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Game of Battlefield: Warzone is a first person shooting game. Yourduty is to protect your base and hold your enemy to not enter thecity. The enemies attack is furious and their strategy is to crusheverything that comes in their way. Being equipped with the latestmachine guns and rocket launchers, you need to destroy their Tanks,Trains and Helicopters. Their military helicopter, war planes raidthe public places. Invading your country with the heavy machinesand making every place as a war zone. Enemy has made alliance withthe opposition and paid heavy price to few of gold diggers andtraitors. The fire of ignorance is going to affect all. In thisclash of power everyone seems hopelessIt’s a call of modern warfareand it’s a monster strike. The battleships of enemies are on theshore and more troops are on their way.You are alone in thiswarzone protecting your countrymen from the brutal army, attackingeveryone.Loosing this battle is not acceptable; you need to win atany cost. Don’t be afraid, they are not made of steel. Whoeverwins, will be remember as a LegendThe mission you have beenassigned are surely meant to be completed.Enjoy this amazing 3Dshooter game "Game of Battlefield"! And Please do not forget toleave comments about the game, your comments are so valuable forus.Top game features-Multiple weapons-Variety of Armors toprotect-Medical kit -Air strike-Enemies with Gunship helicopters,Humvees, Tanks-Challenging missions-Machine gun and upgradedRPG-Optimized controls-Amazing 3D environment

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    Game of Battlefield : Warzone
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    February 17, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Pocket King Studios
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    69 Dundas St W Mississauga, ON L5A1H7 Canada
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Are you ready for the Ultimate FPS Action Game!? Defeat waves uponwaves of enemies assaulting your position. Hop into your GunshipHelicopter and use your rocket launcher and machine gun to rip theenemy to shreds. They will be attacking you with everything they'vegot like attack helicopters, tanks and armored vehicles.The enemyhas crossed into your land and now the fighting is taking place inthe streets of the city and you the only future ghost soldier whocan stop their advances. Protect your country. You have to win thebattle at any cost as the future of the country depends on you!Youare the one of the best men of the brigade metal soldiers to besent to the frontline to destroy the enemy in pure fury commandoaction from your gunship helicopter. There is a blackout in thecity as this modern war takes place in the midst ofpeople.Features★ Complete missions divided in regions★ JuicyMissions full of explosive war combat action★ Enjoy realistic gunsimulation and animation!★ Call in the Airforce when you arefeeling overwhelmed by the enemy! The A10's will rip the enemy toshreds!★ Enemies attacking you with everything they've got; GunshipHelicopters, Humvees, Tanks, name it and they've got it!★ Optimizedcontrols for a great FPS experience
Gangster City:War Crimes 1.1 APK
GANGSTER CITY WAR CRIMESThe city is under attack of the curruptGangsters who just want to terrorise and take over. They areequipped with heavy duty machine guns, rpg,s, missiles and manyweapons of modern era. The city is in need of a Hero who can shootevery single one of the criminals dead. Those bad guys think thatthere is no such thing as Law that can stop them. They are freeroaming through the city in Tanks and highly equipped with heavyweapons. Well they are not alone you too have been given machineguns and a big ass tank to take those criminals, tanks andhelicopters Down!!!. This mission is a hell lot of crazy becauseyour the only one standing in the way of those criminals having astronghold all over the city. Neutralize the no go areas and clearit for terrorized innocent public. Gangster city war crimes is anamazing game which will give you the proper scenario of a city war.Good Luck and start Dominating.**Modern Features***Unlimitedchallenging missions*Real Crime city 3d environment*Best soundeffects*Drive the tank*Use the RPG to shot down helicopters*Coolanimations
Russian Tanks War 1.2 APK
Russian Tank war is a modern warfare FPS game. The war which isfought inside the city and all what you can hear is BOOM, BANG andnever heard explosions.War has entered in your house, on thestreets you play basketball, football, tennis and has threatened toconsume humanity as a whole. Enemy is not afraid of using deadlymodern warfare weapons on the civilian and just want to gain everyadvantage against their foes.You're a tank commander whose missionis to push back the brutal enemy invasion and give the enemy noquarters in this chaotic tank war. You have to survive the oncomingenemy blitz of tanks, gunship helicopters and light armored carsthat are blowing up your positions. Dodge incessantly uninterruptedhail of gunfire to destroy your targets!You are provided with manyupgrades that will help you on the battlefield.HEALTH KITSDwindlinghealth? Health Kits can be used to fill it up! Surrounded byenemies?AIRPOWERCall in the airpower to pound your enemies withunrelenting bombardment!ARMORTake on enemies by looking them in theeye by upgrading your armor!Features★ Enjoy realistic gunsimulation and animation!★ Enemies attacking you with everythingthey've got; Gunship Helicopters, Humvees, Tanks, name it andthey've got it!★ Optimized controls for a great FPS experience★also optimized for android tablet devices.PS. We work hard toensure that our games run properly on every major android phone andtablet. If however you encounter any issue which doesn't let youenjoy our games, please report it to [email protected] youlove to play our games and would like more addictive games or wouldjust like to say hi, please like our facebook pageathttps://www.facebook.com/pages/Gunning-Games/367867753407738?fref=tsDon’tforget to follow us on twitter https://twitter.com/Gunninggames
Xtreme Offroad Uphill Climb 1.4 APK
Welcome to one of the best uphill climb games of 2017Pocket KingStudios brings another simulation game with a Taxi crazy enough todeliver passengers through a wide mountainous track around one ofthe most beautiful hilly areas around the world. Having differenttypes of weathers driving on this track can become challenging.Your mission is to deliver the number of passengers assigned toyou. You get good money if you deliver them in good time.This gamewill test your driving skills in such a way that you can learn todrive on a drifting track with rainy and snow falling weather. Sodownload and test yourself that what kind of a crazy driver you canbe.**Game Features*** Challenging rescue missions* Cool weathereffects. * Realistic gameplay.* Live 3d city environment.* DriftingTrack.* Realistic vehicle controls.* Real sound effects.* Differentpick points.
