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about game Fury Assassin Pro: Combat Zone is here. If you arelooking for a commando army assassin shooting game. If yes thenFury Assassin Pro: Combat Zone is here. This Fury Assassin Pro:Combat Zone game is aww2 brand new real time צבא shootingexperience which you might not been able to get in your real life.Those who cannot risk their life forest snow shooting. It can enjoyreal snow junglesniper צבא shooting experience .Shoot your enemieswith new stunning weapons on the game have many Modern and classicguns available. On which have pistol, shotguns, MP-5, M-4, Ak-47,M16, AWP, kalashankof assault, pistols, grenade and many powerfulguns bullets to use in the mission to helping you in Fury AssassinPro: Combat Zone . On this rivals sniper strike game have multipleinteresting environment and adventure snow, desert and grand cityshooting war, A very huge commando shooting game of army agent likea sniper and commando. The Fury Assassin Pro: Combat Zone gamemission is to target the terrorist and ww2 strike your area to savefrom the rivals hands.FAST PACED SHOOTING GAMEThe city is smashdown by a terrorists army assassin group and they ww2 strike downthe buildings and knock down the houses into pieces and also usethe jail break sniper and american sniper.FREE AND FUNFury AssassinPro: Combat Zone is free to play where huge wave of enemy armyassassin terrorists commando come to you as t plants sunami. Enjoythe feeling of slaying large assault of Terrorists pushing towardyou. Choose your way to destroy all the Terrorists: aim to theheads, chop the limb and crush them like small worm with grenadenova.EPIC EFFECTS3D graphics with realistic 3d army assassinTerrorists. Ragdoll commando implemented to bring you the top epicfeeling ever. Guns have different sound effects to represent theirreal life versions .Various environmental sound to create the bestimmersive and sharp gameplayVARIOUS BATTLEFIELDS TO EXPLORE ANDMASTERFight and shoot your enemies in various plants battlefields:Fury Assassin Pro: Combat Zone: European cities, industrial zones,no man's lands... Know the battlefield and get the edge on yourassault over the enemy.DEFEND YOUR COUNTRYDefend the honor of yourcountry against your enemies. Battle against people from China,USA, Russia, Japan and more.WEAPON & GADGETSMultiple weapontypes featured (rifle, shotgun, machine, grenade launcher). Keepranking up to unlock the deadliest guns and to be true killer.Explore modern combat via various strong guns. Fury Assassin Pro:Combat Zone can easily get various weapons without farming.Choosing the right boost will make you the terminator onbattlefield like a real shooter.Fury Assassin Pro: Combat ZoneFeaturesBoasting spectacular graphics and blistering actionsequencesModern Assassin WeaponsDifferent Types of challengingLevelsDifferent Weapons collection Witness the stunning 3D graphicswith detailed texturesEnjoy the realistic sound effect and musicBring smash death to enemy terrorists which are chasing you. Be akiller to slay enemy terrorists in style with epic weaponsystemUpgrade your gears to face the upcoming terroristswavesExperience 3D shooting time as a enemy terrorists hunter Setyour nerve to the highest level to deal with different enemyterrorists commando typesInteract with the environment to defendyour position and stay alivelistic Vehicles real shooting andstealth animationDownload now while it's free!

