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FPS PvP shooting squad Modern FPS shooting game brings you bestshooting fever. The indispensable army combat is started. Do youwant to be the part of this marvelous first person shooting game?This top action game has realistic gameplay with the exhilaratinggun shooting. Witness the ultimate terrorist battle in this freeFPS game. You will have to be elite soldier to tackle each bulletin battle. You need to execute the strategic warfare against youropponents. So explore the new first person shooters games now tosay goodbye to your boredom. Select the latest sniper guns to erasethe terrorists from your land with your war kills. You can snatchhis gun by taking him down. The ruthless terrorists will take anyshortest route to turn the tables. Be a precise gunner and take theright shot to score some extra points. FPS assault sniper strike:2018 shooting game FEATURES: 1. REALISTIC WAR ZONE AMBIENT: In thisstrike warrior game you can select the environment of your choice.Among the day, evening and night modes, select one for yourcommando venture. Take a best care in the War Mode when the enemycan attack from anywhere. This fps sniper game has multiple nightmodes with different military operations. Be the ultimate gamer ofthe sniper assault games 2018. 2. STUNNING TERRORIST COMBATLOCATIONS: The enemy is maximizing their brutal force at “ancientcity castle”. You can select the “temple” location where thegigantic pillars and concrete walls can serve as the place forrefuge. So you must not only survive this commando shooter dare atthe gloomy tunnels but also eliminate as many as terrorists as youcan. The deserts are also not free from the existence of theterrorists. Unleash sniper shooting war against them to be the armyhero of assault combat games. 3. MODE SELECTION: Apart from bestsniper missions, this free game has following modes that containthe real adventure from best sniping games. Select mode and kickoff your army border shooter career. --> Level mode: There are30 missions in this sniper warrior shooting game which are full offiery bullet attack. --> Free mode: In this mode, you can selectlevel and your favorite environment. You have to shoot targets toevacuate the important places of your cities. 4. SMOOTH GAMECONTROLS: This defensive mission game is one of the best army gamesand military games. The interface contains the following buttons.1. Crouching 2. Shot button 3. Double shot 4. Switch gun button--> Navigation Button: In sniper warrior games free offline, youcan use the navigation control button to move in any direction youwant. Execute deadly bullet attack & gaming tactics toeradicate the enemy’s secrete hideouts.5. ADRENALINE-INDUCINGSNIPING SHOOTING GAMES CHALLENGES: This front-line elite commandogame encompasses the best gun fighting trails. The darkest tunnelscan be the hardest place for this military combat. The temperatureof the battle war is rising with every second. BEST OF LUCK FORSHOOTING SNIPER 2018 GAME!

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    FPS Shooting Squad Battle
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    February 27, 2018
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Game Sonics Inc
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Snooker & Billiard are the most popular board games over theworld which everyone love to play. So the developers has designedworld’s #1 game with stunning features for you guys andgirls…."Pool game free offline" is all in one free 3D Pool gamespecially designed for Android devices with spectacular HD graphicsand realistic, accurate physics. This game is for all age playerslike:- The expert people will love to play and enhance theirexperience and will challenge their friends with the high scores onpro snooker…- The new players will learn the art of aiming andboard game amazement though 9-boll pool billard.- The challengerswill be challenged with difficult shots.- The fun makers will beamazed with nonstop fun. It has the option to play with theirnames.TRICKS & GUIDELINES:Select the correct boll, aim at rightangle, align the stick and strike confidently and with accuratepower, be always cool and calm…. This is what all you need to do tomake highest score and win the game…So don’t wait more, don’t waistmore… the game is readily available on Google Play Store. Justdownload now 100% for free and enjoy…POOL GAME FREE OFLINEINCLUDES: ★ US 8-Ball Pool -with option to play with selected nameand country.★ 9-Ball Pool - Multiplayer.★ World Snooker - Practicemode, two player mode, live snooker scoreboard.★ Challenger – witha lot of easy to difficult challenging shot levels.GAME UNCOUNTABLEHOT FEATURES:√ Stunning animations.√ An exciting game speciallydesigned for Android devices like mobiles and tablets.√ Veryamazing full screen 3D HD graphics.√ Very Realistic Pool, Billiardand Snooker Physics.√ Multiple levels with easy to difficultchallenge.√ Pan and Zoom modes.√ Free View and First Person View.√Easy user interface.√ View statistics and achievements.√ Addictivegameplay with hours of fun.√ Break your own records and openchallenge your friends.
