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Galaxia Classic free space shooter has the best arcade gameone-more-go feeling from a time when reflexes ruled and 1 Creditwas all you had! Classic invaders free arcade game, the galaxiaaliens attack from another Galaxy! If you want an extra ChallengeTRY the 'fast' or 'ULTRA' modes * NOTE * For FAST gameplay - chooseFast Mode For Touch controls - tap control options on main menuFeatures! ★ 80s Arcade Vibes ★ Button and Touch control options ★Awesome sounds! pew pews and such ★ Retro Pixel Graphics, Vibrantcolors and a fun free game ★ Smooth movement ★ More to come!!Bosses etc! ★ Classic Galaxia dodge mode added ★ Global High Scoretable Slow and Fast modes! The galaxy needs saving and only you candefeat the alien Invaders that swoop and fly down to attack yourspace ship. Precise shooting is required to hit the enemies andachieve a classic high score on the global score table. GalaxiaGalagana the HD version coming soon! High Definition sounds andgraphics for tablet. Bonus Scoring: To get 800 points you need tohit two red ships and then the main charger alien! Can you becomethe next champ at Galaxia? Put on your favorite 80s music and playthis for the ultimate nostalgia blast in this fun arcade game.

App Information Galaxia Classic - 80s Arcade Space Shooter

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    Galaxia Classic - 80s Arcade Space Shooter
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    May 13, 2019
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    Android 3.0 and up
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    Gazzapper Games
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    Gazzapper Games 57 Lower Gardiner Street, Dublin 1 Ireland
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Simple Turtle LOGO - Coding app for Drawing (STEM) 1.68 APK
Downloaded by 80,000+ newbie coders! Code with the Simple TurtleSTEM app, learn to create simple programming code with Turtle LOGOcommands to control your Turtle and draw fun images and designs!!Learn Basic coding of LOGO and have fun. DRAWMODE is used to ToggleINSTANT DRAW mode ON / OFF This is a Free Coding App! - with NOIAPs and NO paid adverts * New Keyboard feature added - Tap thecursor line to activate it * Learn & experiment to createamazing Turtle Graphics. Great for STEM education & learning.Fast, Easy and Fun coding app for adults and kids - TAP thecommands you want, then ADD COMMANDS them to your program! Hit RUNbutton when done! Use REPEAT for more advanced designs. * NEWLYREVISED VERSION - Used by Exam Practice * Tips: 1. Tap commands (oruse keyboard)to appear in bottom, then hit "Add Commands". 2. Yourcurrent program code is now displayed on the left. 3. Tap "Run" toexecute If you make a mistake hit Clear Screen (CS) or RESET tostart again. LOGO coding language was created in 1967 and used as abeginners programming tool. LOGO is one of the best applicationsfor computer coding for beginners and kids. Key Features: - SimpleLoops and Nested Loops. - Create great patterns and designs usingcode and mathematics. - Simple Tap GUI system for all commands.Great educational STEM programming app for teaching coding tobeginners, using the Point and Click commands. Useful for your Logoexams or STEM learning events. Ideal for early computing studentsand stem education projects. Helps improve math skills too. Followsclose to the MIT Logo standard and MSWLogo ** Feel free to offersuggestions to improve our app ** 😄 Step 1. Press Commands on rightside, press number values on left e.g. FD 50 LF 35 NEW! Nestedloops - up to 3 levels. e.g. Nesting REPEAT 5 ....anotherrepeat...etc END Step 2. Then Hit '< ADD COMMANDS' to add thecurrent bottom line of code to your program listing shown on theleft of the screen. (repeat 1 & 2 to add more lines to yourprogram) Step 3. Hit 'Click to Run' to draw using your codeRemember to hit 'Click to RUN' when you want to execute yourcommands New since version 1.14 - Added DRAW MODE to toggle movingTurtle instantly after each single line of commands. Some usersseem to expect this, so I have added it as an option. Hit DRAWMODEand then the "< ADD COMMANDS" to activate - do same again todeactivate. Best turtle app for educational use with Tablets. Funactivity coding app for STEM and helping users to learn to code.Tap on code commands on the right and then the number values on theleft, then tap 'Add Commands' after a line of commands is ready.Then press DELETE to reset line etc. NOTE: Pressing DELETE on anempty line deletes your program on the left. Example of ComputerProgramming with Logo: PEN 1 REPEAT 5 FD 10 LT 30 BK 5 LT 20 FD 20END Sample Shapes ============ Triangle REPEAT 3 FD 50 RT 120 ENDHexagon REPEAT 6 FD 50 RT 60 END Programming / Code Commands: FD x= Forward Turtle x pixels BK x = Backward x pixels RT x = RightTurn Turtle by x degrees LT x = Left Turn Turtle by x degrees PU =Pen Up (Do not draw while moving) PD = Pen Down (Draw as normal)REPEAT x = Creates a loop to run x times which runs any commandswithin the loop. Place END when closing loop. END = Closes a REPEATloop. (Loops can be nested) PEN x = Color of pen (0 - 7) ENTERCOMMAND = Adds current line to Actions List DRAWMODE = TogglesTurtle movement to be Instant OR to wait for Run command. DELETE =Clears the command line first, then the Deletes program Actionlist. RESET = Clears commands and resets your Turtle QUIT = Exitsthe program