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This game is developed to improve your hand - eye coordinationandimprove your ability to make complex decisions in the faceofdistraction. The repetitive nature of the game also allowsyoursubconscious to solve problems in the background while givingsomehealthy distraction to your mind. So try out this fun game inyourleisure time or when you’re trying to solve a complex problem.

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    Frog Jump
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    August 9, 2018
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Neuron Gym :Free Brain Trainer 2.1.6 APK
Neuron Gym is a free brain training platformwhich enhances your essential cognitive skills like memory,attention, visual perception, flexibility, problem solving andprocessing speed. Neuron Gym has in built analytical tools to trackyour performance with time. It is a gym for exercising yourneurons!With games spread over different categories with each categorytargeting a specific cognitive skill Neuron Gym will prove to bethe best workout station for your brain.FEATURES:Free brain training app.Free access to all the games of Neuron GymNeuron Gym is Multilingual- Presently in Arabic, Chinese, French,English, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Korean,Hindi, Japanese & Turkish.Neuron Gym has 20+ gamesGraphs to show the detailed analysis of your brain trainingperformanceComparison with fellow Neuron Gym users on the basis of Age, Gender& LocationScores converted to standardized ANI (Average Neuron Index)Points out strong and weak areas of your brainPersonalized brain training through workout suggestions.Free Games:Dual Focus: Divided attentionIt helps you to pay attention at multiple things at a time thusenhancing your multitasking ability.Dual Focus Pro: Divided attentionDual Focus Pro helps to master the multitasking ability.Blink:Selective attentionIt is a perfect attention game that helps you perceive elements ofyour surroundings very accurately and quickly.Blink Pro: Selective attentionMastered blink go for the Pro!!Track the route:Working MemoryIt enhances your working as well as navigational memory .It helpsyour remember pathways and different routes.Memory Matrix: Spatial memoryIt enhances your spatial memory and enhances your ability to recallan object’s location.Memory Matrix Pro:Spatial memoryIt enhances your spatial memory and enhances your ability to recallan object’s location.Shapes:Visual discriminationIt helps you in making your brain capable of ignoring the redundantdata and at the same time taking up the required data.Dancing balls: Visual relationIt helps you to process information in visual form more easily andefficiently.Match it:Response inhibitionIt enhances your mental flexibility especially in touch and godecision making situation.Match it Pro:Response inhibitionTest your mental flexibility at extreme levels.Reversal:Task switchingIt helps you in improving your cognitive control by enhancing yourability of shifting tasks.Reversal Pro: Task switchingBecome a master in shifting task. Go Pro!!Money Game:Quantitative reasoningIt enhances your problem solving skills by stimulating yourquantitative reasoning abilities.Solve it:Numerical calculationIt is a game which helps to increase your numerical calculationskills.Aftermath:Quantitative Comparison.It helps you in decision making with respect to quantitative dataefficiently.Speed Shop:Decision processingIt increases your processing speed in small decision making thusincreasing your overall efficiency.Spot it:Information processingIt increases the information processing speed of your brain.Spot it Pro:Information processingIt increases the information processing speed of your brain.Brain Flash: ReflexIt helps you to enhance your reflex action via increasing theprocessing speed of your brain.BEHIND THE ‘SCREEN’-Neuron Gym is based on the concept of neuroplasticity. Neuron Gymteamed with neuroscientists to come up with the best algorithm toexercise the brain. Neuron Gym is a scientifically developed tooldesigned to rewire the neurons in order to increase theproductivity, creativity, concentration and decision making skillsof an individualStudies show that users who train every week regularly havereported improvements and boosted up memory. A gym with no fee forlife so download now and train your brain!Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/neurongymTwitter: https://twitter.com/neurongymYoutube:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bqMODpLXVSA
Neuron Gym: Brain Trainer Beta 1.11 APK
