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Charlie Charlie Pencil Prank
To connect two devices you'll need internet access, you don't needto be in the same room, even in the same country, but you will needto activate your Google Play Game account in both devices, you haveinstructions inside the game. To make the prank you need twodevices, one to control and one to show the pencils, then use thepower of suggestion and the pencils will start moving withoutanyone touching them, except when you are going to need to resetthe pencils, and this might seem spooky in the right setting,answer the questions right to make the mood, and then show Charlie.This is how the real game, the Charlie Charlie Challenge works,players balance one horizontally aligned pencil on top of avertically aligned pencil (essentially, in the shape of a cross).Both writing utensils sit atop a piece of paper divided into fourquadrants. Two of the quadrants are labeled "yes" and two arelabeled "no." Players then invite a spirit, Charlie, to play withthem.
Ghyro Cube 3D
Be challenged by an innovative version of TicTac Toe played in 3D space on your Android device. Ghyro Cube 3D isan interesting and fun-to-play mobile game app based on Tic Tac Toeprinciples. It is played on a 3 x 3 x 3 cube board (similar to aRubik’s cube) and it flexes your spatial reasoning muscles.Navigating the 3D space is easy using your finger to completelyrotate the 27 cube block (including absolute center) in alldirections. Extensive discovery tools help you visualize keystrategic moves necessary to master the game. An interactive 3Ddemo allows players to view features and capabilities in parallelwith the active game.The game app has two playing modes: player against player, andplayer against Android. Challenge your friends, or try to outsmartyour Android opponent. Play for a few minutes or play longer andbecome a Tic Tac Toe 3D champion. In 3D, going first does notguarantee a win. Have fun playing our app!★★★ Opponent Options ★★★✓ Player against player✓ Player against Android★★★ Difficulty Levels ★★★✓ Nine playing levels are available for the player against Androidoption✓ 1 – 3 are designed for beginners and the computer makesmistakes✓ 4 – 6 progressively introduce more aggressive computermoves✓ 7 – 8 provide the most challenging player experiences✓ At Level 9, expect the computer to acquire the center cube whenpossible (Premium).★★★ Who Goes First? ★★★✓ Player rotation is the default (player 1 or 2, and player orAndroid)✓ Winner✓ Loser✓ Player X or O★★★ Game Statistics ★★★✓ On-screen scoreboard with win/lose information✓ Score reset button available★★★ Helpful Information :: Yellow buttons ★★★✓ Question [? button]● Who won the last game, and/or● Who’s turn, and● Identity of X and O✓ Play Button [> button] :: Starts a new game✓ Views Button :: Displays played pieces plus:● 8 corners plus absolute center● All 6 sides plus middles & absolute center● All 6 sides plus edges minus corners✓ Menu Button :: Displays the Menu Cube on the face of 3 x 3block✓ Repeat Button :: Replays game pieces in chronological order✓ Score Reset Button [< button] :: Sets scores to zero★★★ Menu Cube Options ★★★✓ 1 or 2 players✓ Who Goes First✓ Playing Level✓ Demo✓ 2D or 3D game★★★ Color Scheme ★★★✓ Default color of unplayed cubes is silver✓ X is red and represents Player 1✓ O is black and represents Android or Player 2✓ Winning cube combinations (3 X’s or 3 O’s in a row) arehighlighted in yellowWe hope you enjoy this innovative version of Tic Tac Toe in 3Dspace. Please check in with us for updates about new 3D games thatwill challenge your mind and flex your spatial reasoning abilities.The Ghyro Cube company belongs in your inventory of brain enhancingapp vendors.We welcome feedback and suggestions. You can find us on the webat and on Facebook
장기 묘수풀이 3
컴퓨터를 상대로 장기 묘수를 풀어 보실 수 있습니다.5수, 7수, 9수, 11수, 13수, 15수, 17수, 19수 각 100문제씩 총 800개의 연장군 문제를수록했습니다.빅장 규칙을 적용하지 않은 버전입니다.대국자를 컴퓨터끼리로 선택하면 정답을 확인할 수 있습니다.----개발자 연락처 :ohjns@daum.netYou can see the long-termrelease myosu against the computer.It may be, may 7, 9, number 11, number 13, number 15, number 17,19 may each have recorded a total of 100 800 yeonjanggun issue byissue.The version did not apply to bikjang rules.When you select the computer of players to each other, you cansee the correct answer.
