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Again Our galaxy space is under attack of space alien invaders.These space enemies from space and they have been sent to destroyour galaxy space. In this space warship battle you are last hero ofgalaxy strikers to face this alien space attack. Being a galaxyshooter You must plan your battle strategy and elevate you airstrikers to overthrow all the aliens space shooters.No it is not apiece of cake as a bubble shooting game you will survive galaxyspace zone from air attack of space shooters alien shooter. gunshipstrike game is completely free android first person shooting games.the job and mission of gunship strike game is simple to save thegalaxy from the heaps of space alien’s space invaders. airstrikeswill take control of a lone spacecraft, and must defend Earth fromgroups of attacker alien. To complete this mission, space airstrikemust have the bravery and wisdom. Use Powerful High-Tech Armory beprepared with more than 50 terminal weapons and astoundingextraordinary power-up tools. Now pull down the flash and abolishall alien strikers’ evil unit with a huge destruction. Shoot andkill galaxy alien or galaxy rivals with universal laser beam orsmash them with energy of atomic combination. Remain the Last ManStandsThe universe isn't sheltered any more, space space shooterand spaceships crush the entire planets in the Solar System step bystep, yet there is as yet one final expectation that is You, theGalaxy Soldie. You have just a solitary opportunity to win thisstar - war and get them from these shooting action game shootingrecreations. save your ammunition and period Play the space actiongames assault alien space shooter space shooter keenly andappreciate with propel utilization of weapons with best proficientand powerful way that there will be no this free android universeassault alien space shooter space shooter. you will battle alonewith space alien space shooter creatures yet at the same time takethink about your ammo and enough energy of weapons. The harder youshot the nearer you move toward becoming to murder your fundamentaltarget. you can be the Legend of the SpaceAmid cosmic systemassault alien space shooter space shooter coins and catalysts cangive you opportunity to update or get weapons and survive thissavage fight zone. The more you destroy universe shooter aliens,the more rewards you can accomplished. world assault alien spaceshooter space shooter is a full free sprinter amusement that workseasily on each android PDA gadget. cosmic system assault alienspace shooter space shooter has been Created with exquisite 3Dcondition and genuine activities. Appreciate this shooting actiongame shooting recreations and continue battling with this shootingaction game shooting diversions. let’s Play galaxy attack alienspace shooterNow touch and drag the finger on versatile screen withbasic and simple approach to begin playfurthermore, let destroy allspace alien space shooters and enemies. key Features of galaxyattack alien space shootertouch and drag the finger on screenIncredible Light and Special EffectsAccuracy and smoothness incontrolsattractive sound and music Realistic HD graphics and realspace environments .full free android game no purchaserequired.Campaign, Endless mission different power ups and weaponsdifferent types of space enemyexceptional fighters and jet strikersGood-looking levels with immersive tasks to complete. Upgradeyour protections, weapons, missiles, lasers, bombs Danger inrescue of civilians different beautiful scenes, Vivid soundeffect

App Information Galaxy Attack Alien Space Shooter

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    Galaxy Attack Alien Space Shooter
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    January 25, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    ENGROW Soft
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    House no. CB-55, Lane no. 6, sher zaman colony lalazar, Rawalpindi
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Jeep driving on mountain off road hill climb is one of the greatgame ideas. You can drive as a real jeep adventure. Get into thechallenge of jeep driving, the most realistic adventure game withheavy vehicle and monster jeep. Start the game and give speed toenjoy the new journey in every day. In this mountain off road jeepdriving game multiple tasks given to you. When you have to completethe first task then move to the next task that is ready foryou.Extreme Driving ThrillDrive jeep carefully and reach your rightdestination within given time. Avoid hitting the hurdles and stonebecause if you hit anyone your level should be failed. Off roadjeep is an exciting and exhilarating landscape of thrill and trickydriving on hill climb routes. Exciting 4x4 jeeps like Hummer getover challenging on off road