1.1 / January 3, 2016
(4.1/5) (28)


Try to free the dummy from the different situations and havefun!It's simple, fast, easy and entertaining.30 levels with thesame physics engine of Angry Birds!Test your ability to free it assoon as possible!

App Information Free The Dummy

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    Free The Dummy
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  • Updated
    January 3, 2016
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  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    ACES Android Development
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    Bahia Blanca, Argentina
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Voice Synthesizer 1.6.5 APK
Voice Synthesizer allows you to changetextorvoice with 75 effects to edit, create, or use it as arecorder !.Supports PARROT mode repeats your voice in real timewiththeeffect you choose or have been created. Detectspausesbetweenwords and repeats his voice.Configurable basic effects: pitch, speed,amplitudemodulation,high pass filter, low pass filter, Chorus, WahWah,Alien Wah,Detection pauses between words, Echo, Reverse,etc.You can create your own by combining hundreds ofconfigurationsofthe basic effects effects.You can save the sound into a WAV file and then mergeitwithanother effect or sound.You can write or import a text save it as a wav file or sendittothe synthesizer.With the effects and sounds you can:- Share them via Bluetooth, Wifi, WhatsApp, email, etc.- Set ringtone, ringtone or alarm.- Import sounds to your library- Play it by shaking device.- Play it for countdown timer.- Mix a sound effect on the synthesizer.ATTENTION: This app. it is not a professional tool!,speechsynthesis is only to entertain, so avoid thenegativecomments,thanks.****************************************************************************************NOTICE For those users who only know to opinion and have noideawhatis the legal use of the MP3 format:This app only uses audio files in WAV format and not MP3formattoavoid legal issues, since the use of MP3 requires aspeciallicenseand legal patent granted by its developers.Every app that uses MP3 is surely violating that law,whichourteam does not want to do.For more information see:http://mp3licensing.comACES Android Development team.
★ ★ Multi Track Wav Mixer ★ ★ 1.2.1 APK
-Record Individual audio tracks (or load existing wav files) Youcan use up to 8 tracks!. -Optionally cut or move the waveformsdoing horizontal scroll -Test reproducing tracks individually orall together and adjust the volume of each -Mix the tracks -Sharethe mix file -Projects: Can use projects to preserve the tracksthat are in use, their individual positions, volume levels, etc.-At any time you can save the project or load an existing one.
Easy Walkie Talkie & Chat Free 1.2.5 APK
-Simple, straightforward and easy to useWalkie Talkie and Chat via WiFi or Bluetooth between two Androiddevices.-You can use it anywhere where you have no access to Internet:on the street, beach, mountains, shopping , at home, at work,etc.-Do not use cellular data network, no need internet, does notdepend on any server, should have been no access to any account touse it, simply install and use it.-Use voice transmission in real time (Streaming Audio) with thetraditional "Push To Talk" or "Click To Talk" which lets you talkwithout having to hold down, ideal for uninterrupted transmissionsuch as "Baby Call".-The Chat allows single chat channel for each contact and over500 emoticons.-Fully configurable: ringtones, notifications, text size, app.wake up, etc.-We leave this test release, waiting for your comments. Based onthat we will be incorporating more features or not.- Thanks to all the users who send us bug reports!Thank you very much.
TeleCronometro Free 2.4 APK
Fully customizable chronometer whose main feature is that it can becontrolled remotely in the following ways:-via Wifi through anotherdevice with the same application on the same network TelecronometroWifi -via HTTP, through any web browser on any platform (Windows,Mac, Linux) on the same local network -via SMS, via SMS, sendingcontrol commands. -via Bluetooth through another device with thesame application Telecronometro connected by BluetoothFEATURES:*Simple, fast, easy to use, clean and intuitive design.* Controlremote access via Wifi, HTTP, SMS or Bluetooth.The Wifi controlallows the timer control (or be controlled by) another device. TheHttp control allows the timer control (or be controlled by) a webbrowser on any operating system within the same local network. TheSMS control lets you control the device through SMS messagecommands and optionally authorize only certain specific phonenumbers. The Bluetooth control allows to control (or be controlledby) other device connected via Bluetooth.* Customizing digitaccuracy, color, font ( more than 40 fonts) with adjustable sizes.*Customizable screen: background color, gradients, transparentbackground, type of orientation, screen always active, fullscreen.* Customize the control buttons: sound, vibration, color,background color, gradients, radio borders, buttons type and usethe volume buttons.* Programmable timer with alerts, sounds,vibration, it improve the countdown function.* Time delay betweenturn and turn.* Maintain data on exit the application* Run inbackground to choose another application showing an icon in thenotification bar allows continue running off the screen savingbattery.* Statistics pressing long on the list (fastest, slowestand average)* If you want you can move the application to SD card