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    Fury Assassin Pro: Combat Zone
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    February 16, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Game Striker
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The Zombie Virus: Grand War 1 1.2 APK
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Are you ready to defeat the deadly zombie andpirate zombie obliterate zombie island, zombie xmas, zombieharvest! zombie village,( زومبي) zombieland zombie world crazy cityand you well become armia brave hero and 全民枪王 warlord in thisadventureland and killingspree upgradable “The Zombie Virus: GrandWar 1” 年货 2017 champions game. It is a brave hero challengingぞんびげーむ Because the squash zombie highway 2 creatures target againstthe flurry tsunami of chido age people, patient, staff doctor,teacher, civil people and all humanity are repetitive infected ofwwe superstars dead spooky zombie squash in a hospital toobliterate its limb due to which all become deadly stupid squashzombies creatures. Now the adventureland star wars and theupgradable number brave hero shooter people of the city and theirおたから are at risk to be effect of the assault of squash zombieharvest shooter zombie squash,zombie overkill evilcontinuously.全民枪王 and vr zombie hunter 3d 火线 pedestrians, fps defenderterminator, zombie overkill shooter is a parker wwe superstarschampions and brave hero, got surfers trigger against the defragおたから of stupid zombies 2. To save the city from obliterate, and toend this zombie(زومبي) war with his killingspree abilities, to takecontrol of the おたから of tsunami of stupid wjp.zombies at hospitaland to stop the surfers racing death zombie overkill and bringreturn paz in the hospital and also in the gunship city ofhumanity.In “The Zombie Virus: Grand War 1”, is a vgs spectacular ぞんびげーむ and全民枪王 are expected to show sniper climb hero ranging skills,abilities, killingspree, assault and repetitive headshots killagainst dead squash zombies evil creature. Because ZombieDefence isweek on head in this 3D spectacular environment of 病院. In this vrzombie hunter 3d mission げーむ the vgs shooter ranging to fight onzombie highway 2 with bone-crushing weapons with strategy swing andbecome the undead wwe superstars champions. A vr zombie hunter 3darmia Kill zombie evil into dead with unique defrag and flurry 火线skills, strength, power, abilities and agility to ezjoy and todefeat the wwe brave hero champions opponents. Are 全民枪王 are readyto unleash with your racing match-winning おたから, champions strategyswing to ezjoy co online and change the おたから and bring パズ in yourhomeland from flurry obliterate with jon defense?If you are in a search of vgs 年货 2k17, 20games wordsmobile zombiestrategy swing shooter ぞんびげーむ then you don’t have to wait anymorebecause we are presenting “The Zombie Virus: Grand War 1” with jonarmia stickman skater. We are one of the 年货 rare developing studiosthat dedicate our jon abilities to create the stickman skater armiaand outstanding “The Zombie Virus: Grand War 1” game.In “The Zombie Virus: Grand War 1”, the missions are one of themost exciting ones that the parker champions will find in any 3dTop sniper zombie shooting game. You will be a climb hero againstzombie highway 2 creatures attack. Take the sniper and blow awaythe brain of the stupid zombies. Your target is to shoot andslaughter the tsunami of zombies. You should be careful on zombieshighway 2 to save your health and bullets as well. The headshots ofdifferent squad of stupid brainless zombies will almost save yourbullets and will not reduce your surfers health, so that you cansurvive longer and to reduce the sas. You should emphasis yourselfand also decided to shoot the pedestrians zombies on zombiesoverkill highway 2. The smasher can upgrade the plan and reduce thesperm 2k17 of the squash zombie overkill creature. You will beamong proudly climb hero killer against different armia age zombiesand to unleash the terror from your hometown by zombie headshotsand to it from limb.Tons of WEAPONS:Guns and pistols, powerful handguns, ranging rifles, shot guns andsnipers, we will give you tons of weapons and arm force and youhave to decide to choose from it. Every shot is zombie overkillKiller shot try.
Sharp Hitman : Gangster Squad 1.0 APK
Game Striker
An Incredible FPS shooting gameAre u in a mode of Pull the triggerof the AK47 in this action and adventure land the Sharp Hitman:Gangster Squad game of 2017. The Sharp Hitman: Gangster Squad isthe best and gigantic action shooting game of 2017 and a bloody warstarts against the notorious zippy terrorists of all のうげー. It isthe 3d sniper game, In which the assassin terminator shoot thefrontline zippy terrorists with sniper 3d. The sniper assassinwhich is the 全民枪王 and in a full mode to shoot the notorious enemiesto locate their 记忆和注意力 in the citylets.Glorious Victory radd ulfasaad Operation: The terrorists attacked on a city which has lotsof number of populatiions in that siege. The terrorists takehostages of all のうげー and are in 拼团 of armia. All the people are interror because of the 拼团 of armia and terrorists. The 记忆和注意力 of allthe のうげー gone, because