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"Frog" - colorful and fun game for children in which the frog hasto jump from leaf to leaf, and not fall into the water. Your taskis to go as far as possible! Children’s game "Frog" will not letyou get bored and will provide an opportunity to test yourreaction. Bright design, lively music and a cute frog is verypleasant to children. Join the adventure in which the frog willpass its way! Visit us at: Site: http://y-groupgames.com

App Information Frog Jump - Tap !

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    Frog Jump - Tap !
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    August 20, 2019
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Болгария, Бургас, Одрин 3
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  • 1.1.0 (10)
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    Publish Date: 2017 /3/20
    Requires Android: Android 4.0+ (Ice Cream Sandwich, API: 14)
    File Size: 11.7 MB
    Tested on: Android 7.0 (Nougat, API: 24)
    File Sha1: 98240a461e2a4c1d46d2252a67b6a6ef949cea44
    APK Signature: eb219fcba10aa66617a650568c6469b40e5a668d
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One of the first genres of virtual games that instantly haveachieved unprecedented popularity and remains popular to this daybecame the race for children. Feelings and experiences that aregiven to us by car racing games cannot be compared with virtuallyanything, so game racing car will never be forgotten. Playing racecar is always interesting for boys, so car racing game toddlers andare often designed for them. But car driving games develop reactionspeed and the ability to quickly orient in unexpected situationsentangled, so it is useful for everyday life and exciting foreveryone. So race cars for kids are rather popular among girls too,because they want to enjoy all the feelings given by car games kidsas well as boys. We offer you the best car children games for boysand girl, free games for kids for smartphones and tablets. Do notlimit yourself by playing educational games on a laptop or desktopcomputer, because boy car games and racing girls are appropriateeverywhere. Modern developers of virtual realities have managed tocreate multiple versions of car games for kids and adults formobile devices. These versions are no less interesting, excitingand diverse than racing game for the PC. With these applicationsyou can enjoy exciting and fun kid racing at any given time. Youneed only a smartphone or tablet to play kids racing games. Sincethe vast majority of people always carries with them their mobiledevices, the implementation of such conditions will not cause anydifficulties - boy games, as - kids race cars, are always with you.What do you get playing our free car games for kids and adults?Addictive gameplay. Here you will not find boring and dull kids carracing games, in which everything is predictable and formulaic. Weoffer you only the best creations of the virtual gaming industrydevelopers – really cool games for kids and their parents, the bestrace car kids. Gameplay in such car games for girls and games forboys cars captures the player from the first minute and gives himan incredible experience. Incredible graphics. All of our race cargames for kids represent applications, the creators of which werenot too lazy to use all the features of modern informationtechnologies for the development of extremely realistic graphics.You will be amazed at how accurately the graphics of these gamesconveys all the nuances and peculiarities of the real world, and donot get less pleasure from the game than the real racers get fromoff-line racing on real machines. Sound accompaniment. Realisticsounds of roaring engine, creaking of brakes and, of course,incredible driving music - the developers of girl car games andracing games for boys always take into account such features of theatmosphere of their applications. Realistic sound would complementthe incredible graphics and fascinating gameplay and provide yourfull immersion in the virtual world, which is ruled by speed, driveand love of cars. Download and install of all the, kids games “Babycars” for girls and car games for boys that we offer is extremelysimple and transparent. You do not need to spend a lot of time orspace, look for patches, extensions and upgrades - you simplydownload the installation file and run it, and nothing more. Theprocess is so easy that even a child would simply cope with it (notwithout reason we offer a lot of racing games for kids, althoughthe majority of adults will also get the pleasure of playing such,kids car games). If you are looking for interesting games that canbrighten up your leisure time with a high range of quality, thecare games for children and free car games for adults are what youreally need. Do not waste time on boring, not exciting games thatare not able to give you a real pleasure. Download racing games forboys or racing girls games, as well as, games car racing -foradults, and play kids learning games with maximum pleasure! Visitus at: Site: http://y-groupgames.com
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Piano for Kids, piano for children, will be indispensable in thedevelopment of the child. Baby piano - is an educational game, andnot only develops the musical abilities of your child, but alsotrains an ear for music and fine motor finger, which are a veryimportant elements in the development of the baby. A colorful andmulti-colored keys also help you learn colors. Educational game forchildren - Children's piano, does not get bored restless child,because to create their own music so exciting! Educational gameshelp focus attention, to train the coordination of movements,learning to think logically. Piano for kids, game that will help toenrich the child's speech, to expand his horizons in music.Educational games for kids - a great way to make learning fun andthe child more effectively, and our games will help you with this!Children's piano - has many beautiful animal sounds andinstruments! Baby Piano for kids - it's always fun and exciting!Baby games piano - a beautiful melodies for your baby. Visit us at:Site: http://y-groupgames.com
Farm for kids 1.2.8 APK
The new exciting game "Children's Farm" will love the children. Thechildren's educational game "Farm for kids" child acquainted withthe voices of various animals, will feed them, bathe and collect.Developing game is very pleasant to children, because there arefunny animals, colorful pictures and pleasant melody. Children farmgame will help kids learn in a playful way of pets and theirvoices, learn to love and care for animals. Toddlers games.Developing baby game for the child to help him to become observant,attentive, smart. Educational games for children to developattention and memory, can help you with your child fun and to spendtheir free time. Toddlers farm. Playing simple educational games,educational children's games for kids, the child will enjoy itsresults and achievements. Educational games for children can notonly learn something new, but also to apply their knowledge inpractice. Developing baby games for fun and help kids have fun andat the same time will be an indispensable tool in the developmentand education of the child. Visit us at: Site:http://y-groupgames.com
