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Enjoy the best heavy metal app with the best songs and rhythmsinhistory where the sound of the songs Metal sounds the mostbrutalway. With these songs you will listen to free music. You canlistento classic and current hits of heavy, hard, death and muchmore inyour mobile device totally free. It is a way of life thatuntiltoday continues to grow and develop. There are manysubgenres:Doom, Thrash, Black, Powerl. It consists of strong anddistortedguitars, along with the best emphatic rhythms. The soundsof bassand drums are more dense and the voices are sharp. Thebest-knownbands are currently Machine Head, Mastodon, Lamb of God,BlackLabel Society or Avenged Sevenfold. They are rhythms of metalmusicsuitable for all types of audiences. Studies affirm thatpeoplewith higher intellectual capacities listen to this music toescape.A great selection of songs from guitar sounds and rock hitsfromthe classics to the present await you to enjoy the top of theheavymetal of the moment. Download this free application. listenand youcan share with your friends the best guitar themes with themainsocial networks (facebook or whatsapp)

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Country music. Western melodies 1.0.0 APK
If you like to listen to country songs this is your free app forAndroid. We are the best alternative to enjoy the best Westerncowboy sounds of the moment.This style was created by differentmusicians (cowboys), mainly they are songs without author rightsthat can be broadcasted in any radio station and sung by anyartist.The traditional country was played with stringedinstruments, such as the guitar, the banjo, the simple fiddleviolin and the double bass, although instruments such as theaccordion and the harmonica also intervened. In modern countryelectronic instruments are used, such as electric guitar, electricbass, keyboards, the dobro.You can listen to various styles ofwestern music to feel like the real cowboys:- Bluegrass sounds-Contemporary- Blues sounds- Pop melodies- Country Rock with guitar-Honky Tonk tonesCountry music is designed for the true lover ofmusic and who just wants to relax listening to the bestmelodies.You can listen, dance, sing and share with your friendsyour passion for western music wherever you are, download the appon your android mobile, it's easy and free.Do not hesitate with ourcollection of American melodies you will find your favorite songswith your favorite coyote artists of the moment.
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Do you want to practice spinning or indoor classes withgoodelectronic music at home or at the gym? In this app you willfindspinning sessions with exercises to lose weight and keep fitwithtraining with rock, electronic, techno music that will motivateyouto lose weight. Our free fitness routines include dailyexercisesto do at home with your diet and lose weight. Spinning,also knownas indoor cycling, is the best spinner training to startlosingweight. It is a good aerobic exercise. It hasseveralcardiovascular and muscle benefits. Benefits of the exercisebike:1. burning calories with the static bike. A half hour onastationary bike helps you burn your calories a day. ... 2.Exercisebike is joint friendly. There are many types of aerobicactivity,such as running or team sports, can be difficult in thejoints dueto the impact in question. 3. The benefits of indoorcycle cardio.Riding a stationary bike counts as cardiovascularexercises. 4.Strategy. Come on, start our spinners sessions withall kinds ofcouches, personal trainers from all over the world.PASS IT WELL.No longer need tricks or guidelines to lose weight ormiraclediets. Do not waste your time, and save yourself thoseexpensivespinner classes or a fixed hour that you can not attend,take yourspinning classes as if you were a monitor indicating howyou shoulddo it.
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Are you looking for a good time with viral videos ?. With thishumorapp you can have the best funny videos to share and watchonline. Doyou want to watch laughter videos, humor videos, funnyanimalvideos, funny falls, funny videos with the best fails, ...?Are youlooking for fun videos on the net? Viral videos is the bestdetectorof funny videos, laugh videos, funny videos. Our app isalwaysupdated daily and we filter for you the best funny videosand trendylaughs.Viral videos is the best and best compilation offunnyvideos, laugh videos, funny and entertaining videos that youcanenjoy on android. All viral! Our app is available inseverallanguages, we are the best detector of viral videos inSpanish,English, Portuguese, French, and many more.Viral videoshave videosof several topics:• The most viewed funny videos vines.•Vintagevideos. We have the best funny videos and short humor videosof theinternet in 2018, 2017, ...• Laugh at the failures of singersandfails at soccer.• The best humor of fear and fright, will dieoffits of laughter.• Spicy humor. You'll find funny falls ofmodels,sexy women on the floor.• Videos of fails and clumsy girls.Evensexy girls are left without a bikini!• funny animal vines,videosof crazy animals (cute kittens, dogs, goats, cats, birds,puppies)you will enjoy a lot.• videos of jokes for Halloween andterrifyingcostumes !!!• The best viral videos of 2016, 2017 and2018 This isundoubtedly your App.• Funny videos of motorcycles,cars, sports,bicycles, skates and skateboards.• videos of funnybabies. You willenjoy the funny babies and laughing children. Funnymoments ofbirthdays Children with lemons, children singing,children dancing,...Best of all, the Viral Videos App is 100% free,with nopurchases of any kind. We offer you the best laugh videoswithoutany cost. Our app only allows streaming visualization andsharelinks of said content, but not download.If you likedtheapplication do not forget to leave us your vote and your commenttokeep improving.
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