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Love thy loaf

How many kinds of bread do you know about? Do you know thebreaddough is one of the most versatile staples around? If thesmell offreshly baked bread lifts your soul and makes you salivate,then itis time for you to download the bread recipes app,immediately!

Bread is one of the oldest foods known to man. Its history canbetraced back to the civilizations of Sumatra, Egypt, Greecewhereflat breads were the staples. These days, however, everyoneisgoing artisanal and multi-grain, but even with that there’s somuchto choose from. You can either watch all the food shows on TVandmake tedious notes, or download an app and get all theinformationyou need with one swipe!

You no longer need to wonder where you’ll get that loaf ofOliveBread, or foccacia, you just need to do a simple search andvoila,the recipe of your choice is downloaded for you to try out.Somethings you will find in this app
- recipes for dough
- what to add on
- exact measurements and tips
- Recipes of various breads
- Kneading techniques to get a fuller, softer dough
- Tips for the perfect crust
- Delicious sides for different breads
- Gluten substitutes for those with special dietary needs
- Different baking methods and mediums

You’ll be surprised to know that naan, tortilla, pita areallclassified as breads. Yeast is not a must for bread like youthink.So go ahead and download the app and make a few loaves, eat afewsandwiches, toast a few croutons and enjoy this delightful foodtoyour heart’s content with the bread recipes in this app. That’soneless thing to load up your grocery cart with and onemoredelightful food to come home to, fresh baked bread.

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Poems Every Child Should Know Audio BookUnknown A treasure trove of more than two hundred poems, thisgemof an anthology compiled by Mary E Burt is indeed a mostvaluableset of poems to read or listen to. Published in 1904 ,Poems EveryChild Should Know contains some well-loved verses likeThomas Gray’sElegy Written in a Country Churchyard , LewisCarroll’s delightfulparody Father William, Felicia Hemans’deeply-moving Casablanca andother favorites. It also haslesser-known but equally beautifulpieces like Henry WadsworthLongfellow’sThe Arrow and The Song , Robert Browning’s The Incident oftheFrench Camp, Eugene Field’s nonsense lyrics Wynken, Blynken andNodand a host of other wonderful verses. For modern daychildren,unaccustomed to reading and memorizing poetry, the book isathrowback to the days when this was the norm in most classroomsandhomes. Fragments from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, in whichMarkAntony pays tribute to the dead Brutus, Polonius’ advice to hissonLaertes from Hamlet with the stirring lines,This above all: to thine own self be true… are some ofthemasterpieces contained here. Poems Every Child Should Knowalsocontained some of the most famous poems in English by poetslikeWordsworth, Shelley, Keats, Browning and Milton. Americanpoetslike Walt Whitman are featured here with their immortal linesinpoems like Song of Myself.Another famous American poet found here is Edgar Allan Poewithhis iconic The Raven . The book is divided into six parts, withavery interesting and self explanatory preface by the author.She begins with something that readers would say when theyfirstencounter a poetry anthology: Is this another collection ofstupidpoems that children cannot use? and goes on to explain howsheselected the ones included here. Most of them were pickedbecausethey were short enough for a child to memorize.This is a now forgotten activity that can give hours ofpleasureas you recall the lines long after you’ve put away thebook. Otherswere chosen for the heroic and patriotic sentiments,like The StarSpangled Banner, Lord Ullin’s Daughter,The Charge of the Light Brigade, Horatius at the Bridge andahost of other inspiring poems. Mary Elizabeth Burt was agiftedteacher who believed that poetry had the power to inspire,educateand mold young minds so that they could mature into valuableanduseful citizens of the country. For modern day readers, thisisindeed a delightful collection, which offers endless hoursofpleasure as you thumb through rediscovering old favorites,andenjoying new ones.
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