Ouija Game: Real spirit board
Converse with ghosts and spirits right fromyour phone with Ouija board game!Communicate with paranormal entities and ask the ouija about yourdestiny, your future, and the past, or just chat with the spiritsthat you’ve summoned. Whether you are arranging a little sleepoveror hanging with friends at a party, talk to the spirits online andget meaningful answers to all of your questions.If you are not superstitious and have a healthy sense of humor, youshould try it. Ask tricky questions and learn more about yourfamily and friends. Just remember, supernatural entities are nottoys, ask only those questions, you are ready to know theanswers.Ready? Then gather around, start the ouija app and let the spiritsguide you through life! Don’t be scared, use ouija board app tolearn something new about your sibling or just to have somefun!Please note, virtual ouija board was created for entertainmentpurposes only, paranormal activity can't be scientificallyproven.No spirits were hurt during the development of this project.
Napo Chess
Learn how to play chess or practice yourstrategies and improve your skills with this amazing game.You can play in 2D or 3D. In 3D mode, you can zoom and rotate theboard as you like. Screen rotation is also supported.You can challenge your friends (playing using your phone or tabletas a board) or improve your skill playing against the featured AIengine (with 10 levels of strength) and see your progress in thestatistics table. Also, play Online with other players. Finally,explore a collection of 1750 great chess games and learn from themasters of all time.All rules of chess are followed, like en passant captures andcastling. The game can detect stalemate, draw by third repetitionand also draw by rule of 50th movement.
最強の囲碁 ~Crazy Stone~
コンピュータ囲碁で話題のエンジン「Crazy Stone」を搭載した「最強の囲碁」をAndroidでお楽しみください!!【6/21 サーバー対局がDeep Learning版へバージョンアップ!】----------------------------------------------------初心者~二段のコンピューターと好きなだけ対局!さらに高い棋力を求める方には最高「八段」のサーバー対局(有料)もお楽しみいただけます!■世界トップクラスの思考エンジン「Crazy Stone」を搭載!プロ棋士に「六段」と言わせた実力をAndroidの「最強の囲碁」で!「アマ六段の力はある。人間なら打ってくる場所に打たない冷静さと柔軟さを感じた。天才かも」と、”コンピューター”の異名を持つ石田二十四世本因坊も脱帽 (平成25年3月20日付け産経ニュースより)「Crazy Stone」とは、フランスのコンピュータ科学者Remi Coulom氏による囲碁プログラム。「モンテカルロ法」のパイオニア的存在であり、常にコンピュータ囲碁界の先頭を走る思考エンジンです。このエンジンを最適化して搭載することにより、Androidで実現した極めて高い棋力(最高レベルで「二段」相当)を是非お楽しみください。9路盤はさらに高い棋力(最高レベルで「四段」相当)となっています。また様々な棋力のプレイヤーに楽しんでいただけるよう、19路盤では10段階の思考レベルを用意しました。■メダルチャレンジ対局モードを搭載設定されている条件の対局に勝つことにより、メダルを集めていくモードです。初心者や中級者は己の棋力の成長を確認するのに最適、上級者はコンプリートを目指してみてください!■強さを求める方へ「サーバー対局」(※別途、定期利用登録が必要です)9路盤・13路盤をもっと遊びたい方や、19路盤のさらに棋力の高いレベルとの対局を楽しみたい方のためにサーバー対局を用意しました。(サーバー対局とは本サービスのためにネット上に用意されたコンピューターサーバーとの通信対局のことで、最上位の囲碁プログラムのパフォーマンスをお楽しみいただけます)【6/21 バージョンアップ!】サーバー対局が、Deep Learning技術を取り入れた最新版の”Crazy Stone”にバージョンアップ!!コンピューター囲碁を新たな次元へと導いたディープラーニング(深層学習)技術をいち早く取り入れ、思考エンジン「Crazy Stone」の最高棋力は八段に。サーバー対局ではこの最新版の思考エンジンとの対局がお楽しみいただけます!(※但し、定期利用登録が必要になります)①最高棋力レベル10は「八段」従来のモンテカルロ木探索とディープラーニングの融合により、思考プロセスが飛躍的に進化。前バージョンのレベル10との対戦勝率は、90%を越えています!(※最高レベルは8coreのマシンを使用)②より強化された「人間らしい」打ち筋ディープラーニングを早くから取り入れ、Crazy Stoneが様々な対局を学習したことにより、全てのレベルにおいて、より一層「人間らしい」棋風を実現しました。サーバー対局だからこそ実現できた、極めて高い棋力を是非お楽しみください。※定期利用登録に関する注意事項サーバー対局をおこなうには定期利用登録(月額250円)が必要です。定期利用登録は、ご利用期間終了の24時間以上前に解除しない限り自動更新されます。自動更新の解約をおこなうには、「定期利用登録の確認・解約」ボタンをタッチし、GooglePlayの手続きをおこなってください。ご利用料金の日割り対応や、利用登録期間のキャンセル及び返金はできません。■3種類の石の置き方から選択可能快適な対局を行えるよう、盤サイズとお好みにより自動ズーム、十字線カーソル、タッチの3種類の操作方法から選ぶことが可能です。■検討に便利な棋譜操作機能検討に役立つ棋譜の自動再生や棋譜の途中からの再開も可能、もちろん棋譜の保存と読み込みも可能です。■主な機能・コンピューター対局、対人対局(1台で向き合っての対局)・9路盤、13路盤、19路盤に対応・置石・コミの設定・ヒント機能・コンピューターが思考中でも有効な「待った」機能・形勢判定機能・対局の中断/再開・棋譜の保存、読み込み・棋譜のメール送信(sgfファイル)・棋譜の操作(対局の自動再生)・1手あたりの持ち時間の設定(プレイヤーのみ)・アタリ警告・最終手の表示・COMの投了の設定メダルチャレンジ対局では、棋譜操作機能の一部とヒント機能は使用出来ません。また「待った」は打ち間違い(1手前まで)のみ可能となります。