1.0 / April 7, 2017
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Start the battlefield with a wonderful realistic movement system!The main objective of this game that is a commando action packedfrontline 3D war game. Shoot the enemies in this front linecommando sniper game with latest and modern techniques of 2017.Inelite modern commando action you fight like an army commando incommando battle field and save your fellows from being killed fromyour enemies. This commando fighting game is full of adventure andcarrying it beautiful 3d environment and be a frontline commandokiller and gets rewarded with more features and other bonuses inthis modern era of commando revenge. Test your special skill; be acommando yourself with deadly alone epic war assassin machine gunsand other weapons.In elite modern commando action is a First personaction game, allows user to experience one of the most wonderfulenvironment of combat missions throughout the evilbattlefield.Protect your fellows from Killing by the enemies infront of you. This is an adventurous game in this there is manyinteresting and enjoyable missions. For example, you have toprotect civilians from criminals as a commando action. It’s like aan army commando gun fight mission what is that mission as you knowthat these type of games provided you some more interesting missionas an army commando gun fight mission.it is an us army commandogame in this product there is first person shooting with manylevels and in this us army commando you will be rewarded with morebonuses. There are many commando war games but elite moderncommando action is real army commando game that shows you the realenvironment and kills your enemies and have commando elite missionswith these commando elite missions you really fight like an armycommando with evils of your society and get rewarded if you survivefrom this evil mania. Key features of the Elite Modern CommandoAction - Aiming from the Right side of the mobile screen.-Different weapons you can avail .- Best FPS (first person shooting)3D game.- Zoom button is on right side of the bottom corner.-Wonderful Indoor 3D shooter battlefield Environment.- Better highQuality 3D Graphics.- Unique art style- Easy and fun to play.-Smooth and efficient weapons control- Thrilling sound effects-Unlimited Bullets in weapons.- 10 more difficult and interestingchallenges.- Full functional enemy base environment!-Sharp andbeautiful Color Scheme. If You want you enjoy the First PersonShooting Game then Download it and Be an action commando

App Information Frontline Commando Action City Crime Survival Hero

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    Frontline Commando Action City Crime Survival Hero
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    April 7, 2017
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    Haxon Studios
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    600 Meadowlands Pkwy #21, Secaucus, NJ 07094, USA
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Download the latest release in train shooting games &experience the thrill of being a skilled marksman. You are agentThomas, a paratrooper, assigned on a train sniper duty to take outhostile terrorist attack group who have hijacked a runaway trainwith hostages. Locate them with your partner on a Heli &accomplish your agent rescue mission by saving the hostages. Aimwith your sniper crosshair & use shooter skills to kill allterrorist in multiple progressive levels in this train snipershooter 3d gameStop hostile enemies from moving the hijacked trainwith hostages. Assassinate & stop their terrorist attackmission. These furious activist are armed with modern sniper rifles& AK-47. Hover across the runaway train, Set crosshair aim andpull the trigger to destroy the enemy with sharpshooter skillsagainst enemies on a train. As being the member of the elite sniperassassin club, Agent Thomas will be rewarded by accomplishing thismission by stopping hostile acts of terrorism on a train. Aiming& Precision is the key in this sniper shooter 3d game. As youplan escape mission to take back control of the hijacked trainagainst terrorist attack. Its quite dangerous and challenging asyou are alone in this sniping mission. The suicide bombers &extreme activist are dropping off from the copters as paratrooper.Attack enemies with sniper crosshair before they get successful indestroying the whole train. Make them pay for their crime byexecuting them in a crossfire of bullets. Take various body shots& head shots in an onslaught on the enemy. Strike hard on thembefore paratrooper destroy the train!! It's the ultimate snipingskills challenge for you as you attack enemies on a moving train.InTrain Sniper Shooter 2017 your ultimate sniper duty will be testedagainst hostile terrorist threats once and for all. This amongtrain games & sniper 3d games will test your nerves on howyou remain calm and collected while aiming for precision with yourgun shooter skills on a helicopter. Everyone is relying on AgentThomas's kill shot to be paratrooper & the savior of hostagesinside the train. As the terrorist group have gained leverage onthe train, it's time for your sniper shooting 3d skills to take outterrorist attack criminals on the runaway train in a counter strikestrategy, one by one. It's you against the activist group enemiesstanding on train in a counter attack warfare battle.Train SniperShooter 2017 Key Features★ Rescue civilian from hostile activistgroup leaders on a train★ Fluid controls for train sniper scope& slow bullet trajectory ★ Desert Environment with enemybasecamp★ Enjoy being sniper assassin in a warmachine ★ Realistic3D train model & helicopter hovering view★ Intense snipercrosshair shooter mechanics★ Realtime sniper 3d PhysicsSoDownload Train Sniper Shooter 2017 & enjoy playing the latestin train games & sniper shooting games. This sniper shooter 3dgame will give you the best taste of usual train sniper games &other sniper duty games. So Download this train shooting game &enjoy a challenging & entertaining sniper shooter 3d gameplay!
