1.0 / April 27, 2017
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G F ! is a ball dodging column that wasfirstcreated in two days. Since then it has evolved intosomethingbigger.
- Keeps the score making competition with friends easy andfun
- Minimum and fast
- 10 exciting game modes based on star colors. Red, yellowblue,green, pink, yellow, yellow
-Excellent 3D environment
-Fabulous Sound Effects
 Please enjoy it.

support :
If you have technical problems, please send us an emailathskiamteam11@gmail.com
Privacy Policy:https://sites.google.com/view/hskiam
Thank you.

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Blue Ball 4 1.0 APK
the Game Ball blue 4 finally on play store.- One of the greatestblue ball games in playstore funny game ,full of excitment and verysimple to use.-the main story is : plush and pluffy blue ball 4 isa cute little hero in his beautiful wonderland . in his littleworld there is many green places , farms,rivers,Mountain anddifferent kinds of enemy and of course so many trees for examplblue ball 4 loves the tree in front of his house , since it giveshim fresh air every morning ,coins and other goods .suddenly,onehorrible dark night the tree went missing and he was absolutely sadand disappointed since the tree was planted by his death parents ,so he sets his mind to find it no matter what it takes by followingall the traces he might find and bring it back to its originalplace .in this action game You have the chance to go with red ballin his wonderland and find the reason behind the lost tree.in thisgame blue ball 4 have to find the evil guy behind the lost tree andbring him down .the bad guy is an enemy to nature , he destroysgreen forests and bring rock and metal inside of trees, he alsodespise animals and a huge disturben of peace.the game is veryadventurous and full of suprises and its concept is new, wich setsit apart from many other games.great game with new graphics .createa good and light atmosphere while gathering with yourrelatives.-Improved gameplay: the developer kept the same conceptas the original:a hero ball jumping and facing obstacles ,solvingpuzzles and taking different tests to reach the destined goal.-Play together with familyadded new levels and a new topicHAVE FUN.
Green Ball 4 1.0 APK
Green Ball is a physical arcade and simulation game where you mustjump from the flat shapes range, avoid or eliminate the ghosts andcollect all the corners and diamond and score more points thananyone else.Help your new friend reach new heights in this amazingpuzzle game.♡ Push the boxes and sticks with the green ball againstthe ghosts removed.♡ Avoid the ghosts of enemies♡ hit the red,pink, yellow, blue bars that contain surprises. You can findadditional armor, coins and lives.♡ Collect coins to scorepoints.Green ball is a green and grumpy but cute little boy wholeaves for a trip to find new friends.Help green ball toparticipate in this free jump adventure and find newfriends.Jumping and rolling is not all that green ball can do! Onthe search for his dog, green ball will find guns that Vito can useto overcome great distances.In this adventure puzzle game you canjump freely on any platform.Numerous physically based puzzles andenemies are waiting for you in this adventure. Jump on the bar anddo not touch the enemies to collect cornersOn this adventure gameof free jumps.♡ 3 backgrounds and main themes♡ 50 levels ofvariety♡ Puzzle based on physics♡ Difficult Obstacles♡ free game♡an original idea has 100%♡ graphic design and perfect music♡Classification tablesHours of fun with friends and family. Downloadthis new game and have fun.supportIf you have technical problems,please send us an email at hskiamteam11@gmail.com.Thank you.
dab switch 1.1 APK
Take your phone and play a brand newcoloreswitch dab game-This ball switch color dab game make you experience agreattime,teach you how to keep focusing for a long timeand be patience and we guarante that this colore switch issoenjoyable and will make you gigle while playing it.-the developer made the jumping color ball small , fluffy andeasyto move also its colore switch every time you get ahigherlevel.-The ball switch color switching game is fun to play ,quiteaddictive and takes a bit of concentration not to drop theball ,besides the color ballwheel game has good graphics and it is not timed so you canplayfreely;furthermore,this ball color wheel gameis recommended for all ages,can be played everywhere and manynewthings have been added as extra color circles .-This ball color challenges game works greatly on any smartphoneandFREE !-Play this addictively color pattern game and crush your waythroughthousands of fun levels and fast color challenges *-There is many fast switch color challenges and obstacles inthiscolore switch game so you must make the color ball jumpthrough the colore switch circles and make your score higher.How to play-Just tap your phone screen to make the color ball jump and gettheball through the colore switch circles .Invite your friends and challenge them and enjoy yourbreaktime!**EASY TO USE ! SO UPLOAD IT AND HAVE FUN**
bubble poper burble 1.0 APK
Another sticky balls deluxe popping gamescometo Google Play store.get ready to explore the world with this new fun gamerelax your brain with this lost bubble burblejust bounce popping and jump to complete the levels that are fullofadventure.Aren't you tired of Play this bubble popper free game offlineoronline with your friend or your family because the bubblerpoperburble it's jogo app for kids and adultit's very easy to play games everyone can play and connectwithbubbles burbleyou need fun game? babal free offline games? jogo app ball pop?Justopen the offline game and have fun with the bubbly.The free game is about lost bubble she jumps in an infinityofchallenges ,Play everyone new every day. Explore the levelsofsticky balls deluxe popping games, battle against thebubblerpoperHow to play:Tap on where you want the bubble to jumps the burble inthatdirection.If you don't have internet you can play offline or online inbubblepopper free gamegame featureseasy to play gamessimple sticky balls deluxe controlchallenge your friends in the bubbler with the besthighscoreonlineHaving many different and challenging levels.Fascinating sound effects will increase your popping gameseveryone can play in burble poper burble poper bubblyHave fun !Like and follow us on our Facebookpage:http://www.facebook.com/lost bubble