areas. If you have any experience ofjeep driving then we developed this game for you. In this game youraim is to show your driving skills in high speed with adventure andstunt monster jeep concept. Environment & Camera ViewYou wouldlike to take a monster jeep to drive on hills road. In this gamethere are multiple realistic environments with multiple levels thatare waiting for you. This jeep driving adventure game is reallyentertaining that will keep you busy and entertain with hand freein your hand moving controls. You can view in different angles withhelp of different camera views. Crazy off road jeep adventure isstunning 3D graphics and realistic environments with real physicsbase game. How to Play• Start Game• Select Level & jeep• Pressaccelerator for speed• Press brake for control• Move steering leftright Powerful Features• Stunning Monster drive to jeep• Jeepsimulation with HD 3D graphics• Multiple levels • Smooth touch withcontrols & realistic physics• Amazing & thrilling gameplay• Multiple Environments & levels with lot of fun• Beautifulmountain & multiple camera views• Impressive sound effects
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Sniper Strike Fun GameEnjoy the one of the best unique thrillingsniper fight with enemy deadly shoot simulation; the deadly headshot killer is full shooting base addicting game and it’s totallyfree on android market. In this modern deadly pro shooter war youare equipping with the latest new shooting luxury rifles aiming atthe dangerous terrorists is hidden on the city building areas.Prove That You have the best army trained front line soldier andtake shooting abilities to shoot down the enemies and terroristrunning on the street roads. Do you like the extreme lethalshooting action additive game? If yes; take a breath deeply andpull the trigger to make pierce bullets fly, arm yourself with useall of your specialized shooting skills to become best elite proshooter in the world.Target Shooter: Best StrikeBecome greatcontract elite sniper shooter in the world, shoot high-profiletargets, terrorist in head perform lethal strike with sniper thenthis classic fury sniper pro shooting action game is one of best.Aiming, Shooting and Killing, be the perfect extreme sharpshooterdeadly Sniper, Terrorist attack in most cities and military basesin the country terminate these terrorist eliminate danger and makepeaceful country. Eradicate the entire evil rivals that stand inthe way of your country with using large arsenal of differentdeadly guns and explosives across your peaceful country to completecovert combat. Start your job now because time for diplomacy isgone. The time for extreme war action and bullet flying is now. ThePlayer has taken the role of the elite tough killing with secretmissions across the country and eliminate terrorist to completethese missions objectives as you stop the Syndicate across thecountry. Use suitable weapon according to the situation. Complete10 terrific missions of this game and earn virtual money as areward to upgrade your guns and maximize firepower of all guns. Youneed to complete the missions in the given specific time. In thisaction-packed and thrilling game you are the only one commando inwar; who is survive against terrorist attacks and become real worldsoldier shooter.Bravo Death Sniper AgentAim and Kill the terrorist,be the perfect sharpshooter Modern deadly Sniper game, use yourespecial deadly sniper rifles and firearm to take the exciting headshot, this wonderful sniper guns are specially designed fordelivered to best shooter with a specially controlling zoom,unlimited ammo with powerful pierce bullets. You are equipped withmany weapons like sniper shooting rifles. Use suitable gunaccording to the situation. This amazing fury sniper pro shooterhot action simulator is here for your great enjoyment time withLots of astounding and action levels. This game is also availableon Google play store! You can download it and enjoy kill theopponent enemy in multiple difficult levels.* FEATURES*• Severallevels in one game. Each level increases the suspense and thrill.•Whole game is based in 2 different scenarios. First half is in acity and the other is place set on fire.• Equipped with numerousweapons that can be changed depending upon the points collected.•3D realistic graphics and different environments.• Thrilling crazysound effects of war* HOW TO PLAY THE GAME*• Click the play buttonand then select the level.• Start your first mission and aim yourtarget with zoom button.• When you have accurately aimed the enemythen takes a head-shot with fire button.• Head shoot your alltargets and complete the level and move to another.If you have anycurry about this game or anything you would like to share with usthen contact or email us. We are always here to help you out. Thankyou for your support.
