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A galactic war is challenging the galaxy. Who will defend thecosmic skies from conquest? Only you! Be our super-hero, fly intoorbit, blast bubbles, and defend space! Feel the battle rush as yousmash through the levels and win! This space game is filled withfun quests and enough blasting, popping action to make you burst.But what makes Galaxy Spinner really special is the whirling,spinning board feature. Every time you hit a match, it'll pop, andthe board will spin, twit, and whirl out of control! How to PlayThis Bubble Shooter Spinner Game This epic game is easy to play.Just shoot matching bubbles on the spinning board to make themexplode. Here are a few extra tricks to try: - Since this is aphysics-based bubbles game, you can make chain reactions to causemore bubbles to spin and pop and make more room for new balloons asthe old ones go crashing down. - Some of your best moves are wallshots. Aim the shooter at the wall, watch it bounce back ontomatching balloons, and smash through even more balls than with asingle shot! - Be mesmerized by the spinning board, but don’t getdistracted! You’ll need to train your brain to beat these cosmicchallenges and crush intergalactic mind boosters. Use logic, skill,and speed to solve these brain teasers. Special Features ★Fantastic graphics and special effects: This action-packed puzzlegame has great graphics! ★ No WiFi needed: You can play GalaxySpinner online and offline. No internet is required, so haveshooting fun wherever you are. Plus, it's free to play! ★ Totallyaddictive: This is one arcade game that is totally addicting and somuch fun! ★ Brain teasers: Use strategy and smart tactics to stayahead of this bubble spinner game and smash more balls with everyshot! ★ Relaxing: Galaxy Spinner is a casual game that’s fun too! ★Prizes: Win loads of coins, rewards, gifts, bonuses, and even a fewsurprises! ★ Thousands of levels: So many fantastic shootingpuzzles to discover, explore, and solve. Get ready to shoot yourway through this exciting spinning board. Download Galaxy Spinnerfor your Android device and enjoy the best offline game!

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    Galaxy Spinner
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    April 2, 2019
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Match 3 Fun Games
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Cookie Crush Match 3 APK
PLAY Cookie Crush today & join millions ofhappy players in this addicting match 3 puzzle game!Take on this exciting adventure and explore thousands of fun levelsfilled with sugary boosts and bonuses. Crush, pop, hit and blastall the sweet candies. Win awesome rewards by clearing the board.Download for FREE and start crushing the candy!Looking for a fun relaxing matching game?Join the exciting quest in the land of candies, cookies and jellysweets! Explore new exciting flavors and colors in this addictingFREE game.Like online board games? get ready to fall in love with thispopular crush game!Cookie Crush is a fun match 3 puzzle game taking place in the candykingdom. Join Alex in the incredible journey across the sugar landand help her collect awesome prizes.Test your skills, solve the different match 3 puzzles and winamazing boosters.How to Play * Swap and match 3 candies of the same type tosmash and win points. * Collect prizes and make special cookiecombinations to create a COOKIE CRUSH! * Boost your experience withawesome power-ups. * Make special combinations to generate massivecookie crush explosions! * Play and enjoy thousands of colorfulpuzzle levels in this fun addicting game. * Reach high scores andtry to get 3 stars on every level. * Train your brain with the bestonline matching game.Join the adventureTravel across the lollipop wonderland & explore wondrous placesfilled with vivid colors. Match, pop & collect candy, it’seasy! Unlock boosters that will help you beat all the challengesand win levels. Don’t wait any longer to join the cookie crushmania, it’s extremely addictive!New Goals on Each level!Solve the brain teasers and win amazing bonuses that will rewardyou with awesome power-ups. Download this fun and addicting game,match 3 candies, collect items and beat all the challenges.Complete the missions set at the beginning of each level and clearthe board. Play today and start working on your matchingskills.Game Features:* Thousands of fun levels filled with candy and jelly treats.* Sweet supply of power-ups and boosters, delicious combos!* Don’t miss out the DAILY BONUS - spin the wheel and win greatrewards! Make sweet matches, overcome all the obstacles on yourjourney and complete levels.* Easy to pick up and play.* Try out this cool, fun online board game, it’s the perfect gamefor kids & adults to enjoy!* You can play offline as no internet connection is required!Create massive candy explosions by making the followingcombinations:* Swap and link 3 candy items to create a line blast and removethem from the board. * Match 4 candies to get a striped treat ofthe same color and create a line blast.* Match 5 candy treats in an L or T shape to get a bomb that willexplode all items around it.* Match 5 sweet candies in a row to get a special colorful rainbowbomb.* Connect 2 special items to create an even greaterexplosion.Enjoy the best match 3 puzzle game today!This game is fun, super addictive and we can’t promise you will notfall in love with our awesome and delicious levels.Make sure to keep an eye out for cool updates and new levels!We would love to get your feedback!Let us know what we can add to make your gameplay even moreenjoyable and earn your 5-star review.Follow us for news, updates and fun surprises!Visit our FB page:https://www.facebook.com/TheRealCookieCrushMatch3/