Cargo Truck Parking Sim 2017 1.0.7 APK
Cargo Truck Sim Driving 3D is a 3D game for those of you who reallywant to improve their skills of truck driving while carrying someexpensive and heavy cargo in the truck. It is a modern fully loadedtruck and has a capacity to fill a lot of goods in it.You are thedriver responsible to transport them from the ware house to thepoint of Sale in Euro. You need to make sure not to hit or crashyour vehicle into the other cars and traffic. Strictly follow thetraffic rules and when you have the Road, just roll your ride andget speedy.Once you deliver the Goods to the required destination,you would be given cash money, the more you play the more money youget, so on and so forth you would be able to upgrade your truck andenjoy the drive. Get on and just get on to the warehouse. If youthink you are a great driver and have those skills to show,download this 3D game now and start playing. Its beautifulenvironments are immersive having some real life sound effects. Yougot to complete the missions and move on. Every mission is timebased so hurry up. You can challenge your friends to play as goodas you play. Good luck driving champ!Features:Free 3D GameImmersivecity environmentDifferent cargo trucksMissions to completeCollectcash upon successful missionInteractive and easy interface.
Boat Parking Marina 3D 1.2 APK
To drive a bike, a car, a truck or even a four wheeler is normalbut have you ever tried to ride on your favorite shipping boat andyacht to park it on the sea side professionally? Well this businesssim tycoon game gives all one needs to enjoy the blue waters andfish diving on the sea surface so get into the cargo shippingbusiness. With the inherent inertia in movement in the water, itlooks cool but it takes a lot of effort and attention to get to theparking. Get on to your kool looking yacht and control the yacht asa captain of shipping tycoon business yacht.Here is a chance tofight your way through the crowded harbor say, near the marina andpark your boat there like you try to find a parking in a crowdedmarket in the city area with your car. Show the management to runthe best cargo shipping companyEnjoy the pleasure of sailing at theblue sea while you catch the fish on your way. The more fish youcatch the more stars you get. Complete your boat missions in timeto proceed further to test your ship driving skills. Wow it feelslike flying in the air as there are no jerks and brakes as of onthe roads. So go on and take the control of the steering in thissim game.Features3D GameReal life sound effectsImmersiveenvironmentFishing catchingBoats and yachts to rideSmart phonegame.
Counter Shoot War 1.1 APK
Counter Shoot War is a small sized 14mb First Person ShootingWarfare game, Rage warfare against modern terrorism and as the onlycommando you have tokill and recapture your country's freedom. Playas a Special force team leader to counter strike the brutal armedterrorist commandos who are engaged in blackout and warfare againstyour team fortress. As a commando, you need great courage to facethe fierce enemies.The Mission seems impossible but you must giveyour all and shoot every single one of them dead.FEATURES* Smallfile size less than 14 MB!* Great graphics for a very small sizedFirst Person Shooter!* 30 Great levels to finish which means hoursof fun gameplay!* Awsome and vivid sound effects.* Fast loadinggame, very low waiting times, as game is meant for pure enjoyment!
Roller Coaster Simulation 2017 1.6 APK
Roller Coaster Simulator 2017 is an amazing 3D game for those wholove to spend time on swings, rides and coasters and get amused. Itis a great deal to be on the roller coaster and come back safe.Feel and live through the great excitement that comes from theadrenaline rush in your body and have fun.You have been assignedthe controller of the amazing roller coaster as a challenge and youhave to control the ride all the way on the dangerous track. Becareful to slow down the speed while making sharp turns andintersections on the track. It is all physics that matters. Youshould be cautious. You would be able to help to feel crazy whilein your favorite ride. The lives of several riders are in yourhands and you have to keep them all save and sound till you getback to the platform.You would be showed two meters that would showyou the excitement level, so if you are travelling upwards verticalon your roller coaster, and the speed is high you get points forthat and same way while coming down wards if your speed is high,your points would be deducted. So while driving your fast ride,maintain the required speed and earn points. Once you earn points,you can change the cart paint of your choice.Feel free to contactus If you face any problems while installation or while playingthis game.We will resolve it at the earliest.FeaturesAmazing 3DenvironmentImmersive scenesReal life sound effectsChallengingmissionsTime oriented levelsEarn pointsFeel like in real amazingroller coasterSave the lives