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Welcome to the most addictive game in the 80s, this isfroggerFroggy frog, a frogger like game which will make you spendhourstrying to get the little frogs into their houses! Will you beableto pass all the levels?, it is really a hard work to survivebeinga frog... Instructions: The player starts with three lives.Theplayer guides a frog which starts at the bottom of the screen.Thelower half of the screen contains a road with motorvehiclesspeeding along it horizontally. The upper half of thescreenconsists of a river with crocodiles and turtles, allmovinghorizontally across the screen. The very top of the screencontainsfive "frog homes" which are the destinations for each frog.Everylevel is timed; the player must act quickly to finish eachlevelbefore the time expires. The only player control is thejoystickused to navigate the frog; each push in a direction causesthe frogto hop once in that direction. On the bottom half of thescreen,the player must successfully guide the frog between opposinglanesof trucks, cars, and other vehicles, to avoid becomingroadkill.The middle of the screen, after the road, contains amedian wherethe player must prepare to navigate the river. Byjumping onswiftly moving logs and the backs of turtles, the playercan guidehis or her frog safely to one of the empty lilypads. Theplayermust avoid crocodiles, snakes, and otters in the river, butmaycatch bugs for bonuses. When all five frogs are directed home,thegame progresses to the next, harder level. There are manydifferentways to lose a life in this game, including: Running intoroadvehicles Jumping into the river's water Running into snakes,ottersor into a crocodile's jaws in the river Jumping into a homeinvadedby a crocodile Staying on top of a diving turtle too longDriftingoff the screen by sitting on a log or turtle too longJumping intothe side of a home or the bushes Running out of timebefore gettinga frog home Remember the good old times of theArcades of the 80'swith froggy! This game is an unofficial clone ofthe originalFrogger(C) game and is not endorsed by the registeredtrademark andcopyright owners Konami Co.,Ltd.

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