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Welcome to one of the best frontline fury army commando shootergame. In this modern shooting challenge, equip with the latest newsniper shooting rifles aiming at the terrorists and to kill allgiven enemies. Completely enemy killing and gun shooting physicsbased for fans of hot pro real shooting with stunning graphics andthrilling environments. This simulator is here for your greatenjoyment time with Lots of astounding and action levels. In thiskill enemy fast duty shoot simulation you can face fifteendifficult challenging levels and game provide multiple excitingdeadly combat sniper latest rifles. Use suitable gun according tothis situation. Show that, you are a best sniper and show sniperelite furious shooter skills to shoot down the enemies and solvethe problem of your city.Enemies have deadly and power fullweapons, grenade and cobra helicopter. There destruction isimportant because that are most unsafe for you. dangerous powerfulenemies are hiding desert and other places to attack on you andyour beautiful city. Gangster are waiting to kill you. Choose yourspecial weapons and destroy all enemy camps. Kill the allterrorists to stop this bloody war and safe your city. They arecome toward the state areas and disturb the civilian persons.Terrorist attacked with deadly weapons all sides of directions butcommando faced them, so the mission of the army trained soldier isjust about to being. Your mission is to protect your country at anycost. Encounter your epic enemies with advanced weapons,Armor, shotgun and sniper gun. You are a brave pro strike sniper assassincommando from modern army force. As a professional city sniper besthard shooter, you are called to lose or kill the enemy, find yourenemy which may available into hidden the city. Eliminate them oneby one quietly. You need to complete the mission in the givenspecific time. remember! if you not complete your given task in inlimited time then your enemy kill you and your mission is failed.so, you can start level again.Do you love FPS (first personshooting) games? If yes, then test your shooting and enemy killingskill and shoot down the criminals are capture cover the townareas. Pro Strike Sniper Elite Assassin Shooter give you theopportunity to improve you’re shooting skill and upgrade weaponswith more expensive and advance features. Quickly pick up yourfavorite sniper shooting gun, rifle and other modern weapons andcomplete your aim and shoot all criminals. This game will provideyou the amazing and outstanding city environment with multipledeadly mission and each level has their own unique feeling andfeatures.Sniper Elite Shooter 3D Features:a) Eliminate terroriststrying to take control of cityb) Multiple modern weapons withupgrade abilityc) Story mode and endless moded) Aim, shoot and takeout head shot for high scoree) In app productsf) Purchase healthpower pack, weapons, g) Time to time updates with more weapons,missions, and more action featuresh) Full simulation city viewtraffic. Cars. Trucks, buildings, highway roadsi) Real gun sound,realistic graphics and 3D environmentIf you have any curry aboutthis game or anything you would like to share with us then contactor email us. We are always here to help you out.Thank you for yoursupport !