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INTRO:Now enjoy the best taxi simulator in your smartphone. Do youhave guts to drive taxi in different city and offroad environment?So, you are at the right place to enjoy offroad taxi simulator.Perform your pick and drop duty with your jeep taxi 2018 withintime limit. You have played many taxi games and offroad games, butthis taxi game will show you all in one feature of taxi games, jeepgames and Prado games. You don’t need to download those offroadgames separately; this taxi game is providing you all simulatorgames features in one pack. Keep your eyes on the dial of timer anddrive your fast taxi like an Indian taxi driver. Perform hilldriving on the mountains and bridges of the exciting environment.There will be a lot of hurdles and difficulties during mountaintaxi 2018. This will be the test of your taxi driving skills tocheckout that you are performing your taxi driver efficiently ornot. Taxi owner hired you on the Offroad Mountains to givereliability to the taxi passengers. Show your Indian taxi drivingskills like popular taxi games 2018 in this taxi simulator. Thereare lots of taxies in the garage of this new taxi game. Choose onefrom different taxi drives according to the situation of the taxisimulator level. If you want to become a famous taxi driver then itneeds to show your extreme driving skills with your cruiser taxi orPrado jeep. Grab steering of the taxi car and drive a mountainflawlessly like famous car games. It will difficult to drive car onthe congested paths of offroad environment. Be aware of coming carsand other 4x4 jeep to avoid accidents. Sometime this car simulatorlevel requirement to drive city car like a hill taxi on offroadenvironments.MISSIONS: All levels of this prado game are full ofthrill and excitement like popular taxi games. Collect coins fromthe road with your jeep Prado during offroad drive. Be an Indiantaxi driver because once the passenger sit in your taxi car thenyou can collect coins from the road and steep paths. Your duty isto take your taxi 2018 from one stop to another taxi stop. Makesure your taxi parking on the exact parking zone. If you get hit toother car or 4x4 jeep on the way your taxi driving level will failand you have to start it again from the first taxi stop. This taxi2018 game will show you its own taxi 3d features to enhance yourextreme taxi driving skills. For all Asians this taxi simulatorcalled taxi wali game. In these Asian countries the city taxi isthe cheapest way of passenger transportation from one taxi stop toanother. Other taxi games not contain these types of offroad taxigames features. You will become taxi master in this jeep game byshowing your taxi parking skills with your Indian taxi or any othertransport car or jeep drive. Perform efficient cab driving withyour taxi 2018 and become hero of all taxi games.SALIENT FEATURES:In this taxi drive, you can see the mesmerizing and green hillenvironments. Perform your duty in this taxi simulator gameskillfully to enjoy your taxi ride. This real taxi 3d needs skillsof professional taxi driver with limited fuel. So, be quantitativeduring taxi driving with your offroad drive. Drive a powerful taxicab in any kind of environment like Offroad Mountains and citytraffic. So, enjoy cab drive with smooth and realistic controlslike a real taxi on the environment. Good Luck.FEATURES:1. Excitingtaxi driving levels.2. HD and offroad environment.3. Smoothhandling and controls of all taxi ride.4. Realistic physics of alltaxies.5. A lot of taxi drive in the garage.6. Addictive game play.
