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Frog jump !!The frog is very good at jumping.The hungry frog mustjump to catch the escaping glare.But there are various obstacles inthe pond.You must avoid this obstacle and jump over the lotusleaves.Once the jelly leaves have jumped, they fall into thewater.You have to jump before the lotus leaf falls.And the more youjump, the faster it gets.Also, if you jump a lot of items will helpyou.The game ends when you fall into the water.But if you jump alot, you have a bonus game.Do not miss this bonus game.How toplay1. Touch the arrow in the direction of the lotus leaf.2. Jumpbefore the lotus leaf falls into the water."Frog Jump" is a lot ofjumping, you can leave a ranking record.If you earn a high score,you can leave a name in the Hall of Fame.When you are bored, enjoythe "Frog Jump" game.

App Information Frog Jump - Jumping together

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    Frog Jump - Jumping together
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    August 28, 2017
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Ojeong-gu, Bucheon-si,Kyungki-do 421-801, Republic of Korea
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Dropping Monkeys 3D Board Game - Play Together 2.9 APK
This board game is a fun game where the person who drops the leastmonkey / chameleon will win. "Monkey / Chameleon dropping" can beplayed by 2 to 6 people in turn, so family and friends can enjoy ittogether. Do not be disappointed if there is no one you can dotogether. If you do it alone, you can play with the CPU. The CPUwill automatically play. If you are lucky, you can still be awinner. Play fun board games anytime, anywhere with the "Monkey /Chameleon Drop" app. So have a good time. . * This application usesthe physical engine of the device in real time, so it may be sloweron low-end devices. It may be slower in versions below ICS 4.0. . *How to set the "Monkey / Chameleon Drop" game 1. Select the gamestage. There are currently five stages to choose from. 2. Selectthe number of players. If you have to do it alone, please choose 1person play. Then play with the CPU. 3. Specify the number ofmonkeys / chameleons in the game. 4. Specify the color of the dice.You can select 2, 3, or 6 colors.    (If you want toplay fast, choose 2 colors.) . * How to play "Monkey / ChameleonDrop" game. 1. Press the Start button to start the game. 2. Gameorder starts from "Player 1". 3. "Player 1" clicks the dice button.This will automatically throw the die. 4. When you throw a die toget a color, touch that stick to remove it. 5. Wait for the monkey/ chameleon to fall and let the next person play. If it has notfallen, it is the next person's turn.    (If themonkey / chameleon falls, the number in the player name increases.)6. The next person also presses the dice button. Then remove thestick corresponding to the color of the dice.    (Ifthere is no stick color, move to the next player.) 7. Play untilthe monkey / chameleon falls. 8. When the monkey / chameleon falls,the game ends. 9. The player with the smallest number of monkeys /chameleons is the winner of the game. . * Type 1. Wait for themonkey / chameleon to fall. Then throw the dice. 2. The more colorsyou have, the more interesting it is. 3. Think about my next turnand remove the stick. 4. Do not give up. You can win the reversal.
Snakes and Ladders, Slime - 3D Battle 1.41 APK
"Snakes and Ladders, Slime - 3D Battle" "Snake, ladder and slime"is a simple rule board game where you have to reach 100 levelsusing dice. But the battle mode must reach 100 steps while fightingeach other. The play character is slime. The first person to reachthe 100th level is the winner, avoiding snakes and bombs. The gameis simple. When you are on your turn, click on the dice to throw.If you play as a single player, play with your computer AI. You canplay with 2 or 4 players alternately. "Snake, ladder and slime"have interesting elements. Each player has a stamina of 100 on hisslime. If you are exhausted by the bomb, you will start from Step 1again. At this time, the physical strength is 100 again. And whenit is eaten by a snake, it moves to the tail part. But there aremany helpful items to go at the item level. * Item list - Defense:Defend the snakes and bombs once (cumulative). - Energy: Increasesyour stamina by 50. - +1: Advance by one step. - +4: Advance 4steps. - Landmine installation: Landmines are installed beforetheir location, and large damage is large when you step on them. *Battle Mode Item - Satellites: Laser damage from satellites. -Missiles: Launch missiles and damage them. - Mines: I put minesbehind my blocks. (Damage is big.) - Reward items: Reward itemsappear randomly in certain blocks.   (Random payment willbe paid after watching the advertisement.) Then please enjoy"Snake, Ladder and Slime 3D Battle" fun. * By default, if you donot click on the dice within 10 seconds, they will be automaticallyclicked.
