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Fruit Business Capitalist is a simple and addictive game toearnmore money by collecting fruits and transfer to the end tothedealer with easy of case managing the different managers andfruitcarrier birds.Fruit Business Capitalist game initially youneed toselect your player which you like. The carrier birds dropfruitsone place. You must transfer fruits from one place to enduser bysimply jump one place to another place. If you want earnmorecoins? you just need to buy more mangers by upgrade moreandmore.At the end of you can earn more coins!You will get a lotofmoney and you will be a millionaire, billionaire andtrillionaire!Don’t stop to remain a simple rich billionaire, try tobecome atrillionaire !

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    Fruit Business Capitalist
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    July 21, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Horror : The Planet Trapped Adventure Games
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Accupressure is a specific type of massage that relies primarily onusing the thumbs, fingers and palms to apply pressure on specificpoints of the body. These points are known as healing points,Therapists may use various rhythms, pressures and techniques in thepractice. Some times we feel power included in our body parts atHand-Points, Leg, Neck, Back, Head, Face, Foot fingers, Chest andBreast Points. Accupressure is an alternative therapy derived fromAcupuncture. In Accupressure manual pressure is used instead ofneedles. Acupuncture & Acupressure use the same principles.Acupressure massage is a natural holistic technique to addressblockages that may be causing additional health problems. The word“Acupressure” sounds like it is related to the practice ofacupuncture, but you might be surprised to learn that this naturaltherapy doesn’t use needles. While Accupressure treatment uses thesame points on the body as acupuncture and shares some similarphilosophies that come from traditional Chinese medicine(TCM), thepractice involves manipulation of the patient using the hands. Thebenefits of Accupressure Yoga Point Tips :- • Relieving stress,tension and anxiety. • Improving sleep. • Reducing digestiveissues. • Minimising headaches. • Relaxing muscles and joints. •Soothing the pain and discomfort of a sports or other injury.Accupressure Yoga Point Tips App has following features: - MostPopular Accupressure Points Tips. - Accupressure Points andtreatment for Weight Loss. - Insomnia & Sleep DisordersAccupressure Points & Tips. - 3 Accupressure Points forBeautiful, Healthy Skin. - 4 Easy Accupressure Points For Back Painand Lower Backaches. - Accupressure Yoga Points for Fitness. -Accupressure Yoga Points for health. - Accupressure Yoga Points forBeauty. - Accupressure Yoga Points Self-Boostup. - 5 SimpleAccupressure Points for Diabetes. - Accupressure Points for Kneepains. Accupressure Yoga Points on your feet are directly linked toevery part of your body. It is believed to provide pain relief andcure disease by facilitating the flow of energy between thesepressure points and the various body parts and it has been shown tobe effective at reducing pain and bringing relaxation in peoplesuffering from chronic pain. Some of the acupressure points on yourfeet and what purpose each acupoint serves:- * Accupressure YogaPoint is placed between the big toe and second toe, just at thepoint where the tendons meet. Applying firm pressure on this pointfor a few seconds to target stress, headaches, anger, anxiety,irritability and menstrual pain. * Accupressure Yoga Point can befound one inch below the toenail corner, towards the inner side ofthe big toe. Applying pressure to this area to relieve yourself ofdizziness, stomachaches and hernia. * The bony bump on the outsideof your ankle is where this pressure point can be found. Applyingpressure to this point will promote patience, reduce fear andanxiety and relieve cold symptoms. * Accupressure Yoga Point isabout an inch below the adjoining skin portion between the big andsecond toes on the upper side of your foot. It relieves diarrhoeasymptoms. * This acupoint is found on the plantar just between yoursecond and third toes. It is believed to be effective for treatingsymptoms of food poisoning and urinary tract infections. It mayalso cure constipation, face and eye pain, toothaches and strokerehabilitation. Accupressure Yoga Points have a high electricalconductivity at the surface of the skin, and thus conduct andchannel healing energy most effectively. Acupressure is the mosteffective method for self-treatment of tension-related ailments andhome remedies. You can also stimulate your own pressure points athome. But if you choose to do so, you should read up to learn howto do so correctly.
