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Magazine "Toys and Games" - a uniqueillustrated book for adults who are not indifferent to what thekids play!

Electronic Journal created Magtoapp (www.magtoapp.net).

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    Games and Toys
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    October 20, 2015
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    Android 2.3 and up
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9 months 4.1 APK
Russian magazine "9 months" does not leave its readers alone withtheir troubles and questions, it offers the only proven facts andscientific point of view on everything that happens to an pregnantand young mother. Website: http://www.9months.ru Frequency: monthlyElectronic Journal created Magtoapp (http://magtoapp.net).
Биология. Всё для учителя! 3.1 APK
Журнал учителя биологии. Главной задачей нашего журнала являетсяметодическое обеспечение повседневной работы учителя. Поэтомуосновными направлениями нашей работы являются: разработки отдельныхуроков, тем, экскурсий, практических занятий; внеклассныемероприятия, занятия кружков, описания практики внешкольной работыс учениками, интересующимися биологией; материалы для подготовки ипроведения уроков; общепедагогические материалы, которые могут бытьиспользованы учителем для работы с детьми. ознакомление учителей сновейшими достижениями биологии. Наши основные рубрики: Мастерскаяпедагога - рубрика посвящена общим вопросам преподавания биологии,опыту использования тех или иных технологий, приёмов и методов;Продуктивная педагогика - новые педагогические технологии,практические советы по работе с детьми, советы психолога. Всё, чтоспособно повысить эффективность преподавания; Современный урок -эта рубрика посвящена разработкам отдельных уроков; Материалы куроку - рубрика, призванная обеспечить учителя материалами дляподготовки к уроку; В рамках ФГОС - опыт работы в рамках ФГОС,создание технологических карт урока, советы и рекомендации; Готовыйбланк - материалы, которые можно копировать и использовать вработе; Вне урока - внеклассные мероприятия, биологические вечера испектакли, занятия кружков и экскурсии, сценарии, стенгазеты,фотовыставки, дни биологии; В мире науки - рубрика содержит статьи,посвящённые новейшим открытиям и современным тенденциям в биологииОфициальный раздел - официальная информация, которая может бытьполезна учителям биологии; Цветная вкладка - биология в цвете:четыре страницы, которые вынимаются из журнала. Их можноиспользовать для оформления кабинета, во время практических работ ипри подготовке учащихся к олимпиадам. Лучшие идеи, методики,современные технологии, педагогические находки – все дляэффективной работы учителя. Выпускается издательской группой"Основа" (ИГ "Основа") Журнал выходит ежемесячно. Все выпускижурнала платные. Стоимость одного журнала составляет 59 рублей.Доступна подписка на 12 месяцев - 649 рублей. Приобретенные номерав любой момент могут быть заархивированы и загружены бесплатно.Подписка на журнал продлевается автоматически в конце каждогорасчетного периода, если не приостановить автоматическое обновлениене позднее чем за 24 часа до окончания текущего периода. Мобильноеприложение для журнала создано в Magtoapp (www.magtoapp.ru).Journal of Biology teacher. The main objective of the magazine is amethodological support the daily work of teachers. Therefore, themain directions of our work are: development of individual lessonsin excursions, workshops; extracurricular activities, study groups,describe the practice of extracurricular activities with studentsinterested in biology; materials for the preparation and holding oflessons; Obshchepedagogichesky materials that can be used byteachers to work with children. familiarize teachers with thelatest achievements of biology. Our main headings: Workshop teacher- heading devoted to general issues of teaching biology, theexperience of using those or other technologies, techniques andmethods; Productive Pedagogy - new educational technology,practical tips for working with children, psychological advice.Everything that can increase the effectiveness of teaching; Modernlesson - this column is dedicated to the development of individuallessons; Materials for the lesson - heading, designed to provideteacher training materials for the lesson; Within the framework ofthe GEF - experience under GEF, creating flow charts tutorial, tipsand tricks; Ready form - materials that can be copied and used inthe work; Outside lesson - extracurricular activities, biologicaland evening performances, classes and excursions circles, scripts,wall newspapers, photo exhibitions, days of biology; In the worldof science - heading contains articles on the latest discoveriesand developments in modern biology Official section - the officialinformation that may be useful to teachers of biology; Color tab -biology in color: four pages, which are removed from the magazine.They can be used for decoration of office, during practical workand in preparing students for the Olympics. The best ideas,techniques, modern technology, pedagogical findings - all for theeffectiveness of teachers. Is produced by the publishing group"Basis" (IG "Basis") The magazine is published monthly. Alleditions of the magazine paid. The cost of a magazine is 59 rubles.Available subscription for 12 months - 649 rubles. Acquired roomsat any time can be archived and downloaded for free. Magazinesubscription is automatically renewed at the end of each accountingperiod, if not suspend the automatic update no later than 24 hoursbefore the end of the current period. Mobile application for amagazine founded in Magtoapp (www.magtoapp.ru).
