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An active lifestyle is the key of good health and long life.Themore often you do sports or exercise at home, the better youfeel.But it's not always possible to visit a gym: we all havechildren,business, work to do. Do you want to have beautiful abs?Use thisfree app called "Free Abs Workout Exercises". You can makeyourbody beautiful, slim and sculptured. You won't even have toleavehouse. A flat stomach can become a reality for you very soon!Theapp has videos with exercises for abs for you to watch.Performingthem at home at least twice a week will gain you themusclesdesired and a flat stomach. Each video implies a certainnumber ofreps and length of break between them. It's simple anddoesn'toverload your body too much. Exercise your abs effectively.Do notwaste any more time. No diet will make you fit and yourstomachperfectly flat. Without having a faith in yourself and aright setof abs exercises you will not achieve the perfect result.Exercisesin the app "Free Abs Workout Exercises" are divided in 3levels ofdifficulty: beginner, intermediate and advanced. Each ofthesethree levels has its own terms. If you have selected the firstone,there will be 4 exercises available for you. You will have todo 2sets of each twice a week. At the intermediate level there are6exercises which you will have to do twice a week, 3 sets each.Theadvanced level consists of 12 exercises, and you will have todothem three times a week, 4 sets each.

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Daily Yoga Poses & Asanas for Ab & Slim Waist 3.1 APK
The app daily yoga poses and asanas for abs is complex of exercisesthat will help you make your waist slim, stomach flat andseductive, develop flexibility, grace. Your belly will not beflabby any more! Yoga asanas are a time-proven way of getting yourbody into a perfect shape. The application “Yoga for Ab and SlimWaist” is yoga for beginners. Everyone can master this technique,regardless of their level of preparation. The main purpose of ourcourse is to improve the stretch, get rid of flanks, and to accentyour waist in the shortest possible time. You have an excellentopportunity to get a personal instructor for free! There is no needto spend much time on yoga exercises. To get a stable result threeor four classes a week are enough. If you are ready to change, thendownload the application and get to your training! Each class willbe efficient – just follow the recommendations given by theapplication. Yoga poses for abs should be taken calmly, withoutunnecessary strain, gradually increasing the stretch. Meditationand calm breathing will help you achieve your inner balance andboost your life energy. While taking special yoga poses, you directyour energy flow into certain organs and systems, improving cellnutrition and fastening metabolism, will make your waist slim, atight and flat stomach. Yoga asanas for abs are a powerful weaponagainst loose skin and extra weight. Opportunities of our videocourse: 1. The application consists of video classes performed by ayoga master. All exercises have a detailed description and usefultips. At first, your asana may not turn out as distinct andbeautiful as the one in the video. Do not stop! After some time youwill be teaching your friends and acquaintances efficient yogaposes for abs. 2. Yoga poses for beginners are arranged in aspecific order. Take them following the scheme given by theinstructor and do not doubt – you are sure to get a slim waist, atight and flat stomach. 3. We have taken care that you do notforget about your training while doing daily routine. Set up aphone reminder (prompt) and you will not miss the next class.Download yoga classes for abs right now and get rid of extrakilograms on your waist. Do you get distracted by advertisements?Install a paid version of the application and achieve your goalboldly!
