1.1 / March 20, 2017
(3.8/5) (110)


Army's top frontline commandos are fighting adefense war at the country's borderline to keep the attacking enemyaway from the frontier and stop their penetration. This time enemyis using a different strategy. They have attacking trained wolveswith them to create horror and distract our commandos. The wolvesmove forward briskly. You have to kill them while moving forwardalong with the enemy soldiers.
The brave army commandos are fighting at different warfronts. Enemyhas invaded from frozen mountains and through the desertborderline. Enemy is invading with full force. Their army haswolves, armored jeep, tanks and other artillery while theirairforce has also joined them. At the frozen fronts you have todefeat enemy's air strike.
- Real war fighting experience.
- Stunning high fidelity graphics.
- True to life environment.
- Immersive and involving shooting action.

App Information Frontline Warriors

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    Frontline Warriors
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    March 20, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    10,000 - 50,000
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Challenge is to defeat zombiesindestructionand the horror they are causing. Fire a hail ofbulletsto kill allthe beasts to stop them from killing humans,using yourautoloadergun. Make this mission possible with your armyshootingskills asyou have to save the world from ZombiesapocalypseThe deepest fear of man is going to rise again. Theinfectedzombieshave spread all over the city. Your mission to killall thezombiescoming out from every building of the area andsaveyourcountry.All of your army commandos team members have been killedbythezombies and you are the only survivor soldier tocompletethemission to purge the area from the undead. You have toarmyourselfup with modern weapons and hunt down all the walkingundeadcomingout of the buildings where they have killedhumansbrutally.GAME FEATURES- Intense zombies shooting action.- Kill different zombies.- Enjoy the sensation of firing and killing the evil.- Cool high fidelity 3D graphics.- Immersive game play.
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Your army intelligence agencies has reportedmilitary activities of the neighboring country near your borderline in the deep ocean. She has made some army bases on thoseislands and are planning a ruinous attack.It became the mostimportant mission to stop them for the glory of the nation.A decisive air strike operation has been planned to accomplish themission. A competent GD pilot assigned to destroy all the enemyarmy bases along with their weapons, artillery and theirarsenals.The brave soldier pilot takes the modern war airplane to fight adifficult air combat.The warplane is equipped with modern guidedmissiles to aim the enemy artillery.There are total five enemy army bases and ten missions to completewithin a specified time limit. The pilot doesn't have much time fora perfect air attack to kill the enemy and destroy all ammunitionand supplies.Playing this game is the best opportunity to learn how to operatean air fighter. Tilt sensors are used to turn the fighter jet andthere are button to fire the missiles after targeting them by anaiming device.Enjoy playing a lifetime experience of fighting a real airbattle.
Frontier Commando War Mission 1.2 APK
An army commando has been assigned a missionto get into the enemy’s army base near your country’s frontier allalone to rescue an important commander detained by the enemy and tokill all soldiers at the base. He has some modern weapons but mostof all he has the courage to step into the enemy’s territory andfinish all of them for the dear homeland. The commando has to fighta gorilla battle all the way until the mission isaccomplished.Enemy has established an army base in a mountain forest. They areplanning to attack your city. The commando has assigned a missionto surprise them by secretly entering and killing their soldiers.There are different missions to complete. In every mission thinkyourself a brave commando who is committed to serve hiscountry.MISSION 1When you come close the army base first thing you see is thearsenal. You have to get into the arsenal and take weapons with youwhile killing all soldiers who come across. In this mission youhave to kill 7 enemy soldiers.MISSION 2After taking ammo from the arsenal you have to face the enemy’sfrontline troop, again you will face 7 commandos to kill. Keepwatching the enemy locator as the enemy can come from the backdoor.MISSION 3Moving ahead you can see a security watchtower, empty at this time.This is the best place to shoot the enemy soldiers. In this missionyou have to kill 20 enemies. You can change the position if needed.Here you may change the gun as from the tower you will need asniper gun.MISSION 4This one is the rescue mission. You have to rescue Major detainedby the enemy. Rescue your companion commando and kill 38enemies.MISSION 5Now you have to move to another tower to clear the boundaries ofthe army base. You have to kill 21 enemy soldiers.MISSION 6This is the final mission. Kill all the attacking enemies tocompletely clear the army base. Accomplishing all missionssuccessfully he survivor commando must be warded with the higherranks and more stars at his shoulders.FEATURES.-- Real shooting action game.-- Beautiful jungle mountain environment.-- Three guns change option is available-- Player position can also be changed.-- An enemy locator is available to locate the attackingsoldiers.
