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Learning math for everyone is the perfect way to buildeveryone'smath skills.Enjoy a fun, specially designedexperience.Whiledeveloping basic mathematical skills, Math learningfor all, youwill teach the concept.Mathematical backgrounds such asnumbers,numbers, numbers. To learn math.This program is speciallydesignedfor everyone who starts learning. And to enjoy the uniquegraphics,cute graphics and cute sound.***** How to play - FUNLEARNINGMATHGAME*****           Whenenteringthe game, there are three optionstoplay.           1.ReadNumber: is the pronunciationofnumbers.           2.AddNumber (ADDITION Number): is the practice ofmathematicaladdition.           SubtractNumber:This is the practice of subtracting arithmetic.*ReadNumber:          -Whenentering this game, it read aloud mathematical numbers from 0to 9,starting withnumber1.             Readaloud.Press the arrow button to move to the next page. If the homebuttonis to come out of the game menu.* ADD NUMBER (ADDITIONNumber) AndSubtractNumber:          -bypressing the correct number. When choosing a result, it will besaidthat the selected answer is rightorwrong.             Therewillbe 3 result choices to choose from. If it is, then it willpass toplaythenext.          -Byselecting the number of items that are deemed to have thecorrecttotal number. Whether it is fruit, vegetables andsoon.             Itwillbe said that the answer is right or wrong. There will be 2resultchoices to choose from. If it is, then it will pass toplaythenext.          -bydragging the correct number to the top of the prepared space.Andwhen you select the result, it willbesaid.             Theansweris right or wrong. There will be 4 result choices to choosefrom. Ifit is, then it will pass to playthenext.          -Bydragging the correct positive numbers to the existing results,placethem on top of the prepared space. And when the resultsareselected.             Itwillbe said that the answer is right or wrong. There are 3answeroptions to choose from. If it is, then it will pass to playthenext.***** FUN LEARNING MATH GAME - FEATURES ******Freeeducational games for everyone.* Used as a tool to studyandpractice.* 3 game modes: Numeric alphabet game, Numericremovalgame, and Mathematical Addition game.* Interesting songs andsoundsdo not interfere with the mind while playing the game.*Colorfulgraphics. Clear pictures suitable for all ages.* Thiseducationalgame has creative graphics, enhances brain observationskills,ability to perceiveabilities.   Memoryconcentration Creativity andimagination* Sounds and specialeffects so you have easymemorization.Drag and Drop: A simple gamein this game for all thefamily.

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The main thing of the Memory Game Find Animals.- Matching thisanimal game with your kids will help them improve their perceptionwhile having fun together.- Memory Game Find Animals with cuteanimals such as cows, elephants, lions, rabbits, cats, monkeys,dogs, hippies and pigs.Memory Game Find Animals Is a game for kidsof all ages, kindergarten, school and teenagers. Both men and womenEveryone will like this game.- This game will allow players topractice their memory. Makes a greatmemory.        How to playanimal games for kidsThe player must touch a square button withnumbers indicating the difficulty of the game. The number 1 willmean the simplest game, and the 9th will be the most difficultlevel of the game. And remember what's behind the picture. To matchits counterpart When the player matches all the matches, they canfinish thegame.        Features ofthe Memory Game Find Animals:     * Thegame has 9 scenes, the easiest is 1 to figure 9, the hardest is9.     * Memory Game Find Animals helpsimprove skills. Meditation and awareness, including the recognitionof the player.     * The game has a musicplaying to entertain the player.     * Thegame has a lovely graphic design, perfect for kids and colorful. Noimage depicts any violence.     * Thereare buttons to set the volume, turn on / off sound, buttons andmusic in the game.     * Pictures are usedas a cute animal like cartooncharacters.     * This animal picturememory game is a free game. Loaded at nocost.     * The game is colorful andbeautiful, it also makes animals known in the picture are cows,elephants, lions, rabbits, cats, monkeys, dogs, hippies andpigs.     * The Memory Game Find Animalsalso allows children to recognize and remember the color of theillustrations in this game.     * Memorygames are designed and structured according to children'sideas.     * In the game may have apicture of the period.The game is simple, easy to use and easy toplay, specially designed for children. Memory Game Find Animalswill keep children entertained and entertained at the same time andhave fun playing our favorite animal games.
