/ May 12, 2015
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Line up yellow discs in a row, column,ordiagonally before your opponent does it with red ones. Diskfallsdown, occupying the lowest empty space within the column. Thisgameis also known under the names like "Four Up" or "Plot Four".

A brilliantly brain challenging version of theclassicgame...

In STANDARD mode enjoy the classic simplicity of this gameandbattle your opponent to be the first to connect 4 in a row.

In DROP ROW mode prepare for a twist! Filling the bottomrowmakes it disappear from play so you can scupper youropponents’attempts to win the game by eliminating theircounters.

App Information Four - In A Row

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Doodle Tic Tac Toe doodle.tic.tac.toe APK
Doodle Tic Tac Toe is a simple and funstrategy game. The classic game from childhood.
The game graphics are inspired by a piece of paper out of anotebook with a hashed box.
The object of the game is to select spaces to form a straight rowor diagonal line of the same symbols. You alternate turns with theopponent. The winner is the first to work complete three in a rowof their symbol. You can challenge a computer or anotherplayer.You can play in different game modes:
★ Single player (playing on one device with a computer)

★ Download and play against other players!

Game Features:
★ Full compatibility with the phone and tablet

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The waiting is finally over! Thelong-awaitedsuccessor to Snake game is now available on play store!Get 'ASnake' today for your phone and tablet for free!

★ ★ Instructions ★ ★ 
Help the hungry snake to grow by eating apples as much aspossible.But beware the Snake grows with each unit of food, andthus thereis less gaming space left. Running the snake itself, orin theedge, the snake loses a life. If there are no more life’sleft, thegame ends. Then post your score and find out how good youare.

★ ★ Features ★ ★
- 2 types of control (touch, joystick)
- beautiful graphics
- beautiful sounds
- Highscore
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This app is intended for entertainmentpurposesonly and does not provide an actually Laser.
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Try your best to only tap of thecorrectsquares. Children of all ages (including adult children)will enjoythis memory app featuring:- Two modes of play- Relaxation mode allows you to save your progress or reset atlevel1 to beat your previous score- Relaxation mode gives you endless play (well, 350 levelsofplay)- Try to beat your scores in the Speed Round- The Speed Round only gives you 60 seconds to get as far asyoucan- Be careful of misclicking in the Speed Round becausemultiplemisses will start counting against you.
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