Escape Horror House : The Missing Wife Game 1.1.1 APK
Escape Horror House: The Missing Wife Game Are you ready to riskyour life for saving your beautiful wife? Are you ready forThrilling horror experience?? Are you ready to experience Terrificfeeling? Are you ready to escape from the evil? Are you ready toplay scary games? If Yes!!! Tap on Install button, download thislatest Escape Horror House: The Missing Wife Game ! Just play! Findyour partner! Your new wife is kidnapped by the ghost. Ghost isyour ex-wife. She is torturing your innocent wife. All you need todo is find a way to get rid of her and save your wife. As this isthe dark environment, you should find your way only using a torchlight and you have to be a person of strong heart while saving yourwife with merciless attitude. Well! Move on!! Escape Horror House:The Missing Wife GAME PLAY: Your kidnapped wife is kept in HORRORHOUSE and locked. In this HORROR HOUSE you will face difficultchallenges and Someone observes you! Once you are entered into thehouse, each level is creepy and spooky and you’re probably gettingthe goosebumps. There is no way out until you reach your wife. Taketorch and enter into the HORROR HOUSE, find the hidden keys tounlock the doors, and solve the puzzle. Tap on the some objectsplaced in the horror house to discover hidden keys. Use joysticksto move and look around. Don’t be scared of the scary evil keepmoving to find the clues in horror house. The game play is easy anduser friendly. Save your wife and escape from the house andmeanwhile you will experience Horror, terror and suspense for sure.This Escape Horror House: The Missing Wife Game is the new excitinggame to serve the purpose of pure scary horror, chilling andintense fun. Do not get manipulated by the evil, find the escaperoute from the horror house. You must be very careful at clues andto think logical at how to escape quickly from this HORROR HOUSE.On your desperate search for your wife, Escape Horror House: TheMissing Wife Game leads you to the edge of horror and despair.**************************************************************Escape Horror House: The Missing Wife Game SPECIAL FEATURES:************************************************************* *Many items to collect * Single player game * On screen controls *Stunning new sound effects * Amazing graphics * Best deadlydangerous environments * Very smooth touch * Different feelings indifferent levels * Thrilling horror experience * Innovative gameplay. Solve puzzles and escape from the evil lurking in theshadows, but never forget, you are not alone. The game is fun,scary and experience deep, dark atmosphere of horror and terrorwith unsettling ambient music and freaky, unearthly ghost voicesand sounds. Exciting escape game for kids. Exciting escape game forall ages. Download Escape Horror House: The Missing Wife Game andfeel free to enter into the HORROR HOUSE!! Solve the PUZZLE!! Findyour PARTNER!! Note: For a better experience we recommend to playthe game in the dark with headset.
Pilates Anytime Yoga Fitness Workouts at Home 1.0.1 APK
Pilates Anytime Yoga Fitness Workouts at Home with effective strongvinyasa stretching fitness exercise program for Kids, Youngers,Olders and for all age groups. If you want to lose weight fast,Pilates is not the exercise for you. But if you’re looking to notonly lose weight but to tone and look slimmer, then making Pilatespart of your exercise routine will help you in the long run.Pilates Anytime workouts will help you to learn on getting nicebutt legs ties shape at home. Pilates - the complete coordinationof body, mind and spirit….. Pilates is a mind-body workout thattargets your core muscles with every exercise, you’ll get stronger,more sculpted muscles and gain flexibility. You may also havebetter posture and a better sense of well-being. When you’ve had ahard day at work and the gym seems like a chore, there’s oneactivity which will make you feel relaxed, elated and in seriouslyfit shape. And it’s not what you think, you filthy lot. Pilatesisn’t just a celebrity fad. It really works. Pilates stretchesincludes exercises that increase flexibility of the back,front-body, side-body, butt, glutes, hamstrings, and hips. BENEFITSOF PILATES ANYTIME EXERCISE : - Pilates is a whole body Fitness. -Pilates is adaptable to many fitness levels and needs. - Pilatesdevelops core strength. - Improves posture. - Pilates stretches toIncrease flexibility. - Places no pressure on knees and joints. -Pilates exercises helps you to stay in shape. PILATES FITNESSWORKOUT FEATURES : * Animated demonstrations with detaileddescriptions. * Gradually increases exercise intensity. * Best everPilates App. * Step by step poses instructions. Get a great workoutfor your glutes and thighs with this Pilates workouts at home thatalso includes a light, calorie burning warm up and a relaxing cooldown stretches. In Pilates Anytime Yoga app you'll find basicexercises and learn how to practice them. They are suitable forpeople of all ages with different levels of physical activity. Theresult of this complex exercise is a slender figure, excellenthealth and wonderful mood. Complete four rounds of this workout foran intense full-body burn! Why to use hard GYM equipment ? Try ourPilates Anytime Fitness Daily Workouts! Yourself see the effectiveresults!
Zombie Smasher : Highway Attack! 1.0 APK
Let’s go Zombie Smasher! Kill zombies……The goal is to killZombies…but you won’t. How far will you go?BEWARE OFZOMBIES!!!!ZombieSmasher : Highway Attack! is an action adventuregame. It is justyou vs zombies, so make sure to stop the endlessangry zombiesbefore you and war is not easy, you must take care.Ahighway isbeing attacked by a nameless horror Zombies, somethingthat nohuman has ever believed would happen, they run through thestreets,killing any person they come in contact with, the adventurebeginsbadly, where the people are trapped by the hordes of zombies,youhave to shoot, The true warfare begins at that moment,Turnyourself into a zombie killer, make the streets yourbattlefieldand make your way through numerous challenginglevels.How to play:Simply tap the zombies to kill them, There areseveral types ofzombies, you must kill as many zombies as you can,you need to saveman from the zombies attack, win all the levels ifyou can. If youshot the man you can loose your life, Zombies willbe killing you.Zombies will be having different health and findslittle bit hardto shoot as the wave increases. you should not looseyour healthalso, If your health is lost I will be killed by theZombies.GAMEFEATURES :* Tap Zombies! * Discover new territories!*Save man!* 5different kind of Zombies!* Many Levels!* ZombieSmasher iscompletely free to play!* Simple game-play!* Endlessstorymode.CHARACTERS :-- Characters are separated into differentclasseswith unique health.- The dead zombies are dangerous withmany kindsof behaviors and abilities.- Each class can use one kindof weaponand is most effective against the dead zombie.- Charactershavelevels and stars.Get ready to defend your home, Thoseun-deadcreatures are back, and it’s up to you to keep thembrainless. Useyour finger to tap on the zombies to smash andeliminate them.DONOT PANIC!CAUTION! ZOMBIES MAY BE FLAMMABLEGoodluck, Commander !