Jigsaw Puzzle Animals Fun 1.0 APK
Unleash the stress, relax the brain and share the fun photo puzzlewith friends and family by playingjigsaw.      Fun animal picturejigsaw puzzle It will consist of unique and interesting jigsawpuzzles. Beautiful colors and beautiful to suit all ages toplay.And simple to play in the view. The play is not complicated.The jigsaw puzzle is a beautiful HD animal image in various animalforms.A lot of important jigsaw puzzle games are animal picturesthat give free play. There is no cost. Easy to use and relaxed toplay. Fun Jigsaw Puzzle GameFor everyone, children, adults, girls,boys, housewives, the elderly.How to play fun animal jigsaw puzzle-When you enter the game, then you choose the first image withoutthe key.- When pressed, all images are available in 3 modes: EASY,MEDIUM, HARD.   - EASY mode is broken into pieces.To play 25 pictures.   - MEDIUM mode is split intoscattered images. To play 49 pictures.   - HARD modeis broken into pieces. To play 100 pictures.- When you select animage to play then press on the image once, the image will breakinto pieces. Scattered on the board Give you achoice.  Parts Give it a picture. Same again You canslide the pieces around until the image is aligned correctly.- Whenplaying through the image 1, then press the arrow scroll. Thesecond image will look like this until image 12.- When playingthrough all 12 images, all images will no longer lock image lock.Make a new play to choose which one to play.- This fun animaljigsaw puzzle has no timing to play. For you to have more fun toplay, do not feel pressured with thegame.      This game will helpplayers concentrate. Know the nature of what it should be connectedto another image. Helps to recognize complete images.When broken upinto a small picture, then how to complement each picture. And funanimal jigsaw puzzles play anytime, anywhere.You need WIFI and notrequired for jigsaw. But in the game, there are ads, it is normalto do free games.Download and join the fun jigsaw puzzle games.
ABC Number Puzzle Vocabulary 1.0.0 APK
Puzzle games, glossy pictures, ABC words and numbers 0-9 forchildren will help your child develop visual skills to match thetwo sides.     And while playing a puzzlegame with ABCs and numbers from 0 to 9 with a total of 36 images,it also helps kids. You can learn thealphabet.     English, ABC and numbers 0-9and gain knowledge of the vocabulary in the picture. It is a funand educational game.     For earlychildhood and young children, including autism.Learn the glossaryof many game titles in this game. In the game there are shadows,ABC and numbers from 0 to 9 with 36 unique images, with up to 36words.Follow the pictures in this game through fun and enjoy. Withmusic in the game like. And it will promote and praise yourchildren and motivate them.There is a need to supplement their ABCvocabulary skills and their 0-9 numbers from pictures in colorfulgames. Very memorable And in the puzzle game ABC and numbers0-9.And the vocabulary also improves memory skills and thinkingskills while playing rich games, beautiful images, ABCpronunciation and numbers 0-9,Other musical and interactive sounds.In the picture of the game to play and learn. It will keep yourkids busy and you will not have to worry about them.When I wasplaying this game.     Features of puzzlegames, glossy images, ABC glossary and numbers0-9.     * Easy to play and use akid-friendly interface.     * Game styleis universal for your mobile phone anddevice.     * The game is a drag and dropABC shadow image and numbers 0-9 to match itssilhouette.     * The game has 12 pagesper page, 3 images, total 36 images.     *The game has all 26 ABC shadows and 0-9 shadows. 10 total 36images.     * In the shadow ABC will havea glossary of ABC letters in the picture. And the sound that tellsthe names of ABC letters andvocabulary.     * In the game will berandom ABC picture shadow and 0-9 numbers are not so unique in eachgame playscene.          Howto play puzzle games, glossy images, ABC vocabulary and numbers0-9     This game is very easy to play.Great for kids, playing this game just when the game is in front ofthe game, just drag ABC pictures and numbers 0-9 outside thebox.     Left 3 images to drag over theshadow image of the ABC and 0-9 type match it to match the name ofthe ABC font.     The type of it. And whenyou play all three, then it will pass through the next 12consecutive sides on each side to play a unique image in thegame.      Randomize all ABC imagesand 0-9 numbers from 36 images to play them in a uniqueway.     And finally, the glossy puzzlegame, the ABC word word and numbers 0-9 are available and you getloads to play for free. There is no cost. We believe thisgame.     Suitable for children. Or areyou sure? It will give you knowledge, fun, enjoyment, and do notworry about.     Of the costs that willcome up with playing puzzle games, shadow pictures, ABC terminologyand 0-9 numbers, of course. And in the game is not linked to socialnetworks,     There is no check in for anypurchases, no personal data collection, but yes, it has ads upperiodically. But it is also a way of making our freeapp.      But the ads are placedcarefully such as children are less likely to click on it whileplaying, asking you and your kids. Have fun with this game forever.
