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The purpose is using pre-loaded common rules to simplifying inputand calculation of game (Mah Jong, Big 2 against all, Poker etc)scores. To give me some support, please click into the ads. It isusing Google's ads, so no need to worry about trojan virus.

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    Game Scores Calculation
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    December 16, 2019
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    HK OK
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HK Poker 13 1.6.8 APK
First release to play with computer, this version support Bluetoothconnection. It allows adding players via Bluetooth without the needto have internet. The goal is to allow a group to play duringtravel. Add cutting deck function to change the order generated bythe system. Add self draw function to mimic real human playing.This social card game is different from any casino or onlinegambling games.
HK Race Trail 1.2.2 APK
Initially, it was developed for self use andnow sharing out with this cut down version for those who love thissport. Why not using existing apps? The problem with apps on themarket are designed for large screen but not mobile. You need toscroll through pages and jumping around to different screens inorder to read all the information you want. The main objective formine is to have more information integrated into less screens tohelp me making decision in the environment of fast moving odds. Byusing colors, abbreviation and symbols we can squeeze as muchinformation as possible on the main screen and other sub screens.Features include:sorting Win odds for easy catching the betting movement;compare Place ranks against Win ranks;compare Quinella against Win odds;compare Place Quinella against Place odds;compare Double against Win cross;display results;manual selection on horses and display the selection in Jockey andTrainer's screen. Together with Jockey Challenge odds for studyingthe whole days strategy.Lucky number screen and a simple combined model prediction.Add color theme, so you can choose your lucky color.Note: this app does not contain any gambling capability, onlyprovide information analysisPaid full version include live editors comments; analysis onhistorical data such as Jockey, Trainer, Draw's winning odds forthe same length, course and ground condition; recent lose headlength; rating reduction; winning history; join trainer andjockey's winning odds and no advertisement.Interested may contact raceview168@gmail.comWith Advertisement version - to give me some support, pleaseclick into the ads. It is using Google's ads, so no need to worryabout trojan virus.
Game Scores Calculation 1.1.8 APK
The purpose is using pre-loaded common rules to simplifying inputand calculation of game (Mah Jong, Big 2 against all, Poker etc)scores. To give me some support, please click into the ads. It isusing Google's ads, so no need to worry about trojan virus.
HK Race Trace 3.9.9 APK
This tool is designed for mobile usage. It make use of color,symbols to compress more information into a single screen. Addproprietary analysis include logistic regression and relativeranking. Initially it was developed for self use and now share outthis version with ads to people who love this sport. New versionadded artificial intelligence in finding the best model, machinelearning decision tree. Support bigger font, when compare withnewspaper, it is elderly friendly. Privacy and security are alsoour concern, we do not setup any server and won't transfer anyinformation back. To better satisfy google play content policyrequirement, we remove all download links. We will updatefrequently, don't forget to update. Please check you have thelatest updates before reporting problem. If you encounter probleminstalling new version, you can choose rebuild database fromdatabase menu.
Statistics and Graphics 1.2.6 APK
A lot of real world measurements are first study by collectingsamples. When we identify the distribution they belong to, we cansimulate the data with random number generated from that knowndistribution. This tool allows you to configure the parameters of aselected distribution. Click the triggering icon to generate thedata and display the histogram. By repeating the generating runs,we can get a better visual feel of the variation of sampling fromthe same distribution as if you collect real life samplemeasurements. This process is the well known Monte CarloSimulation. Similarly you can lookup probabilities and it'sinverse. It also display the distribution and input level. Supportlinear, logistic regression and residual plot. Cox regression withsurvival curve. Support plotting on scatter, principal component,multidimensional scaling, Kaplan-Meier curve and 3D plot withrotation
Sudoku Puzzle 1.0.9 APK
The app is a mixture of random number generated and templateshuffling methods to build the puzzle, it allows player to set thelevel of open window for degree of difficulty.