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Freecell Solitaire: Card Game is a freecellcard game for Android smartphones and tablets available forfree.Remember that old style card game solitaire included withWindows?In this app we tried to reproduce that fun and immersivepatiencecard game. We made it close to the spirit of the classiccard gameFreecell, which is also known as Klondike or Patience.You'll findsharp and clean graphics and nice background artworks inFreecellSolitaire: Card Game app from Card Game Solitairepublisher.

Download this ad and play free solitaire no ads. This is oneofthe most popular classic solitaire card games free! Also knownasKlondike solitaire classic, this free cell game will help youtospend your spare time or to relax after the working day.


- small and fast
- no unneeded features, no custom weird card images
- automated moves
- double tap to move card to free cell
- super moves functionality

Download and play Freecell solitaire for free withFreecellSolitaire: Card Game app! If you like other patiencesolitairegames such as Spider Solitaire, FreeCell solitaire,Mahjong,Pyramid solitaire or any other free solitaire patience cardgames,you'll surely love this one. This game is free, noin-apppurchases.

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Solitaire Classic: Card Game 1.0.4 APK
Download and play most popular yet classicofthe solitaire card games free! Since era of Windows-drivenPCs,this Solitaire still remain imperishable #1 patience card game.Itis is the most popular solitaire card game in the world. Tryournew release of this best free solitaire app! it is carefullymadeto follow-up that old-fashioned Windows solitaire.pp, which is beautiful and fun like classic Windows Solitaire.Features:♠ Beautiful graphics♠ Klondike gameplay♠ Unlimited free undo♠ Unlimited free hints♠ Option for All Winning deals♠ Timed mode♠ Draw 1 or 3 cards♠ Auto complete for solved game♠ Statistics♠ Personal records♠ Choose your card style♠ Left handed mode♠ Tablet support♠ Portrait♠ LandscapeSimple, Immersive and addictive, Solitaire Classic: CardGamewill remind you about that old-time Freecell solitaire. Itwillhelp you to relax after the day or to spnd your spare timeduringthe day. All in all, this free solitaire can become yourgoodaccompanion wherever you go and whenever you want to switchover tohave some relaxing free time! Download this free solitaire,no ads,no in-app purchases.
Canfield Solitaire: Card Game 1.2.4 APK
Download Canfield Solitaire: Card game forfreeon your Android smartphone or tablet. Canfield solitaire isanimmersive and challenging card game. You need to use yourbeststrategy to solve the solitaire! This solitaire carg game isplayedwith standard 53 pieces deck of cards. The object of the gameis toplace all 52 cards into the foundations.The original Canfield solitaire card game was invented inthe1890s by Richard A. Canfield, the owner of a famous casino. Forabet of $50, gamblers at Canfield's casino could play a gameofsolitaire and win $5 for every card they managed to move tothefoundations. Canfield solitaire became very popular over time.InBritain, the game is called Demon Solitaire, but also goes bythename Fascination Solitaire or Thirteen.You can play Canfield completely free of charge with our app.Thegame uses advanced random numbers generator which can produceover 1million deals with no repeated ones. Our release of thisfamousCanfield solitaire card game has brilliant graphics andsmoothgameplay. Download and play it for free! Give this immersiveandaddictive patience card game a try!
Solitaore Pack: Card Games 1.0.7 APK
Did you loved playing that Solitaire onyourold PC under Windows? For numerous solitaire card gamesamateurs wehave created this Solitaire Pack: Card Games which isbasically apack of most popular solitaire games you may know andlove. Thereare everything you may want to play for free: Freecell,Klondike,Yukon, Golf, Spider, Canfield, Pairing, Gypsy, Baker'sDozen,Braid, Terrace, Castle, Raglan, Montana(Gaps), Fan, Napoleon,FortyThieves and many more!Our new app follows the time-tested trusted gameformula:astonishing graphics and animations, nice backgrounds andcarddesign, smooth gameplay. We have created beatiful customdesignedcard set in hi-res, so playing your favorite patience gameshasnever been so spellbinding! Controls also have been optimizedforAndroid smartphones' and tablet devices' touch screens. Youwillneed no time to learn since they are intuitivellyunderstood.All the solitaire card games included within this Solitairegamepack has the following basic features:- Auto Hint- Automatic completion- Easy controls: either drag and drop cards and stacks, or taptoselect and tap to drop- Unlimited undo and redo- StatisticsDownload this solitaire patience game pack and enjoyyourfavorite games! No fees, no in-app purchases.
