1.0 / June 5, 2015
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Are you ready for real time furiousracing?Race through some of the most exciting road tracks fullofadventure with different cars. Collect coins to unlock newcars.Tilt the phone left right to move bike left right. Collectnitroobjects to boost your bike. Race to be the first. Buy newexcitingcars from the store. You can change your game experiencebychanging the camera between first person camera and thirdpersoncamera. You can also look behind by pressing rearviewbutton.
Your Mission is to complete the levels by racing throughthedifferent roads. Watch out for the traffic because if you hitthetraffic the game will be over. Avoid the traffic. Use Nitrotoincrease speed of your car. Win race again and again to win cashsothat you can buy new car from the market.
How to Play:
- Tilt the mob left and right to move car left and right.
- Tap nitro to increase the speed of car.
- Tap brake to slow down the bike.
- Tap camera change button to change the camera view.
- Press and hold rear view camera button to look behind.
- Race as many as you can to earn coins.
Main Features:
- Realistic 3D graphics with dynamic lighting andamazingenvironment of highway.
- Turbo to increase the speed
- First and Third person camera option
- Rear view option
- Superb Environment.
- Support for HD phone devices and tablets.
- Good quality sound effects.
- User friendly GUI and controls.
- Free Game Just Install and Enjoy..!

App Information Furious Car Race 3D

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    Furious Car Race 3D
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    June 5, 2015
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  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
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    Charisma Apps
  • Installs
    500 - 1,000
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Hunting has always been a great fascinatingartto test your skills. Heli hunting Animals brings a new era totestyour skills.You can shoot the target from fast movinghelicopterwith specific time.As long , as you hit the accuratetarget , youwill pass the levels. The game gives you an awesomeexperience withreal 3D graphics, sound effect and theenvironment.Game Story:Some big animals like fox and lion , enters into the forest.Theystart attacking rabbits and zebra for their meal, due towhichhuman community lacks the food, items in the forest. you willseethe mostscenes in the games , the sounds of gun and animals.Game Features:• First Person Shooting• Efficient gun control• Enemy AI (Artificial Intelligence)• 3D Graphics and Sound effects• Real Time Jungle Environment• 8 Levels Challenging missions game.HOW TO PLAY:• kill selected big animals in 60 seconds.• Easy touch and drag game play to rotate axis• Camera zoom to get accurate shots• Mission based game play to complete all mission• Shooting accuracy and skills
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Updated: This time brings you more advancedand deadly monster truck that will make your game play much betterand smooth. Monster truck has new power ups and hidden adventuregoodies to enjoy the ride, In this update we are bringing for youfour new vehicles with new driving adventure, we have also added 2new racing tracks for your enjoyment. This time winter and deserttracks are added, so we are sure you will enjoy out unlimitedmonster truck ride with deadly track and realistic game play. Sojust update your monster truck and drill adventuress trip.Be ready to play Monster Truck hill racing. The most addictive realphysics based Hill climb 3D racing fun game.With challengingsections of land and land in the 4x4 turbo diesel engine, which hasan extremely convenient control to check the conditions.Need to be careful not to fall down the cliff which will result ingame fail.Controls on ground:-1. Accelerator - to move forward2. Brakes - to slow down and reverse3. Forward and backward flips using Left and Right buttons.How to Play?Bottom of the screen to the right of the accelerator pedal and theengine can be activated.The race pedal to the left of the brake pedal and the brake can beused.Controls are on the left and right side button of the car steeringtransmission.----- New Update -----> 4 new Models of Monster truck.> 2 new Tracks: winter and desert track.> Better and smooth game play.> Removed minor bugs also.> Improved graphics.
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