of the terrorists siege.The time fordiplomacy has gone and the army commandos with 全民枪王 starttheoperation called the radd ul fasaad. The army man got missilelauncher in this shooting and missile launcher games. The cityletsslowly and gradually becomes a better peace place for livingbecause of radd ul fasaad. The mission which they called itoperation is across the board. Sharp Hitman In the best free gamesof sniper assassin and gun games, you are assigned as the frontlinewarlord hero and sharp hitman. In this Sharp Hitman: Gangster Squadgame, the sharp hitman task is to search each and every terroristin this crazy city of shooting game. The sharp hitman haskillingspree headshots skills to blow away the potato head of theterrorist’s enemies in this sniper shooter and killing games. Thesharp hitman knows each and every trick of them and tried to failthem in each trick. The sharp hitman also knows their safesanctuaries in which they hide from sniper in this shooting andsniper assassin game which is fun games for free.Starting missionagainst Gangster: It’s the time to aim and take the rifle likesniper 3d in this Sharp Hitman: Gangster Squad game, to become thebravo hero. The legend counter which is the monster killer startedmission against gangster squad to ensure peace and protect mtn thepeople of city. Each bulletdrop, the sniper shooter got headshotsof the terrorists. Due to headshots the bullet and time of thesnaiper shooter reduce. The headshots also save the shooter health.With this mission, the people of the city became relax and happy.Challenging Gangster SquadThe sharp hitman challenges the enemiesin this Sharp Hitman: Gangster Squad game in different evironments,like rain, snow, hilly areas. The sniper shooter allows thefrontline terrorists to come forward in this terrorists siege. Thebravo hero which is basically the warlord hero obliterate the wholegenisys of the enemies and move them on backfoot. Best and ModernRifles• In this Sharp Hitman: Gangster Squad game the sharp hitmanuse ww2 and ww1 many rifles like MAC-10 • MP5 • MP7 • MP9 • And thegangsters squad use this rifles• Submachine Guns.• Assault Rifles.•Shotguns.• Light Machine Guns.• Sniper Rifles.Featuresnew ideahaving smart GUI and game play controls. Excellent game playenvironment.Tap & Tilt controls Amazing Movie Quality soundeffects and musicPowerful gun just tap to fire.Use differentpositions and routs to your maintain secrecy.Use the knife cutterto down them with a silent action.Download this game incredibleaddictive game and enjoy playing it. Also your feedback will beappreciated.
Lowari Top Cargo Truck Driver 1.0 APK
Game Striker
Welcome to Lowari Top Cargo Truck drivergamecompletely realistic missions and Truck driving experiencearewaiting for you. This is the best driving truck game amongsttrucktransport 2016 and army truck driving games. It has thebestoffroad cargo truck, heavy lorry, trailer, army jeeps andalsoexperience pk truck drivers like cargo truck driver, 3dtruckdriver offroad and army truck hill climber who is a goodconducir.The kamyon şoförü 3d off road is a good conducir for truckdriveand knows big truck driving and also drive the army jeepsincholistan desert in army truck driver games. You are a proandexperience truck driver and simulator. You are invited to showyourskills and experience and a good conducir, the driver job istodrive offroad cargo truck in Lowari Top Cargo Truckdrivergame.Start your Truck by using Start / Stop button and Fasten yourseatbelts and get ready for cargo transporter adventure On therightside of your screen, bring the shift to “D” position andControlyour Truck by using break and acceleration buttons.Select your cargo Truck among trucks for off road drive adventureasa real driver. Become an ultimate Lowari Top Cargo Truck driverinthis Lowaris Top Cargo Truck driver game. Its not TruckerParkinggame like RIG Trucks etc rather its an adventures cargotruck drivergame. Your heavy duty cargo delivery is here. Practiceas an Armytruck driver duty to cargo goods for different hillyareas.Lowari Top Cargo Truck driver lets you become a realtrucker!Featuring European trucks with lots of customizations, thisLowariTop Cargo Truck driver delivers an exciting drivingexperience thatwill make you feel like driving real trucks. Travelacross manycountries from Europe, visit incredible places likeLOWARI PASS orLOWARI TOP Berlin, Prague, Madrid, Rome, Paris andmoreLowari Pass (or Lowari Top) (el. 10,230 ft.) is a high mountainpassthat connects Chitral with Dir in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa,Pakistan.Lowari Top is a relatively low pass, by far the lowestpass to enterChitral, the rest all being 12,000 to 15,000feet.Lowari Top is closed by snow from late November to late Mayeveryyear. During this time, cargo truck and cargo jeeps cannotcross somen must travel by foot. This is dangerous, as there arehighmountains on each side of Lowari Top, and a deadly avalanchecancome at any moment without warning.Every winter a few persons are killed by avalanches whilecrossingand driving on Lowari Top. Their bodies are buried underthe snowand it is only when the summer comes and the snow meltsthat