Amazing Water Park Roller Coaster Simulator 3D 1.04 APK
Amazing Roller Coaster Simulator 3DLet's start a ride with real roller coasterINTRO :Roller Coaster ride is an amazing ride addition in all simulationgames. You will enjoy adventure of roller coaster like popularroller coaster games and cart games in this game. You will be hireas roller coaster driver to take the passengers in your rollertrain. Keep an eye on the railroad track and sharp turns. Take yourroller coaster like a professional driver to reach on the stop;where the passengers are waiting for you. This roller coastersimulation game need a pure driving skills like other driving games2017. Your roller train should be on the right track to avoidaccidents. This roller coaster game is the latest crazy gamecontain speed and fun. Take control of your crazy ride and startyour real driving on zigzag roads. Take passengers with your rollercoaster from different fun fairs and amusement parks. No need tojoin roller coaster school to improve your coaster driving skills.This roller coaster game will teach you all things about realroller coaster. Even you can drive the coaster in the jungle andspace without any fear of driving. Enjoy coaster madness ondifferent tracks to prove that you are a hero of all roller coastergames. During the way of your roller coaster ride you will facemany hurdles and moving objects on the railroad. These hurdles andobjects will definitely trying to stop your roller coster. Here isthe test of your driving skills on the train tracks. Slow down onthe sharp turns to keep the roller ride safe from all accidents.Super roller coaster is full of fun and contains splash beauty.Roll your coasters in giant circles to experience the real stuntswithout any fear. Get all swings taste in one freaky roller coastergame. This roller coaster 3d game is full of driving adventures.Your train ride contains all features of famous roller coastergames and other space games.MISSIONS :All amazing levels of this roller coaster game contain differentfeatures of coaster driving. Each level is different from theprevious coaster level. New level of this super roller coaster gamewill also be harder and impossible to achieve its goals. Here youneed to expert driver skills; so you can easily tackle alldifficulties during the way of roller train. Different environmentswill also increase your roller driving skills with more fun andadventure. After completing initial level of your coaster ride thisdriving game will take you to the space where you should drive yourroller coaster with extreme care. In the space driving there is nogravity which can hold your coaster to the rail track. Keep yourroller coster speed slow to complete the space roller coaster levelefficiently. You can see different planets on the space includingearth, mercury and mars. Space roller coaster driving will be thetest of your professional coaster driving skills. Make sure tocomplete all levels of this new roller coaster simulator 2017 3dgame to become the king of all roller coaster games.ENVIRONMENT :When you are passing through the environments of this rollercoaster game your excitement level will automatically increase. Youwill feel that you are driving a real roller coaster on therailroads. So keep improving your coaster drive to become thetycoon of all roller coaster games. So just download and enjoy thisroller coaster game to have a lot of coasting fun. Your commentsand suggestion will be helpful for our team. Good Luck.FEATURES :1. Different roller coaster drives including train cart.2. HD graphics with realistic 3D environment.3. Smooth handling and controls of all roller coasters.4. A lot of exciting levels.
Home Car Parking Adventure 1.06 APK
Home car parking adventurePick up your prado car & accomplishthe most difficult home parking missions Just hurl into this cargame featuring the best Prado parking free simulator. Hit the roadand be the car park of the free 2018 games.Based on the exciting 3dparking, this car game will become the top game. The city isbursting with traffic; the parking lots are unable to accommodatethe huge number of suv vehicles. To mitigate the highway trafficproblem, city authorities has built the multi-story buildingconsisting of multi parking spaces. Fill this parking area with thePrado car in least possible time. Unlike the other fun car parkinggames, there are multiple parking garages. In this multi-levelgame, park car to win the maximum points. As long as you follow theparallel parking in this cars game, you will stay safe. Tackle thetraffic on the city roads in car traffic parking.Witness the Pradosimulator and home car with stunning parking car. Enjoy themulti-level mall parking in this multistory free and car parking.Get behind the steering wheel of your sports car and break therecords in this multi car game. This car simulator is inspired fromthe free parking gamers. You have never seen the most realisticprado parking 3d. Witness the real parking games 2018 now with us.Don’t miss the chance of become car driver of the multi-levelparking free game. There are number of modern parking cars. In thisstorey parking, you will be given many prado parking challenges.Park the car with in the required time to win this parking placegame. As there are huge multi storey buildings, follow the parallelparking. Don’t bump to the parked cars. Drive the car with