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This is a free collection of games. 19 games are included inthisgame library with more in development. Each game can beplayedalone, with two, three, four, five or six people. The rulesfor thegames are simple and can be learned easily.The gamecollection hasbeen created with simplicity in mind to make itaccessible for allage groups. Easy tap your color games areavailable to be played bythe whole family. More skilled playerswill find fun in sportsgames like: 'Soccer Teams', 'Hex Soccer',Basketball 'Free Throws'or Minigolf. Simple shooting games as wellas some hit games likeflying birds in multiplayer mode are also inthis gamecollection.Here you can play these games with up to 6peoplesimultaneously on a single phone or tablet. The games aremore funwith several people, but you can also play each game alone.If youplay alone you can play against bots in several game modeswhile inothers you can play against the time, go for a highscore orjusttrain your skills for the next game session with yourfriends.Byinstalling the game you agree to privacy policy of Google(AdMob):https://www.google.com/intl/en/policies/privacy and Unity(UnityAnalytics): https://unity3d.com/legal/privacy-policy

App Information Game Collection: 1 to 6 Player Minigames

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    Game Collection: 1 to 6 Player Minigames
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    June 22, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Octacube Studios
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    Fischbach 69a 8654 Fischbach Austria
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1-6 Player Ballz Fortress: local multiplayer game 1.7.0 APK
Play solo or coop with your friends and family locally on a singledevice. Place your phone or tablet on a table and up to 6 playerscan take part in this cooperative arcade game. You are playingalone but want to experience the whole fun? No problem. You can addup to 5 cannon bots in the main menu. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 playersspin their cannons and shoot at blocks coming from all sides. Yourballz bounce around, so find the best angle to hit as many blocksas you can with your bouncy ballz. Coordinate with your friends andshoot at high priority targets. Shoot at bonus objects to activatepowerful special abilities. Upgrade your fortress with blue bonusobjects to shoot faster. Communicate with your friends andcoordinate your attacks. Once an enemy reaches a cannon the game isover. How long can you survive? Compare your score to other playersworldwide through leaderboards. Leaderboards are enabled whenplaying with bots. For example: You are 2 players + 3 bots, thenyour score will be submitted to the 5 player leaderboard. Shareyour score through screenshots and selfies with your friends and onsocial media. Unlock up to 26 unique balls and cannons. This is agame for the whole family. Play solo, as 2 players, 3 players, 4players, 5 players or even as 6 players on a single phone ortablet. Game difficulty adapts to the number of players. Tryplaying with your friends and family for the most fun. You may alsotry to control several cannons alone to challenge your multitaskingcapabilities.
Connect 3 for 4 Players 1.0.5 APK
Challenge your friends in this local 4playergame. Players are taking turns, placing their stones on theplayfield. The first player who creates a line of 3 stoneswins.After each round, the play field rotates, making it tricky toreachyour goal. Watch your opponents turns carefully in Connect 3andblock their lines while planning your path to victory.The Color Attack mode is similar to Connect 3, but your goal istopaint as many fields in your color as you can. Each stone youplacepaints all fields in its path in your color. You can paintover thefields of your opponents, make use of this when itsbeneficial toyou.In Mixed-Mode the goals of Connect 3 and Color Attack arecombined.Make a line of three stones to win immediately, or paintthe mostfields in your color.
4 Paddles Arena: 1-4 Player 1.4.0 APK
Up to 4 players battle and try to shoot balls at each other.Tapyour button to rotate your paddle. Hit balls to change them intoyour color and shoot them at your friends. Each ball you hit givesyou points. Try to get more points than your friends.When inside acircle, tap your button to orbit around the circle. Tap again toleave the circle.Do not let balls of different color get into yourcenter or you will die.Catch balls of your own color with yourcenter to score additional points.