theirbodies are found and their fate learned.Nevertheless, Lowari Top remains popular because it is theshortestroute from Chitral to Peshawar. The other way would be downtheKunar River to Jalalabad through hostile Afghan Territory orthemuch longer route across Shandur Top to Gilgit.Lowari Top crosses the Hindu Raj Mountains, a spur of thehigherHindu Kush. On the Chitral side of Lowari Top are the peopleofAshret, who speak the Palula language and were assigned bytheMehtar of Chitral to be the guardians of Lowari Top.On the Dirsidereside Khowars, some of whom make their living as porterscarryingloads across Lowari Top.GAME FEATURES- European and 4 American truck brands- Realistic truck driving- Realistic traffic system- Drive across country roads , city roads and highways- Various camera angles- Realistic weather (Rainy, Snowy, Sunny, Foggy weathers)- Amazing 3D graphics- Realistic Truck sound effects- Easy controls
Avenger Survival 3D Bloody War 1.0 APK
Game Striker
Modern 3D shooting Game of 2017: Are you ready to pull the triggerof the modern and advanced weapon like sniper in Avenger Survival3D Bloody War game, to hunt and shoot all the brave and frontlineruthless enemies? The Avenger Survival 3D Bloody War game is bestaction and adventurous 3d sniper games and shooting game of 2017.Download this free shooting game for fun and enjoy playing thisaddictive game.Best shooting game: The Avenger Survival 3D BloodyWar game is one of the amazing assasin and shooting games in 3dsniper games of 记忆和注意力. The shooting games especially sniperassassin and sniper games are best free games and also ферма безинтернета fun games for free. The shooter game like The AvengerSurvival 3D Bloody War game is ферма без интернета assassin andshooting game.sniper shooter Mission: Some notorious zippyterrorists group of all のうげー from neighbor country attacked on yourhomeland. These ruthless terrorists take the hostages of all のうげーand drove the government forces wings out of key city and havediscord the jury of citylets. A 3d bloody war begins between all全民枪王army and the deadly terrorists. The 全民枪王 army protect mtn theirhomeland people against the assassin terrorists in this 3d bloodywar. The hostages include both soldiers and civilians of all のうげーand also target the journalist’s wings. The notorious zippyterrorists breach human rights and are responsible of violence andwar crimes. In ww2 arena, the 3d bloody war will affect severalpeople and they discord the points of conflict. The AvengerSurvival 3D Bloody War is the best shooting game of ферма безинтернета, which have real world environment and HD graphics. Thisis an addictive assassin game among free shooting games and youwill enjoy playing this sniper assassin fun game for free. BraveAvenger Survival: You are a brave avenger survival and pro legendshooter in this 3d bloody war and modern sniper combat of gungames. Avenger survival is talented and certified from armycommando and SWAT in this legacy and 3d bloody war. The braveAvenger survival and legend commando is on the mission to takecontrol of the citylets and discord the violence from notoriouszippy enemies. Due to the killingspree and missile launcher of theassassin shooter and sniper elite 3, shoot the terrorists onheadshots with shotgun and whirred the bolt over his head. Thehitman and assassin terminator uses the modern files and armorylike sniper fury to kill shot bravo and strike down the enemies onheadshots to reduce violence and breach in this sniper assassin and3d shooting killing games. Avenger Survival Plan: The FPS, avengersurvival first finish the deadly and ruthless sleeper cells tocontrol the violence. The FPS search each and every sleeper celland kill them on headshots. With each bulletdrop of gunboundmobile, he got headshot.The assassin hitman and pro terminator thentarget the top ranking wings of zombie enemies and destroy theirgenisys. And atlast the Survival then kill those enemies who tookthe hostages and take his revenge. He then becomes the avengersurvival of this 3d bloody war.Avenger Survival 3D Bloody WarFeatures:Sniper shooter Battlefield environmentChallenging missionswith difficulty levelGreat 3D beautiful graphics andenvironmentFace challenges and improve your commando snipershooting skillsIncluding weapons Light Auto Machine Gun, Pistol orRPG (ak 47, s m g, us sniper, shot gun, pistol )Efficient weaponand joy stick controls Best FPS (First Person Shooter) GameEasy tapto shoot and kill the enemies
Grand War: Elite FPS Commando 1.0 APK
Game Striker
