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If you are a big fan of classic arcade galaxy free shooting gamesso this newest space shooter game : Galaxy Shooter Battle 2020 :Alien Shooter - Galaxy attack is the best game for you that willmake you feel like playing a classic galaxian game. Most attractiveshooting games or alien shooter games. It simulates a war inspace-shooter, space game. You will be faced with an increasinglylarge number of alien invader squadron strike forces, find a way toupgrade your spaceship engines to have a higher attack power andkill many galaxian striker Bosses in galactica wars to save earthfrom the space invaders enemies - alien spacecraft attackers, spaceshooter - space game. Are you sure you will survive in the ultimategalaxy shooter war ? >>> Join the battle and Start toshoot’ em up galaxy invaders !!! FEATURES : - Many modes to play :Adventure , Endless, Ranking. - Various enemy Minions : hundred ofmission invaders, spaceship attackers and aircrafts squadrons. -Over 860+ challenging levels with various difficulties inspace-games. - HD Graphic : Beautiful maps and gorgeous pixelgraphic reminds old school games - Modern combat: alien-shooter,falcon squad and galaxy attack are all attractive galacticaelements in this galaxy wars. - Mission system : immersive dailymission and achievements to conquer in space shooter. - Fierce BossBattle: defeat the extreme bosses to protect your spaceship -galaxy shooter safely - Amazing sound and effects of falcon squad -space game. - Animations: Player movement, Player thruster, Enemyexplosion - Unlimited Gems / Coins: you will gain more free coinsand gems per level passing. - Power upgrade : many power-up items,boosters rewards for complete missions in space-shooter. - Extremecombination of space-shooter, space-game, galaxy attack. - Choosethe right skills during the space battles to control your spaceshipto fight - attack with giant enemies and alien invaders, alianshooter, spaceship games. - More than 5 spaceships are commensuratewith many skills to play. - Skill based win : Fair game play, nopay to win. - Free download, no wifi needed - Simple and Easy toPlay This is a simple offline game, familiar images , legendary andpopular games of almost all ages from 5 to over 45 years old. HOWTO PLAY: With Air Force Galaxy shooting games, you will use amazingbattleship: 🚀 Move spaceship and dodge enemy's bullets. 🚀 Shoot allevil alien spacecraft enemies down in the galaxy shooter war. 🚀Upgrade your shooting weapons/ lasers/ bullets and galacticspaceship by collecting sky coins. 🚀 Use gems to buy many boosteritems to level up easier. 🚀 Complete tasks every day to receivefree coins and gems. 🚀 Use appropriate strategy skills to changeyour guns/weapons 🚀 Challenge yourself in three mode campaigns. 🚀Use your spaceship to shoot them down and clear all enemy in thespace galaxy ( galactica ) war. Build a strong air force and jointhe galaxy shooter wars - alien shooter ! Protect the galaxy fromspace invaders - rescue your falcon squad and become the greatestCaptain - That is your mission in this Galaxy Shooter Battle 2020 :Alien Shooter - Galaxy attack Get your spaceship ready for infinityspace battles, galaxy attack alien-shooter in this arcade shootinggame - Top of casual game in 2020. Are you sure you will survive inthis war ? Come to join our Galaxy shooter air force and challengeyourself ! Download for free now!

App Information Galaxy Shooter Battle 2020 : Galaxy attack

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    Galaxy Shooter Battle 2020 : Galaxy attack
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    April 13, 2021
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    Android 4.4 and up
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Gold miner, also called gold rush game, is acasual mining game that made you addicted when you play.Gold, diamonds, and dynamite? That's right, you're a goldminer andit's your job to mine as much gold as you can and come out with themost money. Are you ready? Time to goldrush!This Gold miner 2017 , the gold rush casual game, is exactly thesame as the available online version! This is old school superclassical gold digger casual gameGAMEPLAY:Utilize your claw and reel to mine golden gold and differentfortunes out of the earth. Your claw will swing forward andbackward. Tap screen to lower it. When it has grabbed something itwill reel it up. Overwhelming items like rocks and huge pieces ofgold will be harder to reel up. Get bags contain arbitrary amountsof cash, a strength power-up, or a stick of dynamite. Betweenlevels you can purchase things that can help you.Mouse, stone, skull, bone are relentless obstacles against you todig and grab. Gold price, diamond price, stone price and otheritems price are waiting you discoveryGather the objective amount of money before the end of the level.On the off chance that you don't meet your objective before the endof the level it's game over. Your