dpreschool Simulator will help you to find out what is going on inyour Grade one Child life along with the most amazing and mostrealistic daily routines of a preschool kid. Never miss thatopportunity to do all the naughty things that you already done inyour starting school days but this time a chance to re-do all thesething with some craze.In Virtual Kid Preschool Simulator you playas Sam. Sam is First grader Kid. You will be playing the game andexperiencing the Sam’s life as a Preschool Kid. The game will letyou know how and what matters in a Kid’s Life. How preschooleffects Sam’s life. Virtual kid school game is specially designedfor all preschool game lovers and lovely kids’ activities gamesfans.Game Play:Virtual Kid Preschool Simulator is amazing game withinteresting gameplay where you play as preschool virtual kid andenjoy your school life again. Sam is first Grader kid and you willbe playing as him. Game play of this game is the daily routine ofSam. He will be doing all the stuff a Preschool Kid do every day.You need to wake up and go to the washroom and get him ready forthe new day at Preschool. Have breakfast in the Kitchen Dinning andthen wait for the school bus.Once you ride the School bus you willneed to drop off at the school and go to your class. Your bookswill be in the next class as you have hidden them there to avoidstudying at home. You will need to get the books.Then comes thebreak where all the school is present to see the Race event of theday. You will be competing with your class fellows on the racingtrack. You need to win the race otherwise the Game is Over. Makesure you run fast.During the break one of your class fellow hasstolen your book. Find him and get your book back from him. He willnot let you have it with ease you will hit him if needed and getyour book back. You have a test tomorrow you need to study fromthat book. You need to do this in the given time otherwise he willget away with your book.In the next Level you will be bunking theclass. You will need to hide from the teachers. If they find younot in the class they will be calling your parents and that willcast you a lot. You need to hide from them for at least one minute.If the teachers find out you are out of your class the Level willfail.You will need to reach the bus and also need to hide from theteachers while reaching the bus. Once you reach the bus you will behome safely. After reaching the home have lunch and then you needto do your homework. Sleep well in the night as you have a testtomorrow. Next day you will be in the class and will be performingin the test. You will need to pass this test to complete themission. You need to answer all the question in time.Virtual KidPreschool Simulator is the game of the new generation Virtual gamesthat will let you live your childhood once again.Key Features:•Most Amazing Animations and Animated Controlled Players.• MostRealistic Animated Scenes.• Amazing Game Play.• Virtual Kid Life inPreschool.• Beautiful 3D Environment of Preschool, Home andCity.Every old person in this world would love to go back in timewhere he/she was in the Preschool and was enjoying the best time ofhis/her life. Virtual Kid Preschool Simulator will help you go backin time and memorize your own Preschool time. Virtual Kid PreschoolSimulator is a little kid early school life based game thatattracts everyone to go back to the early life experience andremember all the things that you done in this period of time in hislife.
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We are back with a brand new Multi Dead Hero game that will blow upyour mind and sweep you off your feet, feel the most Realistic 3Dgraphics with the Multi Dead Snake Hero Vs Super Villains. The mostdangerous Villains off all time The Powerful Villain, The UltimatePanther Villain and Grand Spider Villain are trying destroying thecity and have gained the control of the city. Be the Multi DeadHero your city need in this hour of horror and dark powers.TheMulti Dead Hero is not alone in this fight, the powers within himcan change him in to an Anaconda Snake that can eat the humans, andis also more powerful than the Marvelous Villains. Stop the GrandSuper Villains in the Multi Dead Snake Hero Vs Villains. Not onlythe Ultimate Fighting Super Villains but also the city police is ontheir Side and is trying to stop you. You have the power to changein to a Giant Snake and save the City from the Evil Super Villainslike Monster villains.Game Play:Multi Dead Snake Hero Vs Villainsis the most incredible Super Human Fighting simulation is which youwill be the Multi Dead Hero and will be having the Super naturalpowers of the wild Snake that will help you to fight the BloodTrusty Villains of the vice City. You can hide in the Forest andthe Village to be safe from the city police and the Ultimatefighting Villains like Spider Villain.In the Village and Junglethere are some Wild Snakes that will know about the New King of theSnake Kingdom and will try to find you and beat you. You will needto fight with all the wild snakes that will challenge you and youneed to win all the battles as you need to win. You need to savethe city by surviving in the jungle.All the Dark powers of theearth have combined together to stop you. Even the baldest Villainshave combined their hands against you. They have the controlled theCity police and have declared you an Outlaw. You Need to saveyourself and the Civilians in the vice city. You are the last hopeof the People.Key Features:• Be a Multi Dead Hero as well as WildSnake.• Open world gamming Scenario.• Epic Battles and MostIncredible Super villains to fight.• 3D graphics and HD Soundeffects with the most realistic fighting combos.• Play thethrilling levels in the incredible hero fighting game.• Threedifferent skins for every Hero.Multi Dead Snake Hero Vs superVillains is specially designed for all Multi Dead Hero lovers andvillains Fans. Super Villains are roaming in the vice city and tryto destroy the beautiful city with the help of evil powers likedangerous earth break attack in this fighting simulation.