Fast Weight Loss Workout & Fat Burning Exercises 2.0 APK
Do you want to lose weight quickly, but keep the elasticity of yourskin? Do you dream of a slim and fit body? What is stopping youfrom fighting against that excess weight? There is absolutely noneed to starve yourself and spend hours at the gym to lose weight.No need to waste the family budget on food additives meant to speedup your metabolism or a private nutritionist. Having a slim body isfar easier than you think. Our app "Fast weight loss and fatburning" will not be your panacea if you continue to eat cake andpastries every evening. However, it is a wonderful FREE alternativeto liposuction and expensive cosmetic surgeries. You don't evenneed to leave your house or office to start burning fat and get ridof cellulite using these workouts. Just download the applicationonto your mobile phone and start slimming down, even if you're onlya beginner sportsman! Exercises for burning fat and get rid ofcellulite Losing weight fast is easier than you imagined, and theseare not empty words. You'll see for yourself once you download theapplication and begin the weight loss program. Our exercises forfat burning and get rid of cellulite are divided into three levelsof difficulty: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. The beginnerlevel consists of weight loss exercises that are suitable forpeople who have never engaged in sports before and have led asedentary lifestyle for many years. This first step on the path toa slim figure is also fit for overweight children. The intermediatelevel consists of video material with more intensive workouts toaid fat burning and get rid of cellulite in problematic areas. Thisstage is aimed at people who once engaged in sports, or those whohave completed the beginner level of our program. The advancedstage is meant for those who are familiar with gyms and toleratehighly intensive physical activity. The video material at thislevel of our weight loss program includes a set of exercisesspecifically designed for sporty men and women who have gainedweight due to various circumstances. Want to have a slim body? Getup and start working on it. Download our application right now,choose a suitable level of difficulty, and begin the weight lossexercises today! Our application is free, but it contains ads andcertain feature limitations. However, if they are distracting youfrom our tutorials, download the paid version and forget aboutannoying ads forever. Fast weight loss is possible, as long as youare willing to work for it! Train and become slimmer while ourweight loss app helps you out.
Flat Stomach Workout - Exercises for Ab and Belly 2.0 APK
Is your figure bringing you down? At night, do you dream of beingslim and graceful, like Aphrodite on the seashore? Have you givenup on the idea of ever having a flat stomach? Until you startbelieving in yourself and your strength, you will continue tosuffer with a flabby stomach, extra weight, and other problems,including in your social life! It's time to make a few changes! Our"Flat Stomach Workout" program was developed to suit people withvarying fitness levels, but is nevertheless aimed at beginners.Especially for you, we have collected and compiled the mostvaluable and effective exercises for a flat stomach into videotutorials. By carrying out these exercises 2-3 times per week, youwill improve your muscle strength and consequently flatten yourbelly. After all, all dreams must come true! But in order tosucceed, dreaming is not enough. You must act now! Difficultylevels of the exercises This application consists of three levelsof difficulty: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Every levelcontains a different set of muscle-building exercises. There is oneeasy way to become the owner of an ideally flat stomach: don't belazy. The advantages of the free program are as follows: • No needto go to the gym and waste time on the commute. • No need to searchon-line for workout tutorials, since now you have them at yourfingertips. • Exercise whenever you want: in the morning,afternoon, or evening. • Adjust the difficulty according to yourstate of health. The disadvantages of the free program are: theexistence of advertisements and the somewhat limited features. Ifyou find these unbearably irritating, you can always purchase thead-free, fully-functional paid version. Become the owner of abeautiful flat stomach. Let your other half admire your grace andyour friends be jealous. After all, we only live once, with theabsence of rough drafts or the possibility to start over anytime wemake a mistake. You ALREADY have an ideal belly, but it is hiddenunder a layer of fat. Get rid of it! How do I begin my stomachworkout? Your new life begins now. Download our application "FlatStomach Workout" to your phone, choose the appropriate level, andstart changing. Watch our video tutorials and do the flat stomachexercises. Under each video, you will find information on thenumber of sets and reps necessary to perform in one session. Aftermastering one level—once you feel that your body is ready forharsher workouts—move on to the next level and keep fighting!Obtaining a perfectly flat stomach without investing in the gym ora personal trainer couldn't be easier!