The reading ABC fruits and vegetables 1.0.0 APK
If you love fruit and vegetables and are ready to learn ABC, youshould not miss this app. Fruits and Vegetables App is the latestApp. To higher learning. Free for everyone is an app to learn everyday. Use words in English. Learn English vocabulary with easy basicknowledge for everyone. This will help your learner practiceEnglish vocabulary. Let's teach your students to know the names offruits and vegetables with pictures for everyone's learning. ThisEnglish-speaking game is for learners who are ideal for generalknowledge. For people aged 2 to 5 years, you can study and befamiliar. With ABC English alphabet by training for free learners.And what is the name of the fruit or vegetable that calls it? Yourlearning can be memorized easily for learning. Fruit and VegetableTerminology or ABC LettersEvery learner will get the following fromthis app.- Learn basic English vocabulary in fruits andvegetables.- Learn letters A to Z for speaking and writingexercises for learners.- Learn the characteristics of fruits andvegetables.- Spellings of vegetable and fruit vocabulary to belearned.- The correct pronunciation of the English words.- You caneasily recognize the letters A to Z from the picture.- Developlearning for learners from 2 to 5 years.- Enjoy the pictures andget to know the fruits and vegetables offered through this app.-The right course for those who want to study. Quick learners andlanguage learners- Over 26 fruits and vegetables to learn.There aremany pictures of English vocabulary and vocabulary by practicing Ato Z for everyone.Support learning by teaching them that. Exploringand learning is fun through these learning. The letter about fruitsand vegetables. Perfect to learn the vocabulary of fruits andvegetables in English. Learners will have more fun with the realpicture of this app.Come download this great game. If you are aparent or teacher, this app is great for teaching young learners.You will teach everyone to learn to read English letters A to Z andhelp with learning.Fruits and Vegetables, Free ABC Learning, and awonderful study for anyone between the ages of 2 to 5 years. ABCLetters with fruit and vegetable illustrations engage high qualitylearning for all of you and you will. Enjoy our vocabulary in thefree study of the ABC alphabet, along with pictures of fruits andvegetables that are often found in everyday life. Or found in thedepartment store. Will make the learner Get to know and want to eatvegetables and fruits that are delicious and healthy. They want toknow the fruits and vegetables and read the words A to Z along theway. There are two benefits to simultaneously learning for 2 to 5year olds.This app is great for you. To learn the vocabulary ofvegetables. The fruit is passed through letters A through Z andlearning will help everyone learn about fruits and vegetables. Italso helps to know fruits and vegetables. It is educational andentertaining for everyone.More than 26 kinds of fruits andvegetables if you want learners to know fruits and vegetables. Andremember the English alphabet A to Z, then this is the best app foryour kids.