Kids race - racing for kids 1.2.3 APK
Kids developing game "Kids race" will give children the opportunityto participate in these competitions. You task - to get to thefinish, overtaking other cars, because the kids love to be thefirst. Before the race, children can choose a car that willparticipate in the race. Kids will love these machines, becausethey are very good, lovely and colorful. Also during the race onthe way will meet the fruit that must be collected. Kids game "Kidsrace" - really will be liked by kids and also help in thedevelopment and knowledge of the world. Cheerful children's game -Baby cars. Visit us at: Site: http://y-groupgames.com
Fishing 1.1.9 APK
Children's fishing, it is - fishing for kids, with the task to beperformed. The children's fishing, baby - can play alone or withtheir parents. Fishing for kids - this is an educational game - forthe little ones, fun fishing together with funny bears, fisherslike every child. Game "Children's fishing" bring your child tounderstand about catching fish and a good mood. To succeed andcatch a fish for the children, you need a good work out. The gamehas two modes of passage, both bear the father and the small bear.Rules of the game: fishing for kids - bear need to catch fish andcatch on his line as many different beauties! It will alsopermanently prevent you from other fish and all kinds of debrisfloating in the water, catch the wrong points are subtracted. Youcan add to the game competitive time playing alone with a childrace. Who gets the most points in fishing for kids and will pass tothe next level? Educational games for children - it is, and thebright and colorful, and educational game - just like kids, it willbe interesting for older children. Together with them, you can evencome up with the names of each fish, try to determine their type(bass, barracuda, sea horse, elephant, sawfish, fish needle). Andwe can remember some cartoon and name each fish blue cornflowers,and every red - Petushki. And to compete: who catch more Vasilkov,and who - more Petushki. Together with your child can be repeatednot only the color and size, but also the numbers. At the top ofthe playing field shows the number of points scored player.Catching fish, you can immediately ask the child how many points hehas earned and how much was just his points. Cheerful arithmeticwill like everything: boys and girls, and especially their parents.It turns out, a children's fishing - teaches count! Though, fishing- it is, to a greater extent, a game for boys, girls, too, it willbe interesting to play it. After the fish are beautiful, bright,colorful. A fishermen characters - cute and kind. In addition, insome versions of "Fishing Frenzy" you can select the protagonist -it can be a girl or pandochka kitty. Fishing for kids - also aneducational game for the youngest, fun fishing together with funnybears, fishers like every child. Parents need only choose whichfun, children's games, download to your tablet, which immediatelybecomes no longer the parent and child. But it does not matter ifthe correct choice of the parents, that is selected exclusively -developing and training games. "Fishing for Kids" - one of manyeducational games for children, which can be offered to your child.Play together with your kids in a good game for the children,develop, and teach them. Learn by playing with educational games.Teach "Fishing for Kids"? This game: - Develops coordination, -Develops an eye estimation, - Teaches kids to distinguish betweensizes (big fish, little fish, average) - It helps to consolidateknowledge about flowers, colors and shades. Games for kids: -Training (which is important for the parents); - Colorful (which isimportant for children); - Simple (for the kids) and complex (forolder children); Visit us at: Site: http://y-groupgames.com
Frog Jump - Tap ! 1.1.8 APK
"Frog" - colorful and fun game for children in which the frog hasto jump from leaf to leaf, and not fall into the water. Your taskis to go as far as possible! Children’s game "Frog" will not letyou get bored and will provide an opportunity to test yourreaction. Bright design, lively music and a cute frog is verypleasant to children. Join the adventure in which the frog willpass its way! Visit us at: Site: http://y-groupgames.com
Phone for Kids 1.2.9 APK
Children phone, Phone for Kids -This free application,entertainment for the smallest. Children love music, teach the kidto notes and sounds of musical instruments. Let's try call allcolors of a rainbow. Who did not learn to count yet - let's learnto count together! All modern mothers and fathers know that theirkids inquisitive. Children need to be borrowed constantly withinteresting fascinating games, reading books, to be engaged indevelopment of thinking of children and to increase possibilitiesof their knowledge of world around. With new technologiesdevelopment of children becomes more saturated and various. Exceptthe interactive toys, developing toys, colourful books and variouscomputer games there are new games for children who it is possibleto download in the smartphone, to open on a tablet and, thereby, togive the chance to the child to develop in trip time in transport,expectations in turn in policlinic, etc. The game "Children'sPhone" will help the child to master music notes, also the kid willbe able easily to learn all colors of a rainbow and to learn tocount. Besides, the game "Phone for Kids" is made in 20 languages:Russian, German, English, and this already speech development ofthe child which is very important aged from 2 till 7 years. Thechild with pleasure will repeat after a fantastic voice of a digitand color of a rainbow in three languages which are equallyimportant in kindergartens and schools. Appendices for smartphonesand tablets on the basis of Android are familiar to many parentsand their kids, they were already fallen in love and used with agreat interest in everyday life. Games and applications for Androidare created constantly and new game for younger age group from"y-groupgames" - "Children phone" can become for children favouriteand very useful. For parents the following information isimportant: this game belongs to a row developing and is rathersimple for understanding of kids aged from 2 till 7 years. Visit usat: Site: http://y-groupgames.com