Yoga Poses and Asanas for Relief of Back Pain 3.2 APK
App with yoga poses, is designed to home workout, includes asanas,which will help you to get rid of back pain, reduce lower backpain, improve flexibility and stretch your muscles. Back pain - oneof the most common symptoms, which affects people at any age. Painmay indicate a serious illness, or just a fatigue, prolonged stressor incorrect position while sitting. Having back illness you can’tdo exercises to reduce back pain on your own, because it can haveserious consequences. But in all other cases, regular exercise isrequired to remove muscle spasms and strengthen your back. Thereare many different exercises, but not to hurt your back, you needto maintain a balance between physical activity and generalcondition. App "Yoga Poses and Asanas for Relief of Back Pain" isyoga for beginners following postures: 1. Marjaryasana. 2.Vajrasana. 3. Marichyasana (right). 4. Marichyasana (left). 5.Pavan Muktasana (right). 6. Pavan Muktasana (left). 7. Apanasana.8. Apanasana (roller). 9. Halasana. 10. Karnapidasana. 11.Savasana. 12. Natarajasana (left). 13. Natarajasana (right). 14.Apanasana. 15. Chakrasana (right). 16. Chakrasana (left). 17.Apanasana. 18. Savasana. Yoga for back pain relief is considered tobe the most gentle and safe way to get rid of unpleasant feelingsand get in shape. This technique is recommended for all who lead asedentary lifestyle, or, on the contrary, often experienceoverload, worsening the condition of the spine. Having a free "YogaPoses and Asanas for Relief of Back Pain" app in hand you can doexercises at home or on vacation, that will preserve flexibilityand health. Yoga poses for the back are designed in the way thatanyone could master them. They are simple, but very effective,which is confirmed by the practice of using this method to reduceback pain. Stretching helps to strengthen muscles and increasejoint movability, and meditation - to get rid of anxiety andrelieve tension. Mastering yoga poses for the back, you need tofollow a few guidelines. All the exercises are performed slowly toavoid injury and to immerse yourself in the process. It is veryimportant to follow the correct breathing, so as to achieve themaximum effect, many yoga asanas for the back include deepbreathing or a stop at some stage. The best is to do it every day,but not overloading yourself with workouts and taking breaks ifyou’re tired. In the app you will find all the necessaryexplanations to the asanas and will be able to choose the best modeof trainings.
Legs and Thighs Workout - Exercises for Sexy Butt 2.0 APK
Our app contains exercises to help you achieve the following: 1.Toned and sexy butt and thighs; 2. Slim and beautiful legs; 3. ABrazilian bum; 4. Get rid of fat and cellulite; 5. Gain more muscleweight. Women are not the only ones who can benefit from workingout with our app: it can be just as beneficial to men, allowingthem, among other things, to boost their strength and resistance.Our exercises for legs, butt, and hips were developed by aprofessional certified fitness instructor who has years ofexperience in the fitness world and a number of winning places inthe Miss Bikini contests. The exercises in our "Butt and LegsWorkout" app are aimed at beginners, that is, those who juststarted working out and whose fitness level is still quite basic.You can work out in the comfort of your home just 2-3 times a week,dedicating as little as 5-10 minutes to each workout. The appincludes the total of 9 different exercises for legs, butt andhips, which we divided into 3 levels for your convenience: entry,average, and advanced. Each level includes videos explaining how toperform the exercise correctly, as well as exercise descriptions,the number of sets and repetitions, and the rest times between thesets. If a workout proves too much for you, you can cut down thenumber of reps and increase your rest times. You may experiencepain in your legs, butt, and thighs after working out. Not toworry: this is your body's normal reaction if you hadn't done anysports or hadn't exercised a particular muscle group for a longtime. We recommend that you talk to your physician before startingthe workouts, just to be sure that the exercises won't do you anyharm. If you are pregnant or recently gave birth, or if you have amedical condition, please take extra care when working out. Workoutwith the app for 10-30 minutes a week and watch your body lookyounger and more attractive each month!