White House Escape - Trump 1.1 APK
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Help Trump escape & beat all the invaders trying to take overthe White House! Politics is a dirty game & members of anunderground rivalry squad have broken in the white house preventingany escape. They are trying to take away the presidential seat!!This among free escape games includes a crazy gameplay with Trumpmaking the most of his escape & protecting the most importantbuilding in the country. This Trump escape is all about beating theenemies roaming inside the building. Grab the giant gavel ofjustice & smash those enemies!! Make the escape from buildingafter dealing with those criminals. Bring them to justice!! With arebellious & a cut-throat personality, Trump will make it hardfor them stay inside building before they escape. Stealthily plan& try to escape from the building without getting hurt by themobsters. Avoiding catching attention of all the enemies at once inthe free escape game. Wisely gain insight on where the enemies arepatrolling & trying to surround Trump. By using a stealth modein his escape you will be better able to sneak out of position.Help Trump to make an escape & save himself for the upcomingelections. Escaping while facing tough criminals is a dauntingtask, but not for this candidate because he has a real escape gameplan!!Beware of enemies ready to pounce on you, & sniper copson the lookout for you while breaking out. This is a real escapegame testing one’s sneaking & melee attack skills. Knowing thepath of hallway corridors for a perfect escape is quite difficultas the underground gang members are constantly on patrol in betweenrooms. Fight them way towards an escape as you do not have a choiceto get out otherwise. Make the Trump escape with clever &aggressive tactics. Are you up for the challenge to play as themost popular candidate in White House Escape – Trump Game? This isgoing to be one hell of a prison escape adventure for you. Downloadthis free escape game now & play as the next president!WhiteHouse Escape – Trump Key Features: - Play Trump trying to escapeand bring enemies down to justice!!- Realistic 3D White HouseEnvironment with props such as president’s table, flag- Intuitive& Fluid Attack Controls & escape movement - Excitinggameplay includes escape the building & fighting againstenemies- Challenging Levels includes Hidden Objects &Surprises!- Gameplay includes collecting power ups such as timeextension, health- Use stealth in taking out enemies during escape- Escape Weapons include Trump’s giant Gavel. - Experience theultimate trump escape challenge
Prisoner Escape: Jail Breakout 1.2 APK
Haxon Studios
You have been wrongly accused of crimes you never commited andsentenced for lifetime in the infamous Alcatraz prison, thedeadliest prison out there with the most inhumane security guardsone can imagine. But the rebel inside you just cannot come to termswith this injustice, the ultimate goal of your life is to get ridof these enforced prison walls, to be a free man again. Freedomcomes at a huge price though and this jail breakout mission isgoing to test whether you are willing to pay that price or not.Alcatraz prison is a place where guards are always at high alertand every rebellion is crushed with utmost brutality and power. Thewarden sure knows how to apply his writ so you have to planaccordingly and be very careful and extremely smart. Think twicebefore making a move because there are no second chances in reallife. Avoid the prison warden as much as you can if you want toescape this hellhole, attack the police officers because if youdon't they will. Beware! Snipers will be scoping you out and won'thesitate to go for a head-shot. This prison escape is not justabout physical power but mental strength too, be very smart, usewalls to hide from security guards and be very sneaky, you don'thave to fight when you can just sneak your way out of Alcatrazprison. By using the stealth mode you will be better able to sneakout of the prison by using the information provided by yourcriminal jail cell inmates in this 3D prison break game. Meleeattacking weapons such as crowbar will be highly useful against thepolice officers, try to hit them from behind and make sure theguards don't catch