Hexa Block Puzzle 1.4 APK
Hexa Puzzle (Block Puzzle),"Hexablock puzzle" differs from aregular square puzzle.It is a game that uses hexagon blockpuzzle.The game is simple. There is a block tray assigned to thestage.You can move the hexagon block to the tray.There are manyblocks of "Hexablock Puzzle". There are currently 30 Hexablocks."Hexablock puzzle" has more blocks to match as the stageincreases.The current block can not be rotated.Enjoy regular blockpuzzles and other "hexablock puzzles"."Hexablock puzzle" can bedone by anyone.Thank you.
Jumping Frog 3D (Jump advance) 2.2 APK
Jumping Frog 3D (Jumping Frog !!!!).Challenge the best jumps!!!Different styles and games are different from other existingjumps.In the pond there are hungry frogs and irises. Our frogs aregood at jumping.Explore the pond by jumping so that you can catchthe dawn.Experience the jumping of frogs in the pond.If you jumpmore in a short time, your frog will get the best score.And youhave to jump quickly before the lotus leaves disappear. Otherwiseyou will fall into a pond and you will not be able to eat food.Themore jumps you make, the more obstacles appear. Separate theobstacles and see where the lotus leaves are located and jump inthat direction.Have a good time.* How to play1. Press the startbutton to start the game.2. When you press the arrow button in thedirection of the lantern, the frog jumps.3. The lotus leaf sinksinto the water when you step on the frog. Because of this, you needto move to the next lotus leaf.4. As the number of jumpingincreases, the lotus leaf sinks faster into the water.* Type1. Getup to the first timing, then jump faster as you jump more.2. Theobstacles start to appear from the 30th jump. The more jumps, themore obstacles you get. Do not be confused with obstacles.3. Youcan enter your score after 50 jumps.4. Do not miss the bonus pointsopportunity.
Dropping Monkeys Pro 3D 1.9 APK
Dropping Monkeys Pro 3D Board Game -PlayTogether.This game is the least drops a monkey to win the board game.You can enjoy with a family and friends. "Dropping Monkeys Pro3D"app is from 2 ~ 6 people can play.If you play the game alone, you can play with the CPU. The CPUwillautomatically play.If you are lucky, you can continue to be a winner."Dropping Monkeys" app anytime, anywhere on the board game fun.Have a good time~ :-)* May be slower in the low-end devices because it uses aphysicsengine for real-time device - this application. May beslower thanin the ICS 4.0."Dropping Monkeys Pro" feature1. The ad has been removed.2. "Pro" version, users can use the ranking board. (Vs the cpu)"Dropping Monkeys Pro" how to set up the game.1. Select the stage game. You can choose 5 different stages.2. Select the number of persons game. If you need to selectoneyourself out of play. Then play with the CPU.3. Specify the number of monkeys in the game.4. Specify the color of the dice. 2 and 3, 6 colors canbeselected.(If you want fast paced game, 2 colors will work.)."Dropping Monkeys Pro" How to play the game.1. Press the Start button to start the game.2. the game by the "Player 1" from the start.3. "Player 1" dice button. This will automatically throwthedice.4. color comes out throwing dice, and a touch of color andremovethe stick.5. the monkey to the next person and then waited until the falltothe play. If you did not fall for the next person inturn.(Monkeyfalls, increasing the number of a player's name.)6. The following people also dice button. And correspond tothecolor of the dice, remove the stick.(If there is no color stick, proceed to the next player.)7. fall until all the monkeys play.8. Monkey drops all the game are over.9. monkeys the least number of players in the game winner..* Help Tip1. Wait for the monkey to fall. Throw the dice and then.2. there are many color available, the more fun.3. Then my thoughts turn to remove the stick.4. Does not give up. You can be the winner.
ABC123 for Kids (Fun Learning) 1.52 APK
Learning English words for infants. Learn the alphabet from A to Zand learn related words. You can also learn numbers by countingwith insects. Meet a variety of insects. Have fun with touching theballoon. * Characteristic 132 words and voice. Background graphicsthat match day and night time.
ABC write for kids - Alphabet Writing Practice 1.35 APK
ABC write for kids is free.The ABC write app is an app that letsyou practice writing letters with your fingertips.An alphabetwritten to make funny popping balloons. Very easy to use.Trywriting in the direction of popping an alphabetical balloon from Ato Z.It also shows the associated words that start with the firstletter.Two words appear according to the situation.I hope you enjoywriting fun exercises.Please enjoy ABC write fun.
99 Touch Numbers(Hexagon) 1.27 APK
99 Touch Numbers is FREEWelcome~This app is to quickly find the number and click.To challenge on the shortest time."Help" button is clicked, the following shows the number and clickthe button instead.99 Numbers Click Game.Have a good time.* FeatureCombo featureRanking board.Step-by-step, click the numeric buttons.Hexagon button."Help" button.Level / buttons1 : 0~2 (3)2 : 0~7 (8)3 : 0~14 (15)....9 : 0~98 (99)