Yoga Poses & Asanas for Spine, Neck and Back 3.0 APK
The app "Yoga for Spine and Back" contains the most effective andaccessible beginner yoga poses & asanas (exercises) that willhelp you shape strong back and spine. This set of exercises willhelp you treat osteochondrosis, neck and waist problems, relievespinal pains, and restore your health and flexibility. Forget aboutspinal problems! A flexible and perfectly functioning spine is anindicator of health and youth. It is not just the basis and supportof our bodies; the proper functionality of most of our internalorgans depends on its condition. Studies have shown that up to 90%of diseases in our bodies are caused by spinal problems. As aresult, rejuvenating the spine can help us get rid of most of ourailments. Today there are more and more cases of patients with avariety of back, neck and waist pains. Approximately a third of thepopulation suffers from these problems! But it can be cured. And"Yoga for Spine and Back" will help you. It is worth mentioningthat a strong back and spine will also have a positive effect onyour emotional, sexual and psychological lives, as well as improveyour state of health and increase your workability. Yoga becamefashionable and popular for a reason! Yoga for beginners In ourapplication you will find accessible and relatively simple beginneryoga asanas for the spine and back, along with detaileddescriptions and recommendations for their proper practice. This isan ideal aid for those who decided to take care of their health,reduce their back pains, or simply stay in shape. You can practicethese exercises by yourself, starting with short sessions (10-15mins) and simpler asanas. Make sure to adhere to these importantrecommendations: 1. yoga asanas for the spine and back must bepracticed before meals; 2. yoga exercises must be practiced in apreviously aired room; 3. asanas should be performed on specialmats or carpets; 4. only relaxation asanas should be practicedafter menstruation. Consult a doctor before practicing these asanasto avoid any injuries. Under no circumstance should you force theseexercises; do not continue if you feel pain or discomfort.Exercises should bring pleasure. As you go through yoga asanas forthe spine, remember to breathe properly and stay positive – thesuccess of your exercises depends on it! Wisdom from the ancientsages Yoga is the oldest practice in the world, whose origins gomillennia back. It is an ideally functioning system that will helpyou tone your body, restore your spinal flexibility, and allow yourmind to be in harmony with the surrounding world. Stretching andmeditation will help you achieve a proper balance in your trainingsessions. Before learning yoga poses for the spine, it is advisedto study the structure of the backbone, its work, functions, andthe causes of illnesses and problems. This will help you practicethem properly and gradually achieve the desired effects: a strongback and spine.
Yoga Poses for Men's Health & Impotence Treatment 3.2 APK
The app contains poses and asanas of yoga that are useful for men'shealth, help with impotence, increase strength, potency,flexibility, accelerate metabolism. It is believed that men benefitfrom strength trainings, but such training only build muscle mass.You just need to stop exercising and the result disappears.Radically different effect have yoga asanas for men: the resultachieved by means of regular training remain forever. Revitalizingeffect of yoga on the male body is recognized by doctors in mostcountries of the world. And, in some countries, yoga is included inthe school program and the military service. Yoga trainings andlearning asanas allow a man to: - Develop stamina. Soon, you willnotice that you exercise more easily - for example, long trekking,football or basketball games, tennis lessons. - Increaseefficiency. Proper performance of yoga poses combined withbreathing exercises gives vigor and concentration. - Resetaccumulated tension. Systematic training with the correct sequenceof yoga postures have a beneficial effect on the male body: -Improve brain function. - Strengthen the heart muscle. - Increasethe potency. US and German doctors recommend yoga as a remedy forimpotence. And, it is not aimed at short-term, but the long-termimprovement. - Reduce blood pressure. - Improve the functioning ofinternal organs. - "Accelerate" metabolism. - Help maintain ahealthy lifestyle. Yoga gradually abolishes the need for othermeans of relaxing and toning. Men practicing yoga noticed that theybegan to smoke less and consume much less alcohol. No exhaustingstruggle with bad habits - thanks to regular exercises, theydisappear by themselves. App "Yoga Poses for Men's Health &Impotence Treatment" is yoga for beginners following postures: 1.Tadasana. 2. Vrikshasana (right). 3. Vrikshasana (left). 4.Uttanasana. 5. Virabhadasana III (right). 6. Uttanasana. 7.Virabhadasana III (left). 8. Dandasana. 9. Paripurna Navasana. 10.Dandasana. 11. Paschimottanasana. 12. Janu Sirsasana (right). 13.Janu Sirsasana (left). 14. Dandasana. 15. Shavasana. 16. Anantasana(right). 17. Anantasana (left). 18. Shavasana. 19. Apanasana. 20.Pavan Muktasana (right). 21. Pavan Muktasana (left). 22. SetuBandhasana. 23. Apanasana. 24. Supta Matsiendrasana III (right).25. Supta Matsiendrasana III (left). 26. Shavasana. Polls conductedaround the world confirm that men practicing yoga notice its highefficiency against impotence. In addition, exercise helps to resistfatigue, susceptibility to stress and depressive states. Freemobile app "Yoga Poses for Men's Health & Impotence Treatment"will help you to practice yoga properly and systematically. Itpresents the most effective yoga poses for men. The application canbe downloaded and installed on your phone in a few minutes. Thisapplication is very convenient and extremely simple to use. Runningthe program on the phone, you simply look at the screen and repeatthe steps of the coach demonstrating yoga asanas for men aimed atstretching the muscles, energy storage, increasing potency,reducing blood pressure, etc. Free mobile app "Yoga Poses for Men'sHealth & Impotence Treatment" contains: - Names of yoga asanasfor men; - Demonstration of the process of taking yoga poses; -Description of body benefits of demonstrated asanas. This mobileapplication can be used virtually anywhere. Preparation fortraining is also simple: you will need a small rug and clothesenabling you to move freely. It is sufficient to allocate 15-20minutes a day for exercises - and you'll soon notice your healthbenefits. This application has everything a man could need -clarity, practicality, benefit, visible results.