Mummy Run [Escaping Game] 1.0 APK
Mummy Run Game The Planet Trapped Adventure Games RUN! RUN!RUN!Escape from the fire balls before it’s too late and Pick upcoinsto gain health! It’s time to escape from the most ofmysteriousmansion in the world! Your one and only mission in thisEscapingGame is to Escape from each and every fire ball droppingfrom thesky. ★★ How to play ★★ - Just tap to control your mummy. -Escapefrom the fire balls. - Catch the powers to be in protectionmode. -Collect the coins to BOOST up your health. - If your healthbecomeszero you will be killed. Features: - Mummy Run [EscapingGame] isperfect to kill your free time. - Gorgeous graphics andSoundeffects. - Balanced difficult level from very easy to veryhard. -Endless game. - Easy controls, just tap. - Easy Gameplay andfun,even for those not keen on escape games! An awesome game forALLAGES! Download Mummy Run [Escaping Game] now! it’s FREE! Justtryit. You’ll love and ....Escape if you can!
Rummy IN-OUT [Bet for Middle Card] 1.0 APK
Classic card game Rummy IN-OUT now available on App Stores.Thisgame is also known as "Acey-Deucey" or "In-Between" RummyIN-OUT isthe modern mobile version of the classic card game, AceyDeucey. Itwas played in turn-of-the-century Kansas rail-yards, onriverboatsalong the Mississippi, and frontier-town saloons inCalifornia’sold West. Two cards are drawn and you bet if you thinka thirdcard, the Mystery Card, will fall between them Enjoy hoursfun inthis addictive card counting strategy game. Guess whether thenextcard is inside given sequence. Longer correct streaks give youmorepoints. Lock your positions and bank your score whileprogressingthrough the deck.Game Play :When you enter into the gameroom thedealer deals you with 2 open cards. You now have an optionto INthe 3rd card or OUT from betting in the particular round. The3rdcard taken to you and if its in-between the 2 cards – you win!Ifnot you will be loosing the bet amount.Game modes :- 1 - 1Dealer-Unlock LevelsGame Rules:- The dealer deals you 2 open cards-Younow have an option to IN the 3rd card or OUT- If you aredrawingthe 3rd card, you can stake either chips or coins or bothdependingon the cards dealtWinning combinations:Lets consider 1 to10numbersIN - OUT - E.g.: You are dealt with 3 and 10, Now you areINfor the 3rd card which is a 6 - You win since 6 is between 3and10.Huge/Jackpot Wins E.g.: You are dealt with 7 and 8, Now youareIN for 3rd card which is 9 - You win a Huge/Jackpot as you haveaSequence.“Rummy IN-OUT” the card game is now available for free!
Pick or Drop [Choices Game] 1.0 APK
Pick or Drop [Choices Game] : It’s a simple, fun and addictivegamefor all ages. Pick or Drop game is one of the best ways toimproveconcentration. Are you feel Bored? Are you feeling Restless?Areyou Wandering? Can you quickly find the different one? Thenkillyour time play with the new and simple game Pick or Drop[ChoicesGame]. How To Play: The whole game is categorised into 4levels.Each levels includes the participant and the rivals. By therapidactions of tapping the buttons we need to make the rivals downandsave the participants. The game play remains constantly throughoutthe four levels. To clear a level the stipulated score is tobeachieved. Advantages: *Pick or Drop game can improve eye andhandcoordinations. *improve concentration. *improves your reflexes.Whyour game? * Beautiful cute images * Easy to play * Helpsyourconcentration and hand-eye coordination * Colorful levels*Internet is not mandatory to this free application. *Challengeyour friends and see who reach the last level! ******Let’s Enjoywith Pick Or Drop ******
Fruit Business Capitalist 1.0.1 APK
Fruit Business Capitalist is a simple and addictive game toearnmore money by collecting fruits and transfer to the end tothedealer with easy of case managing the different managers andfruitcarrier birds.Fruit Business Capitalist game initially youneed toselect your player which you like. The carrier birds dropfruitsone place. You must transfer fruits from one place to enduser bysimply jump one place to another place. If you want earnmorecoins? you just need to buy more mangers by upgrade moreandmore.At the end of you can earn more coins!You will get a lotofmoney and you will be a millionaire, billionaire andtrillionaire!Don’t stop to remain a simple rich billionaire, try tobecome atrillionaire !