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Play the classic Freecell Solitaire card gamefor the holidays. The game has party themed cards and music andthree difficulty levels (Easy, Normal, and Hard) andvirtually-random card placements. Easy touch and drag interface.And if you prefer, standard solitaire card is also available from atoggle.

The game keeps tracks of winning ratios which means you canchallenge yourself to improve your winning ratio.

App Information Freecell Party Sets

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    Freecell Party Sets
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    January 27, 2015
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  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
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    F. Permadi
  • Installs
    50 - 100
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    Visit website Email permadi@permadi.com
    35-63 83 St #4D Jackson Heights, NY 11372
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Emoji Match-3: Free Game 1.3.0 APK
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This is a game where you line up 3 identical emojis to make amatch. Swap adjacent emojis to form a match. Matches can be formedhorizontally, vertically, and even diagonally. Keep track of besttimes and star-ratings for each level and add eggs into your'collection' screen. - Easy to learn, fun to play.- Match-3 emojishorizontally, vertically, and even diagonally by swiping them.-Discover interesting power-ups.- Different grid sizes with varyingchallenges.- Keep track of best scores and rating try to bestthem.- Colorful and cute Emoji themed graphics.- 35 levels, free toplay.- Beat all levels and add all the game emojis into thecollection screen.PS: this is not an app to send emojis. This is agame.
Kaleidoscope Painter - Free Edition 3.0.2 APK
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Amaze yourself and your friends with this easy to use painting app.Draw colorful kaleidoscopes using touches and swipes. Let the apppaint by itself and be mesmerized by patterns that emerge.
Mahjong Galaxy Space - astronomy solitaire tiles 4.6.3 APK
F. Permadi
Play classic Mahjong (also known as Mahjongg or Majong) Solitairewith colorful epic galaxy, space, planets theme on your mobiledevices. This Mahjong (Mahjongg) Solitaire is an easy game to playand this version has simple tap interface, good for single touch(one tap) game play. In Mahjongg, you're presented with stack oftiles, forming towers or pyramids, or other abstract structures.Your task is to find and match identical tiles and clear the board.It's not as simple as it sounds, because some tiles are blocked youmust try to move tiles that will unblock more tiles. The challengein Mahjong is to not end up with an unsovable board, so carefullyplan your moves before picking tiles to match. Some moves will freemore tiles and that is usually (but not always) a good move. Somemoves may cause the board to be unsovable (because all tiles areblocked), but in this situation we provide a couple of Shuffleoption to reset the board to a solvable state (the exception iswhen only 2 tiles are remaining and they're on top of each other).Over 50 board layout (levels) configurations, all free to play,including the classic/traditional turtle/pyramid boardlayout/tower. Some of the stacks has epic number of tiles (300+)which should provide plenty of challenge for Mahjong fans. Tilepositions on the game boards are placed randomly on every boardlevel - with a special algorithm that makes them always solvable ifyou make the correct moves. And more importantly, because the tileplacements on every level are randomly generated, the levels arere-playable. The game keep tracks of the best times of and thenumber of wins on each board, so you can challenge yourself to gofaster and beat your previous best time on that level. So if youenjoy Mahjong (Mahjongg), solitaire, galaxy, outer space, stars,and planets, then checkout this free app. Enjoy relaxing time andchallenge yourself by matching tiles and become Mahjong Solitairemaster. Summary of Features - Classic/traditional Mahjong(Mahjongg) Solitaire board game rules. Easy to learn tile matching,hard to master. - Over 50 levels free to play, variety ofchallenging layout. All are free to play (no In App Purchaserequired). - Intuitive touch interface, one touch game mechanic.Just tap two matching free tiles to remove them. - Shuffle tilesand hint option in case you reach a dead end in the game. - Spaceand galaxy themed tiles, epic outer space images and photos. If youenjoy astronomy then check out the mystifying galaxy, stars, andouter space images. - Boards are generated with random tileplacements. The board generator uses a special algorithm, whichproduces a solvable configuration at the beginning of the game.This means the chance of getting stuck is rare (unless the playermade bad moves or is unlucky and picked tiles that lead to anunsolvable configuration). - Try winning each board withoutshuffling the board, and with the shortest time possible. - Gamekeeps track of wins and best times. - There's no timer to rush youif you just want to relax and play. The game records your best timeso that you can play again and again to top your best time - butonly if you want to.
