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This application of laughter videos offers you a compilation ofthefunny videos that are most sought in social networks, ideal tohavea good time laughing in those moments of waiting. The viralvideoscontained in this application are constantly updated so thatyouonly have the best of the internet gathered in a freeapplicationand you can watch funny videos. The laughter videos thatthisapplication contains have been revised so that you only havethebest of funny videos. Also the application is very easy to use,itcontains a main menu from which you can share the content ofthisapplication in a very simple way, you can do it in two ways,one isto share the laughter videos or funny videos that you like,and theother is to share the link of the application in full. Youcanshare our application in your favorite instantaneousmessagingapplication, and also you can share it in the main socialnetworks.This application of viral videos contains: * The mostwanted laughvideos on social networks with which you will spendmany moments oflaughter * Funny videos of animals that you will notstop laughing* The viral videos of social networks with morepunctuation * Thefunny videos of couples doing heavy jokes * Somefunny videos ofawkward people, funny falls, funny videos * You canwatch veryvaried funny videos This application of short funnyvideos allowsyou to spend moments of laughter with its content,which will bemarked so that you do not repeat the funny videos thatyou havealready seen, making the navigation by this app muchbetter. Thefunny falls as well as the funny videos of thisapplication you cannot download, you can only enjoy them online,this is a greatadvantage, because you do not have to downloadanything to seefunny videos and funny videos. And if the app youlike, from itsmenu that is very easy to use, you can access thevoting section,from which you can rate the application, thanks tothis we cancontinue creating more free applications for you of themostdiverse topics , in addition to being able to access theotherapplications that we have prepared. We hope you enjoyourapplications and thanks for downloading them.

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    March 17, 2018
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    Carla Alergre
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Gospel Music 2.0.0 APK
Carla Alergre
In this application of gospel music you will find the best sessionsof Christian music that you have heard and completely free, withevangelical music of Christian choirs and much more. The gospelmusic that contains this application, is constantly updated so thatyou only have the most recent evangelica music sessions on theinternet. In addition to the usual classics. All your videos ofthis gospel music app are completely revised and the online musicthat it contains works perfectly. This application of Christiangospel music contains music in Spanish and music in English so youcan understand the Christian choirs where you are, also this appcontains: * The most current gospel music on social networks * TheChristian music of the most recognized cathedrals * You will havethe most varied Christian choirs * You can not download evangelicamusic, just listen to music online * All the music that containsthis application is free Christian music * the music that containsthis application is all in constant update * You can vote thechristian gospel demusic app easily from its menu This applicationof gospel music will mark the videos that you have already seen sothat you do not repeat any of them, making browsing through theapplication much more pleasant. You can not download gospel gospelmusic in this application, you can only listen to evangelical musicin online mode, this is an advantage, because it is not necessaryto download additional files so you can enjoy Christian music. Yourpositive vote helps us to continue creating free applications ofreligious gospel music like this and other of the most variedtopics. You can also share this application of Christian music infull or just the videos that you like most in the main socialnetworks or in your instant messaging application. Thanks fordownloading our evangelical Christian music application with gospelsongs !!!
Amigurumi step by step 2.0.0 APK
Carla Alergre
Learn Amigurumi step by step Amigurumi easy, amigurumi crocheteddolls step by step With this application of crochet you will learnhow to make amigurumi dolls and other items with wool and cotton,here you will get the free patterns you need to make them. Thevideotutorials that this application of crochet-amigurumi containsexplain you step by step how to make crochet knits with which youcan make amigurimi easy. All the videotutorials that this crochetapplication contains to learn how to make amigurumi areperiodically updated, so that you have the most recent amigurumipatterns on the internet. This application of crochet-amigurumicontains: * Free patterns of amigurumi dolls with which you willmake many articles with wool and cotton * Make amigurumi doll inthe easiest way * You can make amigurumi knitting with your simplecrochet tips * You know how to put safety eyes on the easyamigurumi dolls that you make * The amigurumi patterns will beupdated periodically * You can not download videos of how to learnto make amigurumi, you can only see them in online mode With thisapplication you will have free amigurumi patterns step by step withwhich you will make the most varied objects made with crochetcotton and wool with which you will spend fun moments to make them.This application contains free patterns of amigurumi and crochetwith which you will make the most varied articles created byyourself thanks to their tutorials that explain it step by step.This application of learning how to make amigurumi step by stepwill mark you the videos that you have already seen and be able tosee all the models of articles that you can do with our applicationof crochet-amigurumi. This application of learning to do crochetand amigurumi step by step does not allow you to download videos,you can only view them online, this is an advantage because you donot need to download unnecessary files. Thank you for downloadingour app how to make amigurumi-crochet step by step!