greatsafety as any accident caused the level termination. You will needto start again the parking garage game. So be very careful in thiscity roof parking challenge. Besides the breathtaking parkingstunts, this real parking 3d has the various car driving ventures.This driving simulator is from the best simulation games. It istime to test your car driving skills. Many amazing features of thiscar parking make it different from all other prado car games. Whenyou play this parking car simulator it gives the real car trafficparking. Just get ignore the ordinary car games and explore the newparking games. Are you a passionate enough to make your distinctivename in the list of best parking experts? If yes then play pradocar games designed with best hard parking adventures. This isgarage parking game including best car drifting over the riskyroads. So this roof parking game is not only a prado parking gamerather it defines top driving missions for you. Parking car hasnever been accompanies the top speed and reverse parkingchallenges. How to play:In this crazy car extreme parking game youneed a great deal of precision. Firstly you will be given theoption to select your favorite car. After this step you will bedirected to the level selection. Select the initial level as theselevels are for the novice gamers. This 3d game is best platform tolearn the parking skills. Learn and be ready to testify them in thefurther car park levels. Choose the garage parking or you willtransfer to the multistory parking building. Drive within thetraffic cones and follow the route. If you want to win this carspark then you have to be dr parker driving. Win the highest scoresto unlock more sports cars.Download home parking game to win thisfree backyard parking challenge.Features:1. Realistic carsimulation game2. Awesome car garage3. Amazing sound and visualeffects4. Multiple camera angles5. Multi parking locations6.Versatile parking lots with unique car reverse parking
Aeroplane Games: City Pilot Flight 1.03 APK
Aeroplane Games: City Pilot FlightDo you love to play airplanegames? Play the role of flight pilot in the exciting aero planesimulated game. Take the control of your aero plane in the sky andbe ready to complete the plane game missions. Your task in thisPlane simulator game is to fly you aero plane in the air andcomplete the circles. To complete all the flying missions you needto become an expert aero plane pilot. Complete all the circlescarefully in given time and win this plane racing game.High-quality graphics and flight 3d simulator will force you toplay this amazing airplane game for many hours. This flight 3dsimulator game gives you a chance to play something better than theother crime game, gunship game, driving and parking games. Flying abig aero plane in the sky is not an easy task as it requiresperfect pilot skills of takeoff airplanes and landing. Theobjective of this airplane game is loading of different vehiclesand transports them on another country. You will enjoy the reallife experience of Airplane pilot. It is a new way to test yourperfect plane driving skills in different airports. Airplanesimulation game is an action filled flying game with the differentset of challenges and missions. Complete the tons of flyingmissions of pick up and drop passengers to become a professionalpilot. Enjoy the challenging missions like take off your plane inemergency, rough landing and rescue missions. This is a flight 3dsimulator game in which you will enjoy Airplane flying and Parkingairplane. This is very adventures Airplane driving game in whichall the flying control is in your hand. The mountain and highbuildings are most beautiful part of this simulation game. Becareful while flying over the mountain because if you crash withmountain or hill your plane will be damaged and your level will befailed. Fly through the different check points to reach ondestination point. This is a unique game that you have neverexperience before that. You will enjoy the realistic airplaneengine sound in this airplane landing game.There is a collection ofmodern aircraft to select with your choice. Each and every planehas different driving features. Select your desired airplane andfly in the sky. When you cross the circle prepare yourself to crossanother circle. You can become the expert pilot after completingall the circles. When arriving at one final point, slow the planedown and prepare for landing. If your airplane enters into thedanger zone, you have to protect yourself from that area. It’stotally free of cost game. You can play this game without anyinternet connection.So are you ready for the thrill of experiencethe controlling and flying an aero plane in this free simulatedgame? Just download this aero plane simulated game on your mobileor tablet and enjoy the real thrill and adventure. Aeroplane Games:City Pilot Flight Features:1. Real feel of flying Airplane in thisflying simulator2. Amazing flying, landing and parking experienceof new aero planes3. Combination of excellent graphics and coolanimations4. Beautiful airports to take off and land the aircraftin this airplane simulation game5. Complete unique flying missionsto become professional pilot6. Collection of modern aircraft withbest features7. Different camera views to enhance drivingexperience8. No internet connection is required to play this game
Modern Parking: New Prado Parking Game 1.04 APK