Equipped with the topicof the engine "Crazy Stone" in Computer GoPlease enjoy Android the "strongest of Go"! ![6/21 version up server opposite station is to Deep LearningEdition! ]-------------------------------------------------- -As much as you like and the computer novice - two-stage oppositestation!Server opposite station of the highest "eight-stage" is for thoseseeking a higher Kiryoku (surcharge) Enjoy!■ equipped with a thinking engine of world-class "CrazyStone"!To professional players the ability that was referred to as the"six-stage" of Android in the "strongest of Go"!"The Power of a six-stage flax is. I felt calm and flexibility notstruck by human beings if struck by coming location. Geniusmight"And, also Ishida twenty-four II Honinbo with the nickname of"computer" Hats off (from the 2013 March 20 dated SankeiNews)"Crazy Stone" and the French computer scientist Remi Coulom Goprogram by Mr..Is a pioneer of the "Monte Carlo method", is always thinking enginethat runs to the beginning of the Computer Go world.By mounting to optimize this engine, very high Kiryoku was realizedin AndroidPlease enjoy (the "two-stage" equivalent at the highestlevel).9x9 has become even higher Kiryoku (equivalent to "four-stage" atthe highest level).As also enjoy the player of various Kiryoku,We have prepared the thinking level of 10 stage in the 19x19.■ equipped with a medal challenge opposite station modeBy winning the opposite station of that has been setconditions,This mode is going to collect a medal.Ideal for beginners and intermediate players is to make sure thegrowth of his own Kiryoku,Please try to aim to complete advanced users!■ "Server opposite station" to those seeking a strength (separately※, require regular use registration)9x9, 13 who want roadbed more play and, 19 even higher Kiryokulevel of roadbedWe have prepared the server opposite station for those who want toenjoy the opposite station with.(Computer servers that are available on the net for the serveropposite station of this serviceBy the communication opposite station with, you can enjoy theperformance of the top-level of Go programs)[6/21 version up! ]Server opposite station is, version up to "Crazy Stone" of thelatest version incorporating the Deep Learning technology! !Deep learning that led to the computer go to a new dimension (deeplearning)First to incorporate technology, highest Kiryoku is on the eighthstage of the thinking engine "Crazy Stone".A server opposite station all offer opposite station of thethinking engine of this latest version!(※ However, you will need regular use registration)① highest Kiryoku level 10 "eight-stage"By the fusion of the traditional Monte Carlo tree search and deeplearning, dramatically evolving thought process.Match winning percentage of the level 10 of the previous version isbeyond the 90%!(※ highest level using the machine of 8core)② enhanced than "human" out muscleEarly on incorporating the deep learning, by Crazy Stone haslearned a variety of opposite station,At all levels, we have achieved a more "human" Kifu.Was what can be achieved because it is server opposite station,please enjoy a very high Kiryoku.※ Notes on regular use registrationTo do server opposite station requires periodic use registration(250 yen per month).Regular use registration is automatically updated unless terminatedbefore more than 24 hours of available period end.To carry out the cancellation of the automatic update, touch thebutton "confirmation and cancellation of regular use registration",please perform the procedure of Google Play.Daily correspondence and Charge, can not be canceled and refund ofuse registration period.