Instruments Sounds 1.1.1 APK
Learn playing on their names, image and sound,detailed information on Wikipedia or playing pranks on your friendsand share.The sounds are organized into four different categories:Percussion instruments, string instruments, wind instruments andelectronic instruments.Every sound contains a descriptive and resizable picture and ainformative reference to Wikipedia.You can play sound simultaneously, by shaking the device, bytimer or play it remotely over WiFi or by sending an SMS withouthaving to configure anything !,Ideal to make a joke to your friends.☆☆☆ Features: ☆☆☆☆ short 110 high-quality sounds☆ Organized in 4 categories from a 3D gallery☆ simultaneous playback of sounds☆ Reference Wikipedia information of each sound☆ You can be running in the background even with the screenoff.☆ Favorite management sounds☆ Size of each image sound adjustable to your liking.☆ Set each sound as ringtone, notification or alarm.☆ Share each sound by whatever means: WiFi, Bluetooth, WhatsApp,email, etc.☆ Fast and predictive search of a particular sound☆ Timer to set playing a sound in a set time.☆ Play sounds by shaking the device.☆ If you can not find a sound and incorporate contact.
Escoba Robot 1.0 APK
"Escoba Robot" lets you play the popular card game "Escoba 15" witha Robot (AI) or with another person in a easy and funny way. It isideal as personal entertainment or play with a friend. You cancheck how the Robot decides his play, also suggest the correct playyou should do. Choose the level of difficulty for the Robot (AI).Allows you to save the game to continue later. It has a rankingwith the high scores. Fully configurable: 7 sets of cards, shufflesback of style of canvas, card size, sounds, animations, avatars,etc. This is NOT a Multiplayer game to play on line, so please donot bother sending negative comments. This version only plays with:     Robot vs Human     Human vs. Human Important note: ****************** The game wasdeveloped specifically to never cheat, this is why we allow theuser to show the Robot cards fully discovered and user cards cover,In this way you may see what decisions does the Robot with hiscards in sight. No need to cheat, we just need to play better thanyou! But you. If it could trap the Robot getting help at every turnand the robot will advise the best move for you, but that's anotherthing. We will be improving and updating the version based on theanswer given by the users. Thank you very much!
Easy QR Transfer 1.2 APK
Easy QR Transfer* Complete suite of recognition, generation andtransfer of data and files through QR codes.* Easy, fast andintuitive, no complicated or useless options.* Transfer files ofunlimited size from Android devices to any other platform (Windows,Mac, Linux, Android, iPhone, Blackberry, etc. . ) using anotherEQRT application or a web browser within a wireless network.*Installs preferably in SD memory card.* Fully customizable:vibration, sound, active screen, authentication, etc.* Translatedto Spanish, English, Portuguese, French, German, Russian, Japaneseand Chinese* Works in 2 modes: "Standart" mode and "Share"mode."Standart mode": ***************This mode contains a completesuite of recognition and generation of QR codes ( url, contacts,sms, wireless networks, etc.. )- QR Recognition: Automaticallyrecognizes most types of QR codes ( Phone numbers, sms, contacts,emails, contacts, urls, wireless networks, etc. . ) allowingimmediate access to the application that manages them.- The QRimage is also captured to be shared by another device.- QRGeneration: Also can generate most types of QR codes. - Filetransfer: Allows transfer a file quickly within a wireless network,with no size limit, no need of hadshaking or prior recognition oftarget device. The Android device becomes a HTTP server which canbe accessed by another EQRT application or from any web browser ofany operating system ( within the same local network).- Security:Can add a password and change HTTP port number.- Complete activityhistory"Share mode":************- Integrates to Android through theoption " Share " that any application can have.- Can transfer asingle file, folder or group of files.qr, qrcode, quick responsecode, qrcode
Blind watch 1.0 APK
A clock that shows the current time through vibrations* ideal forpeople with visual disabilities or people who want to know the timewith totally discreet.* no lights no sound, only vibration.* isdesigned to handle a shake pattern, without need of looking at thescreen.* Translated into 2 languages (English, Spanish)* Fullycustomizable