Purple Ball Blob 1.0 APK
Here is the new game app signed by HSKIAM, it is a purple ball blobit's a simple app arcade game of a ball that role on a large spaceand that jumps across a path of danger in this action game based onaction rhythm, it is a game of challenge in a very fast way, therule of the game is to jump on any space.The platform to keep theball rolling on all the space without touching you enemy andavoiding the various obstacles on the way to do all that is forgetto keep your concentration because it is a game of concentration,it is the first version and it is a new version of this type ofGameMix with a style of arcade games.-this game create to makepleasure of all the Segments of the society, children and adult.-Prepare to take up a challenge, Slide your finger to the right tomove the ball perple on the screen, the goal being to stay as longas possible without hitting the obstacles and make the best score,Attention there are sometimes traps.- Make the ball purple and donot touch the triongle.- ball purple blob will ask you a good doseof reflection to cross the danger in this action packed rhythmicplatform game.-test your skills, this game becomes more difficultwith all levels.- it contains everything you need to know to becomethe best player in arcade games.- simple and easy game of theincludes.Game Features- Action and rhythmic platform game.- arcadegame.- much and difference of color of platform.- an almostimpossible challenge.- 2 enemy main the 1st it is called jetpackand the 2nd it is called smach.- Strange characters.- Fascinatinggraphics.Functionality:- One touch control with precision- English& french & spanish german italian russian turkish chineseand Japanese language support- It is designed as infinite throughits dynamic levels- Ability to share in all social media- Bounceand jump, roll and hop to survive in this endless world- hard andmoves fast but it is super addictive- Unpredictable traps andobstacles- You can rope ball peeple on all the senses- 4 colorsdifferent colors of platform green blue yellow and pink gold- Manystyle arcade game puzzle and action in one game only- Easy to play,it's fun for all age players- Online and offline game play- Withsound or mute- Many internships- Beautiful effects- simple onetouchgame-fastly ball to play- Cool game play with phase changes-neverending games- Purple ball is playable for free- Dynamic interfacetransitions- Original ideaPress your screen to jump you enemy andunlock new level and be careful to touch you enemy to cross to notrecompress.Do not be shy and share the app with your friends.Become the best of the best player of games arcades.-we share thegame with many people before publishing it on the store and the topscore is by a young girl he spent until level 4, then you candepase this level?Support:If you have any technical problems,please email us directly at hskiamteam11@gmail.com . Thank you.
circle sweep color 1.1 APK
Here is the new game application byHSkiamGames is a simple arcade application of a circle sweep colorthatlives and plays on a large space and jumps on danger circle inthisarcade based game On the rhythm of action, the rule of the gameisto jump on any space.- this game creates to please all users.-Prepare to take up a challenge- Make the circle sweep ball blush and do not touchthecircles.-test your skills and your brain.- become the best player in arcade games.- simple and easy game.- this game becomes more difficult at all levels.-This circle sweep color game addictive and it will be a greatonespecially for kids to improve their reflexes .Then what is your score?Support:If you have technical problems, please send us an emailathskiamteam11@gmail.com.Thank you.
G F ! 1.0 APK
G F ! is a ball dodging column that wasfirstcreated in two days. Since then it has evolved intosomethingbigger.Advantages:- Keeps the score making competition with friends easy andfun- Minimum and fast- 10 exciting game modes based on star colors. Red, yellowblue,green, pink, yellow, yellow-Excellent 3D environment-Fabulous Sound Effects Please enjoy it.support :If you have technical problems, please send us an emailathskiamteam11@gmail.comPrivacy Policy:https://sites.google.com/view/hskiamThank you.
Monica Del Hamletoy 1.0 APK
Aqui está o Monica Toy! Como assim estecrânioEstrelando: Cranicola, o maisCrânio mal-humorado e queixa da Classe de Penadinho.Monica Toy é uma família de personagens em jogo 2D, voltada paraajuventude eAudiência de adultos. As características mais marcantesdosprincipais personagensMonica Gang estão presentes nesta nova linguagem, com maishumoreliberdade.O objetivo para Monica Toy é voar tão alto quanto você pode. Parairpara cima, você precisaColetar moedasNeste jogo você pode testar suas habilidades, o jogo torna-semaisdifícil em todos os níveis.Então qual é a sua melhor pontuação?ApoioSe você tem problemas técnicos, por favor, envie um emailparahskiamteam11@gmail.com.Obrigado.Here's Monica Toy! Aswellthis skull Starring: Cranicola, the mostgrumpy skull and complaint Penadinho class.Monica Toy is a family of characters 2D game, focused onyouthandadult audience. The most striking features of themaincharactersMonica Gang are present in this new language, with morehumorandfreedom.The goal for Monica Toy is to fly as high as you can. To scrollup,you need tocollect coinsIn this game you can test your skills, the game becomesmoredifficult at all levels.So what is your best score?SupportIf you have technical problems, please send an emailtohskiamteam11@gmail.com.Thank you.