Modern Parking: New Prado Parking GameTruly awesome plusexceptional multi storey car parking simulator 3d takes you toreach the summit of fun!The 3d car parking city adventure 2017 isexclusively designed for car parking and 4x4 prado fanatics. So,all the gaming maniacs explore this all in one multi-level cityprado parking driver. Have some prado parking adventure 2017 inthis prado car game and get rid of boring usual games car racinggames and car driving games.Prado car simulator 3d parking 2017 isfree prado parking game featuring prado lx car parking simulator.Drive some modern prado extreme suvs and 4x4 prado and get anopportunity to drive and park the expensive luxurious prado inmodern highway prado parking lot.The multi level real prado cityparking is one of the best luxury prado parking games new 2017featuring extreme Prado Parking city simulator 2017. Park your carand be the ultimate king of the prado 4x4 parking rush driver 2017.Forget about the other car games and drive prado car simulator 3dparking 2017 and be the ultimate car driver 2017.A simulation game:3d Prado Parking The multilevel prado parking adventure is 3dsimulation game of 4x4 prado. Get on the modern prado simulatorthat has never been so realistic before! A Most Realistic City GameEnvironment: Multi-storey car parking:The locations and whole gameenvironment is another heart-warming feature, that compels youdownload this extreme prado parking mania 2017. Multilevel PradoCar Parking Sim Driver 2017 is prado car parking game whichpresents you the realistic and brilliant city environment. Driveyour 3d 4x4 luxury prado and defeating all the hurdles park it inModern Highway Prado Parking Lot. Be ready for mind blowing carparking challenges:The multilevel real prado city parking 3dadventure 2017 is new parking games 2017. The parking stunts andcar paking action ready to stun you. A multi storey Parallel carparking game:The extreme super prado parking is a fast pradoparking 3d game in which you witness the car parking challenges andcar driving stunts a lot different from other ordinary pradoparking 3d games. Based on the luxury 4x4 parking, you need todrive the luxury prado parking simulator 2017 and follow theparallel parking. Modern prado and breathtaking car racing stuntsare waiting for you in highway prado parking adventure 2017 newgames. In a multi storey building, a prado games, park your car inparallel by avoiding the collisions to other cars and obstacles.Unleash action and most wanted adventure with challenging gamelevels:Prado city drive stunt parking is embellished with theamazing parking stunts and car driving challenges. Are you to testyour driving and parking skills? On the way to your destination,multi level prado luxury car parking sim uncover many breathtakingchallenges. Take the maximum fun and excitement and park the car inprado parking 3d game.Fun to play:The prado luxury car parking gameis prado parking game featuring your favorite 4x4 prado to give theall the fun and excitement that you always wanted. This ismulti-level 3d car parking challenge so hit the road with your 4x4prado in this prado car game to be the multi storey car parking 3dadventure king. How to play:1. Select the car from the vehiclestore comprising the amazing collection of luxury prado, extremesuvs and jeeps.2. Avoid collision with the side cones and othercars.3. Reach to specified location and park your prado 4. Beat theclock and complete the parking challenge within time.ModernParking: New Prado Parking Game Features:1. Prado city car parkingsim thrills you with its awesome sound and visual effects2. Smoothcontrols plus hydraulic brakes 3. Enjoy Realistic car driving andparking experience in prado car simulator4. Witness awesome gameenvironment of prado lx car parking
Superhero Gangster Battle Rescue Missions 1.02 APK
New Superhero Fighting Games 2017Excite yourself with the real citysuperhero adventure who has invincible powers to save the city andfeel the real superhero magic.Real super hero 2017 is a bestsuperhero game featuring the admirable and most wanted flyingsuperheroes. All the fun games and free action games fans, availthis life time opportunity to become a super spider american heroto protect city. You have seen amazing superhero games andsuperhero bike games but witness the unrivalled 3d animations andmost realistic game environment in mavel superheroes. The superherocity survival game, superhero games for girls presenting you thebest game play with the most realistic missions in this super herocity magic game.Your city is under attack! Dangerous and notoriousaliens have attacked to harm the New York city and its people. Theywant to enslave the humans so that they can rule earth planet inthis alien attack game. The whole humanity is under the terror zoneand in extreme danger. The super hero squad has been made to fightthe monsters. Will you help them to save the city?Witness alien vssuper hero war in the new superhero game which has come up withchallenges and stunts that you have never seen before. See yourfavorite flying superheroes fighting for the human survival. As atrue superheros, you will never leave the city on its own withsuperhero fight. Under the alien attack the crime has increased andthere is kind of chaos and mayhem in the city. Explore your innersuperhero mania and real passion for your city. This is new