Yoga for Relief of Anxiety, Stress and Depression 3.12 APK
The app includes antistress yoga poses and asanas that will helpyou get rid of stress, depression, fear and anxiety. This appimprove your mood, health, relax you. There are enough stressfactors around each of us, from a crush in the subway todifficulties in learning, work, family. Modern man needs immunityto the daily problems and inspiration to solve them. One of themost effective ways to handle stress and depression is yoga. Comingfrom the East, the practice has covered almost all the countries ofthe world. Yoga classes were acknowledged to be effective at the UNlevel. Yoga is loved by stars such as Madonna, Sting, Keanu Reeves,David Duchovny, Charlize Theron. Do you think that everythingeffective is expensive? Not at all: trainings, including meditationposes and exercises stretching muscles today can be performed forfree. All that you spend - is a few minutes to install the mobileapplication "Yoga for Relief of Anxiety, Stress and Depression".The application contains: 1. Clearly demonstrated yoga asanas thatcan be easily performed after the instructor 2. Known trainersadvices on how to do the exercises 3. Information block withexplanation, how the yoga against stress and anxiety works 4. Lightmusic accompaniment for a better relaxation 5. Step-by-steptrainings, leading from simple things (deep breathing, smoothmuscle stretching) to complex ones ( "Lotus" and other well-knownyoga poses) App "Yoga for Relief of Anxiety, Stress and Depression"is yoga for beginners following postures: 1. Shavasana. 2. ArdhaChakrasana. 3. Apanasana. 4. Pavan Muktasana (left). 5. PavanMuktasana (right). 6. Supta Padangusthasana (right). 7. SuptaPadangusthasana (left). 8. Supta Matsiendrasana (right). 9. SuptaMatsyendrasana (left). 10. Supta Matsyendrasana. 11. Halasana. 12.Karnapidasana. 13. Matsiasana. 14. Supta Baddha Konasana. Trainingwill give you not only the flexibility of muscles. You will havethe ability to quickly restore energy balance. Antistress yoga forrelaxation will gently remove the irritation and fatigue of a hardday. Reminding you, "Yoga for Relief of Anxiety, Stress andDepression" app is absolutely free. Internal refresh, calmness,cheerfulness, flexibility and with zero cost. The app is fullyuniversal, so it can be used by all those who are often exposed tostress: students, athletes, young parents. Yoga is also helpful torepresentatives of professions subject to overstrain: officeworkers, businessmen, managers. All you need is 15-20 minutes aday, calm atmosphere, small rubber or textile mat and comfortableclothes. No tedious trips to the gym - you train at convenient timeand in a convenient location at home, in a hotel, in nature or inthe office during a break. Very soon you will find an appropriatebalance of loads and meditation for yourself. Practicinganti-stress yoga for relaxation, you will notice that you havebecome much less subjected to daily stress, act calmly andefficiently. Proved: Yoga against anxiety is one of the mosteffective means of fighting stress factors of the 21st century.Traditional options for mental relaxation are going to the cinema,restaurant, etc., provide only a short-time effect. While yoga is awhole philosophy of environmentally friendly, wise and joyful life.That is why the whole world is talking about the effectiveness ofyoga against stress. In addition, this facility is available toeveryone, as is the case with our free mobile app. We havecarefully collected everything that yoga against anxiety has tooffer, and presented in the most convenient form.