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Get ready to battle the war againstdeadlyterrorist in the Intense situation where terrorist squadtrying todefamed your nation honor and dignity with their evilplans. Sostep up and become guard soldier of your country who cansurvive inthe time of war and death.The toughness of this coursewill wreckyour nerves as the enemies aren’t easy to defeated. Keepin mindthat army commando are not born to quit, they strive forsurvivalin war without fear and horror.

You have been trained at US army training school whereextrememilitary course is specially designed to enhance mentalandphysical strength of US army commando soldiers. Special heroeswarsurvival skills and war fighting techniques are also beingtaughtso that a soldier superhero can survive in life threateningwarsituation.You have been trained for assault and counter againsttheterrorist. Fight the battle for your nations pride with braveryandvalor. Deteriorate the plans and survive on this impossiblearmymission of survival. Show no mercy on those who retaliateagainstyou.

You have to complete two missions in this Frontline ModernSniperWar. One,stop the illegal transport of weapons. According totheintelligence report an illegal transport of weapons isunderway.The jungle near the ocean holds a massive storage ofillegalweapons. The armory is being transported via jungle toinflict warinside your country. Play as the Modern Commando snipershooter andsneak into the jungle to eliminate the terrorist andstop thetransportation. Equip yourself with Sniper rifle and showyour bestskills and accuracy to take down the enemies with yourmesmerizingskill. Don’t let them war on your country. Your nation'sfate is inyour hands now.

Second rescue hostage from terrorist territory. Terrorist havetakenthe women's as hostages and many of them are forced to workforthem. Break into the terrorist safe house and clear the areatorescue hostages. This is secret stealth survival mission foryouwhere there is no victory unless you won the war againsttheterrorism. Sneak in and eliminate the resistance.

• Realistic Environment With Highly Additive Gameplay.
• Thrilling Challenges, War Survival and Intense Missions.
• Aim, Shoot and Take Headshots.

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App Information Frontline Modern Sniper War