while you are at it. Prisoner Escape : JailBreakout will put you in the toughest of positions you can everimagine and only the wisest decision makers can survive. I don'tneed to tell you that Alcatraz prison breakout will be mostimportant event of your life.Roam the prison to gather informationon the positions of security guards and police officers, it willrequire smart tactics as it is not easy to find your way around thecorridors when guards, dogs, cops are constantly on patrol. I hopeyou are up for this challenge and one in a lifetime experience ofbeating the Alcatraz prison's security. Just remember one thing,when you have decided to play Prisoner Escape: Jail Breakout game,you can't back down because that's what cowards do.Prisoner Escape:Jail Breakout Key Features: - Realistic 3D Prisoner Environment-Intuitive & Fluid Game Controls- Play as a rebellious criminalcharacter- Challenging police chase against notorious prisoners& fugitives - Exciting gameplay of escaping the prison againstpolice officer- Real alcatraz prison environment with power upssuch as time extension, health- Use stealth in notorious escapealcatraz missions and take out guards- Hardcore jail environmentwith props such as bunk beds, doors, cops- Experience challengingprison break missions
Clown Bank Robbery Heist - Killer Plans Escape 3D 1.1 APK
Haxon Studios
In a mad city of crime,planing a clown robbery in a bank is thefirst job that comes to mind of a notorious mafia criminals. ClownBank Robbery Escape 3D gives the experience of pulling off a heist& robbery escape in one day to become a getaway member of clownrobbery mafia gangsters. Notorious heist usually happen in thismiami crime city. It's time for a clown robbery crime for thenotorious clown as he is ready to rob a major bank. Be the crimedriver, notoriously steer the car quickly and try to loot the bank.Notoriously take hostages and counter attack the guards. Carefullymake way inside the bank, shooting police guards with precisionaiming. Do what needs to be after the clown robbery escape missionand flee away skillfully. Don’t let the cops punish for criminalactivities. Plan out the grand bank clown robbery escape beforetaking out all the cops guarding the bank. Rob all the cash, gold,do jewel heist and steal other valuables & join the miamigangsters before cops reach the crime scene to make the policearrest. Complete the bank job in this heist game. After spending alot of hard time in jail, no one wants to be in there again. Takehostages in the action. Against a police crime chase like this oneneeds to execute the best plan in the big bank robbery that you canthink of. This is the chance to act as a master robber ready totake away everything. There are numerous cops & police men onthe miami streets trying to prevent any grand bank robbery. Takeadvantage of hostages and dodge the police duty cops and don’t endup in jail again. Plan, attack & steal all that there is in thebank and leave no traces. Make getaway by notoriously escaping thecity by grand theft of vehicles which are parked outside the bank.Being a member of a notorious mafia gang, attack or shooting withweaponry any police forces standing in the way is the only choice.You don't want to end up in prison because of this crime case.Escape the crime scene by dodging cops while driving your car viaescape route. Destroy anyone that is an obstacle to escape thepolice car chase. This crime affected city needs notoriously badcriminals & robbers to heist a bank professionally and avoidingany arrest. This is a true cops vs robbers mission for a notoriouscity gangster in an action packed bank robbery crime. Clown BankRobbery Escape 3D will give you the ultimate experience of criminalpolice chase in the crime city in a crazy getaway like in shootinggames & latest robbery games. Clown Bank Robbery Escape 3D KeyFeatures: - Realistic 3D Bank robbery escape Environment withhostage situation- Extreme police shootout missions- Intuitive& Fluid Game shooting controls- Realistic Clown Gangstercharacter- Experience police chase in this grand robbery game-Exciting action in robbery crime levels- Collect power ups such astime extension, health & gun ammo- Notoriously Use stealth inescape missions and take out officers of the law.