Neuron Gym beta is a free brain training platform which enhancesyour essential cognitive skills like memory, attention, visualperception, flexibility, problem solving and processing speed.Neuron Gym has in built analytical tools to track your performancewith time. It is a gym for exercising your neurone!Free access toall 13 gamesGraphs to show the detailed analysis of your braintraining performance Neuron Gym is based on the concept ofneuroplasticity. Neuron Gym teamed with neuroscientists to come upwith the best algorithm to exercise the brain. Neuron Gym is ascientifically developed tool designed to rewire the neurons inorder to increase the productivity, creativity, concentration anddecision making skills of an individualStudies show that users whotrain every week regularly have reported improvements and boostedup memory. A gym with no fee for life so download now and trainyour brain!New version out now.Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/neurongymTwitter:https://twitter.com/neurongymYoutube:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bqMODpLXVSAhttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.edlogiq.neuron.gym
Kumaon Literary Festival 2016 7.0 APK
KLF is the first annual literaryretreatfestival of the country, held in a mountain village. It isalso thecountry's first travelling literary event. Anot-for-profitinitiative, KLF brings together celebrated authors,respectedthought leaders and opinion makers of the country to TeAroha,located in Dhanachuli, an enchanting little village intheHimalayas. Blessed with pleasant weather, breathtaking views oftheHimalayas, lush forests, enticing fruit orchards andcharmingpeople, Dhanachuli is a beautiful weekend getaway close toDelhi.In 2016, the 5-day festival will first travel to Jim'sJungleRetreat (11th -13th October), a delightful, nature-friendlyjungleresort located in the Jim Corbett National Park. Thefollowing twodays (14th and 15th October), the festival will comeback to TeAroha.The festival is conceptualised as an innovative and unusualeventwhere rich and deep discussions are held over the five daysin arelaxed setting.Name of The Festival:The word "Kumaon" is believed to have been derivedfrom"Kurmanchal", which means land of the "Kurmavatar", thetortoiseincarnation of Lord Vishnu − the preserver, according toHindumythology.This hilly region of Uttarakhand shares a specialrelationshipwith literature, which is perhaps as old as literatureitself. Thisstrong bond between writers /poets and Uttarakhandexists eventoday, as there have been and still are many writers whobelong tothis place or have made it their home. Therefore, it wasonlynatural to name the festival after the hill regionofUttarakhand.KLF Framework:KLF is built around an unconventional framework and format, onethatsets it apart from all other literary festivals held inthecountry.KLF is conceptualised as an institution with aneco-systemcomprising of initiatives, projects and activities thatare notlimited or confined to the 5-day festival. Theinstitutionalisedapproach to the festival is aimed at maximizingimpact and optimizeon resources that will help in identifyinghidden talent, openavenues and opportunities for writers andincrease their accessthrough translations and other means to alarger audience. Thisalso ensures we have some measurable andtangible outcomes that arein addition to the festival. Three keyprojects that are part ofKLF’s eco-system are: Fellows of Nature,in partnership with FrenchInstitute in India, Wildlife Trust ofIndia and others; WomenUnlimited Series, in partnership with UnitedNations Women; andLiterary Bhagidari.The RoundtableThe KLF Roundtable, a closed-door flagship event of the festival,isheld on the sides of festival. Comprising of a diverse groupofthinkers and writers (maximum of 30), the roundtable serves asaninformed and independent voice that sets the agendaand debateinthe world of literature, influences policies and practicesaroundliterature, and contributes towards the well-being ofthesociety.The Roundtable is like a think tank that discusses keyliteraryand scholarly texts in order to generate new ideas andapproachesto the study of literature and folklore. Attendance oftheroundtable is by invitation only.VisionKLF is a literary festival unlike any other; one that strivestoraise the bar and set high standards for the long-term benefitofthe literary field; one that is looked upon as an institutioninitself.Set out in the following paragraphs is its key aimsandaspirations. With its goals and roadmap for implementationclearlyoutlined, the festival will be gradually institutionalisedso thatit is not just a one-off event in a year.
Pino Player 1.0 APK
A personalized music collection forspecificrequirements only.
Frog Jump 1.0 APK
This game is developed to improve your hand - eye coordinationandimprove your ability to make complex decisions in the faceofdistraction. The repetitive nature of the game also allowsyoursubconscious to solve problems in the background while givingsomehealthy distraction to your mind. So try out this fun game inyourleisure time or when you’re trying to solve a complex problem.
Tap Grid 1.0 APK
Tap the intersection of matching color moving lines. Be fastwhiletapping. Coordinate your eyes, brain, fingers andconcentration atthe intersection only. The time is ticking in thetop right of yourscreen which will disturb you if you tap a wrongintersection(match of different color line.) Unlock several levelsin Tapgridand as you go up you will find short lines with greatspeed. Itwill be challenging as you advance. Tapgrid is anaddictive andsimple game for a concentrated mind.