■ 3 types of stone of every person can be selected fromSo that they can a comfortable opposite station, by the board sizeand your favoriteAutomatic zoom, it is possible to choose a crosshair cursor, fromthe three types of operation methods of touch.■ convenient to study game record operation functionResume from the middle of the auto-play and game record of the gamerecord to help you consider possible,Of course, saving and loading of the game record is alsopossible.■ The main functionComputer opposite station, interpersonal opposite station (oppositestation of facing a single)- 9x9, 13 roadbed, corresponding to 19x19Configuring the Go - stones - KomiHints functionValid computer even in thinking "waited" feature· Situation determination function- Opposite station of the suspend / resume- Game record save, readMail transmission of game record (sgf file)-Game record of operation (automatic playback of the oppositestation)• 1 set of the allotted time per hand (players only)Atari warning- Display of the final handConfiguring the COM of resignIn medal challenge opposite station, part and tips feature of gamerecord operation function can not be used.Also "waited" will be possible only typos (up to 1 in front).
Paper Dungeons
Agent Mega
Paper Dungeons is a fantasy board-game boostedby online content. With the ability to create and share online yourown levels, you are up for an infinite replay value! The game isvisualized as a classic tabletop board-game with dice and tokens.You can destroy walls and auto-heal as you uncover new dungeontiles, which widens your choice of moves.Paper Dungeons already features 4 SINGLE PLAYER MODES, each with adifferent gameplay:Boardgame mode:Begin each dungeon as a new board from a long adventure set: everynew dungeon, your character resets to level 1, but fortunately youkeep your inventory. Unexplored parts of the dungeons are hidden bya fog of war. Monsters and items are placed at random, combatsbased on your statistics and dice rolls. Mitigate the combat’sresult with a 2d6 (one for damages and the other for effects).Favor one attribute when you level up. Unlock and collect sets ofdice (common/uncommon/rare/epic), but beware! Monsters use theirown too. An awareness system makes the monsters move towards you ifyou are in their line of sight. Dig up the walls to flee, at thecost of some precious health...Campaign mode:This new mode allows you to play a fully-fledged adventure with upto 10 dungeons linked together by an introduction, dialogs betweendungeons and a conclusion. Your character doesn't reset and keepshis inventory between dungeons.Rogue mode:Your character doesn't reset at each new dungeon and keeps levelingup until you meet your demise. What will remain is your name in theHall of Fame and more powerful sets of dice that you can use inyour next Rogue run.Puzzle mode:Tricky levels with no place for luck. No fog of war: the dungeon'slayout (mobs and items) is shown. Monsters are static and won'tmove towards you. Strategize all your moves to ensurevictory.Also available:- A MAP EDITOR, to create your own dungeons and publish themonline.- A CAMPAIGN EDITOR, to tell your own story and post itonline.- ONLINE LEVELS feature, to play user's created content inAdventure or Puzzle modes.- A CODEX, listing all elements of the game.- A VOID (higher) difficulty with alternate color for themonsters.Features:- Supports high resolution with native 1080p graphics.- Big campaign of 125 Adventure levels and 31 Puzzle levels.- 5 character classes (warrior/archer/priest/mage/thief), male andfemale, each with a unique gameplay.- Dozens of different dice sets to improve your character.- 80+ monster types.- More than 50 unique pieces of equipment, 30 scrolls and 8potions.- 4 different starting zones, each with specific monsters andbosses, 3 sizes of dungeon and special boss stages.- 3 zoom levels.