Zombie Survival Monster City 1.1 APK
Haxon Studios
Play & Survive as Terry, the main character in this game who’sa fearless hunter ready to take down a city infected by an outbreakin Zombie Survival Monster City. He is a member of a group namedthe zombie wrecking crew who will help any survivor being affectedby the virus during this unexpected zombie apocalypse. The city hasjust turned into a survival island. This latest in 2016 zombiegames will test your combat and hunter skills as you walk in a citywhere you are on a zombie kill quest. You are on an escape missionas there are no survivors left in the city. You are out ofammunition weapons. Beware of those walking dead creatures in asudden outbreak with blood lust wandering on the streets. Use yourwild axe, flip, dodge against those creatures and execute a perfectzombie kill. The virus has spread over the entire city and there isno cure left. Some of the zombies include clown attacks in thecity. Zombie Survival Monster City like other zombie apocalypsegames will give you the ultimate combat experience by being a lonehunter. Your only way out of this zombie world war is to be a truesurvivor and not die in this outbreak. This is not some zombiepaintball game. Plan out your wild escape carefully & survivesuccessfully in this apocalypse. It’s time for some serious scorethis Halloween by making a zombie kill!! So Download now and enjoyzombie world war action unlike other zombie shooting games. Makesure you survive till the end!!Key Features of Zombie SurvivalMonster City:- Realistic outbreak creatures like in zombie survivalgames- Survive by using an axe with flip combo to kill enemies-Fluid & Intuitive attack controls- Feel like a true survivor byslashing them the old school style!- Hunt all creatures like in2017 zombie games!
Prison Sniper Escape Alcatraz 1.0 APK
Haxon Studios
Download the latest release in prison sniper duty games &experience the thrill of being a skilled sniper marksman. PrisonSniper Guard is assigned on a sniper duty to take out gangsters,criminals, killers who have been imprisoned along with other jailinmates trying to escape Alcatraz prison yard. It’s time to securethe prison yard & shoot prisoners during jailbreak sessions& riots & accomplish your sniper duty mission. BE A SKILLEDPRISON SNIPER MARKSMANStop criminals from making prison break bybeing a skilled prison sniper shooter in this survival action game.Assassinate any criminal who is trying to make an escape alcatrazprison yard. Keep an eye as prison sniper guard across the yardwhere the jail criminals are busy, set aim and pull the trigger tokill any prisoner who is trying to create chaos with yoursharpshooter skills. As being the member of the elite sniperassassin club, your sniper skills will be rewarded by accomplishingthis mission by stopping acts of jail breakout & other riots.Aiming & precision is the key in this sniper shooter 3d game.Plan to stop escape mission to take back control of the prisonyard. The gangster squad is trying to upset the prison environmentby crazy jail attacks and breakout. Attack enemies before they getsuccessful in their prison break objectives. It's the ultimatesniper marksman skills challenge for you as you attack enemies inthe prison yard.STOP CRIMINALS FROM PRISON ESCAPE ALCATRAZ Yourultimate sniper duty is to prevent any escape plan in excitingsniper missions. Prison guard assigns you the duty to be a watchdogfor serious contract killers in attempt to assassinate other jailcriminals. Use marksman skill to take shot for any prison yardescape alcatraz attempts and eliminate any possible threat. Inmateswho have committed crime in the yard cannot be trusted. In thisprison escape game you will be tested by keeping an eye for realgangsters. Experience exciting rifle shooting games challenge. Bethe sniper guard of the prison yard and take kill shot of prisonerattempts in multiple escape alcatraz prison missions.ULTIMATEPRISON SNIPER SHOOTING CHALLENGEIn Sniper Duty 2017 Prison Escapeultimate sniper will be tested by preventing criminals from theirprison escape story repeatedly. This among prison sniper games& sniper 3d games will test your nerves on how you remain calmand collected while aiming for precision with your gun shooterskills on a watchtower. Everyone is relying on prison guard’s killshot in this exciting prisoner escape game. As the terrorist grouphas gained leverage, it's time for your sniper shooting 3d skillsto take out all criminals while they are making a run towardsprison break escape so prevent them by being the being the bestsniper duty that one can. Sniper Duty 2017 Prison Escape KeyFeatures★ Realistic 3D Alcatraz Prison Environment★ Exciting Levelsincluding prison escape mission of gangsters, criminals & jailinmates★ Prevent Jail Break with Sniper Shooter Missions★ SmoothSniper Shooting Controls★ Enjoy being sniper assassin in a PrisonEscape Story ★ Intense Army Game Action and Jail Break Game SoDownload Prison Sniper Escape Alcatraz Prison & enjoy playingthe latest in prison sniper games & sniper shooting games. Thissniper shooter 3d game will give you the best taste of usual snipershooter games & other sniper games.