Super Panther Hero Bank Robbery: Crime City 1.2 APK
The new Super Panther Hero is in town, Panther Super Villain BankRobbery game is the new Super villain fighting game of the house.It will bring you a whole new story with the amazing twists andturns. It will take you to a ride of the millennium. Test the realbadness in the Super Panther Hero. Super panther hero fights withcity cops with the help of evil powers and escape in front of citypolice in this Super Panther Hero Bank Robbery: Crime Citygame.Being bad is also a good thing. Enjoy the life of a bankrobber in Super Panther Hero Bank Robbery. Play as a Super villainin Super Panther Hero Bank Robbery: Crime City. Being a Villain notonly mean to kill and steal but you also need to run for your ownlife. There are also so many life turning events in the game thatyou will not only play the game but will also live the game.GamePlay:Super Panther Hero Bank Robbery: Crime City is exciting gamewith thrilling gameplay where you have left your old town and cameto the city with a lot of dreams which you believed will come true.As you have landed on the bus stop some thugs tried to steal fromyou and you accidentally killed them with your power. They were themembers of the Foot Clan a well-known Gangsters and Mafia organizedGanged that have all the good and the bad in their pockets.Even theGods have the rivals so do the man. The rivals of the foot clanshave seen what you can do and need to help them to rob the bank forthem. Otherwise he will be handed over to the foot clan and will beexecuted. You will need to rob the bank. Sneak in to the bank atnight and beat all in your way. Make sure you make it out alive cozpolice will be standing out to catch you.Beat them all and Escapein the world Fastest Super Car. Feel the need for fast speed andescape like smoke. Panther Super Villain Bank Robbery is not onlyrunning from the police but you will also need to out run the thugsand Gangsters.Lighting hero will also be looking for you everywhereso you need to escape the city before they all catch you. You needto escape the city as soon as possible. Super Panther Hero BankRobbery: Crime City is the Super Panther Bank Robbery game.KeyFeatures:• Story mode with the most Amazing Story of the year.•Game with the animated Cut Scene.• New Game Changing Environment(Indoor and Out Door Environment).• Super-Fast Cars.• Amazing Gameplay and smooth controls.Being bad and the most furious SuperVillain also means driving super cars, robbing a bank, money andall that money can buy. Enjoy the thug life of the Vice City as aSuper Panther Hero. Ultimate Super Panther Villain has his ownpowers that can help him to escape the police and Gangsters of thecity. Lighting Hero is the savior of the city you will also need toescape him as well. Lighting Hero is Super-fast that time seems tostop. You don’t need to be afraid as you have the power of apanther inside you. Save your life with the help of your evilpowers and fight with speed hero in this Super Panther hero BankRobbery: Crime City action game.
Virtual Brother Simulator : Family Fun 1.1 APK
Virtual Brother is a real life simulation game. A family funsimulation of a Virtual Big brother, and how he helps his family indaily house hold works. The game play is in the house and you canmove around the house and can interact with different things. As avirtual brother you have younger Siblings and even have ha pet Dog.You need to take care of both, Younger siblings and Pet Dog. Thereare also neighbors around the house and they sometime need yourhelp, you also have to help them as well. All you need to do is tobe cool and enjoy the game Play. There are countless possibilitiesin what you can do in this game as it is a simulation and role playgame of the Real Life. It’s time to take an elevation from the kidto super brother and let your siblings rest for some time in therole playing game.Game Play: you need to be the elder brother inthe happy family simulation and will need to role play the dailytasks done by the elder brother in the house. Work around the houseand help your mom to raise your younger sister and brother in thisVirtual Brother Simulator: Family Fun.You will be doing thefollowing task during the game and many more….• Need to finddifferent things in the house.• Follow the instruction and movearound the house.• Cook food for the younger siblings.• Feed thePet Dog.• Help neighbors by providing things they need.• You needto put out fire and wash clothes.Key Features: • Play as handsomebrother and fulfill your responsibilities.• Beautiful HomeEnvironment.• Third Person Game Play.• Super Virtual Family Game.•Addictive gameplay and exciting missions.This family fun is full ofentertainment and joyful activities. Serve the food to you lovelyfamily. In this amazing simulator you fulfill your responsibilitieslike mother and maintain your beautiful house. There is many morelevel based mission to complete with numbers of interestingactivities. Help the siblings find their stuff they lost. Performhome, caring, cleaning and cooking tasks in the housekeeping game.Be a Superhero Virtual Brother in happy family Simulator.
Multi Panther Hero VS Super Villains 1.2 APK
Multi Panther Hero vs Super Villains is entertaining and actiongame with strange panther powers with the combination of flyingsimulator. Flying panther hero fight with dangerous super villainslike bat villain and spider villain in the grand city. Save theinnocent civilians from these evil powers and clean the vice city.You can transform into dangerous jaguar and kill the brutalgangster in this action simulator.Multi Panther Hero vs SuperVillains is amazing game for all panther hero lovers and fightinggames fans. Multi Panther hero can fly and chase the bad mafia inthe vice city. Wandering in the city and save innocent civilianswith the help of strange fighting combos in this actionsimulator.GAMEPLAY:Multi Panther Hero vs Super Villains isincredible game with interesting gameplay where you play as strangepanther superhero and transform into wild panther to save the citypeoples from dangerous enemies. Super villains try to destroy thebeautiful city and control the civilians with the help evil powers.You can stop them with the help of jaguar attack powers andfighting combos. Drive sports car and racing bike to chase thecriminals in battle environment. Multi panther hero has strangepowers and save the grand city from these strong powers. Transforminto dangerous panther pet and save the civilians with the help ofclaw attacks. Thrilling missions are ready to boom the game ingaming world.MULTI PANTHER HERO VS SUPER VILLAINS FEATURES:• Playas Multi Panther hero and save civilians from gangsters• Chooseyour favorite panther hero and wild panther pet to survive• Fightwith super villains like spider villain & monster villain• 3Dgraphics with smooth controls• Drive car and bike in battleenvironment • Interesting gameplay and amazing panther powersMultiPanther Hero vs Super Villains is specially designed for all supervillain fans and flying panther lovers. Wild panther fights withdangerous city gangster and chase the monster hero with the help offast running power in this action 3D game. Multi Panther heroes useits strange powers to clean the grand city and remove evil powers.