Spider Solitaire: Card Game 1.2.7 APK
Spider Solitaire: Card Game is one ofthepopular spider solitaire card games free to download andplay.Spider solitaire is the most popular patience card game alloverthe world since it was included with Windows and wasinstalledtherefore on millions of computer all over the world. Nowwe offeryou to have an experience of that same old spider solitaireclassiccard game on your Android smartphone or tablet with this newfreeSolitaire card game. If you like playing solitaire games fortheyrequire strategy skills and of course a lot of patience thenyouwil love this new release from Card Game Solitaire.In this Spider Solitaire: Card Game app we have kept thetruespirit of Spider Solitaire free and authentic. You will findtherecool cards design, smooth animations and smart game engine.Thereare a lot of other patience card games such as Klondikesolitaire,Freecell solitaire, Youkon solitaire, TriPeaks solitaireon themarket, but spider solitaire game has its uniqueold-styleexperience and outlook.Features:- tap to place cards- drag and drop cards- landscape and portrait card game play- suggested move auto hint- automatic game save and resume- smart card spacing- game stats: scores, moves, and timeIf you love solitaire card games such as klondike, spideretteorpyramid, then you are gonna love our other titles:Freecell,Classic Solitaire and TriPeaks Solitaire. All areavailable forfree download!
Solitaire TriPeaks: Card Game 1.0.4 APK
This is a new implementation of tripeakscardgame free by Card Game Solitaire. We made popular solitairecardgame TriPeaks solitaire, also known as Pyramid solitare, orThreePeaks, more bright and good-looking, and have added asmoothgameplay into it.The rules are very simple. At the beginning of the game onthetable is board of cards that form three pyramids. Over thesethreepyramids you will find ten exposed cards and at the bottom youwillfind a deck of cards and a waste pile. The goal of the game istoclear as many boards as possible by tapping cards from theboardthat is one lower or one higher than the one in the wastepile. Youcan match any uncovered card.There is a number of different games of TriPeaks solitaireformobile on the market nowadays. What you will get with ourSolitaireTriPeaks: Card Game release from Card Game Solitaire is acasualgame with smooth gameplay, cool graphics and astonishingsound FXfree to play! We have made one of the most popular freemobile cardgames in the world more convenient and immersive.Install it now and have a lot of fun with our solitairefreegame!
Bakers Dozen: Solitaire Game 1.1.3 APK
Baker's Dozen solitaire, or Thirteen cardgameis a solitaire card game using a deck of fifty-two playingcards.The game is so called because of the 13 columns in the game,thenumber in a baker's dozen. It is also known under the namesofCastles in Spain, Good Measure, Portuguese Solitaire,SpanishPatience.Bakers Dozen: Solitaire Game is an interesting patience cardgamebut at the same time it has very simple rules. Bakers gamesolitaireinvolves 13 tableau piles and a deck of standard playingcards. Yourgoal in the game is to move all cards by suit from A toK to thefoundations. When the game starts, 4 empty foundationswill appearon the right of the screen. 13 tableau piles arelocated on the leftof the foundations, with 7 piles at the top and6 piles at thebottom. Then each of the tableau piles will be dealt4 face-upcards. The 4 Kings will be placed to the bottom of thetableaupiles. Cards on the tableau piles are to be built downregardless ofsuits. Note that only 1 card can be moved each time,and if atableau pile becomes empty, it cannot be filled. Completethe taskas quickly as you can to receive great rewards!
Gold Solitaire: Card Game 1.2.1 APK
Welcome to the Gold Solitaire: Card Gamewhichis one of the funniest solitaire card games existing. We haveaddedto it fantastically fluid gameplay that is intuitive,responsive,and enjoyable, together with great graphics, animations,sounds,and music. All you need to do in this game is to match cardoneabove or one below regardless the suit and color, no draggingandmoving card stacks. It is sometimes go under the nameFairwaysolitaire. The very simple rules of this game you can findin thehelp to our app.Features:- Six unique Game Modes- Top Score: Leaderboard & Achievements- Winning animation- Undo- Runs count- Sound effects- Built-in help with explanations for golf rules and scoringOur release of the golf card game has smooth gameplay,brilliantgraphics and astonishing sound effects. All this willdeliver youtotally new experience of playing Golf, or Fairwaysolitaire free!Download the app and give it a try.