Okey Extra - Gin Rummy Online
Digitoy Games
Okey is a traditional tile-based board gamewith long history and many variations. It's very similar toGinRummy as it is played with the same set of boards and tiles butwith different rules.Realistic feeling, simple interface and exciting gameplay!Level based, progressive rummy game with a very high re-playabilityvalue!Okey Extra Game is played by up to four players with a set of 106tiles and 104 of them are numbered from 1 to 13 with four differentcolours. During the game each player has 14 tiles on his board. Oneach turn a player draws one tile and discards one tile. The objectof the game is to be first to form a board which consists sets andruns using all 14 tiles. There are special tiles chosen in everygame, called jokers which helps the player form his 14 tiles boardof sets and runs, by replacing the tile which is missing. Two lasttiles from 106-tile-set represented with stars are tricky 'falsejokers', which against expectations acts as normal numberedtile.Features:* Play online with thousands of players* Free coins everyday* Unlimited hours of joy* Multiple game modes* High playability* High quality animations
Billionaire Chess - Monopoly
QA Studios
GAME RULES----------------Each player will role the dice and move her/his token around theboard in clockwise direction. In 1 dice mode, player earns extraturn if the dice reveals 6. In 2 dice mode, extra turn gives toplayer if 2 dice have the same number. If a player gets 3consecutive turns, the player is sent to Jail according to 'caughtspeeding' rule.The board contains 25 normal properties, 3 bidding properties, 2Risks, 2 Chances, 1 Airport, 1 Jail, 1 Go To Jail, 1 Start.If a player lands on an unowned property, they can buy theproperty. After that, they can develop it by buying houses orhotel. The money to buy a house is a half of property's price. Todevelop a hotel, you have to pay triple amount of property's price.If a player lands on an owned property, they must pay the owner agiven rent. When a player owns all of the properties in a colorgroup, they can collect double rent for any properties withinit.There are 3 bidding properties. They are Subway, Railway,Harbor. You have to win an auction to own these. If a player owns agroup of Subway, Railway, Harbor, they also collect double rent forany properties within the group. You can't develop houses or hotelon 3 bidding properties after buying these. You will earn a half ofowned bidding property's price when the player lands on it. When aplayer win the auction to own bidding property, its price will bethe total money they pay to win the property.A player who passes the Start space collects $2000. They willnot be awarded money if they land on Start.If a player lands on Airport, their token will be transported tothe place of Airport label.If a player lands on Go To Jail, their token will be placed onJail. If Jail contains at least 1 token and other players land onJail, they have to pay money of visiting Jail. To be released ofJail, a player have to roll dice 6 (1 dice mode) or double dice (2dice mode), use Get Out of Jail free card or pay money. If a playeris in Jail, they can not earn money when other players land ontheir properties. If a player stays at Jail in 3 consecutive turns,the player is forced to go out of Jail by paying money.If a player lands on Risk space, they have to obey itsinstructions. This may include paying money, moving to a place onboard, going jail...If a player lands on Chance space, they have to obey itsinstructions. This may include collecting money, Jail Free card,transporting...If a player pays money and they have not enough money in hand,they will have to sell thier properties until they have enough.The game will be finished if there is only 1 player who is notbankrupt.FEATURE----------------+ Travel all around the world.+ Game board change in every game.+ Play with 1 dice rule or 2 dice rule.+ Save current game and resume it next time.+ Give you an option to automatically roll dice to make gamefaster.+ Save game records.+ Play against build in AI or against friends in 1 device.CREDIT:------------------+ Game developed using LibGDX, Universal Tween Engine.+ Use some pictures from,, Use some sounds from, Worm Armageddon.FAN PAGE:------------------+ Facebook: Twitter:
Neuroshima Hex