cash continues starting with onelevel then onto the next.On the off chance that you inadvertently explode everything on alevel or you simply have a craving for going on, you can press the“Next Level” button. In the event that you haven't met your levelobjective it will be gameover.Shop contains many worthy items:+ Dynamite: After you grabbed onto something with your claw, touchdynamite area to throw a piece of dynamite at it and blow itup+ Strength Drink: The miner will reel up objects a little faster onthe next level. The drink only lasts for one level+ Lucky Clover: This will increase the chances of getting somethinggood out of the grab bags on the next level. This is only good forone level+ Rock Collector book: Rocks will be worth three times as muchmoney on the next level. This is only good for one level.+ Diamond Polish: During the next level diamonds will be worth moremoney. Only good for one levelFEATURES:+ Addictive gameplay, feel gold rush as well gold run+ 30 unique levels but playing endlessly to get a high score+ Classical graphics for old school game with a friendly userinterface+ Dynamic sound and music+ Tons of achievements+ Global leaderboard+ Supports 26 languages+ Spin the lucky wheel, slot machine to get a reward+ Daily rewards+ 6 cool miner charactersThis is the best new free gold miner vegas game in 2016, 2017 inthe world. If you are a fan of Gold miner tycoon you will like thisgame.SENSPARK Game Studio is the studio behind the success of the topdownload casual classic games: Shoot Dinosaur Egg, Line 98, VietnamPoker ...CONTACT US:- Visit our official site at http://www.senspark.com- Send your feedback via feedback@senspark.com- Like & follow on https://www.facebook.com/TeamSenspark
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Welcome to the wonderful world of Lines 98, itis a simple interesting classical board game. However it has adeluxe user interface, we sure you will love it at the firsttime!GAME PLAY:- For LINE mode: make score by arranging 5 or more balls of thesame color consecutively in straight lines (vertically,horizontally or diagonally)- For SQUARE mode: make score by arranging at least 4 balls of thesame color to form a rectangle or square- For BLOCK mode: make score by arranging at least 7 balls of thesame color close together.Imagine you play a famous game in fantastic style!Let's make as many scores as you can and challenge your friendsnow!!!FEATURES:- Addictive gameplay- Impressive graphics that will make you feel excited andmore.- Five and more themes for you (black, red, blue, green, wood,...)- Balls will move faster and faster with balls speed control.- Easy to play, challenging to master.- Save & load many games at the same time now!- Social network sharing, let beat your friends right now!- Global leaderboards to watch your friends and competitors in realtime!- Submit your high score with game screen while playing, DO NOTNEED TO WAIT FOR GAME ENDED GAME ANY MORE!- Support many languages: English, Chinese, French, Italian,German, Spanish, Dutch, Russian...CONTACT US:- Visit our official site at http://www.senspark.com- Send your feedback via feedback@senspark.com- Like & follow on https://www.facebook.com/TeamSensparkSENSPARK Game Studio is the studio behind the success of the topdownload classic casual games: Gold Miner, Shoot Dinosaur Eggs,Jewel, Chess ...Cùng từ nhà phát triển game Đào Vàng, Bắn Trứng, Kim cương, Cờtướng … với hàng triệu người chơi.Trò chơi di động miễn phí hay nhất ở Việt Nam!Đây là game line 98 game kinh dien mọi người đều yêu thích. Line 98cuc hay, hấp dẫn giới văn phòng. Bạn hãy chơi ngay line 98 gamekinh điển. Game line 98 tốt nhất trên store.
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Popular Gold Miner game comes to GooglePlaywith deluxe graphics.Addictive gameplay, beautiful graphics and fantastic musiccertainly satisfy your playing.Unlimited levels, totally free so you won’t be able to put downGold Miner Deluxe.You’re a gold miner and it’s your job to mine as much gold, diamondand come out with the most amount of money you can. Stone, mouse,TNT if they can be obstacles to make you slow. You have to racewith time to complete task at a place and then go to anotherplaces. In game you are able to travel to many beautiful places tomine such as forest, cave, mountain, beach and city.After completing a level, you could be equipped with power-up itemslike dynamite, strength, lucky flower, rock collection book,diamond polish. They help you easily to play in the next level.Explore game to know how to use each item. You must spend money youearn to buy the items so our advice is to be smart to choose to buythe items.Gold Miner Deluxe will launch with classic level design andenvironment that make you feel familiar. You also compare yourscore against friends or unknown foes over the world with PlayGameleaderboard