Vyazanie – vashe hobbi 4.1 APK
Stylish models and design, the latest trends knitted fashion,interesting news from the world of handmade and needlework. Eachissue of "Knitting your hobby" more than 30 greatest hits knitwearfashion – classic and sports female models that combine comfort andpracticality, advice on drafting wardrobe from designers andstylists. Special issues of the magazine "Knitting - your hobby,"dedicated to interesting topics of knitting: seasonal issues,crocheted jewelry, accessories and more. The electronic version isdesigned to Magtoapp (www.magtoapp.net).
Tsenovik 3.1 APK
Magazine for specialists of agro-industrial enterprises Publishedsince 1997 It is a monthly magazine for professionals inagro-industrial complex. "TSENOVIK" – the most effectiveinformational medium, highly appreciated by the directors and topmanagers of the agricultural enterprises all over Russia ."TSENOVIK" is а monthly review of range and price of the feed andmixed fodder, veterinary preparations, agricultural equipment,goods for agricultural animals (poultry, cattle, pigs etc.),scientific, practical and analytical articles and information aboutprofessional events. “Tsenovik” is a leading agricultural issue inB2B sector (in the opinion of the agency “Agro-rating”, review forDecember 2011). It is safe to say that thanks to itsup-to-dateness, volume of information and number of participants“Tsenovik” is both a leader in the field of agriculturalperiodicals and news-papers and a reliable assistant to managers ofthe agro-industrial complex. Our magazine deserved support of theMinistry and profile unions, and is a member of the Association ofagrarian journalists. Starting from the first issue in November1997 the magazine has been published on a monthly basis without anyfail disregarding defaults and crises. Brief characteristic of themagazine: Has been published monthly, contains information about130-140 companies, 2500-3000 lines of information. Print run is6500 copies. Our web-site www.tsenovik.ru provides you with thefull version of the issues (whereas other magazines provide openaccess to a limited part of materials only). Addressed distributionto financially reliable companies of agro-industrial complex in allregions of Russia. The magazine is focused on chief managers of:poultry farms, pig breeding complexes, cattle farms, formula feedplants, veterinary stations of district and regional scale,agricultural administration. The magazine is delivered to ALLPOULTRY FARMS, ALL PIG BREEDING AND LARGE- AND MEDIUM-SCALE CATTLEBREEDING FARMS. “Tsenovik” participates in all important profileexhibitions and is a media sponsor to “Grain-Feedadditives-Veterinary”, “Golden autumn”, “Agrofarm”, EUROTIER, VIV,SIMA, SPACE, SOMMET DE L’ELEVAGE, VICTAM, Agritechniсa, Veterinarypoultry congress, Meet and milk industry and to the events that arehold by the International industrial academy. We disposeinformation on a cross-system of search. It means that apart fromusing table of contents you can find a veterinary medicine or afeed additive in the alphabetical index, whereas the requiredmanager and his/hers phone number could be found in the list ofcompanies which participate in the given issue. The electronicversion is designed to Magtoapp (www.magtoapp.net).
City Gid 2.1 APK
. He is appreciated for modern businesswomanconvenient format and useful, meaningful information. CityGuide -this concise guide to the world of style and beauty,thisfashionable seasonal collections, the latest beauty-treatmentsandevents in the life of a big city. For many years, "CityGuide"encourages his readers to bold and fashion experiments,opening newopportunities and prospects. "City Guide" dictates andimposes itinspires and educates, giving readers the reasons fornewachievements.Электронный журнал создан с Magtoapp (http://magtoapp.net).
Magazine about Study Abroad for Russianreaders and about Russian education for foreign specialists.Information and analytical magazine in Russian and English.Columns: “Country of the issue”, “Profession of the issue”,“Language of the issue”, "Education in Russia", "Study abroad","Grants and scholarships", "Success story" etc.The magazine is recommended for educational specialists, schoolpupils and their parents, students, linguists, and everyoneinterested in international education.
Landowner 2.1 APK
Magazine "landowner. Country Construction "-is all about building a country house, interior design, technology,housing and slum area.
Stomatology today 2.3 APK
Stomatology Today (newspaper).Subscribe: free (by Russiaareas).Periodicity: quarterly.Electronic Journal created Magtoapp(http://magtoapp.net).