1.0.2 / April 7, 2017
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Trio Peaks immerses you in the space shootergame with unlimited supply of bullet. You will be in control ofyour warplane and you can formed your powerful elite squad bycollecting 'Power-Up' & 'Shield'.

Your mission is to get rid of an unknown enemy strike force anddestroy the "BIG BOSS". You will enter different zone of space indifferent levels. Put your nerves and your agility to test throughall the challenges.

Control the warplane by just simple buttons on the screen. Collectthe game bonuses to help you get out of the challenging situation.Become a top fighter pilot hero/heroine.

Enjoy the game!

App Information Galaxy Challenger

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My Cute Calculator 1.0 APK
Trio Peaks
My Cute Calculator provides options for you topick your own image and will be uploaded as the background imagefor the calculator. You can change the background image as manytimes, as you prefer. Just for fun and uniquely yours!Disclaimer:My Cute Calculator is developed by Three Peaks. You expresslyunderstand and agree that your use of the content provided by MyCute Calculator is at your sole responsibility of risk. My CuteCalculator, Three Peaks and affiliates expressly disclaims,overrides and excludes all warranties of any kind or any loss thatmay arise from reliance on the content.My Cute Calculator makes no warranty that:(a) the content will meet your requirement and expectation;(b) the content will be uninterrupted, timely, secure orerror-free.Requirement: for android version 4.1.2 Jellybean and aboveThank you very much for your download.
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Donuts Craze is an amazing puzzle game. Thegame is based on a very popular "Match 3 Game Concept".Download Donuts Craze for FREE and link your way through differentyummy donut to unlock more fantastic levels.Donuts Craze features:• Start with 45 levels of Donuts puzzles;• New objectives for different level;• Special effects of Donuts items booster;• New and tricky blockade;• Play high score in every level;• Share the game with your friend;• Challenge your friend with your score for each level;• Easy and fun to play.How to play:• You should swap the Donuts to match 3 or more identical Donuts toeliminate them.Play the game and enjoy the yummy Donuts. Our big THANK YOU goesout to everyone who has played Donuts Craze!
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Jibi is the cute little chicken. Run, jump andavoid the Mr. Blue to collect more diamonds and achieve higherlevels through Jibi Adventures. Compete with your friends for thehighest score.How far can you go?Features:- Different challenge at each levels- Extremely tough Mr. Blue- Challenge your friends for the high score- Fun & Addicting!How to Play:- Use the joystick button at screen to control left and rightmovement- Press the jump button at screen to jump- Avoid the Mr. Blue by moving left, right or jump to the higherblocks- Collect as much diamonds as possible
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Password Wallet organizes all your passwordsin one secure place. You can access to your passwords wherever andwhenever you need them.Password Wallet requires your “Personal Phrase” to all of yourpasswords; you can even create a “Personal Phrase” for each of yourpassword. This is to maximize your security and only you shouldknow what is the “Personal Phrase”. Think of it as your first lineof defense and this setup prevented Password Wallet from even beingvulnerable to the online security catastrophe since your passwordsare encrypted with the world’s leading standard and keeplocally.Password Wallet making password management simple, easy to doand encourage people to take control of their security. PasswordWallet remembers all of your passwords so that you can use strong,unique passwords and takes a load off your mind focus on the moreimportant things in your life rather than remembering a long listof passwords.Simplify Your Day.
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This game is all about tapping on Mosquitos asfast as you can. Each scene have a target for the number ofmosquito you need to tap. You must be fast enough in order to go tothe next scene. Try it out!Challenge yourself and your friends. Tap on as many mosquitos asyou can.
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Confessing is good in helping us to better'KNOW THYSELF', overcome vice, brings peace, become more saintlyand makes our will stronger.My Confess app introduces a new way or 'place' for you to do yourconfession especially those facing difficulties expressingthemselves. You may key in your statement at anytime, anywhere andwithout anyone. This will help to acknowledge your personal factand you can remove your statement by just clicking a button. At theend, you may enlighten by some of the encouraging quotes.My Confess app does not collect any personal information and noinformation is sent to server. My Confess is personallyyours.
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Twist Mind is a great game to exercise yourmemory daily. Its a simple and easy to play game that suitable foreveryone.What you need to do is just as simple as pressing the buttonaccording to the changing colour sequence for each different levelsin order to score. The number of button will increase subsequentlyto test your memory. It's more challenging in higher level.Practice more to improve your memory.Try the game, keep your mind active.Thank you.
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Code Scanner Lite scan QR code andbarcode.User able to see the information of the code and allowed tosaveand/or connected to web search for the scanned code. This willhelpuser to find a variety of information. User also able tomanagetheir Scanned History. Simple and easy to use.