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Expert Dino Hunting takes you to the new horizons of hunting wildand deadly dinosaurs in a complete natural, grand, rain and denseforest environment of jungle for those who are good in huntingdeadly animals in addition of good shooter as your missionimpossible is to stay alive and strike as much as possible to keepplaying this 3D Dino wilder shooting game. Wilder Dino hunting 3Dpro is the action and adventures simulation. Be the best hunter andkill the most dangerous and furious enemy of humans. You went tothe dark-forest with your friends for adventure and adventures cometo you. You lost in the woods which are full of blood thirstydinosaurs. Now you are in the forest where your only purpose is tohunt those huge creatures.In this Modern Dino Classis Pro Huntinggame encounter you are equipped with modern sniper shooting sniperarsenal. Fighting the wild & deadly Dinosaurs in a dense Jungleenvironment is fun so all those who are top shooter is ready tofind and kill Dinosaurs with best sniper guns in an encounter ofDinosaurs who are ready for rampage. It’s really adventure game forhunting lovers to have fun in Dinosaurs hunting, since you areequipped with a variety of sniper shooting guns. This Dina-soreHunter 3D game contain most realistic 3d jungle environment,effective sounds, easy and smooth controls and best Dinoanimations. Your objective is to kill specific number of dinosaurswith in the time limit to clear the mission. All the missions arelocked in start of the game. You will play the next mission if yousucceed in the previous missions. You will get multiple sniperrifles. Choose your favorite and more powerful sniper rifle to wipeout those creatures and complete your mission. On completion ofevery mission you will get the specific amount of money. To getmore powerful sniper rifles play missions multiple times. Collectmoney and unlock most powerful sniper rifles.In this amazingJungleHunt Free Dinogame winner is who survived. Survive in this mostunsafe, horrifying and dangerous jungle. Neutralize those Jurassiccreatures or be killed by those relics. Kill the dinosaurs in thebreath taking environment. Prepare yourself with most advancesniper rifles. You must be the sharp shooter to neutralize theserelics. If you think you are brave enough that not only you canface those giants but also you can wipe out them. Face thechallenge and now is the right time to show your skills, and provethe world that you are the best shooter, hunter or dinosaur killer.Gameplay is interesting and challenging. Features:- Free to Play-Stunning HD Graphics - 3d Awesome Jungle Environment- Realistic andeffective Sounds- Easy and smooth controls- Multiple types ofdinosaurs- Multiple type of sniper rifles- Radar to detect theenemy- Multiple challenging missions How to Play:- Tap the zoombutton to zoom in.- Tap the shoot button to shoot.- Use joystick tomove.
Truck Simulator Europe 2017 1.1 APK
Truck Simulator Europe 2017 is one of the great game ideas. You candrive as a real truck adventure. Get into the challenge of truckdriving, the most realistic adventurous game with heavy vehicle andmonster truck. Start the game and give speed to enjoy the newjourney in every day. In this mountain game there are multipletasks given to you. In this game you have to collect the checkcones and complete your task. First task then move to the next taskthat is ready for you. This game has multiple challenging levels.Each level of new off road truck sim game is more thrilling and youwill real enjoy this game. Precision driving is most importantfactor for finishing the awesome game levels. Experience all themadness of off road simulator game.Truck Simulator Real 3D Drive isa wonderful game and you need to drive carefully to reach yourright destination within given time. Avoid hitting the hurdles andstone because if you hit anyone your level should be failed. Offroad truck is an exciting and landscape of thrill and trickydriving on hilly area. It has great, smoothest control and you haveto drive your truck on top hill mountain. Extreme weatherconditions with rainfalls and lighting could make your drive evenmore difficult. Exciting truck like Hummer get over challenging onoff road areas. If you have any experience of truck driving then wedeveloped this game for you. In this game your aim is to collectthe coins and check points to complete your taste in given time.Your driving skills in high speed with adventure and stunt monstertruck concept. You need to follow the arrow to collect points whichare leading to check points.Truck Simulator Europe 2017 is verypopular in play store. In this game you will experience realistic3D environment. It has stunning sound of truck engine and manyother features you are going to experience. There are multiplelevels and you have to play every level to open the next one. Forevery level there is a time limit and for that if you complete thelevel on time then next level will automatically be open. There arethree trucks with heavy engine. There are different viewing sidesfor driving the truck plus we have developed three types ofhandling which is tilt, staring and aero button. Extreme TruckDrive Simulator is the most amazing game on Google play store andit’s totally free.Game Feature:1. Realistic 3D truck simulatorenvironment2. Different weather condition and dangerous road3. Highquality and real truck sound4. Realistic driving experience andstunning physics5. New and powerful design of truck engine6.Amazing controls7. Perfect breaksIf you have any curry about thisgame or anything you would like to share with us then contact oremail us. We are always here to help you out.Thankyou for yoursupport !