1.0 / May 29, 2015
(3.8/5) (68)


Future Aircraft Combat Fighter
Advanced Aircraft Combat Fighter flight simulatornowreleased!
This is Multiplayer online game and free.
Be the best future aircraft combat fighter in variousbattlefields,
And Make your team's victory in incredible aircraft combat.

This is main features of Future Aircraft Combat Fighter-online

1. Player vs Player - Dog fight and Fire guided missilesagainstreal player controlled by user!
2. Most advanced aircraft ready.
3. Cool flight and battle effect.
4. Easy arcade control
5. Single missions And Multiplayer stage
6. Automatic enemy detection
7. Automatic vulcan fire
8. Lock on and fire guided missiles
9. Upgrade Aircraft and Weapons.

It is on-developing project, one multi play stage and 6singlestages now.
but new AI and game stages will be update.
Future Aircraft Combat Fighter is indie project by myself,sofeedback would be little bit laggy.
I apologize in advance about that.

Please Enjoy the Battle!

App Information Future Aircraft Combat Fighter

  • App Name
    Future Aircraft Combat Fighter
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    May 29, 2015
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
  • Installs
    1,000 - 5,000
  • Price
  • Category
  • Developer
    Email [email protected]
    부산광역시 수영구 좌수영로 204, 204-1004 (우편번호:613-132)
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Future Aircraft Combat Fighter 1.0 APK
Future Aircraft Combat FighterAdvanced Aircraft Combat Fighter flight simulatornowreleased!This is Multiplayer online game and free.Be the best future aircraft combat fighter in variousbattlefields,And Make your team's victory in incredible aircraft combat.This is main features of Future Aircraft Combat Fighter-online1. Player vs Player - Dog fight and Fire guided missilesagainstreal player controlled by user!2. Most advanced aircraft ready.3. Cool flight and battle effect.4. Easy arcade control5. Single missions And Multiplayer stage6. Automatic enemy detection7. Automatic vulcan fire8. Lock on and fire guided missiles9. Upgrade Aircraft and Weapons.It is on-developing project, one multi play stage and 6singlestages now.but new AI and game stages will be update.Future Aircraft Combat Fighter is indie project by myself,sofeedback would be little bit laggy.I apologize in advance about that.Please Enjoy the Battle!
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Are you having trouble withrepetitivegames?Tired of complex and difficult games?If so, play an extreme bike.Take a break from your complex thoughts and troubles and enjoyalittle party.The rules of the game are simple.Paddle while moving the center of gravity.Accelerate your bike at the right time.This game can be played alone, but it is easy to play withotherplayers in real time.You can also play a fight.It is not a fake multiplayer that imitates.Compete for speed with real people.Real-time uphill hill, downhill bike game, extremebikeonline!You do not have to think hard.Just turn on the game and you'll be instantly in the worldofextreme bikesYou can participate directly.30 stagesSimple operationSpeedy playImmediate match makingInteractive platformDrive smoothly even in low-end devicesCartoon graphics and soundsVery small installation capacityThere are still a lot of deficiencies in the gamebeingdeveloped.We will continue to fill the contents in the future.Thank you.
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Welcome. My lord. You are King Destroius the second, the Guardianofthe monster kingdom, and the overlord of horror. Now, yourkingdomhas became devastated by continuous invasion of greedyheros, whowant fame and treasure. Furthermore, this mean andmerciless raidersruined your most precious 'thing' also. Yourpatience is burned outfinally. It's time to show them the reallesson, with your big andbeautiful fist! Every punch to enemy, youget a combo score thatmuliply your Exp. and money. Every gameplay, you can pick optimizedskills, to blow enemies over. Andvarious equipments upgrade yourablity and skill also. But, Beaware that enemies became stronger,you go further.z Try and enjoythis dynamic rogue-like runner game.Feel the crisp fun ofdestruction! If you get all items belonging aspecific set, Setitem effects will be activated automaticallythough you not equipthe items. You can upgrade skills many timeswhile game playing,and skill will be dramatically evolved, when itreaches a specificlevel.