Math Fast Think For Kids 1.0 APK
Math game for kids It is a great game to learn plus. Subtractingnumbers 1, 2, 3 children can learn multiplication andmultiplication which requires quick thinking to keep up with thetime set.Math game for kids That helps children From around theworld can play this game as well. The game is suitable for childrenfrom 5 years old, 6 years old, 7 years old.8 years old, 9 yearsold, 10 years old and aboveThis game is very easy to play. But thespeed to play this game is to add numbers, minus numbers, or willbe a simple number multiplication, but must use a quick ideainstead.Accelerated math games for children will improve children'sbasic math skills. Through math games, quick thinking makeslearning math fun from the start.Our application uses fun colorsfor kids. Educational discovery with the help of images showsbeautiful numbers, appealing to remember and add to the interestsof the child. If a child is exposed to a numerical thing, he or shewill easily understand the concept of numbers later. And as youpractice positive and negative skills with our app, you and yourchildren will learn to positively and quickly remove anderror-free. Of course you will fall in love with math.Math game forkids Really useful To develop math skills and promote braintraining. In the game, you should solve the plus and minusproblems, which must compete with 3 seconds of speed and theprogress in the game depends on the speed and error-free you canpass.The game becomes a really good math assistant for you and yourkids. Solving math problems through play is very helpful andinteresting. To play this game you will be given the math skills toadd, subtract, multiply to use on a daily basis.Math game for kidsIt is not just a unique game, but also an exciting game for kids.Because it has to compete with the speed of thought. To get theright answer and fast. But there are also challenges by findingmathematical results. Kids can easily learn numbers and enjoy funfor kids 5 years and older after playing a quick math game forkids. Then your kids will calculate itfaster.    How to play math games for kidsWhenthe game loads, go to the game selection page. Press the playbutton. It will enter the game. Have children play it. But tocalculate quickly. It takes 3 seconds to answer the questioncorrectly. It will pass through the checkpoint. Until the wronganswer. In question, there are only numbers, numbers, numbers andnumbers. But the most important thing is to answer the questionquickly.
Animals Puzzle Vocab 1.0.0 APK
Puzzle game Vocabulary will help your child improve his / hervisual skills to match what is seen on both sides. And, whileplaying the game, animal puzzles with many animal images, such ashorses, cows, pigs, sheep, ducks, chickens, fish, dogs, cats,rabbits, butterflies, wolves, lions, monkeys, birds, parrots,penguins, frogs. Snake, deer, snail, rat, squirrel, deer, hedgehog,kangaroo, elephant, tiger, crocodile, giraffe, hippopotamus,rhinoceros, snake, owl, wolf, sea lion, ladybug, zebra, bears andbear There are 40 species or 40 images. It also helps children. Getto know the name of the animals in the picture as well. It is a funand educational game for early childhood learners and children aswell as autism.     Puzzle game Thevocabulary also helps children 3 years old, 4 year olds, 5 yearolds, 6 year olds, 7 year olds up to 10 year olds. Learn thevocabulary of many animals in this game. As well In the game thereare 40 unique animal pictures, with up to 40 words, based onpictures in this game, through fun and enjoyment. With music in thegame like. And it will promote and praise your children andmotivate them. There is a need to supplement their animal wordvocabulary with pictures in colorful games. Very memorable And inthe puzzle game Vocabulary also improves memory skills and thinkingskills while playing rich games, beautiful pictures, tasks, animalnames, musical sounds and other interactive sounds. Images in gamesfor play and learning. It will keep your kids busy and you will nothave to worry about them when playing thisgame.     Features of the word puzzlegame     * Easy to play and use akid-friendly interface.     * Game styleis universal for your mobile phone anddevice.     * The game is a drag and dropanimal image to match itssilhouette.     * The game has 10 pagesper page, 4 images, total 40 images.     *The game has 40 animal pictures and 40 animalpictures.     * In animal pictures, theanimal's name is in the picture. And the voice of the animal'sname.     * In the game, it is a randomanimal image not to duplicate. To play the game eachscene.          Howto play the word puzzle game     This gameis very easy to play. This is great for kids. Playing this game isonly when the game comes to the front of the game, just drag theanimal image outside on both sides of each two images to drag overthe silhouette of the animal to match the match. Then there will bea sound called the animal image. And when playing all four, then itwill pass on the next and so on until the top 10 sides on each sideto play will be unique animal pictures. The game will randomlydisplay 40 images of animals to playunique.     And finally the puzzle gameVocabulary available And you have to load to play for free. Thereis no cost. We believe that this game is suitable for children. Orare you sure? It will give you the knowledge, fun, enjoyment and donot worry about the cost of playing a puzzle game. This vocabularyis for sure. And in the game does not have links to socialnetworks, does not have any checks on the purchase, does notcollect personal data, but yes, it has ads up periodically. But itwas a way of making our app free, but the ads were placedcarefully, like the little kid is likely to click it while playing,asking you and the kids. Have fun with this game forever.