Bubble Shooter APK
Play the classic and most fun Bubble Shooter ™ game for FREE! Trainyour brain and solve all the awesome puzzles and challenges. BubbleShooter ™ is the BEST matching game. Enjoy the most popular bubbleshooter game, which is all about popping bubbles and solvingpuzzles. Hit, smash and pop balloons for the highest score, and winfabulous prizes, gifts, and coins in this fun game! Let the funbegin today, download now and match at least three bubbles of thesame color to pop. Beat all the challenges, and explore thousandsof levels packed with cool features and awesome boosters. Get thisfun puzzle game on the play store and play it now for FREE! Warm upyour fingers and prepare for some bubble popping fun! BubbleShooter ™ is a perfect free brain training game - no internetconnection or wifi required so you can play anytime and anywhere.We took the classic arcade game, and added some new, awesome gamefeatures to this bubble game that you’ll love! Enjoy a Fun BubbleGame * A classic bubble game mode - solve all the different puzzlesto win! * Thousands of thrilling levels filled with fun andadventure. * Cool graphics and visual effects. * Smash and explodebubbles with no need for internet or wifi! * Get ready to challengeyour color matching skills! * Charge up with awesome boosters thatwill help you blast through the levels. * Boost your gamingexperience with great power-ups: the bomb and the fireball willtake out surrounding bubbles and cut through a safe pass. Pop ballsin the fun game, solve challenges, and blast the colorful balloonsaway! Here is how to do it: PLAY & WIN! * Take aim, match 3colors and shoot the bubbles! * Clear all the colored balls fromthe board. * Hit and blast the bubbles and advance through thegame. * Pop bubbles on your device today and win amazing gifts andcoins. * Win points and reach high scores. * Tap to change thecolor of your bubble, bubble swap is completely free. Join thebubble popping fun, play with family and friends and see who canreach the top score. What are you waiting for? Get ready, aim andshoot bubbles! All rights of Bubble Shooter ™ are owned by IlyonDynamics Ltd.
Fruit Smash Mania 1.3 APK
Play and enjoy the sweetest puzzle game in this Fruit Blast lovelyadventure! Join the fruit splash mania in the luscious land andexplore loads of juicy and fun levels. Experience this thrillingpuzzle matching game and complete the missions and challenges setat the beginning of each level. Reach high scores by making specialcombinations and try to get 3 stars on every splashy level. Match 3fruits or more of the same color to crush and make juicy splashes.When you swap and pop fruits you get the chance to unlock awesomesurprises that will help reach the goals and go to the next level.Use the super items wisely and solve all the challengingpuzzlesCreate massive explosions with this fruit link:- Match 4fruits together to get a striped item of this color and create aline blast.- Match 5 fruits in an L or T form to get a juice boxbomb that will explode surrounding fruits.- Match 5 fruits in a rowto get a colorful rainbow ball. Fruit Smash Mania Features:-Delicious power ups - Tasty juice boxes- Yummy fruit jam -Thousands of exciting levels Start your adventure today, play FruitSmash Mania and experience endless fun and hours of pureentertainment straight on your mobile.
Jewel Crush Deluxe 2.0 APK
Jewel Crush Deluxe is the ultimate match 3 game taking place in themagical ice frost kingdom. Start your adventure today, move andcrush jewels and experience hours of endless fun. Access thousandsof beautifully designed levels filled with gorgeous gemstones andplenty of fun surprises.- Move and match 3 jewels in a line toremove them- Beat all the challenges and win hard levels- Completethe missions!- Collect all the sparkling gems before you run out ofmoves For massive shiny explosions make these following matches:-Match 4 jewels to get a striped item of this color and create aline blast - Match 5 jewels in an L or T form to get an amazinggemstone that will explode all items around it.- Match 5 jewels ina row to get a special colorful rainbow ball. The colorful item canburst all jewels with the same color. - Connect 2 special jewels tocreate even greater explosionsJewel Crush Deluxe is the moststylish match 3 game on Google Play. Play now and enjoy the mostfun puzzles and challenges.
Classic Match 3 1.2 APK
Play and enjoy the popular Match 3 mobile game taken back to thediamond smash classic style. Download today and solve over 1000sparkly levels filled with awesome power-ups and challenges. Simpleand that much fun! -How to Play-You need to swap 2 gems to get 3 ina row and clear the combination. Move, match and collect items towin! Collect all the blocks and reach the level goals Use powerfulboosts to clear obstacles and complete challenges Make uniquecombinations to create big explosions Explore over 1000 joyful andcolorful levels! Reach high scores and try to get 3 stars on everylevelGet Classic Match 3 now from Google Play ONLY IF YOU LOVE funpuzzles and challenges. Enjoy the classic match 3 game straight inyour Android device today, it’s a great way to pass time and workon your matching skills!
