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Modern Army Sniper 3D City Shooting is a commando strike action andadventure game in which you have to play as an expert Sniper 3DMountain FPS Shoot Games in the military whose mission is to kill aterrorist in the enemy base to rescue Generals, Daughter.Hale isthe real sniper combat shooting 3D commando army mountain battle indeadly war missions as the ultimate Frontline Commando Soldier. Heis assigned the mission to rescue the Generals daughter who hasbeen kidnapped by a terrorist. Storm the enemy territory withFurious Strike game zombie hunter mountain shooting to kill all theterrorists and rescue Generals daughter. Hale is a complete warmachine but still modern combat battle weapons great to kill enemyterritory. Snipe terrorists with Sniper gun with an amazing killerzoom to get target shoot down. you are a real commando and armycommando city shooting mission 2017 games .Army Sniper Shooter isfree to play! “Download now and enjoy the Sniper Shooting byKilling the Terrorists and Rescue Gena”.Army Sniper ShooterGameplay> Super commando army real shooting legend> Aim forthe target enemy’s headshot as a headshot will put them into deathquickly. > Tap fire button to get the foe down. > Sniper zoomin/out to get the target close. > Shoot the targets quickly oryou could be hurt by opponent bullets. > Health bar at top leftwill show your life line.Army Sniper Shooter Features> IntenseThird Person Shooter Action> Challenging commando operationmission> Smooth and Intuitive Controls> Superb sound effectswhile horrible clash> Excellent 3D GraphicsLike our games? Availour qualitative games by visiting our play storepage:https://play.google.com/store/apps/dev?id=6133326289037098306Visitour Facebook pagehttps://www.facebook.com/The-Baraka-Games-1651847271764510

App Information Frontline Army Sniper Sharpshooter Commando 3d

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    Frontline Army Sniper Sharpshooter Commando 3d
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    November 2, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Solid Metal Games
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    161 H block, 1st floor Commercial Area DHA Phase 1 Near Gourment Bakery
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Desert sniper shooter 3D game 1.0 APK
"Desert sniper shooter 3D game is a militia ammo and assailant gamein which you play as a shooter of madmen, your dimension is totarget the enemy soldier on their position. Forget those dumb,repetitive shooting games. Here, your duty will include racingagainst time.Here is the military commander give you the mission tokill enemy those who destroy our piece. He is assign the mission tokill them and rescue our country. His trust full of on you. Takehis appreciation and swoop on enemy. When you go on mission youdon’t forget your purpose. Hit the flock for perfect shot. So whenyou reached your target area you are alone and number of enemymore. So be offensive and start the ammunition and don’t forgetpresence of enemy. During war you change your gun, rifle, and otherneed base shooter things. Cross stairs & pass test in armytraining school with courage & kill enemy. While playingmilitia ammo and assailant game, your aim is to be solid enough toface any hurdle. Crossing multiple ways while laying down on theground would be your routine task. While you pass through difficultarea your energy is low, but you have to carry on. It’s your taskto complete all your target within the given time period. It’s timefor you to prove yourself a real soldier to compete other countriesforces. You have extra machine military authorizes, advance highpower guns, revolver and knife, experience the pleasure of killingyour enemies with the smooth yet powerful snipers. Encounter therisky adventure to fulfill your sniper shooter skills and conquerthe war thirst. Shatter the existence of your target; knock out thesenses out of your rivals make suffer for death. Eliminate thesigns of terrorist from their incident, aim their game, and Win thebattle, make military proud. You have got a lot of shooters allover the base and a whole hostile situation going on, don’t spareyour enemies, and kill them while they beg for life, save thevaluable lives. Army Commando in deadly war missions as theultimate frontline Commando Soldier. These people also doneextortion. You also shoot these extortion enemy. On incident dooffensive work.Sniper gun with amazing killer zoom to get targetshoot down. This is a shooting and killing game, actually thisdesert sniper shooter 3D game is a sniper based, militia ammo andassailant game & is a killing spree game. In this commando dutygame you are free madmen in killing; you