Kids Paint Book ABC 1.0 APK
ABC Coloring Book contains 30 images, all images are divided asfollows.1 is composed of sixpaintings.     1. A letter of the alphabetand include pictures with words to recall include Apple, Angel,Aeroplane.     2. English letters B andinclude pictures with words to remember are Ball, Balloons,Butterfly, Bag.     3. English letters Cand contain pictures and words to remember include Cat, Carrot,Car.     4. English alphabet D and containpictures and words to remember are Dog, Doll, Daisy,Duck.     5. English letters E andcontains pictures and words to remember are Eye, Eggplant, EasterEgg, Elephant.     6. English letters Fand include pictures with words to remember include Face, Frog,Fish.Page 2 will consist of sixpaintings.     1. English letters G andincludes photos and words to remember and Grapes, Giraffe,Gift.     2. English letters H and includepictures with words to remember are Hat, Hamburger, House,Hippopotamus.     3. English alphabet andI include pictures with words to remember are Ice, Ice cream, Ivy,Igloo.     4. English letters J andinclude pictures with words to remember are Jug, Jellyfish,Jellybeans.     5. English alphabet K, andinclude pictures with words to remember include Kite, Kangaroo,Key.     6. English letters L and includepictures with words to remember are Ladybug, Leaf, Lion,Ladder.Page 3 is composed of sixpaintings.     1. English letters M andinclude pictures with words to remember are Masks, Mushroom, Maple,Monkey.     2. English letters N andcontains pictures and words to remember are Nest, Necklace,Narwhale, Numbers.     3. English lettersO and include pictures with words to remember are Orchid, Octopus,Orange.     4. English letters P andcontains pictures and words to remember, including Penguin,Palette, Pencils, Panda.     5. Englishletters Q, and include pictures with words to remember, such asQuestion Mark, Quetzal, Queen.     6.English letters R and contains pictures and words to remember areRattle, Rat, Rainbow, Rabbit.Serves 4 to 6 color imagescontain.     1. English letter S, andincludes pictures with words to remember are Sailboat, Sun, Stars,Sheep.     2. English letters T andinclude pictures with words to remember are Tomato, Tulip, Target,Tree.     3. English alphabet U andconsists of pictures with words to remember are Utensils, Umbrella,Unicorn.     4. English letters V andinclude pictures with words to remember are Vegetables, Vase,Van.     5. English letters W and includepictures with words to remember, such as Wand, Wreath, Watermelon,Window.     6. English letters X andincludes pictures with words to remember, such as X-mas Tree,Xylophone.Duties include five to sixpaintings.     1. English letters Y andinclude pictures with words to remember, such as Yacht, Yo yo,Yak.     2. English letters Z and includepictures with words to remember, such as Zipper,Zebra.     3. The number of 0 to 3, andincludes pictures with words to remember are Zero, One, Two,Three.     4. The number 4 to 7 andcontains images with words to remember are Four, Five, Six,Seven.     5. The numbers 8 and 9, and thequotients are equal is illustrated Eight, Nine andmarkers.          Quotientsequal     6. Image shaped objects ofvarious shapes. Is illustrated by Circle (Circle), Square (Square),Triangle(Triangle),.          Rectangle(Rectangle), the Pentagon (Pentagon), Diamond (Diamond), hexagonal(Hexagon),.          Trapezium(Trapezium), Star (Star).When pressed to choose whether to paintany picture and then it goes into the painting immediately. Theimage is the sight lines.White and various colors for use in painton the bottom of the image. The top section of the image willbe.The size of the paint color to use. When the painting isfinished, it can be saved or sent to friends. Have a look at ourpictures and then paint it. Save by hitting a corner on the righthand