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Third person modern shooter is the most exciting and thrillingWorldWar II shooting game in Fort Super Knight Hero Royale Battle.It’stime for army encounter of top shooter The Volla Hero againstthemilitant hunters. Find the city American Volla soldier to stopthefire super storm with the shooter for free weapons. You willgainthe total controls of this gameplay to achieve triumph inthisBattle. Shoot your opponents with AK47, M4A1 and shotgun tomovealone in this battle easily. In this impossible army attack,youhave to land in stealthy elite agent area with your parachute.Theair force of shooting simulation will provide you modernknightroyale arms that will help you to win the terrorist openFortbattle. You will need to start the stealthy mission with thehelpof the most advance Weaponry off all time. Go Fight to survivethematch with various play styles to complete victory royal inFortSuper Knight Hero Royale Battle.Game Play:Fort Super KnightHeroRoyale Battle is thrilling and action game with incrediblegameplaywhere you play as Fort Volla hero and save city fromdangerousenemies soldiers. You will need to jump from a helicopterto enterthe Royale Battle Field with all of your gear intact. Theknightfighters are keeping eye on the intruders they will attack onyouwith arrow spitting, guns fires with swords and with muchmoreattacking skills. As soon as you land within the blue fleabagonthe fort battle, your first task is to find a weapon toprotectyourself. Each arena structures a different type ofweaponries andequipment’s that you can use to be the Last man/womenstanding inthe mass city. After you continue the first wave ofenemies, thecity war isn't over for you, as the enemy forces willbe falling inwith all their strength in this free survivor royalebattle game ofFort Super Knight Hero Royale Battle. Let’s startsurvival in theWorld War and take part in counter-terrorism missionthat full ofaction adventure. Search for weapons, stay in the playzone, lootyour enemies and become the Last survivors. Fort NightLast RoyaleCombat is free to download and play, however some gameitems canalso be purchased for In-app Purchase with Score.KeyFeatures:•Play as City Savior and Survive in Fort Battle• 3D thirdpersonshooting Survival game• Addictive Shooting Mission &Gameplay•Different types of guns including Glock, Sig Suaer andTaurus•Modern royale field and story based game play• Pick enemyweaponsto increase healthFort Super Knight Hero Royale Battle isspeciallydesigned for all fort knight battle and shooting gamesfans. Thereare multiply kinds of game mode, you can choose to fightincampaign mode to compete with the performers come from all overtheworld. There are a lot of future project style weapon that canmeetyour luxurious imagination. We know that you guys loveknightbattle so we provided the best battle royale game ever withtherelease of this Fort Knight action games.

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    Fort Super Knight Hero Royale Battle
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    May 5, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Volla Gaming Studio
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Coast Guard Beach Hospital Rescue Simulator 1.3 APK
Welcome to the Virtual world of Sea Hospital Simulator in CoastGuard Beach Hospital Rescue Simulator. Become the Coast guard thatwill Rescue the civilians who are in trouble in the deep Sea. SeaHospital is little far from the beach so you need to move theCivilians in trouble to the hospital in an ambulance or helicopter.Enjoy the great Sea City Environment with the most advance Graphicsof 2018. Flying a Helicopter is the most enjoy able experience of alife time, fly a helicopter and save the lives of hundreds bytransporting them to the hospital in time. Coast Guard BeachHospital Rescue Simulator is a Sea Rescue Game with adductive gameplay. Rescue Missions in the sea are not possible without thrillingboats and Jet Skies, you will need to reach to the civilians intime other vise they will drown into the deep sea. With the help ofspeed boats and Jet Skies you will be able to carry civilians fromthe sea and transport to the beach from there the ambulance will bewaiting for them and will take them to the Sea hospital. Game play:In Coast Guard Beach Hospital Rescue Simulator you will be theSavior Hero of the Sea. You will be playing as a diver and a Doctorin this Sea Rescue Mission game. You need to help the civilianpeople in the sea enjoying and playing in water if something wentwrong. You need to ride a speed boat and reach the people in timeto save them and get them on boat and transport them to the beachfrom where the ambulance will be waiting for them that will takethem to the hospital. You will also be riding a Jet Skye to helpthe people near the beach as the speed boat can’t float in shallowwaters. Feel free to enjoy the ride as much as you can until youreach the person in trouble in time. Enjoy the joy full ride ofSpeed boat and Jet Skye in Virtual Hero Sea Hospital RescueMissions. Sometimes you will be needing help from the skies to savethe poor civilians in water so you will be getting the help formthe helicopter squad that will rescue the persons from the waterand will transport them straight to the hospital without any delay.Helicopter is the fast way back to hospital coz of no traffic noroad turns, and no need to stop again and again. It will drop youstraight on the roof of the hospital. You will need to save thepeoples from the surface of water as well as the civilians stuckunder water after their ship has sunk. You will need to dive underwater and reach the person and bring him/her back to the surfacebefore he/she drown under water. Key Features: • Helicopter, SpeedBoat and Jet Skye to enjoy • Mind Challenging Rescue Missions • Allnew Environment Underwater, City and Beaches • More than one playerto play as • A lot of new Scenarios to play in • Dynamic soundeffects and Cut Scenes • Story mode missions Coast Guard BeachHospital Rescue Simulator, is the game of the year and you willenjoy the most amazing rides along with the most Adductive gameplay of the summer, year 2018. Play and enjoy this amazing game.Game is not just for kids but also for the people who are afraid ofwater and Sea to know that there will be someone nearby to savethem if they got in trouble.
