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How cool it would be to locateyourfriend/family on your mobile? With this simple application youcanSee the location of any friend or family member, withtheirpermission, through their cell phone. The best part is itcomesFREE

- Works on Android. I-phone version to be released soon.
- Ideally for safety, fun and convenience.
- Very Simple to use

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The Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM), isthe youth wing of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). It was founded in1978 and first national president was Kalraj Mishra. The highestauthority in the BJYM is the National President. Many BJP prominentleaders like Shri Rajnath Singh, Late Shri Pramod Mahajan, ShriShivraj Singh Chauhan, etc., were National President of BJYM.Presently, Shri Anurag Thakur is National President of the BJYM,he has been chosen for second consecutive term for the role of BJYMpresident.BJYM understands the need and importance to keep a pace withgrowing technology and social media in today’s dynamically changinglifestyle. Considering the same, BJYM has officially releasediPhone mobile application to step up to the expectation of youth ofthe country. The smart phone application named as BJYM. 
The main purpose of this mobile application is to integratemembers of BJYM. Major functionality includes:1. About BJYM – Learn more about BJYM.2. Profiles of Leaders – The profile of leaders is inscribedwhere the user can get every minute details about top BJP leadersincluding Narendra Modi, Rajnath Singh etc.3. Centers – Users can locate the BJYM centers all across theglobe.4. Gallery – All latest events in form of images can be viewedhere.5. Chat – The user can register for chat, followed by whichhe/she can add friends present & enjoy the session of chat.6. Notifications – An auto update on latest happenings7. Schedule – Members can access important information aboutmeetings, their venues, timings etc.8. Videos – Users can access latest videos related to party9. Share – Members can easily share this application on varioussocial media.10. Alert – The most striking feature of this application whereuser can select contacts from contact list, save them for futureuse & in case of emergency, they can send alert to the contactlists. Alert will include few secretly hidden images of environment& the location of user.11. Join BJYM- Non members can register as an member of BhartiyaJanta Yuva Morcha.
Pragyan School 3.0.0 APK
Pragyan is the first planned eco-friendly school in Greater Noida.The building has been designed in a manner that it has naturallywell lit corridors, spacious classrooms, large windows which allowlight in and ventilators that help to keep the room cool. Anattempt has been made by the Architect to use rat-trap bond brickwalls which are basically hollow but put together are strong asconcrete. This reduces the embodied energy content of the buildingmaking it more insulated to balance the conduction of excessiveheat and cold. The walls reduce the emission of green house gases.Rain water is harvested for re-use for watering plants and cleaningpurposes. The porous bus parking area also helps to preserve water.Eco-friendliness and ecology -the relation of plants and livingcreatures to each other and to their environment is an integralpart of the school's curriculum. Through talks, film shows,exhibition, and experiments this is repetitively brought home toall those associated with the school. No wonder children plant moreand more trees and delightfully nurture them on Pragyan's 10 acressprawling campus. Students at Pragyan are taught to say no to polybags and refrain from wasting paper. The School activities are soplanned and conducted that this message is again and again broughthome to the School Community. On one of their co-curricularactivity days students innovatively used old news papers in makingfancy bags which could be utilized for shopping. Conservation ofnatural resources was a topic for the slogan writing and postermaking contest. Interestingly the school uniform has no polyesterin it. Moreover, emphasis on 'don'ts' apart the students areencouraged and provided with opportunities to develop love fornature. The school is enrolled as an active member of The GreenSchool Award Programme, conceptualized by the New Delhi basedCenter for Science and Environment. The programme is conducted atthe national level every year. The award is based on an audit ofthe schools' environmental practices, carried out by its ownstudents, following a set of guidelines specified by CSE. Theschool is a proud winner (position III) of the National GreenSchool Award.
Satyam Modern Public School 1.2 APK
The school was set up in 2004 with thesolepurpose of givingcomprehensive, wholesome quality education to every child.Goddess Saraswati requires no introduction whatsoeverforsheepitomizes learning and wisdom in true sense of the word.The institution is a senior sec. school affiliated to CBSE. ItisaCo-educational English medium school. Ample opportunitiesarebeingprovided to the students in the form academic, extraandco-curricularactivities.
AppyTaxi 1.1 APK
“AppyTaxi” app makes hiring of taxis in Kuwaiteasy, instant and free! From your Android Smart phone view allavailable taxis within 1 km of your current location and simplydial into the driver. No extra charge, no premium rates. No wastingtime and energy on the road trying to flag a taxi down. It can’tget any simpler and faster for hiring a taxi in Kuwait.How AppyTaxi works for instant taxi hiring:1. Click on “Appy Taxi” icon on your smartphone.2. Turn on GPS for highest accuracy (works without GPS also)3. Click on the phone icon button to call directly nearest taxi.It’s that simple.6. Pay only after completion of your ride directly to thedriver.“AppyTaxi” is a free to use service for Kuwait city and does notcharge any extra premium or convenience fees for the services. Getinstant Taxi - استئجار سيارة أجرة لحظة
Rhymes Dabba 1.1 APK
If you have been looking for a collection ofgood and popular nursery rhymes your search ends here.Rhyme dabba is a wonderful app that teach children about music,rhyme and language.Many popular rhymes like ABC, Manners, My Parents, TwinkleTwinkle and lots more have been compiled together.These rhymes not only help children to learn the wonderful soundsof the language but also entertain them with dream like visuals..Simple words that rhyme add a magical touch to these little poemsfor little ones. Grab a copy of these popular nursery rhymes foryour child to learn, recite and cherish for years to come.Rhyme Dabba, Rhymes, Dadi, ABC, Manners, My Parents, Radix
Friend Tracker 1.1 APK
How cool it would be to locateyourfriend/family on your mobile? With this simple application youcanSee the location of any friend or family member, withtheirpermission, through their cell phone. The best part is itcomesFREE- Works on Android. I-phone version to be released soon.- Ideally for safety, fun and convenience.- Very Simple to use
Treasure Hunt 3D 1.2 APK
3D Treasure Hunt is a puzzle game.More about game:Treasure Hunt is a 3D Game made with unity, this game is aboutarunner who spend his whole life on hunting treasure, andinmeanwhile journey it came across various maze worlds andfoundperks.The main concept behind this game is a dynamic maze(labyrinth)which changes every time you enter (inspired from themovie " THEMAZE RUNNER "). Every time there is a different way toexplore thetreasure, player have to pass through alleys to find hisway, thereare coins in levels, time limit to complete thechallenge, and ofcourse there are time bonus in maze, and RUNNER(the main player ofthe game) has a compass to check where is thetreasure located inmaze puzzle.3D crisp graphics are main attraction of this game, itusestactics and memory with syncing with controls which madeyousucceed in gameThis is a third person game in which you can see the player.DisclaimerAll the characters and place are virtual, they don't connectanyreal consequences.*Contents used in this game are collected from various sourcesandare not used for redistribution.For any issues contact developer at : radixmobile@gmail.com
Smart School 1.3 APK
SmartSchool mobile app for parents