1.0.0 / June 13, 2017
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Love to pop bubbles? This game is justforyou.
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Pop the fruits inside the bubbles by connecting two or more ofthesame fruit.
Play Arcade or Puzzle game mode with lots of episodestoblast!
Win by popping all the luscious bubble fruits.

What is your favorite fruit?
What is your favorite game-play to solve?
Let us know by rating and comment...

More great riddles await the ultimate bubble shooter master!Goodluck!

App Information Fruit Mania - Bubble Shooter

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Raccoon Bubbles Shooter 26.0 APK
Fun and addicting Bubble Shooter with over2000free level challenges.Bubble shooting is extra fun with free boosts of power, use asmanyas you likethroughout all the game.Match 3 or more same color bubbles to pop them and cleartheboard.Aim the bubbles by placing your finger on the screen.The Raccoon will kick the bubbles towards the aim.Try to complete as many challenges as you can without losing.Good luck and have fun with this great free game.
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Get ready for unlimited endless bubble popping fun!FEATURING THEBEST RELAXING BUBBLE SHOOTER GAME:- 1000 Level of bubble shooterpuzzles awaiting you.- Play as much as you like.- Ease up byplaying for hours with great pleasure!- Special game design forendless fun playing- More levels are coming up! HOW TO PLAY?- Aimwith your finger and lift to make a shoot.- Connect 3 bubbles ormire of the same color to make them pop.- Win by clearing all thebubbles of the playing board.- Pay attention to clear the bubblesfast enough or else you will lose.HAVING BUBBLE SHOOTING FUN?If youLOVE to play bubble shooter games as much as we do and you findthis game to be a great bubbles shooting game, please find the timeto show us your support by rating the game!
Fruit Mania - Bubble Shooter 1.0.0 APK
Love to pop bubbles? This game is justforyou.Download this game for free.Pop the fruits inside the bubbles by connecting two or more ofthesame fruit.Play Arcade or Puzzle game mode with lots of episodestoblast!Win by popping all the luscious bubble fruits.What is your favorite fruit?What is your favorite game-play to solve?Let us know by rating and comment...More great riddles await the ultimate bubble shooter master!Goodluck!
Kitties Bubble Shooter 1.0.0 APK
Play with kitty cats bubble shooter and getatotal rush of fun with this awesome game.It's totally free to play and has many great bubbles to pop!Get all the bubbles to move to the next episode!Everyone can play!Time will flay by playing!So easy to start just get three bubbles of the same colorandpop.Try to beat all challenges.Take your time to aim to get the best shoot!Drop us a line if you like the game or rate it!xo Kitty
Bubble Shooter Lizard 1.0.0 APK
The world’s simplest yet most engagingclassicbubble shooter game is here.Getting Started:♥ Connect three or more bubbles and pop your way to victory!♥ Simply drag your finger on the screen to aim and then releasetoshoot!♥ There is no Time Limit, no Network Requirement and noAgeLimit.Bubble Shooter is addictive so watch your taps!★Have endless fun with cool animations!★★Conquer all the levels of the game, we bet you could!★★★Relax, unwind and have a great time with a rendition oftheclassic shooter and great puzzles!★★★★Intrigue your inside player! Everyone can play and have ablastwith this awesome bubble shooter game!★★★★★The more challenging phases of the game are not justaboutpopping but also about strategizing and outwitting.
Bubble Sphere 1.0.0 APK
Game Modes: Classic, Arcade, PuzzleShoot bubble deluxe is easy to play but yet so engagingandeducative with newly introduced levels. Experience a 2017freeonline bubbles shooting experience when you download for freeonyour Android devices.Getting Started:• Match three or more bubbles and pop your way to victory!• Move your fingers on the screen to target and then releasetoshoot bubbles• Enjoy unlimited game time, offline game access and forallages.• TIP: for shooting accurately, use the aim- line to bounce offthewall with more force and reach higher placesBubble Shooter Deluxe can be so addictive so always try to planyourplaying time.Why you must download our game?• Have endless fun and shoot bubble deluxe withlovelyanimations• Go through all the levels with ease and with assistance fromourgame tips• Turn your bored moments into fun as you relax with thisfreeclassic offline and online game.• Challenge your inner player. Everyone can play thisshootingbubble game successfully.• Free download on android (mobile, tablets)The Shoot Bubble Deluxe Fun Starts Here!• Have a shooting bubble blast by blasting all the bubbles.• Crack technical but exciting bubble puzzles• Match three or more balls of the same color to perform abubbleblast• Enjoy fascinating visuals and game effectsSupport us by rating the game after playing!!
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In case you like a perfect smoothbubbleshooter game,Get ready for pure fun and joy for everyone with this one!Bubble popping delight would get you going right!Meet cute animals like the cream elephants and mini jellytoe!They love candy and like to shoot bubble all day andallnight!Join them to win the bubble shooter fight!--> Play as much and as long as you prefer!--> All you have to do is associate at least 3 rises of asimilarshading!--> Use you fingers to aim!--> Lift your finger to discharge a shoot!--> Win levels by clearing all bubbles of the screen!--> Keep calm and play bubble shooter it will relief youstressand bring you great joy!Like the game? Don't be shay, rate it ★★★★★
Bubble Beats 1.1.15 APK
If you’re looking for a fun and music themed game to play topasstime then you’ve found it! Bubble Beats is a free bubbleshootinggame that adds a unique twist to the classic formula tobring you anew kind of bubble shooting game that’s not onlyincrediblyenjoyable but also challenging. Playing it is simple butmasteringit is a whole other story. The game gradually gets harderthefurther you progress making sure you always feel challengedenoughto have fun without getting bored. The Features:• Threeunique gamemodes that will let you play the way you want to •Features over10,000 thousand unique and challenging levels• Realworld ballphysics that will keep you engaged and using your brainas youplay• Musical guitar theme that will make you feel like arockstar• No Internet Required or Annoying Ads, simply download,play andhave fun! • It’s much more enjoyable to play with friendsandfamily especially when competing for the high score. How ToScoreHigh: The more balls you pop at a time the higher your scorewillbe!So stop waiting and start popping to have a fun, excitingandenjoyable time.