spidersuper hero survival game where the superhero fight is ready tocaptivate you.The mortal battle has begun. Use your true superpowers to take down the enemies. You are strongest hero having thegreat enthusiasm for your country. You are true soldier who hasserved as commando in army. Don’t you want to become a real superhero and save the city from the aliens and galaxy warriors. Witnessthe most realistic super hero simulator. In this superhero game,you are the savior of galaxy. Start the real battle against thealiens and become the part of the super hero squad. This is a newalien war plus superhero fight and flying superheroes gameencompassing the horrifying monsters and some creepy aliens. Canyou fight with them?Alien vs super hero survivalist game hasinitiated the superhero fighting mania so all gaming and racinggame with superhero movies fanatics, this is your chance. Don’tfear the space lord as this space war has to be ended to save thehumanity. Being suprrman in the superheros alien game, there willbe adventurous story based missions. In each mission, you need toremove the aliens from the city in this alien shooting super heroultimate fight. The super spider hero alien shooter is free alienshooting games and alien games, where you need to destroy thealien’s sites and get rid of the alien war. Use your fightingskills in this superhero fighting game. The superhero magic willfascinate the city with its charisma. Enjoy the flying superheroesin this new superhero games.Download this yet another action packedand fun filled amazing spider superhero fighting game to do thestunts and tackle risks in a war zone in daring mode. Fulfill yourdream of becoming the real superhero magician 2017 and protect thecity from the alien attack through superhero fight.New SuperheroFighting Games 2017 Features:1. A true city superhero sim and realanimations 2. Super hero ultimate fight 3d has begun to drive youcrazy3. Invincible super powers like flying in the sky, facingbullets etc4. Remarkable action and thrill in super hero game5.Challenging levels with rescue missions6. Excellent game play insuperhero games7. Free superheroes game to play which is availableonline
Real Crime City Gangsters 1.0 APK
Real Crime City GangstersWelcome to new criminal case game in which you are playing a roleofmafia crime. You will enjoy different crime scenes in thisrealgangster crime game. This gangster action game has realistic3dgraphics and extraordinary sound effects that make thesegameplayvery adventures. City gangster 3d game is the addictivegame withdifficult challenging missions. All the challenge andmissions ofthis crime fighting game are very beautiful developedandwell-designed that will make you expert shooter. Citygangstercrime game will give you a professional weapons and guns tofacedifficulties and hurdles of real criminal scenes. The life ofcitycriminals are not so easy, they always remain under pressureandthreat so you have to perform the best to survive as long asyoucan. You can use sniper gun for city crime in this criminalshootergame.Gangster mafia 2017 is criminal mafia game with the most wantedanddangerous criminals in the world who want to make crimecity.Streets are full of special force soldiers and military thatwillstop you to do crimes on city roads. You have to follow thecommandand instruction and shoot the target for serial killer inthe city.Don’t cares about the gender of the target just aim andshoot withyour sniper gun or weapons. But you have to be careful toharminnocent people on the city streets. This killer gangster gameistest of your skills and competency. Criminal case 3d game iscrimemission game and your task is to complete every mission withhighpoints for buy new weapons and sniper guns. In thiscriminalsimulation you are a part of mafia gang who has specialgang teamwith different weapons. You will attack on people of cityand takecontrol of the area and simulation. You have great passionfor allthe terrorist and enemy forces who want to make entirecitycrime.City gangster 3d game will resents you real fight againstcitizensand terrorism around the city. You will fight withdifferent kindsof your opponent and increase your attacking skills.Become thereal attacking champion of street fighting by showingexpertshooting skills. Grand mafia game will show the realisticcityenvironment and crime fighting scenes. City gangster game 2017isaction packed game with high quality 3d graphics andcoolanimations. You will face complicated situation because policearewaiting to arrest you or harm you but you have to fightagainstthem. You have a big chance to become most dangerous citygangsterwho has a lot of murder case. You are a mafia boss and youareresponsible for taking any decision to play crime in the city.Sobe a ready to do hidden crime in this multilevel criminalshootinggame. Now download big gangster adventure game and enjoyit.Real Crime City Gangsters Features1. Different choice of sniper weapons and guns to shoot2. Unlock all the weapons and find secrets hidden on the map3. No internet required to play this gangster crime 3d game4. Realistic 3d graphics and special effects of city crime5. Each level with different fighting missions to complete6. Most action packed thrilling attacking game for city crime7. Realistic criminal scenes and amazing weather condition8. Responsible for everything which is dangerous for city