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Co tuong is a traditional board game fromEastern.This is a remarkable rework on Chinese Chess game (co tuong, cờtướng, xiangqi) . Beautiful graphics and animation, nice sound andmusic, intelligent AI.Co tuong has the features:FEATURES- 10 levels of difficulty in training mode.- Undo your mistake moves- Select which board look easily with 4 board types.- Choose your favourite piece with 4 piece set types.- Personalise your profile with 7 avatar types.- Beautiful graphics and animations.- Dynamic sound and comfortable music- Support English and VietnameseThis is the best Co Tuong for youPlay Co Tuong now!CONTACT US:- Visit our official site at http://www.senspark.com- Send your feedback via feedback@senspark.com- Like & follow on https://www.facebook.com/TeamSensparkSENSPARK Game Studio is the studio behind the success of the topdownload classic casual games: Gold Miner, Shoot Dinosaur Eggs,Line 98, Jewel ...Cùng từ nhà phát triển game Đào Vàng, Bắn Trứng, Lines 98, Kimcương … với hàng triệu người chơi.Trò chơi di động miễn phí hay nhất ở Việt Nam!Co tuong là một game dân gian được nhiều người ưa chuộng. Đây làbản cờ tướng - co tuong 2016 - được đầu tư làm lại rất nổi bật vớiđồ hoạ và hoạt hoạ đẹp mặt, âm thanh và nhạc nền hay, máy đánhhay.Game Co Tuong có các chức năng:- Đấu với máy:+ 10 mức độ khó+ Đi lại nước đi- Chọn kiểu bàn cờ dễ nhìn với 4 loại bàn cờ.- Chọn kiểu quân cờ bạn ưa thích với 4 loại quân cờ.- Cá tính tài khoản của bạn với 7 loại avatar.- Đồ hoạ và hoạt hoạ đẹp mắt- Âm thanh sống động nhạc nền dễ chịu.- Hỗ trợ tiếng Anh và tiếng Việt.Hãy tải và chơi game Co Tuong ngay!Một trong những game Co Tuong tốt nhất hiện nay!
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Darkland is a challenging platform game with one touch controllerfrom indie developer. In this game, there is no moving buttons, nojumping button like others. Just touch to move and that is what youneed to play. Be careful and prepare your finger. It is a quitehard platform game that you’ve never seen before. You might diemany times before you complete the level. But don’t worry about thedeath, you won’t waste your time to wait a very boring game overscene. If you die, you can try again immediately so you can focuson your playing. You will meet Billy who is a white block. In someways, he is lost into Darkland. That is a very dangerous place. Hedidn't know why but he needs to escape. He is not a ninja or awarrior but now he has to fight alone and find the way out. Theonly way to get out is the gate. Of course, there is no easy life,he has to avoid the spikes, or the light blocks if he doesn’t wantto start again. It means the dark platforms are safe for him.FEATURES - Simple gameplay with one touch controller. - Minimalistart style with beautiful color and dynamic shadow system in a duskyatmosphere - More than 50 challenging levels to play: move forward,fall down, go up or play in a unstable gravity environment, findthe way to go or just challenge your timing. - Enemies: lightblocks and spikes - Safe objects: teleporter, gravity switcher,black land HOW TO PLAY - Touch and hold to move forward - Hit thewall to turn back - Avoid enemies - Try to get into the gate tocomplete the level Enjoy the game!
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Tap & tap to make The Red & The Pinkbirds jump over the nasty mouses and keep staying away from thehelicopters. Help them survive for as longly as possible.Enjoy simple but challenging gameplay.
Hamster Islands - Easy Games 1.11 APK
Welcome to the world of Hamster Kingdom – joinus in fairy tale floating islands with hundreds of kawaiihamsters!➤World of Colours is waiting for you to discover:- Many beautiful floating islands to conquer in each level: greenpine islands, Thailand, Korean islands, dangerous pirate islands,lonely stone islands, Europe ancient palace islands, fairy talepeach islands…- Magical beanstalk, music fairy, Jo Jo family and magic red coatare your big helps to raise cute baby hamsters.- Hamster fairies helps the King of Hamster to spread magic, keepslife lasting in the islands.➤AN EASY GAME FOR EVERYONE:- Anyone who loved fairy tale scene- Cute game for pet and chipmunk lovers.- Simple game to kill time- Games for little kids with easy and simple game play- Anyone wants no ads game- Even can be a lazy game :))➤HOW TO PLAY:- Simply keep tapping into screen for every 30 seconds to feedhamter baby and rest 20 seconds.- In the rest time, build the house, call fruit hamter fairies andmusic fairy to help, plant and harvest the beanstalk, upgrade Jo Joand hamter fairies…any many more to discover in the menu bar.- Discover the beauty of next floating islands and make your ownhamster collection, share with friends.- Play easy mini games like lucky wheel and hamster race to getfree gem.- Prestige for to gain even more builder power and unlock moreparadise area- Beat your friends score on the leader board.❖Join and share your cutest Hamster Collection with Friends onTwitter & Facebook❖www.facebook.com/HamsterIslandswww.twitter.com/HamsterTap