The Titanic 2.0.0 APK
Carla Alergre
With this application of old ships you will have the documentariesof the Titanic with which you have always dreamed, gathered in afree application and that is also in constant update. You will havethe stories of the survivors of the Titanic catastrophe narrated inthe first person. You know the truth about the lifeboats, we willtell you that during the shipwreck of the Titanic the emergencysignal S.O.S was released, in addition to many other things. Allthe videos contained in this application of the Titani iscompletely revised so that you only have the best documentaries ofthe sinking of the largest transatlantic of the time, The Titanic,which had the tragedy in its initial journey. This application ofthe Titanic contains: * The most current Titanic documentaries onthe internet * You know the expeditions of those who managed tosurvive the tragedy of the Titanic * The stories of the most famousancient ships in marine history * You know everything about theTitanic * We will tell you what happened with the lifeboats * Wewill tell you the different phases of the sinking of thetransatlantic The Titanic With our application of ancient shipslike the Titanic will be fully informed of the sinking of thisgreat ship, and of the victims who perished in this shipwreck. Thisapplication of Titanic documentaries contains a menu from which youcan see the documentaries of the Titanic that are periodicallyadded to the application. Also in the menu will be stored thedocumentary videos of the Titanic that you have already seen, sothat you do not repeat any. You can not download the documentariesthat this Titanic application contains, you can only enjoy themonline. Also from your secondary menu you can rate this applicationof Titanic documentaries. Thanks for downloading this free app ofawesome Titanic Documentaries !!!
Titanic 1.0.0 APK
Carla Alergre
In this application of ancient ships you will find the historyofthe collapse and catastrophe of the most famous transatlanticofmaritime history, the Titanic. and the stories of the survivorswhonarrated their experience in the first person, as well astheopinions of the researchers who for decades have studiedthistragedy.This application has a large number of documentaries oftheTitanic, the stories that it did not carry enoughlifeboats,although it carried more than those demanded by thecommercialcamera of the time, the premiere of the SOS distresssignal that atthat time was just imposed and many more things aboutthe trajedia,that you will find within this application.Thedocumentaries of theTitanic that this application contains are inconstant update, sothat you have the latest news directly in yourapplication withouthaving to worry.This most famous sinking appcontains:* The new andold Titanic documentaries with moreinformation* The stories ofother ancient ships such as the titanicbrothers (Olimpic andBritanic)* You learn step by step how was thecollapse of the mostfamous ship in history* We will inform you ofthe truth aboutlifeboats* We will tell you the experience of thetragedy throughthose who managed to save themselvesThis applicationof old shipsoffers you the opportunity to share the documentariesthat thisapplication contains, you can share them in the mainsocialnetworks as well as in your favorite instantaneousmessagingapplication, you can also share the link of theapplication infull, or just the documentaries that you like themost.The videosthat you see in the application will be stored in asection of themenu so you know what you have already seen in thisway you willnot repeat any, making the experience much morepleasant.And if theapplication has been to your liking, from yourmenu you can alsoaccess the voting section, from where you can ratethisapplication, in addition to being able to see the other appthat wehave prepared for you. Your positive vote helps us tocontinueworking creating more applications of the most variedtopics.Youcan not download the videos contained in thisapplication, you canonly see them online, this is a greatadvantage, because you do notneed to download the videos to be ableto see them.Thanks fordownloading our apps !!!