President Trump:Elections 2016 1.1 APK
Haxon Studios
Help Trump run & become the next president!! Select yourcharacter, whether it be Trump or Hillary & leave all theenemies behind trying to take you down while you run towards theWhite House! Politics has now become a dirty game & members ofan underground rivalry squad have broken in the white housepreventing any candidates to enter. They are trying to take awaythe presidential seat!! This among free running games includes acrazy gameplay with Trump making the most of his running &protecting the most important building in the country. This freeTrump running game is all about dodging obstacles & enemies!Make the run towards the building & avoid any enemies behindthe candidate! Bring them to justice!! Select Trump or Hillary& make a successful run to help your candidate win thepresidential seat!! Using dodges & jumps will make it harderfor them to CATCH you before they capture the building. So getready for a challenging experience while you run towards thebuilding without getting stopped by the people in Running Trump'sclose pursuit!! Avoid enemies while running in the free trump rungame. Use quick reflexes & swift movement on the road to whitehouse where the ultimate seat for presidency awaits Trump!. Byusing a stealth mode in his escape you will be better able to sneakout of position. Help Trump to make the ultimate run & savehimself for the upcoming elections. Running while facing toughconditions is a daunting task, but not for this candidate becausehe has a real plan while running on the road towards whitehouse!!Beware of enemies ready to pounce & stop you whilerunning! This is an exciting trump running game testing one’sreflexes & movement skills. Knowing the road to white house fora perfect run is quite difficult as you face obstacles in your way& enemies are constantly trying to bring you down! Slide &Dodge them while you run as you do not have a choice to look back!!Make Trump Run with quick reflexes & dodge obstacles! Are youup for the challenge to play as the most popular candidate inPresident Trump:Elections 2016 Game? This is going to be one hellof a trump running adventure for you. Download this free amongrunning games now & play as the next president!PresidentTrump:Elections 2016 Key Features: - Play Trump trying to Run andReach White House!!- Realistic 3D Trump & Hillary Characters toplay with.- Intuitive & Fluid Controls - Exciting Gameplayincludes dodging surprise obstacles - Collect votes along withpower ups to boost your run!- Use dodge movement to avoid enemieswhile running - Latest in Trump games 2016!- Experience theultimate trump running challenge in this white house game!
Bank Robbery Heist Simulator 1.1 APK
Haxon Studios
After getting released from of prison, robbing a bank is the firstjob that comes to the mind of a criminal. Bank Robbery EscapeSimulator gives the experience of pulling off a bank escape &heist in one day to become a getaway member of shooting gangsters.Bob the robber is a friend and a trainer who has assigned thistask. Notorious heist usually happen in this crime city and nowit’s time to turn to rob a major bank. Main objective is to drivethe car quickly and try to loot the bank. Skillfully take hostagesand counter attack the guards before. Carefully make way inside thebank, shooting police guards with precision aiming. Do what needsto be after the prison escape mission and flee away skillfully.Don’t let the cops punish for criminal activities. Plan out attackbefore taking out all the cops guarding the bank. Rob all the cash,gold, do jewel heist and steal other valuables before the citydepartment of cops reaches the bank to make the police arrest. Makeprison break worthwhile in this heist and complete the bank job.After spending a lot of hard time in jail, no one wants to be inthere again. Take hostages in the action. In a crime city like thisone needs to execute the best plan you can think of. This is thechance to act as a master robber ready to take away everything.There are numerous cops & police men on the streets trying toprevent any grand bank robbery. Take advantage of hostages anddodge the police duty cops and don’t end up in jail again. Plan,attack & steal all that there is in the bank and leave notraces. Make getaway by escaping the city by grand theft ofvehicles which are parked outside the bank. Being a member of amafia gang, attack or shooting with weaponry any police forcesstanding in the way is the only choice. Escape the crime scene bydodging cops while driving your car via escape route. Destroyanyone that is an obstacle to escape the police car chase. Thiscrime affected city needs criminals & robbers to heist a bankprofessionally and avoiding any arrest. This is a true cops vsrobbers mission for a city gangster. Bank Robbery Escape Simulatorwill give you the ultimate experience of criminal police chase inthe crime city in a crazy getaway like in shooting games. BankRobbery Escape Simulator Key Features: - Realistic 3D BankEnvironment with hostage situation- Extreme police shootoutmissions- Intuitive & Fluid Game shooting controls- RealisticGangster character- Experience police chase in this bank escapegame- Exciting action in grand theft challenge levels- Includescollecting power ups such as time extension, health & gun ammo-Use stealth in escape missions and take out guards among robbergames