Mahjong Animal Tiles: Solitaire with Fauna Pics APK
F. Permadi
Have fun playing classic Mahjong (Mahjongg) Solitaire withanimal/fauna photos in your phone and tablets. Instead of thetraditional tiles with symbols, bamboos and the dragon icons, thetiles on this game are the inhabitants of the animal/fauna kingdom.The tiles contains colorful images/photos, of various animals, likedog, cat, puppy, giraffe, bear, elephant, and many more. And ofcourse, the king of the jungle - the lion. Or is it the tiger? Youdecide! They are real animals photos, so no dragon - sorry butdragon isn't a real fauna. Your task is to find and match identicaltiles and clear the board. It's not as simple as it sounds, becausesome tiles are blocked you must try to match tiles that willunblock more tiles. To unblock a tile, make sure that it can slideleft or right, and there's no tile on top of it. Be careful or planahead when removing tiles to avoid losing. Wrong moves can make youlose the level. If all tiles are blocked and there's no more tilesthat can be matched the game will reach a corner - but fortunately,there's a limited number of "shuffles" that you can make tocontinue the game. There are over 100 levels of varied boardconfigurations to play, including the classic turtle/pyramid board.And since this is an animal-themed mahjong, we have handcrafted abunch of boards configurations that resemble animal shapes. Can youbeat all the levels? Every game is generated randomly so that youget a fresh challenge, as the tile positions do not repeat betweengames. Every game begins with a solvable configuration (althoughit's possible to end up in an unsolvable situation when blindlyclicking tiles). The game keep tracks of the best times of and thenumber of wins, so you can challenge yourself to go faster and beatyour previous best times on every level you beat. Features: •Classic/traditional Mahjong (Mahjongg) Solitaire rules. Match tilesuntil there's no more tile on the board. • Instead of matchingbamboos, symbols and letters, you'll be matching cute animal/faunaphotos in jungle-like ambiance. • 100+ levels to play, all free todownload and play. Some levels are epic large number of tiles(300+), some of the stacks resemble animal shapes. No in apppurchase required to play. • Easy tap and touch interface. Just tapto select a tile and tap another tile to match it. • Shuffle tilesand hint option when things get too difficult. • There's no timer,so you can play as long as you want. The game does keep track ofthe number of wins and best times, so you can challenge yourself tobest your previous times. • Easy to learn, hard to master. So ifyou're an animal lover, please download the game now and enjoy thejourney playing this animal themed Mahjong solitaire.
Archery Master Challenges: 🎯Bow & Arrows Game 2.2.0 APK
F. Permadi
Grab the bow and arrows and challenge your archery skill with ourhot new game and become a mobile archery champion. You get to aimand fire at 70 challenges (levels) spanning multiple locales in 3Dgraphics and cool art. Shot at the target/bullseye in each level.Varying locale, includes country-field, desert, campfire, snows andstreet alley and more, rendered in 3D game engine. Special effectsinclude rain, snow, and fogs. Simple touch-interface (one touchgame), specifically designed for mobile. Suitable for phones andtablets. Touch to pull the bow and drag to aim the arrow. Releaseto fire the arrow at those bulls-eye targets. Hit the arrow at thecenter of the bullseye to earn the most points. Earn star ratingsbased on your performance (shoot accuracy). But aim carefully asthe game runs under a physic-engine which takes into accountobstacles faced by real archers, such as wind and gravity. Somelevels include challenges in weather or extreme conditions such asrain and snow. Be the best mobile archer and enjoy this challenginggame, free to play without in app purchase. So grab the bow andarrows, shoot and hit those bulls-eyes! Bracer and archery glovenot required to play. Summary of features: 🎯Archery (bow and arrow)game with 3D graphics with cool special effects and colorful art.🎯Simple one touch and drag interface, suitable for phones as wellas tablet. Touch and drag to aim the bow and arrow. Release to fireand shoot at those bulls-eye. 🎯Driven by a physic-engine, and 3Dgame-engine, which takes into account gravity, wind and weather,like rain and snow. 🎯70 levels (challenges), spanning multiplelocations such as snow and desert. All free to play, no purchaserequired. 🎯Variety of challenges (longer, taller, farther),including moving bulls-eye targets. Earn stars ratings when youshot the bulls-eyes. Can you be an archery master? Check out thisgame and start conquering those bullseye targets.