80`s Music 2.0.0 APK
Carla Alergre
This application of music from the 80s and 90s music contains manyof the successes of the music of this time, with which you willremember the best songs of 80 hits. With music from the 80s musicyou will have music in English, Spanish and other languages. Thisapplication with music songs of the 70 80 90 hits contains: * Themusic songs of the 80s and 90s most listened to music of the time *The best romantic music of the eighties of those times for lovers *You can not download music from the 80s and 90s, only online music* You will have your app with music songs from the 70s 80 90 freeWith this music application of the 80's you will not be able todownload music, you can only listen to it in online mode, so you donot need to download music or any additional file to enjoy themusic of the 80 hits it contains. If the music application of the80 has been to your liking, you can score the music application ofthe 80s positively. You can also share the application of the bestmusic of the 80s in full or just the videos that you like most inthe main social networks so that everyone can enjoy this free 80'smusic app. Thanks for downloading our application with the bestmusic of the 70s 80 90s ... !!!
Crochet step by step 1.0.0 APK
Carla Alergre
This crochet application gathers some tutorial videos offabricsmade with wool. You will have the most complete tutorialvideos tocrochet, crochet fabrics and two needle fabrics in theeasy way.Allthe videos that this crochet and crochet applicationcontains areconstantly updated so that you have the best of freefabrics.Withcrochet free step by step you will have:* Tricks forfree crochetfabrics made with wool* The weaves with two simplerneedles withcrochet stitches* You will have tricks for the mostsurprisingcrochet fabrics* Make woven scarves in a simple way* Witheasycrochet patterns you will be able to make knitted collarsThisfreecrochet fabric application collects a large number oftutorialswith which you can start weaving with wool in the easyway, withall the tricks and tips explained step by step.Thisapplication oflearning crochet step by step has a menu from whichyou can ratethis application. Your positive vote helps us tocontinue workingcreating free applications for you.Also in thiscrochet applicationstep by step will be recorded all the videos inyour menu that youhave already seen, in addition to having in oneof its sections theNEW videos that are incorporated into theapp.You will create themost varied crochet clothing such as scarveswoven in variouscolors, hats, shorts, etc. both for adults,children and babies.Youcan not download crochet videos step by stepin this app, you canonly enjoy them in online mode, this is a greatadvantage, becauseyou do not need to download any file so avoidfilling your cellphone memory with unnecessary files.Theapplication containstutorials in several languages ​​such asSpanish, English orPortuges so that you can enjoy it in the onethat most interestsyou.Thanks for downloading our apps !!!
Karaoke 2.0.0 APK
Carla Alergre
This application of karaoke sing for free contains the most currentkaraoke sing videos of the internet, updated videos to the lastone, so that you have the best karaoke songs in Spanish and singkaraoke songs in English, which are on the internet. All the videosof children's karaoke that this application contains are reviewedso that you have the best karaoke sing with the best quality ofkaraoke music of the network. This free sing karaoke sing appcontains: * The latest sing children's karaoke for the kids in thehouse. * All the free karaoke sing you need to have fun with yourfriends * Karaoke videos with the best sound quality and the bestsongs * The sing karaoke ma funny With karaoke sing you can sharethe application in full or just the caraoke songs that you like themost in the main social networks. In addition, this application ofkaraoke singing will mark you the videos of caraoke that you havealready seen so that you do not repeat any. Your positive scorehelps us to continue creating free applications of the most diversetopics like this one, karaoke sing. Thanks for downloading our freesing sing karaoke app !!!!
Christian music 2.0.0 APK
Carla Alergre
This application of Christian music contains a selection ofChristian videos with which you can listen to Christian music forhours without worry. In addition, the Christian videos contained inthis application of evangelical music are constantly updated, sothat you only have the best of the Christian praises of Christianmusic on the internet. Another advantage of this application ofChristian music is that you can share the content of the gospelmusic app with others in the simplest way: from your menu you canshare the full Christian music application, or just the gospelmusic videos that but you like them, so that others enjoy thiswonderful Christian music of worship. This application of Christianmusic contains: * The Christian music with which you have alwaysdreamed gathered in an application * A lot of Christian videos inconstant update * The most praised Christian praises in socialnetworks and internet * All the gospel music you may need * You cannot download Christian music, only online music * Christianchildren's music, for the little ones * The Christian song and theChristian chants are revised so that you only have the most valuedones This application of evangelical Christian music does not allowyou to download music, you can only enjoy the Christian praisesonline You can enjoy the Christian praises without worries becauseit is an app to listen to Christian music totally free. If theapplication of Christian music has liked you can vote, in additionto having access to other applications with evangelical music.Thank you for downloading our application of Christian music,gospel with gospel songs!