Battle Racing Shooting Cars 1.2 APK
Battle racing shooting cars is a free actionpacked shooter game. Play it to enjoy both racing and shootingaction simultaneously. Shooting cars bullets looks like unrealwhile in this game you can shoot enemy cars with a bazookagenerally known as rocket launcher.Imagine yourself a brave, patriotic and dutiful army commando whois assigned a mission to chase and shoot enemy cars that arecarrying terrorist or some kind of enemy. The army commander has tocontrol the army jeep as well as aim the enemy, cars fire thebazooka and blow the cars away.★★ GAME PLAY★★Game play is quite easy and very addictive. You have to shoot enemycars, with a bazooka fitted at the top of yuor army jeep whiledriving through traffic cars very carefully. If you hit or eventouch a traffic car other than the enemy car the game will be over.Just maneuver your army jeep through the traffic and go on shootingcars make maximum score and challenge your friends.★★★SPECIAL FEATURE★★★- Addictive game play.- True to life environment.- Unlimited ammunition.- Opportunity to play both racing and shooting action in onegame
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Traditional rivals: Police and the criminalsare in front of each other. Police of the city is set to chase thecrime and fight a war against the gangsters and kill them all toclean the city from hike of crime they have created. The city is inthe state of siege; your mission is to clear the area by killingall criminals who has occupied a hospital building, a policestation, residential area, gas filling station, and a commercialarea.The policemen have to show their prowess on killing the gangs andbeing their terminator and headhunter. The brave police man has touse all modern weapons and take the aim and shoot. Showing no mercykill all the insane criminals.The gameplay is very exciting as you have to snipe the criminalshiding in a jungle. Upon listening to the sound of fire thecriminals will try to escape. You have to shoot them before theydisappear. You have limited time but unlimited ammunition.FEATURES-: Realistic jungle environment.-: Difficult missions.-: Precise sniper shooter gun.-: Optimized gun controls.
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Holiday season starts ; passenger transportship is ready for the cruises in the deep ocean and take you todifferent beautiful islands to make your holidays more fun.Thespeed boat will pick up and drop off the passengers in limited timefrom the sea shore to the islands and then from islands to theshores.Travelling by a passenger cruise ship is real fun when you watchdown the deck how it goes tearing off the water waves and leavingbehind sharks and whales, while on the deck you sit on an easychair and enjoy the sun.The game is all about driving and controlling a ship and takingtourists to different places The target is to take a group oftourists and take them to their destination in limited timeImprove your ship driving and parking skills.Arriving at adestination you have to park the motorboat without bumping otherplaces..Embark the passengers, let them aboard properly cruisethrough the deep sea, reach one of the islands let the touristsdisembark.You have to take up all procedures properly.Enjoy thecruise through deep blue sea. The ship is not as big as titanic, soyou can control and maneuver easily and enjoyably.FEATURES-- Controls are very smooth to operate.-- Natural sea environment-- Awesome sounds-- High fidelity graphics.-- Different missions and destinations.-- Immersive game play..
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Come to experience the racing fury. Differentkind of funky cars are there, and you can choose one of them for afurious racing experience.The procession of the cars has so muchfluency that you can easily focus on racing with rival cars. Youhave to leave the rush of the cars behind even you have to hitthem, The environment takes you to the virtual reality world.Instead of modern style cars we are providing you with funky carsfor the joy ride. Becoming the ruler of racing, conquer the speedcars and win on the tracks.FEATURES- Extremely fun based auto sport.- True to life sounds and high fidelity cool graphics.- Burn the tracks and wheels when you accelerate.- Abundant cars are available to choose.
Navy Air Raid 1.1 APK
Your country is planning an air attack todestroy all the army bases of the enemy in the neighborhood, tomake their evil intentions fail. Warships are harbored near thefrontier in the deep ocean. You are an expert fighter jet pilot andare assigned the mission to fly from the war ships, penetrate intothe borderline and destroy all army bases.Let the air battle begin and feel the fury of war. Get into theenemy territory and destroy its ammunition and artillery to disablethem to counter strike.Your modern war air plane is equipped with guided missiles and amachine gun. You have to decide quickly which weapon should be usedto destroy different assets of the enemy.For tanks, armored jeepand other assets you have to aim and fire the guided missile andfor other things machine gun can be used.FEATURES- War plane and weapon controls are easy to use.- High fidelity graphics.- Cool sounds make you feel fighting a real air war.- Learn to drive and maneuver a fighter jet.Enjoy a lifetime fighting an air combat.