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"FreeCell" is a card game in which you can play with collectingcards in the order of from A to K according to the mark of theplaces called HomeCell while organizing cards handed on a table,utilizing the four spaces called FreeCell. 52 cards are placed onthe table facing upwards in eight columns. And you can choose anyof the card from the top of the column. Cards are stacked so thatthey become in alternating black and red marks on the order ofK,Q,J...3,2,A. You can temporarily put any card in the Space called"free cell" in the upper left. When red and black cards are placedin an alternative order, you can move the total number of cardsobtained by adding vacant free cells plus 1 at the same time. Ex.1:If two free cells are vacant, you can move three cards, and if fourfree cells are vacant, you can move five cards at the same time.Ex.2: If all the four free cells are occupied, you can move onlyone card. Once you move all the cards in an ascending order(A,2,3...J,Q,K), the game is cleared.

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Number place ( sudoku/数独 ) game! All 600 questions!! Differentoperations and other sudoku game. ・Miss to reduce the life. Lostlife,time is added. MNP!MNP!