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Freedom Commando Sniper Gun Fight shooter Force 17 is a thrillingaction FPS Sniper Game with real-life 3D graphics and ambient soundeffects. The game gives an exciting experience to complete themission. Hold your breath, lock the enemy, aim, pull the trigger,kill insane enemies at Snow Mountain, Desert, Forest, Rural. In alimited time, use your limited ammo rationally and aim at thearrogant enemy at a distance, kill them all. You will double thegold reward from the head shot. You are an elite assassin snipergun shooter and traffic hunter with modern sniper techniques, getready to play your part in hunting down the criminals in dangerousattacks and silent assassin missions. Eliminate cars with enemiesat street level or take out the each single high-profile target.There is combat shooting between combat army and combat militantsin this IGI Commando game. As we all know that agents are the mostadvanced spy in the world, and now you are the part of this secretagents, you are given certain combat commando duties. Let me tellyou your combat duties in this commando unit, you would be givensniper guns and certain targets you will hunt your targets. As weall know there are target killers in our city, so this commandounit hired sniper assassins to eliminate these target killers. Theagent just not hired sniper assassins but also utilise their owncommando soldiers. You are also hired as the contract killer inthis Commando game, and you would be the part of this combat gunfight war.In this sniper game you are an elite commando soldier,you commando duty is to kill and hunt terrorist with your snipergun. This sniper game is full of sniper action along with commandoshooting and sniper shooting. As you an elite commando in thissniper game your duty is to eliminate terrorist and target killersfrom your area. This sniper game is full thrilling fight andcommando agent shooting; you are hired as a contract killer in thissniper game. you will have to shoot and hunt all the target killersand this is your duty. In this sniper game, the working force hiredsome sniper assassin for target killing, and you are one of thesenewly hired sniper assassins. So you commando duty in this snipergame is to kill a specific terrorist, for this purpose you would begiven Russian and American snipers. All you have to do in thissniper game is to find a safe place, set your sniper gun, andstarting hunting down your terrorists' targets. The key feature ofFreedom Commando Sniper Gun Fight shooter Force 17:- ChallengingMision of shooting.- Realistic Graphics.- Offline Shooting Game-Modern and latest weapons in the game.- Thrilling Fights betweenCommandos and Terrorist - Realistic Shooting Experience - HDEnvironment and sounds.- Easy and smooth controls

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    Freedom Commando Sniper Gun Fight shooter Force 17
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    July 5, 2017
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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Front Line Elite is a third-person 3D shooting game for real gamersto get some thrill by making enemies bow down to knees bydestroying and killing their assets. You are shown as an elitecommando in the game who has been assigned to complete certaintasks. Some time elite commando has to work like an assassin, sometime as a savior and some time as a thief.MISSIONS- Steal SecretDocuments- Kill the Commander- Hostage Savior- Destroy RadioStations- Destroy Helicopters and much more.TPS SAVING TIPS- Firstaid kit.- Primary and Secondary weapons.- Ammunition pickup.- Outof ammo?? No problem, viewing ads will provide you ammo.FEATURES-Advance Ultra HD graphics with smooth game play.- Dynamic controlselection- Different Environment- Briefing for each mission beforestart- Efficient and fast Ammunition.
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Are you ready to take yourself on best 3d truck drivingexperience?Then you are installing best 3d truck simulator game forexperiencing that army truck drive. This off road army truck drivergame will allow you to control monster machines and 3d trucks onhilly areas and rough and tough roads to get the thrill of 3d truckdriving experience. Off road army truck driver provides you thebest hilly area to drive army truck to become a real armytrucker.Thrill and EnjoymentOff road army truck driver gives you 3dtruck simulator close to the real driving truck experience whilegiving a royal rumble sound from monster machines in a hilly rougharea to enjoy the thrill of real army trucker. 3d truck simulatornear to real gives you challenge on hilly roads with mines andsharp turns on curvy roads to test your armed trucker skillsLevelsand LuggageThere are 15 different levels in this 3d truck game tocheck your real trucker skills of transporting armory of your armyon those monster machines giving you best truck drive possible. Ineach level you are required to transport different luggage whichincludes tanks, hummer, missiles and bombs. Be careful on thatsharp turns while 3d truck drive of those 3d monster machines inoff road army truck driver game. Mines are inserted on roads totest driver saving skills of yours.Some exciting features aboutthis 3d truck simulator game are:• Real Experience Off Road ArmyTruck Driver• Smooth Steering & Brakes• Amazing high quality 3DGraphics & Off Road Environment• Narrow and ramp roads whichlooks impossible to climb• Free gameTo give any suggestions todeveloper about off road army truck driver or getting informationabout our other games you can visit usathttps://www.facebook.com/XtremeGamesStudio/https://www.instagram.com/xtremegamestudio/