Neuroshima Hex is a fast paced, tactical boardgame where up to 4 players (human or AI) lead their troops tovictory. Every player controls one of the four armies strugglingfor influence and survival in the world destroyed in a 30 yearslong war. March with the machines of Moloch, leading its armytowards setting the new world order. Become Borgo and unite theforces of the mutants who spread terror in the wastelands. Lead TheOutpost - humanity's last and only hope and try to beat themachines in an uneven guerrilla war. Be the boss of The Hegemony -land of gangers not caring about the fate of others and living onlyfor violence and their mad entertainment.In the world of Neuroshima Hex you need to prove you have what ittakes to survive.Neuroshima Hex is well known in the board game community.Neuroshima Hex holds 100th place in the prestige BoardGameGeekranking (which contains almost 50,000 games from around the world).In May 2007 Neuroshima Hex was awarded a special jury distinctionfor the Best Polish Designer Game published in 2006. Neuroshima Hexwas also published in the US (by Z-Man Games) and France (byIELLO).FEATURES- Official Neuroshima Hex game with original artwork- 4 different armies with unique strategies (next 5 available forpurchase)- Up to 4 players (human or AI)- 3 AI difficulty levels- In-game tutorial & manual- Tons of gameplay- Easy to learn, hard to master
“My recommendation is that if you like Riskstyle boardgames you should by this now; heck, if you generallylike boardgames or similar just buy it anyway – you won’t regretit.” (The Wargamer)“I really like the game and this will be one that I keep on theiPad. It takes a very different approach, which is veryrefreshing.” (appreviewcentral)“…it's a better game than Risk” (Digitally Downloaded)Magnifico is a popular region-based board game where the ultimategoal is to dominate 16th century Europe. Now you can play it onyour tablet!Players are faced with tough economic and military decisions asthey earn Victory Points and attempt to outbid opponents at theauction and get their hands on Leonardo Da Vinci’s most powerfulwar machines. Every Victory Point has to be earned by carefulplacement of your troops, construction of fortifications, andinvasion of bordering regions. Each new turn brings a chance toacquire Da Vinci’s precious projects and get the upper hand overyour opponents.Cannons, flying machines, bombards, tanks and many more inventionswill be available as options at the auction table, but only with aperfect balance of risk and caution will players make the most ofthem.Main Features:• The only strategy game with Da Vinci’s inventions and works ofart! Build Castles, Tanks, Aircraft and much more!• Bid at the auction for Da Vinci’s inventions.• Upgrade your infantry, tanks and aircraft with new technologiesto increase reliability and combat power.• Fight battles with wondrous technologies but be careful as tankscan explode!• Many special weapons including the Great Cannon, Submarines,Armoured Ships, Paratroopers and more!• Compete for control of 16th century Europe on a region basedmap.• Earn Victory points for most castles, territories, technologies,being Magnifico and other special actions.• Single player mode against up to 3 AI players, selected from 10AI characters with their own play styles.• In depth in-game tutorial and detailed manual.• Available in English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Russianand Chinese!• Based on the popular board game “Da Vinci’s Art of War -Magnifico” created by Spartaco Alberatrelli
Free Billiard game
Grand Billiard is a single player game can beplayed against 4 modes: one is against time (single player) andrest three is against computer in three difficulty levels likeeasy, medium, and hard. It has provision of different achievements,which are like:- Cracking Easy is the mode to be played against computer,- Breaking Medium is the medium mode,- Smashing Hard is the hard mode,- Time is ticking mode is the play mode for playing againsttime,There are some achievements in the game:- Singularity: Complete 8 ball single mode,- Pot some balls - pot 1000 balls- Pot more balls - pot 2000 balls- Pot all the balls - pot 4000 balls- Bouncing around - 1000 cushions bounces- Redirecting - 2000 cushions bounces- Reflection - 4000 cushions bouncesThese are the awards of the game:- Super Reflection - Win a game with more cushion bounces thanshots- One per shot - From the break pot at least 1 ball per shot- Consistency – the player has not missed to hit a ball on anyshot- Humbly done - The player has won a game with an average powerbelow 600- Mighty triumph – The player has won the game with an averagepower over 1000.Challenge your friends to play the game of skills and check who hasthe better control on the game play! Be a master of pool with thisgame - Billiard Pool Game!The features of the app:- Addictive gameplay- 8-Ball singular mode,- Facility to play with the Computer Player- Unique advantage to pass & play with friends- Realistic Physics and lively animation supported by stunning 3Dgraphics,- Relaxing Music with keep your gusto up,- Easy intuitive interface and accurate control will keep youengrossed!