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    Frontline Modern Sniper War
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    April 20, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Scene9 Games Studio
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    10,000 - 50,000
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Safari hunting season is back in the shape of Deer HuntingTPSShooter Game with more thrill and challenging expedition.Don'tmiss out your chance to become a real deer huntsman.Youwerestranded on a mysterious jungle, full of wild deers. Dyingofhunger and cold, you have to hunt. You need to do your besttosurvive among hungry wild deers inhabiting the jungle. Dowhateveryou want, but remember - the most important thing is tosurvive. Inthis RPG-fighting game you will take on a role of a deerhunterwhose destiny isn't determined yet. How do you see thefuture? It'syour choice! Choose from repository, experiment, pickyour gear,learn some fresh new tactics and explore a massive worldfull ofadventures! Be fast and graceful, strong and shattering,enigmaticand deadly. Enjoy the beauty of a real african animalhunting whichhas been made possible due to modern technologies.There's largeamount of weapons and armor in Deer Hunter. If you'veever dreamedof having a rare collection of hunting goods, now'syour time! Theworld of a shadows has got splendid rewards for themostadventurous ones! Collect epic gear, combine, equip it withnewlethal weapons and perks. Shoot your prey with sniper! Developasteady hand, clear your sights, and master the skills to taketheperfect shot. Don’t fall prey to the wild predators in jungle.Keeplooking for the jungle animal's and survive wild animalattack.Hunt for extinct animals in Hunting Safari now! In thisescapemission you will have to use all your skills for survive inthisAfrican jungle! Shoot at endangered animals. Unleash skillsforshooting as sniper shooter. Don't let the deer escape. Come ofage,like a real hunter, improve your shooting skills, stalk yourprey,and put your hunting skills to the test in the hunt of realwildanimals. It is time to load out your weapons and get your 5starshooting fix! Lonely survival on a wild island. Utilize ArmyloneSurvival skills for shooting to survive and fight againstanimalsand escape from the hunted Island. Utilize your action,fightingand safari shooting skill to escape. Lead a squad ofamericansniper commandos who are trained for accurate shooting andcombatskills in the most challenging game. Brace yourself fortheultimate deer hunting experience. Use your sniper gun toshootthem. Aim and kill the unkilled jungle animals and become thebestdeer hunter and enjoy with jeep engine physics in this 4x4dirttrack trials forest driving simulator. With this 4x4 bumpy cardareto drive off road mountain hill jeep in most classic hilltops.Game Features : • 6 deadly weapons and multiple missions.•Realistic Shooting with Guns effects, animations and sounds. •HDJungle autumnal environment, Efficient gun control and camerazoomto get accurate shots. • Wilderness of Assault shooting gunstokill. • 4x4 offroad jeep deriving with realistic physics. Thisisthe perfect hunter simulator for you to play and it's totallyfree!Your Feedback, Ratings & Comments are valuable for us.ThankYou!
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Be Ready To Perform Crazy Tricks and Escape at High Speed. Speedup, jump and skid. Perform crazy tricks and avoid the hurdles inthis Cycle Game. Are you ready for 2017 adventurous off roadjourney to breathtaking hills and mountains by riding a super cycleon twisted mountain roads? In this mountain cycle adventures ridesthe bicycle both uphill and downhill. Get control of your extrememountain bike and steer with pedals to get real life sensation ofriding cycle. There are two modes in game : Offroad Stunt Modes& Riding Modes. Ride on cycle navigates through beautiful cityroads and fast paddle in Bicycle sports racing games. This cycledrag racings simulator has professional cycle gear. Awesome BMXgame in 3D. In this fast sports bicycle racing game, choose a widerange of heavy bicycles. Ride your mountain cycle on city roads.Buckle Up, Mount Mountain Bike, kick the paddles, push forward totake the dodgy roads & hill tracks across country side. Satisfyyour passion for super cycle racing with the blend of adventurouscycle game. This Uphill Off roads Bicycle Riders is the one of thebest addictive new age cycle games. During downhills mountainbiking avoid falling down and crash. Cycling is best formaintaining fitness. So become a crazy freestyles cyclist and ridewith full speed by controlling the BMX handlebars with strong wristgrip. Race the 2 wheelers monster bicycle by kiciking fast paddleto perform stunts in freestyle jumping. Satisfy your passion forsuper cycle racings with the blend of adventurous cycle racinggames. This bicycle wheelies game offers adventurous off-roaddriving experience with perfect cycle simulation. Driving on witheasy trails the riding on hills become challenging with time. Thisgame offers off-road racing, drive your cycle on hill road to thetrack, its one of the best offroading game you will come across sopedal your cycle & become a hero road riders. We bring a newaddition to Bicycle games which are always fun for BMX ridersgiving electric vibe to adventure seekers. This offroad cycle gameis also for Kids.
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Are you ready for racing games with third person perspective?Haveyou experience of dodging cars and trucks while you speed up tothelimit. Overwhelmed your fear of extreme driving and become alegenddriver hero in this limitless traffic highway car racer.Trafficendless rider takes the racing genre to a modern nextgeneration.Drift your super fast sports car in this paced infiniteracinggame. This ultimate endless highway racer will give thrillingandinsane experience. It’s the game for those who break the rules.Getan adventure of racing in car. So forget everything you knowaboutracing just hit the gas and feed your passion with speed.Nothingwill stop you from burning the rubber on the streets. Youcan getcrazy with burnout, plow the asphalt and race with nolimits. Climbup on new tracks to get bonus coins and control yourcar withincredible fast speed during traffic rush time! Enjoythisfantastic sports rally racing in one of the moderngenerationmania.Overtake closely, burn up the streets & driveyour luxurycar in the unlimited streets and the city track. Drivingin car incockpit view through the endless traffic and rush.Ultimate racingsimulator on the highway with heavy traffic,realistic controller,engine and detailed interiors. Its fun todrive in the cockpitview. Let’s drive your racing car on highwaymore and more to earnmaximum coins. At highways there are manyother traffic racers.Ride at the crazy racing tracks in the mid ofcity highway trafficrush. Ride in the busy roads. It's your time toplay impossibledriving games with car on impossible tracks. Headout and race asfast as you can to become the best new rider in theworld. It needextreme driving skills to drive safely. Race thetraffic andcomplete the challenges.This off-road path is made withramps to dostunts and high jumps for endless driving adventure.Performfurious fantasy stunts on the crazy, thrilling hardchallenging anddangerous tracks by playing impossible drivinggames. Show yourluxurious car driving and extreme skills in one ofthe best physicsbased arcade game. Let’s drive your rally vehicleand dodge to gainbonuses. Get more gold coins to unlock newhigh-performancevehicles and environments. GAMEPLAY: - Tilt orTouch to steer -Touch gas button to accelerate - Touch brake buttonto slow downFeatures of this game : - Unlimited play - No fuel ortime limits -15 different cars, with realistic 3D interior. -Overtaking closelygives extra scores. - Different camera views i.ethird person,first person, internal & external camera views -Rich types ofNPC traffic including bus and SUVs. - Powerful andreal drift. -Nitro Booster for intense speed. - 3 Differentdetailedenvironments: summer, snowy and desert. - Unlock newvehicles anddiscover extensive vehicle options! - Enjoy fasttraffic racingaction. Your Ratings, Feedback & Comments arevaluable for us.
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Robots War Strike 1.0.2 APK
Like robots games? Real steel robots and death row fights theultimate robot war game is here. A deadly futuristic robot war hasjust begun. These death machines are seriously dangerous. Enter theworld of comics heroes, super powers and evil villain robots. Anultimate survival adventure! Fight like a superhero, search forweapons to kill the enemy. Fight and fight hard to become anultimate champion in this battlefield. It is a combo of robotfighting and transformation. It’s time to save the world from thewar machines that have unexpectedly grown stronger and overriddenits rules. Fight against the dark side like a super hero to defeatthe mutants in survival adventure. Make a safe escape plan to dodgelab security & face war in steel robot super hero escapesurvival. If you love robots, super machines, mech games and bestfighting games you will surely fall in love with robots war. X-raysuper hero survival is all about making a safe escape & strikesurvival. It's a time of futuristic military war. Destroy thetransformed flying cop security guards by hitting hard on theirhead and body. It's a time of war, pilot! Arcade style fighting andaction. Assault with rifle, destroy and kill machines, save thehuman species from machine slavery and end their reign. Attack withthe futuristic assault rifle in battle. Get ready for surpriseattacks from your rivals, tactical maneuvers and sneaky tricks.Monster mech have X-gun attack skill, artificial intelligenceskill, armor warrior skill, mortal combat skill super gun fire,boxing skill and tricks. Fight to become the ultimate fightingchampion. City need a superhero so lets start a final world rampagewith the help of police robotcars. Put on your extreme stealth modeto sneak out of the workshop with the help of your robots squad andteam members in this transform x-ray prison break-out. Eliminateflying x-ray police officer escaping their attacks in thisimpossible mission. Save the world from these metal strikewarriors. Come! Let’s have a battle with steel robots. Features -Battle enemies with fighting strength & new latest features. -Futuristic military Academy Environment. - A Complete Escape &War Story to Accomplish. - Sci-fi city with stunning & HighQuality 3D Graphics. - Variety of Enemy Forces. - Assault rifleexperience.