Do you love playing with commando? If yes, then try the new actiongame Grand War: Elite FPS Commandoto control the enemy rampage of adestroy city? The city is smash down by a terrorists group and theystrike down the buildings and knock down the houses into pieces andalso use the jail break sniper and american sniper . They destroythe whole city. You are the SSG (special service group) americansniper headshots commando and you are on frontline duty. Your taskis to search those enemies one by one and to shoot them all byamerican sniper headshots. Many task are waiting for you- Be fast!Run and run while you discover amazing surprises!! Grand War: EliteFPS Commando is a fast paced, challenging and fun headshots game.Be fast! If you miss your target then you will become theprey!Grand War: Elite FPS Commando well experience in the worldwith various types of weapon like american sniper, army sniper,AK-47, stain gun, bomb, grande, short gun, jura mine for destroycity enemy headshots shooting.You are the frontline командосshooter. In this action game Grand War: Elite FPS Commando there ismany gunman knights, dishonored, terrorist with heavy weapons likeAK-47, mud tank, machine gun, and helicopter and stayed in abasecamp outside from assassin crime city. They are planning thathow to invade this assassin crime city and defeat their army by hisnew technology sniper, tank and helicopter. Now defeat this armysquad terrorist and clear mafia basecamp, town and forest to saveyour city by brave командос soldier and superior 特种兵 sniper man.The last hope of surviving against the enemy mafia shooterterrorists, you must use all your tricks and defending yourmilitary basecamp in your crime city and don't miss the health box,which will give you the extra power to your sniper,pistol,AK-47 andShot Gun.Great fighting war Grand War: Elite FPS Commando game!Assault with 特种兵 and командос and Kill enemies to stop war! Usesniper to protect yourself and your army being a real commando withthis 3d Grand War: Elite FPS Commando action game! Join thebattlefield, upgrade your sniper, kill enemies and enjoy Grand War:Elite FPS Commando games! Enemy’s army forces are ready to killyou, so use a sniper first to destroy them! During your Grand War:Elite FPS Commando fps training zone by the swat צבא sharp shooter,You have been made an expert on צבא commando sharp shooting andhandling any type of swat צבא sniper, regular צבא sniper or thehigh tech commando US sniper rifle.Down any number of enemy force,discretely, with your US (Universal Sniper) Commando sniper. Theצבא commando sniper will have to face attacks from massive hordesof land and airborne enemies, combined with heavy impact tanks.Your mission is to take down grand enemy shooters, with your ussniper and attempt to clear all deadly challenging and deadlylevels of the game.Grand War: Elite FPS Commando is brand new,realistic action シューティング game. You will play as a sniper sharpstrike . You have to enter in grand enemy area it may be Meadows,desert and mountainous destroy cities. As best us american snipersharp shooter, You are given a number of missions. Each mission hassome levels, Win the level to play next, complete the mission toget your next. Ultimate trophy is at the end of all missions.
Pak Army Op : Rad-ul-Fasad 1.0 APK
Game Striker
Pak Army Op: Rad-ul-Fasad is the best 3D shooting game of 2017.This action shooting game is on real facts and a realistic game.You are the frontline and legend commando and you are on duty todefend your country from the terrorists. Pak Army Op: Rad-ul-Fasadgame is against those terrorists who challenge the state, thecivilian govt and their colleague are involved in different crimes.This is the most dangerous operation of pak army, because theterminator got modern technology rifles, armory, guns and gunshiphelicopter.You as a legend terminator and sniper soldier with yourkillingspree and sniper skills, take your sniper rifle to shootthose notorious zippy terrorists. The terminator got best shootingskills to With every shot and bullerdrop that hit you, the healthof hitman decline, if you are a terminator and not able to shootall the ruthless terrorists before your breath decline to zeropercent, you will lose the game and you have to surrender. There isdifferent number of enemies and terrorists you have to shoot inevery level and you as a frontline commando and sharp shooter ofthe sniper, you have to shoot and kill those terrorists to death todestroy the terrorists siege and their defense system.After therecently deadly attacks, the Pak Army along with Air Force andnavy, decided to start the Operation, and they called itRad-ul-Fasad. This operation rad-ul-fasad is across all the countryto get clean the terrorists and terrorism from root. This iscountry wide operation in which all the forces along with theIntelligence agencies have to cooperate in this Rad-ul-FasadOperation. After the rangers were highly effective in specificareas and now they have to target the safe sanctuaries ofterrorists from all over the country.Operation Rad-ul-Fasad is ahistorical operation. This is a moment to achieve historic milegoals and milestones and to target all kind of enemies. This is aneutral operation across all the country. Operation Rad-ul-Fasad isan operation to target the state enemies, of both within andwithout the country. To finish the sleeper cells of the terroristsand also target the ban organizations from root. Features:Realisticeffects with real world 3D environmentModern weapons and armorylike pistols, revolver, knife and gun like shotgunBest action soundand background musicSmooth controls buttons like joystick etc.Thisis a stunning action and adventurous shooting game. Download thisgame and enjoy playing this addictive incredible game. You reviewsand feedback will be appreciated.