Angry Gorilla Family Simulator 1.3 APK
Simulation Games are trending now a days as they are the newgeneration games with 3D Environment and a lot of features that anormal game does not have. Angry Gorilla Family Simulator is one ofthe new generation 3D simulation game in which you will experiencethe adventurous life of an Angry Golden Gorilla. This game is notjust for the kids who love the Wild Life but also for the teenagersas this is the Family simulation of the Gorilla and can help youunderstand the life of a Gorilla and living in the family ofgorilla. You will enjoy the most advance Simulator engine in AngryGorilla Family Simulator. Enjoy this amazing game with your kidsand let them know more about the Gorilla life living in the jungle.Let them know the ups and downs of the Gorilla family. You willneed to feed, protect and defend your family in this Angry GorillaFamily Simulator game. Game Play: As you play the game you willneed to eat, drink and live your life as a Gorilla. You will beenjoying your life in the jungle alone. After some time you willfeel the need of a mate with whom you can start a family and canstart your own clan. You will need to find her, or maybe you alsoneed to save her from the different wild animals and get her backto your cave. Once you reach your cave you will need to find a wayto get it back from the cheetah as they have occupied it with hisherd. You will be fighting the Cheetah and his family to get backwhat is yours. Once you get rid of that cheetah and his mates youwill now start your own family in Angry Gorilla Family Simulator.You will start a new family in that cave. You will need to feedyour family by hunting animals in the jungle. You will also need tofind water in the jungle. Feed your kids as they are small andcan’t feed them self. Experience the family Simulation of a Gorillain Angry Gorilla Family Simulator. Some wild Gorilla will feelJealous of you will try to hurt you badly by killing someone fromyour family or by kidnapping your mate. You will need to fight foryour clan and you will need to lead your clan to battle against themighty Kong. Wild animals of the Jungle like Cheetah, Rhino andHyenas are on the side of Mighty Kong and they will also try tohurt you. So in the next missions you will need to race for thelife of your child as cheetah is running towards him. You need toreach him before cheetah can hurt him. Enjoy the Epic BattlesBetween the Golden Gorilla and Mighty Kong. Key Features: • FamilySimulator with Realistic Scenarios • Open world 3D Simulator •Realistic Sound Effects along with Surround sounds • Addictive GamePlay • Efficient Battery Management with no internet usage
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Be the ultimate Wild Wolf you always dreamt about, the most amazingWild life adventure is waiting for you in the Ultimate Wild Wolf VsUgly Monster. The Ultimate battles with the Most Ugliest Monstersyou have ever seen is waiting for you in this epic Wild wolf game.Live the dream life of a Wild Wolf and fight like him if needed.Raise your pack and become the strongest Animal Community in theJungle.The epic battles have begun with the ugly Monsters like RockMonster, Bear Head and Stack Head. Be the most Wild Wolf you canever be to save your Pack because one wolf can’t survive in thewild alone. And the Alone wolf is the wildest animal in the jungle.Destroy anyone who wanted to harm you or your pack in the UltimateWild Wolf Vs Ugly Monsters.Game Play:Raise the Wolf Pack to theUltimate Wild Wolf and be the most amazing animals in the animalkingdom. You will need to protect the pack from the other wildanimals. Save the small children of the pack from hunger, thirstand the most dangerous Ugly Monsters of the world in the UltimateWild Wolf Vs Ugly Monsters. Save the Jungle world from thedeadliest Ugly monster of the outer Rim and be the Wolf Savior ofthe Jungle kingdom. You will need to fight the Bear Head, StackHead and the Rock Monster till death otherwise you pack will die infront of you and you will suffer. Survive from the most dangerousenemy the Ugly Monster in the Ultimate Wild Wolf Vs Ugly MonsterGame. This is not a simple game but is the simulator of a real wolfliving in the wild with his pack, a wolf is as strong as his packand be the pack a jungle need in these times of need. You need yourpack and need your family to win this War, and your family needyou. Your clan need you to fight and stand as there leader in thebattles to come.Key Features:• Simulator of a Wild Wolf Adventuresslife• HD sound effects with Surrounded Sound • Adductive Game play•Open World Mode• Amazing Creatures to play with and fight withRaisethe population of your pack and be the strongest one to challengethe Ugly monsters. Protect, feed and raise the pack like you ownfamily. Be the one saving the Jungle from the Ugly Monsters in theUltimate Wild Wolf Vs Ugly Monsters. Move around the open world andenjoy the most stunning environment of all time.
