1 / January 12, 2015
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Frozen Snowman Search is a winter season matching game for theWintertime loving casual gamer. It features cards with FrozenSnowmen and snowflakes on them. The gameplay is simple: Match thegame cards, but make sure they have a linear link! If you freeze,the time will run out, and you'll have to start again!Don't worryif you get stuck, you can always push the refresh button (and byalways I mean 3 times) if you need the game to make a match foryou, you can use the find button (3 times as well). Each roundbecomes more difficult, so don't freeze!The app is constructed forthose that love the winter, love snow, and love snowmen! FrozenSnowman Search is made for you, it is a frozen snowman knockdown,drag-out PUNCH of a game! If you like free puzzle games, thisfreezing cold game will do, that I can promise!.So do the SnowmanRun, and download this frozen snowman search right away before theseasons change!

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    Frozen Snowman Search
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    January 12, 2015
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    Android 2.1 and up
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    Droid Casual
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Breakfast Scrambler is an appetizing matching game for the wafflelover in your home. It features cards with delicious food. Thegameplay is simple: Match the game cards, but make sure they have alinear link! If they don't, all the yummy fixins will rot awaywhile the time runs out! Don't worry if you get stuck, you canalways push the refresh button (and by always I mean 3 times). Ifyou need the game to make a match for you, you can use the findbutton (3 times as well). Each round becomes more difficult, so eatyour breakfast quickly!The app is designed by a team of housewivesfrom the 1950s that just love preparing eggs, bacon, sausage,french toast, and all that other stuff you wish people would makefor you when you wake up with a headache on Sunday morning! Theyused to serve people this stuff with coffee and a newspaper in bedof all places! Well these kitchy moms from the past will bake it upfor you, digital style. That's what they're doing every time youplay Breakfast Scramble... they are cooking just for you. Am Italking biscuits?! UH UH!!! Am I talking ham egg and cheese?! YUP!Am I talking pork sausage? YOU FREAKING BETCHA! Get ready toliterally STUFF - YOUR - FACE!!!You are about to go on a ride myfriend, you are about to be breakfast scrambled, and that means youare going to be hungry NO MORE!!! FREE FOOD! FREE FOOD! Free. Food.Nomnomnom.
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Nutty Mr. Peanut Butter is a casual Mr. Peanut Butter game sure togive you hours of enjoyment as you feed Mr. Peanut Butter his muchneeded peanuts while avoiding disgusting acorns.Nutty Mr. PeanutButter is one of the very few free peanut butter games out there,and is easier to understand than peanut butter jelly time: tap onthe screen where you want Mr. Peanut Butter to go, double tap forextra speed, tap and hold for freefall. Collect all the peanuts youcan, but avoid the disgusting not so edible acorns.Nutty Mr. PeanutButter was designed by a guy that really likes peanut butter andbanana sandwiches. Nutty Mr. Peanut Butter is the perfect game forlovers of casual games and of course those that want to eat peanutbutter and peanuts all the time!
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Munchie The Worm is a casual worm game sure to give you hours ofenjoyment as you control Munchie The Worm on his quest to eat eateat! It features delicious fruits that give you points... BUT watchout for the leaves, they'll crush you!Munchie The Worm is one ofthe very few free worm games out there, and is easier to understandthan how an earthworm can continue to live when cut it in two! Youcontrol Munchie The Worm by tapping in the direction you wantMunchie to go crawling. Double tap the screen for extra speed, andfor a free fall just tap and hold! Collect strawberries, apples,pears, and oranges for various amounts of points depending on thelevel of difficulty you have selected. But watch out, leaves willsend you to the game over screen!Munchie The Worm was designed by aformer gummy worm magnate, that has now taken to making casualgames.Munchie The Worm is the perfect game for lovers of casualgames and of course worms games, worms, and gummy worms.