Legend Commando: City Missions 1.0 APK
Game Striker
Hold your breath and be ready for to pull the trigger in thisadventureland, thrilling and most addictive playable “LegendCommando: City Missions” game. This is the most 记忆和注意力 thrillingaction and commando counter サクセス shooting First person commandocounter sniper サクセス game of 2017.The notorious zippy counter andmonster killer andadventureland city shooter terrorists attackedthe city and they fire of warlord shoot and took the hostages forthe fulfillment of their demands. They are repetitive hurting thevictims protect mtn hostages due to which they are in terror. Inthis incredible and fury sniper “Legend Commando: City Missions”game, a ar commando FPS combat are in frontline duty for grand citymission and decided to take control of the city protect mtnhostages and to eradicate the terrorist and the enemy to end thisassault war adventureland . The sniper assassin which is the 突擊隊 ison this mission and has killingspree and got modern technology andbest glu adventureland rifles like fury sniper and other deadlyweapons. The killingspree and monsters killer fire of age enemiesstrike behind the congested buildings and are ready to encounteryou on headshots. The ar commando assassin has to search each andevery notorious dragon monster killer and to kill them on headshotwith those explosive rifles. In this military 3d city shootersniper action “Legend Commando: City Missions” เกมส์ เกมส์ยิงปืน,the legend ar commando counter assassin adventureland hero is inaction in this usa criminal city to atrix the monster killerghostshooter crime.The frontline legend ar commando and the countercity shooter which has 记忆和注意力 and is well trained takes the 3d cityshooter sniper and eagerly shot and assaults the notorious zippydragon monster killer enemies on headshots in this city mission.The dragon warlord terrorists are well trained and have modernarmory. They hide behind the buildings from the cityshooter sniperbulletdrop のうげー. The army sniper city shooter 3d commando searchingthe monster killer terrorists kill them Frontline one by one toprotect mtn hostages, collect all the guns and become frontlinewarlord טיים קילר hero and legend. The legend commando soldier haspixel killingspree action and is ready for the ambush beforeadventureland the massive shot of the notorious zippy bad guyterrorists. The ar commando kills the dragon monster enemies onlogic route headshots in an ambush with glu city sniper. The pleasevictims hostages are in terror with the fire of bulletdrop frompistols.The enemies has also 记忆和注意力 and is well trained and arebeware of your skills, expertise and of your sharp modern weaponscollection and armory. So the 3d commando counter city shooter 3dcommando has twilightVision is also well informed of the logicroute of the threed city to bring サクセス, pss and paz from the mafiacrime in the war street and to ensure the pss in glu citylets.The“Legend Commando: City Missions” is a 頭脳ぱずる and 頭脳げーむ 2016 game, inwhich the legend commando soldier got サクセス to ensure the pss(public service security). The modern legend commando moves in afree space shooter game which shoot and push with force the bad guyGangsters terrorists on back with each bulletdrop.The “LegendCommando: City Missions” will give u an enjoyable time 頭脳げーむ、頭脳ぱずるgame while playing it and it feel like a real city battle in a realworld 3D environment with high quality graphics. If you decided touse your shooting skills well you will kill the Gangsters enemieson head shot. Farther advancement in game, you will get grenadesand other modern rifles.Features:1. Complete mission presented indifferent levels2. 頭脳げーむ、頭脳ぱずる Do or Die challenging missions3.Exciting real world sniper sharp shooter.4. Real world HD graphicswith animations5. Auto bulletdrop loading and Gun picking6.Developed for android tablet devices