Sweethearts Puzzle Match 1.2.13 APK
Sweethearts Puzzle Match is a game for children as well as foradults. Clean up the sky by matching sweethearts and making themhappy. Let your sweethearts jump from cloud to cloud until everysweetheart has found a partner. But beware! After being matched,the sweethearts and the clouds will disappear, leaving a blankspace in the field which can not be crossed, so plan your stepscarefully.Time to clean up those sad clouds and stop the rain!Clouds are connected by lines on which you can move thesweethearts. Do this by selecting a sweetheart and tapping a nearbycloud. Your moves get counted. Try to match all sweethearts with asfew moves as possible.
Catch You: 1 to 10 Player Stickman Fighting Game 1.2.92 APK
This is a stick figure brawling game for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 , 7, 8, 9or 10 players. You can play together on a single phone or tablet.If you are more than 6 people, we recommend to play this game on atablet. Play with bots or with your friends and family. Great forschool breaks, bus rides, or while waiting for your meal at arestaurant. The controls in this party game are easy. Use yourbutton to switch the gravity for your stick figure. Collect greencrystals to speed up your stick figure and catch your opponents.Once catched, knock them out with your baseball bat. But do not getcaught from behind or you will get knocked out instead. Notice:like the title suggests, this is rather a catching game than afighting game. In the center of the map are shields located. Stickfigures who are shielded can not be knocked out. Once shielded,wait for other players to overtake you and knock them out.
Pirates: 1-4 Players game 1.0.6 APK
Set sail and compete against your friends or against bots inarenamode. You are a single person on your ship and therefore youcanonly control one part of the ship at a time. Control the shipwheeland steer your ship around obstacles and into position to fireatother ships. Or control your sails and slow your ship to getaroundtight areas. Or control your cannons and blast holes intoyouropponents ships to sink them.You can play alone against bots,orhave your family or your friends ready to join you. Up to 4playerscan play this game on a single phone or tablet. Who will bethebest pirate? Hitting ships with cannon balls gives 1 point, sinkaship and you receive 3 points. Not good at sailing? Hitting arockor an island with your ship? Bad sailors lose 1 point inthatcase.This game is still being improved, but you can alreadyplayit. Your feedback on the game is very important and can directthepath this game will make in the future. I hope you will enjoythisgame so far.Get your family and your friends together and learntosteer a tiny ship on your own. Who needs a crew anyway?
Ball Control Space 2.7.1 APK
Let your imagination run wild in Ball Control. Draw a complexsingle line to guide several balls to their goals in over 80levels. Use gravity inverters or portals to reach outlying areas!Change the color of balls and change their behaviour.Draw complexlines to reach* Gravity Inverters* Portals* Colorizers* SpecialBalls* Black Holes* and more!Use lines so red, blue and yellowballs can reach their specific goals. First device a plan, thendraw! Red balls can effect blue gravity inverters and therebychange the gravity of blue balls, making every level achallenge.Share your solutions and the lines you have drawn withyour friends via Facebook or Twitter!
7 Second Dimensions: Platformer with a time limit 1.1.8 APK
Quickly move to the portal leading you to the next dimension.Eachdimension will collapse within 7 seconds. Test your dexterityinseveral different and unique game modes. Through howmanydimensions can you move before your time runs out?Improveyourcharacter inside dimensions by collecting powerups. As youprogressthe dimensions become more difficult. Boost your characterbyunlocking special abilities. How many dimensions can youvisit?Compare your skills to your friends and otherplayersonline.Featuring* endless mode* 6 game modes, 230+levels*progression through ability system* unlockablecharacters*leaderboards and achievementsPlay endless mode and jumpthrough asmany levels as you can, facing more and more difficultlevels.Collect power ups to become faster and smaller. Get rid of abunchof enemies (thorns) by collecting rare bonus objectsinsidedimensions.The game receives regular updates includingadditionalgame modes and levels for you to play. Each game modefeatures aunique way of playing through dimensions. (Slide, Slalom,Climbing,...)Improve your character in endless mode by unlockingabilities.Compare your score to other players worldwide.