Download the app Grand Billiard and start playing it now; be anskilled player of virtual Billiard pool group! Enjoy game on yourandroid device
Mahjong Deluxe 2
Rediscover a great classic with Mahjong Deluxe 2. Challenge yourpatience and your capacity of thinking in this puzzle game.Associate the different tiles to make them disappear and empty eachlevel.Mahjong is an extremely simple game that will give you hours ofpleasure. At the beginning of the game, a board covered by tiles ofmahjong will appear in front of you. These tiles must be pairedwith their partner to make them disappear. Your goal is to cleanthe whole board as fast as possible.Enjoy an instant of tranquility with this solo game that willgive you a way to occupy yourself agreeably, may it be in thesubway or in your couch. Clean all the boards and become thechampion of Mahjong.Mahjong Deluxe 2 is an amusing game for the whole family! Onlyrecommended for... everyone!CARACTERISTICS- 4 patterns- Best score- Touch the screen to jump or crouch
斗兽棋是一款古老而传统的中国游戏,是象、狮、虎、豹、狼、狗、猫、鼠八种有趣的动物互相牵制、互助战斗的棋类游戏。这款安卓游戏再次把它完美的展现在了我们的面前。游戏的规则简单但策略性很强,人机对战有三个不同的难度水平供你来选择,你也可以和朋友一起玩双人对战。游戏特点:1. 支持人机对战、两人对战,蓝牙、Wi-Fi联机对战。2. 人机对战可选择多个难度级别,电脑对手相当聪明。3. 能够自动保存、载入游戏进度。4. 具有走法提示,悔棋功能。5. 提供图形、文字两种风格的棋子,可以随时切换。6. 蓝牙联机对战如果出现连接失败的情况,请尝试在蓝牙设置中先进行配对或者换个人创建游戏。7. Wi-Fi联机对战需要双方接入同一个无线局域网。8. 在游戏菜单中有详细的规则说明。Jungle is an ancient andtraditional Chinese game, elephant, lions, tigers, leopards,wolves, dogs, cats, rats, eight kinds of interesting animalscontain each other, mutual combat board game.This Android game again it perfect show in front of us. Rules ofthe game very simple but strategic, human battle with threedifferent difficulty levels for you to choose, you can also playwith friends double play.Game features:1. Support crew war, the two battle, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi onlinegame.2. The man-machine war select multiple difficulty levels, verysmart computer opponent.3. The ability to automatically save and load game progress.4. With moves prompted undo function.5. Provide graphics, text style two piece, you can switch at anytime.6. Online Battle Bluetooth connection failure occurs if the case,try to pair the Bluetooth settings or for individuals to creategames.7. Wi-Fi access to online gaming requires both sides to the samewireless LAN.8. A detailed description of the rules in the game menu.
Frozen Puzzles
Frozen Puzzles è l'applicazione che rende interattivi i puzzles di"Disney Frozen - Il regno di ghiaccio" che trovi nei migliorinegozi di giocattoli ed elettronica! Dopo avere completato i puzzleinquadrali usando questa applicazione. Avrai la possibilità disbloccare direttamente dai puzzle i contenuti tratti dal filmd'animazione! Divertiti con la realtà aumentata ed interagisci coni puzzle di Frozen!Scopri la sezione dedicata ai personaggi e immergiti a 360 gradinel mondo di Frozen - il regno di ghiaccio!FrozenPuzzles is the application that makes interactive puzzles of"Disney Frozen - The kingdom of ice" that you can find the best toystores and electronics! After completing the puzzle inquadraliusing this application. You will have the ability to unlock thepuzzle directly from content taken from the animated film! Have funwith augmented reality and interact with puzzles Frozen!See the section dedicated to the characters and immerse yourself inthe world of 360 degree Frozen - the kingdom of ice!