can kill all the enemysoldier on their position as you have a sniper gun & revolver.In this scenario you are in the threat territory where there areonly enemies anywhere. The good news in this the unlimitedweaponry, during play your life-bar is good but time is too shot socomplete the mission within a time and become a hero of army. Inemergency case us army send you on the mission. Specially focus onentries and exit point of the building. Your army also tracking youwhen you are on mission. You need to shoot the target with ashotgun and complete the mission. The homeland of criminals coveredall the dimension of building. You have extra machine. Good warenvironment.Game play:Aim for the target head-shot as head-shotwill put them into death quickly. Tap fire button to get the foedown. Zoom in/out to get the target position close. Shoot thetargets quickly or you could be hurt by opponent bullets. Healthbar at top left will show your life lineFeature of gameChallenging target places  Different challenge mission Combatenemy on their place Thrilling fight between you and enemy solider Good shooting experience Stunning graphic and 3D graphic 360degree angel  Efficient control and breathtaking sound effectsHighly good weapons For more game visit us:https://play.google.com/store/apps/dev?id=6133326289037098306 Likeus on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/The-Baraka-Games-1651847271764510
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Welcome to the Moto Racing Speed Rivals. Get on your Moto Bike andspeed up on the city roads, drift past ongoing traffic and avoidattacks from enemy shooters, lining you up for their bulletshots.Fast Paced Moto Racing Speed Rivals ChallengeUnleash fullnitrous suspension and get going the ultimate 3d racing challenge.Your Moto Racer will face an ambush of rifle shooters throughoutthe track, who will try to take you down before you escape thecity.This daring 3D racing through 4 exotic locations will becomeeven more daunting, as the suburban traffic from inside the citywill pose an additional threat to your escape. Keep up the speedand avoid the heavy incoming traffic. In an exhilarating 3D racingfrenzy, take down the shooters by rampaging them with your bike ifyou have to!Moto Racing Speed Rivals is free to download and play.Download Now!Features > Fast paced Moto Racing Simulation> 4Exotic 3D Moto racing tracks > Combined simulation and actiongameplay> Genuine bike sounds and gun fire> 3D Graphics
American Sniper Shooter - HERO 1.2 APK
As an American Army Sniper, get ready to play your part inprotecting your country from dangerous attack. Eliminate theinvading soldiers on border who are invading from desert side tocapture and take control of the border city. With access to aninventory of sniper rifles, you will rely on your pro sniper skillsto finish the work. Go for the HEADSHOT, Aim, and Shoot and Killthem All!Being an expert American Army Sniper Shooter you have todefend yourself to avoid being killed as your life is moreimportant to survive to conclude the army mission successfully inthis target shooting game where the a value of your each bullet isshot to kill an enemy like a hitman sniper. If you aim right attarget preferably as a headshot the enemy’s troops could be killedon the the first shot and there will be less possibility for themto wage a counter strike at you in this battle of Glory.You justhave to AIM and Shoot at the right time and can win against thosefanatics while defending your territory in this epic desertshooting war.Ultimate FPS shooter with advance multiple weapons anddifferent battle zones is now on your android phones. As an armycommando, complete challenging missions strategically to clear thearea from brutal enemies. Game consists of different battle areaseach with different scenarios. You are supposed to kill all enemieswith powerful and destructive guns. Ambush and kill the enemiesbefore they kill you.this game is based on aim shot, shooter game,army shooter game, adventure war game, commando action mission,action mission thrilling, war game, modern war game, commandogames, commando duty,army commando, commando mission and killingshooting games. so play American sniper shooter - Hero and become areal commando sniper shooter.American Sniper Shooter - HERO is freeto play! Download now and enjoy the Sniper Shooting by Killing theEnemies and save your Country”.FEATURES:* First Person SniperShooter game.* Easy and Intuitive Controls* Addicting Gameplay*Realistic 3D desert environmentLike our games? Avail ourqualitative games by visiting our play storepage:https://play.google.com/store/apps/dev?id=6133326289037098306Visitour Facebook pagehttps://www.facebook.com/The-Baraka-Games-1651847271764510