Cookie Crush Match 3 1.9.5 APK
Time for some candy fun! Play Cookie Crush today and join the sweetjourney anytime and anywhere you want! We have developed thisaddictive matching game for all of you fans of puzzle games who arelooking for a great way to pass the time. Get the best match 3 gamefor FREE and train your brain with thousands of challenging levelsand brain teasers. Test your color matching skills as you mix andmatch all the sweet cakes and clear levels. Get ready to fall inlove with this sugary adventure! Cookie Crush is a fun match 3 gamewhere you can swipe and match tasty candy in thousands of deliciouslevels. Take on this exciting adventure, blast mouthwateringdesserts, cookies, and lollipops and discover yummy candy combosand awesome rewards. Looking for a fun and relaxing matching game?Download the sweetest puzzle game for free and join the excitingquest in the land of candies, cookies, cupcakes, and lollipops.Discover new flavors and colors in this addictive matching game!Play online or offline and explore plenty of sugary worlds filledwith new and cool features and fun surprises. If fun online match 3games tickle your fancy, get ready to experience hours of candymatching fun! Start crushing the candy today and discover sweetlevels and challenges. Join Alex in the incredible journey acrossthe sugar land and help her smash candies and complete thedifferent missions. Crush and burst all the sweet candies and winawesome gifts and rewards! SWEET FEATURES * TRAIN your brain withplenty of fun PUZZLES and brain teasers. * Beautiful graphics andeffects. * Discover yummy candy COMBOS. * Don’t miss out the DAILYBONUS - spin the wheel and win great rewards! * CRUSH and popdelicious cookies and jellies. * Enjoy thousands of colorful LEVELSfilled with jelly treats, chocolate and, jams. * This awesome gameis simple and easy to learn, perfect for both adults and kids toenjoy! * Enjoy the game with your family and play online oroffline- no wifi is needed! * Sweet supply of power-ups andboosters that will help you pass blast through the challenges andreach the level target. * Clear a level with fewer moves to get ahigher score. * Free to play and filled with adventure! Get it now!JOIN THE ADVENTURE! Travel across the cookie wonderland, explorewondrous places and discover thousands of fun levels filled withsweet desserts, great puzzles, and bonuses. Match and crushdelicious cookies- it’s easy and fun! Train your brain and testyour skills as you collect candy drops and clear levels. WINawesome boosts and use them to create great explosions! HOW TO PLAY* Swap and match 3 candies of the same type to smash and winpoints. * Work your way through increasingly challenging puzzles. *Boost your experience with awesome power-ups. * Check back each dayto claim your daily bonus! * Train your brain with the best onlinematching game. * Combine any 2 boosters to generate great effectsand beat the level. * Play and explore thousands of puzzle levelsfilled with sugar and jam treats. YUMMY CANDY COMBOS! Match 4candies to get a striped treat of the same color and create a lineblast. Match 5 sweets in an L or T shape to get a bomb that willexplode all items around it. Match 5 delicious candies in a row toget a special colorful rainbow bomb. Get Cookie Crush today andjoin the SWEET JOURNEY! Play online or offline, no internetconnection is required. You can restart any level without having towait for lives, as they are unlimited. We would love to get yourfeedback! Let us know what we can add to make your gameplay evenmore enjoyable and earn your 5-star review. Follow us for news,updates and fun surprises! Visit our Facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/TheRealCookieCrushMatch3/
Cake Crush Match 3 APK
Join us for a picnic in the park. Go onanamazing adventure inside the sugary kingdom and experiencethegreatest Match 3 fun in the sun! Play the coolest new match 3game,visit the joyous festival and enjoy loads of deliciouslevelsfilled with cakes, rolls, doughnuts sweet pies and moresugary andtasty treats to satisfy your sweet tooth!Play with friends and family to see who can get the highestscores.Plan ahead your moves and collect tasty pastries to advance,earnsugary boosters that will help you clear levels andsolvechallenges. Complete the challenges that are set at the startofthe level and win enough points to get 3 stars on every level.Create crunchy explosions by making thefollowingcombinations:- Match 4 sweet cakes to get a striped treat of this colorandcreate a line blast- Match 5 pastries in an L or T form to get an amazing treatthatwill explode all items around it.- Match 5 cakes in a row to get a special colorful rainbow cake.Thecolorful item can burst all pastries with the same color.- Connect 2 special cakes to create even greater explosionsGet ready for some fun cake crush mania. It’s the mostdeliciousand addictive adventure filled with sweet cakes, luscioustreatsand plenty of surprises!
Sweet Smash Match 3 APK
Looking for the best sugary adventure? youcame to right place! We have the perfect matching game on GooglePlay for all of you sweets lovers. Play today Sweet Smash Mania andenjoy plenty of delicious levels and fun new features and flavors.Be sure to try the excellent milkshakes, cupcakes and waffles tosatisfy your sweet tooth!Go on an amazing journey, explore some magical places inside theluscious kingdom and match 3 sweet treats to win levels.Plan ahead your moves and collect tasty pastries to advance, trygetting 3 stars on every level by reaching high scores. Earn coolboosts that will help you crush items and unlock sugarycombinations!* Move sweet items to burst and win points* Match at least 3 treats of the same type to pop thecombination* Tons of exciting levels filled with delicious surprises* Easy to learn, challenging to masterAddictive and fun puzzle match game for the whole family toenjoy!Download Sweet Smash Mania for free and enjoy the top match 3puzzle game straight in your Android device today.