1 / January 3, 2014
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* Hot chick in your garage* Arcade racing model* High jumps* Realadrenaline* Brutal nitro injection* Ready for retina displayTruemuscle car furious racing game.Push this fast cars to its limitswith the help of nitrous oxide and break the opponents.Put yourgasoline beast to asphalt, transform yourself into real racingdriver.Be the most wanted driver, best adrenaline americanstuntman.When you win all tracks, you get three more recklessvehicles and a racing track full of crazy obstacles and jumps. Thatcounts completly six cars No need to be angry when you lost race,just hit restart and drive again. Be free like a bird. Feel theneed, need for highest speed. Push the pedal to the metal, heatyour engine to the redline, shift the gear, boost your turbo and 3,2, 1, go, go !!The game doesn't have ingame payments like othergames, no need to pay twice, you pay once and get all the content,no more extra money!If you experiencing any problems, feel free tocontact us.Thank you for your purchase and have a good fun.Hint:Youcan switch on steering by gyroscope in option menu and adjust itssensitivity, or you can use default arrow keys.By pressing nitrousoxide button you increase speed of your vehicle, after you depleteall nitrous, it will be automaticly restored.

App Information Furious Racing: Muscle Cars

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    Furious Racing: Muscle Cars
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    January 3, 2014
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  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3.3 and up
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    Butterflyware Games
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    Jaroslav Pribyl Posenska 137 39501 Pacov Česká republika
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* When you start the game for the first time and you got blackscreen with white text, restart your device. It will help.Feel freeto contact us to provide some feedback, give us suggestions, or tojust say hello.info@aloneinspacegame.comALONE IN SPACE finallycomes from PC to Android!Story BackgroundThe story centers uponAlex, an employee of an intergalactic corporation in the field ofterraforming new worlds. He works 42 light years from Earth on aplanet called Miranda. The planet is in the process ofterraformation - deliberately modifying the atmosphere,temperature, and topography to be similar to the environment ofEarth.Alex now finds himself alone on the partially terraformedplanet Miranda. Alex must find a way to survive the planets’geologically unstable environment and solve the mystery of thecrew’s disappearance before Miranda becomes his own tomb.Why didthe terraforming process fail? What happened to the crew and whereare they? Why is Alex supposedly the lone survivor on the base?Mainfeatures• Experience an immersive sci-fi adventure with animaginative and captivating storyline from beginning to end.• Walkin the footsteps of the ill-fated crew members of the Mirandastation. Read their notes and transmissions to find out clues tohelp recreate the full storyline.• Explore a world cloaked inmystery and danger, solve clever puzzles to help discover thequestions that Alex must face, and survive being ALONE INSPACE.Dark ages of tyrany afflict our home planet in this galaxy,many wars were lost, many heroes fallen.But we are not broken, wewill never be. We now stand alone at the battlefront. The finalchapter of mankind is beeing writen.It is up to us, if we try tofight now and possibly end our lifeline silentely here on planetEarth, or try to seek other planets, outside our galaxy wheremankind can rise again and maybe return back in other timeline.Thisendeavour is lead by formal commanders, two legends. They decided,that other members of resistance will leave this planet, thisasylum, to seek out new room to live, to explore other worlds.Theyknow, that there are new worlds among stars, far, far away fromthese badlands.Manual is available onhttp://aloneinspacegame.com/manual.html Feel free to contact us toprovide some feedback, give us suggestions, or to just sayhello.info@aloneinspacegame.com* When you start the game for thefirst time and you got black screen with white text, restart yourdevice. It will help.
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Look forward to:* large open city* period cars* period music* realexperience* furious races on asphalt roadsLarge open city waitingfor you. The city is created on the historical materials in whichyou can move freely between the races. You will drive a period carsfrom 30s to 50s.You can explore this big city, search for races.You can find them highlited on streets with mini pink circle.Eachtime you win a race, a gift will be waiting for you in your garage.Sometimes it will be a new paint or brand new car.So, win them alland collect them all !Game tips:- keep on your mind, that the gametakes place at night, we recommend setting higher brightness onyour display- if you need to turn off the music or sound, you cando it in the menu- you can leave race by pressing the END RACEbutton.Welcome to the time of gangsters and the first night streetracings! Welcome to Grand Rio.City of speed, where car theft is ondaily basis.Become the first night driver. Feel the heat of firtscar chases like in good old days. Speed is the key, fastest autowins.How looked american cities like Las Vegas or San Franciscodecades ago? They were motor cities, full of fast cars, wantedcitizens and speed racings on drag strips. Most dangerous Mafiaruns all the streets. At night they also organize most recklessstreet chase, called the Getaway Championship. They've got theirmost reckless driver, Andreas Vice, formal stunt car driver. He'sone of many top oponents you've to pursuit in your way tovictory.They're no saints, so you need to transform yourself intoangry adrenaline maniak and smash them all othervise they drag yourcar to destruction.Earn their respect or die ! So, feel theadrenaline, push the pedal to the metal, heat your engine to theredline, shift the gear, boost your hot muscle jet and 3, 2, 1, go,go !!Gangster Racing is our third racing game. Bigger and moreelaborate than anything else what we have created for you.The gamedoesn't have ingame payments like other games, no need to paytwice, you pay once and get all the content, no more extramoney!Thank you for your purchase and have a good fun.
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Miami Racing: Muscle Cars 1.2.2 APK
With golden era muscle cars, tear through the streets of 80's Miamiafter the sun sets. Each level brings back the fun nostalgia of1980's Miami, leaving you wanting to repeat levels to see thedetail in the game. With each race, you unlock new cars andmodifications to collect.Well balanced car physics, focused on fun,provides the right amount of realism mixed with arcade flair tokeep you coming locked in playing.No In-App Purchases. No internetrequired. Just a good time racing the streets of Miami.* HDGraphics
* Arcade racing model
* Real adrenaline
* Visual tuning
*Nitro boostMost reckless drivers are wanted for this big illegalmuscle championship.
We want you, to join our xtreme racingcrew.
Welcome to miami at night. Neon lights, street racing and caroverdrive.
This game is all about top speed, real adrenaline, fastcars, furious drivers, burnouts and hot rubber on asphalt. Yes,speed is the key, fastest wins.
By finishing races you unlockvisual tuning of your muscle beast, but you have to be fast. 
Driveyour motor vehicle to its maximal speed limits, push the pedal tothe metal. 
Pursuit your oponents, heat your engine to the redline,shift the gear, boost and 3, 2, 1, go, go !!
Feel the need, needfor highest speed.Butterflyware is a small independent video gamedevelopment studio based in the Czech Republic. Mainly focused onfair mobile gaming without In-App Purchases.
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