Mahjong Spooky - Monster & Halloween Tiles👻💀😈 APK
F. Permadi
😈Play the classic Mahjong game with colorful Halloween theme withpumpkins, ghouls, witches, demons and bats. The artwork iscartoonish and colorful in style. 🐙Your task is to find and matchidentical tiles and clear the board. It's not as simple as itsounds, because some tiles are blocked you must try to move tilesthat will unblock more tiles. 👻Many table layout configurations toplay including the classic turtle/pyramid configurations. Everygame is generated randomly and every game begins with a solvablepositions. The game keep tracks of the best times of and the numberof wins, so you can challenge yourself to go faster. In addition,multiple tile-sets, including the classic Chinese/bamboo/lettertiles are provided to enhance replay-ability. Features: 🐙 Manylevels/layout to play 🐙 Intuitive touch interface, just tap twoidentical tiles to match them. 🐙Shuffle and hint tiles option. 🐙Dimunmovable tiles option. 🐙Halloween themed tiles and standardChinese/Dragon tiles selection. 🐙Classic Mahjong Solitaire rules,easy to play, hard to master. 🐙Keep track of wins and best times.No timer to rush, just relax and play but you can try to beat yourprevious time if you wish.
Connect the Graph: one touch connect dots puzzle 2.8.6 APK
F. Permadi
This is a free puzzle drawing game where you connect dots andlines, with simple one touch mechanic. But it isn't your regularconnect-the-dot game where you draw lines to connect numbered dots.It combines the connecting-the-dots mechanic with puzzle elements,meaning you're not just drawing but you must think which dot toconnect next. Your job is still to draw all the lines by connectingdots but it is not as easy as it sounds because you must connectthe dots sequentially and you can only draw every line once. Chosethe dots wisely or you won't be able to complete the picture. Thepuzzles gradually increases in difficulties, some are simple (tointroduce you to the game mechanic). But as you progresses, thepuzzles can be extremely difficult which means you might get some"A-ha" "why didn't I think of that" moments of joy when you findthe solution. The game comes with 200 free puzzles to keep yourbrain busy. Some levels are short enough if you like quick playsbut since there are so many levels, you'll have lots of challengesto complete all the drawings. Features • Complete drawings/shapesby connecting dots, but this isn't easy because you may not draw aline more than once. • An IQ brain teaser/puzzles which can bechallenging and/or relaxing, possibly creating zen ambiance. • 200levels of varying challenges to intrigue your brain cells. No InApp Purchase required. • Simple and straightforward interface, onetouch game mechanic. Cool sound effects. • There's no timer so youcan take as long as you want to complete the drawing. (The time youtook is only used to calculate the star rating). • If you make amistake and can't complete the drawing, the restart button is justone tap away. Tips • Think carefully before connecting the dots.You might need to mentally follow/trace the lines mentally so thatyou don't end up with unsolvable drawing. • When you begin drawing,the choice of the first dot is important. A wrong choice might makethe drawing unsolvable. • Fewer lines and dots don't necessarilymean easier puzzles. In fact, some of the tangled drawings areeasier than the seemingly simple drawings. • Don't give up easily,restarting is just one button touch away. • Some of the puzzleshave multiple solutions. • The star rating is based on the timetaken to complete the drawing. So if you enjoy puzzle, one touchgames, then download this game and start solving the puzzles.
Word Search Tablet 3.0 APK
F. Permadi
Play the ultimate word search game where you can make the games aschallenging and as fun as you want them.With the easy-to-useinterface, the game offers plenty of options and a dictionarycontaining over 10,000 English words. You can set the board size(number of grids), decide the density of the puzzle (how much wordsappear on the board), and chose the direction of the words thatappear on the board. You can also change the tile-sets and colorsfrom several provided by the app to create interesting visual thatfits your taste. The built-in statistics tracks how many times youhave played, and how many words you have discovered.Playable onmobile devices. Best experienced on a tablet.