Kids Hospital ER School Doctor Game 1.1 APK
Be the real super hero not by the super powers but by the deedsthat matter, save the life of the Kids in the School in the mostrealistic Hospital Simulation Games of time, Kids Hospital ERSchool Doctor Game. It is not just a game but it’s the real FirstAid missions at Schools that are done in the world 24/7. Today youhave a chance to experience the life of real ER School Doctorinside the Kids School.The Kids Hospital ER School Doctor Game isinspired by the real life events. Game is not only for theentertainment purpose but it also let you know what kind ofequipment is needed for different First Aid and ER missions. Savinga Kids Life is the biggest mission in the life of an EmergencySchool Doctor. And Failing in this mission is not an option.Youneed to help the Kids in the School enjoying and playing in SchoolGround or inside the school corridor or classrooms if somethingwent wrong. Feel the intense and full day kid’s life experience ofschool injuries and falls or Scratches on the elbows or knee in theKids Hospital ER School Doctor Game. Game Play:In the first missionof Kids Hospital ER School Doctor Game, A kinder garden kid fallsoff the stairs when he was running to words his class after themorning prayers at the school assembly. He will be moved to theschool clinic where school doctor will take care of him and willprovide him with the first aid.In school times of yours you willremember the time of P.T. Physical Education is the basic of allthe education in the schools. Sometimes children’s get hurt duringthe exercise. And are moved to words School hospital and aretreated accordingly. School Clinic Doctor provide the First Aid andwill bandage the wound after cleaning it. In some missions you willbe providing rescue when school bus have an accident on the Roadnear the school the first emergency response will be from theSchool ER Hospital. From the road you will need to carry the Kidsto the hospital or will need to provide the First Aid to the SchoolBus Kids.In Kids Hospital ER School Doctor Game you will be playingas a doctor and ambulance Driver as well. Sometimes the first Aidis not enough if the injury is not treatable in the school hospitalyou will need to drive the Kid to the Hospital nearby. Make sureyou do it in time. Time Matters a lot if the Kids Are inEmergency.Key Features:• 3 Different Indoor, Ambulance to drive, ERMissions• Realistic Controlled Simulator with amazing EmergencyFirst Aid experience• 3D Environment• Different levels withdifferent Difficulty Levels• Play as a of a School Doctor &Ambulance Driver Heroes• Transporting School Kid to the hospital
Robotic Police Dog: K9 Dog Chase Simulator 1.2 APK
Well come to the future of the police K9 unit as they have advancedthere technology by acquiring the most advance Robotic police dogsto stop the drug trafficking on the Airport. Enjoy the most advancePolice Dog chase in Robotic Police Dog: K9 Dog Chase Simulator. K9is the best friend of the Airport Police as they help to find outany suspect caring drugs in or out of the airport security and warcrime chase. These K9 Units are also effective against the closecombats against the terrorist and gang members that will try tohijack a plane or try to enter the Airport. Game Play:Enjoy themost advance Robotic Police Dog Duty playing as a Police Inspectoror one of the robotic dogs in the K9 unity of the US airportPolice. You will need to find out the suspect carrying somethingthat can’t be allowed to get on the plan or in side of the airportsecurity. These smugglers will try to trick you while you chasethem so be careful while Dog chasseing them in the Robotic PoliceDog: K9 Dog Chase Simulator.You will need to fight the gang membersrobbing the civilians on their way back to the hill station andrunning back to the jungle. You will need to save the civilian fromthese Gang members and you women dog will also need to catch themor they will come back once you are gone. Robotic Police Dogs canrun way faster than the normal dogs. Fulfill your duty as a K9Police Dog in the Robotic Police Dog: K9 Dog Chase Simulator.Stopthe terrorist activities before they can take place by the help ofthe futuristic Robotic airport police Dog that is equal to an Armyof hundred Soldiers. And can out run the most advance Airplanes ofthe day. Use the advance powers like Big Bark, Super-Fast runningand jet Feet that can also help you to jump great distances warcrime chase. Use all of these powers to defeat the enemy andprotect the innocent civilian and defend the Airport in RoboticPolice Dog: K9 Dog Chase Simulator.Key features:• All new 3DEnvironment with Animated Scenes• Open World Scenarios and StoryMode• More than one Robotic Police Dogs• Realistic Missions withadductive Game play• Police Dog Chase Missions with allot of sideQuests• Realistic Sound effects• No internet requiredCrime chase isalso one of the biggest duty of the police. With the most advanceRobotic Police Dogs that will be more and more effective as therobotic Dogs can Access the internet and all the Camera in thetown. They can see furthers parts of the town like the Hill Sideroad airport police. Enjoy the great views of the Hill Station inthis 3D Animated Environment of Robotic Police Dog: K9 Dog ChaseSimulator.
High School Fun: Virtual Girl 2018 1.1 APK
Welcome to the most amazing and thrilling missions High School FunVirtual Girl 2018 where you enjoy high college life. Each people inthis world like his high school hoops days. Enjoy your back toschool sale days when your mom and dad leaves you to your schoolgirl life on the first scholar’s days. Indulge with the student andmake a new ragazza friends. Have a crush your colleagues in highschool simulator. If you love the virtual best school girl gamethen you will surely love to play this virtual school girl life 3Dsimulator game. Enjoy the most incredible best High School Fun:Virtual Girl 2018 with thrilling mission to play with. Unlike allother school journey simulator games and play this high scholarsgame which you feel actual life of a yandere girl game. If youreally love the school simulator games then you will experience theschool girl life, attend the classes, confess the class mates andtalk with your friends. This is especially games for women whichthey are like anime girl wallpaper.Game play:Once again we are backwith the amazing High School Fun: Virtual Girl 2018 game withexciting missions. In the game you play as a school girl. Start thegame you are in house woke up and get ready for the school byvirtual dressing. It’s time to breakfast. After the breakfast youneed to wait for the school bus. Sit on the bus and take you forthe school. In the school you go to your class and sit yourseatAfter some time you need to go another class room for take yourbook. In the break time, you play with your friends and talkingvirtual. You race with your child friends and try to win. In thishigh school you have find basketball, football, high school storyand 3D girls. During the class room you are bored and try to bunk.If once you bunk the class then you need to save side that anyteacher did not see you. If the any teacher see you during the bunkyour level is failed.Now it’s off time. You sit on the school busand reach in the house. In the house you need to learn your testfor next day. If you pass the test next day, your level is completeotherwise your level will be failed. In the game you will be enjoythe 3D environment of house, roads and beautiful school.Keyfeatures:• Play as a school girl in the Virtual High School • Go toschool on school bus• Take selfie with friends• Have fun with yourclass mates• Smooth controls and camera angles• Amazing soundeffects and 3D graphics• Beautiful Environment and SmoothcontrolsThe High School Fun: Virtual Girl 2018 is speciallydesigned for the kids and those people who are loves the schoolgirl games. During the game you remember your school days and theybring a smile on your face. You play as a school girl and do allactivities which a normal students doing in the school. Let’s playthe amazing game and enjoy it’s fun.