Frozen il Gioco
"Frozen il Gioco" è l'applicazione che interagisce con il gioco datavola "Frozen il Gioco" che trovi nei migliori negozi digiocattoli ed elettronica! Le card interattive le trovi solo edesclusivamente all'interno del gioco da tavola!Chi guiderai per fermare il perenne inverno? Immergiti in questaemozionante sfida e tramite l'applicazione avrai accesso aicontenuti multimediali presenti nella versione interattiva delgioco da tavola.Caratteristiche:-Timer personalizzato di Frozen-Contenuti multimediali originali di Disney Frozen-Card interattive tramite Realtà Aumentata-Minigame che aumentano l'interazione con il gioco da tavola"FrozenGame" is the application that interacts with the board game "FrozenGame" that you can find the best toy stores and electronics! Theinteractive card are available only and exclusively in the boardgame!Who will drive to stop the perpetual winter? Immerse yourself inthis exciting challenge and through the application you'll haveaccess to the media stored in the interactive version of the boardgame.Features:-Timer Personalized Frozen-Contenuti Multimedia Original Disney Frozen-Card Through interactive Augmented Reality-Minigame That increase the interaction with the game table
Đoán Chữ Pro - Bat Chu 2014
Đoán chữ Pro đã tạo nên 1 trào lưu không nhỏ cho cộng đồng game thủViệt nhờ lối chơi cực đơn giản và đầy sáng tạo được tạo thành nhờnhững hình ảnh vui nhộn và kho ngữ pháp phong phú của ViệtNamThật hứng khởi khi tự mình khám phá ra kho ngữ pháp được tạo thànhtừ vốn từ phong phú mang trong mình những tầng ý nghĩa đặc sắc, hấpdẫn, thú vị và đầy mới lạ được gợi ý bằng những hình ảnh đẹp mắt vàđầy quen thuộc trong tựa game mien phi nàyVới Bat chu 2014 game android hay nhat bạn sẽ cười không ngưng khimở ra các đáp án thú vị với những sự liên tưởng đầy lý thú, tưởngchừng như không liên quan nhưng khi ghép lại sẽ tạo thành những câuchữ kỳ thúKho ngữ pháp Hán Việt, kho từ lóng hấp dẫn, các từ đi mượn của nướcngoài sẽ được Bat chu 2014 tận dụng 1 cách tối đa để bạn vận dụngvà trở thành 1 bậc thầy về ngôn ngữ từ lúc nào không hayĐiểm mới lạ trong game android hay nhat Bat chu 2014:- Kho nội dung câu hỏi mới 100% chưa từng xuất hiện- Độ khó câu hỏi tăng dần khi trả lời- Sử dụng nhiều hình ảnh liên tưởng hấp dẫn và thú vị hơn- Hệ thống tư duy cực kỳ logicLà 1 game mien phi nên Bat chu 2014giúp người chơi thu thập điểmthưởng bằng cách cộng điểm khi trả lời và dần dần mở toang cánh cửatri thức của bạn với từng thử thách của chúng tôiCòn chần chờ gì nữa, hãy tận hưởng những phút giây cực kỳ sảngkhoái với tựa game android moi nhat đang làm đình làm đám cộng đồnggame Mobile Việt trong năm 2014 nàyTải để cảm nhận nhé các bạn !Guess theword Pro has created one significant trend for Vietnam through thegaming community gameplay extremely simple and creative formed bythose funny pictures and grammatically rich repository ofVietnamReally excited to discover for themselves the legal corpus is madeup of capital from rich to bring the stories of their specialsignificance, attractive, interesting and novel suggested by theimage nice and full familiar in this free gameWith Bat best android games 2014 cycle will not stop laughing whenopening up interesting answers to these exciting association,seemingly unrelated, but when put together will form theinteresting wordsHan Kho Vietnamese grammar, slang repository attractive wordsborrowed from foreign countries in 2014 will be Bat cycle maximumadvantage one way for you to apply and become a master of onelanguage from the other or notNew point in the cycle Bat best android game 2014:- Content repository 100% new questions never appeared- The difficult question to answer increasing- Use multiple images relate more attractive and interesting- The system is extremely logical thinking1 free game to Bat cycle 2014giup players collect bonus points byadding up points and answering the door slowly open your knowledgewith our challenging eachLonger hesitate, enjoy the moment with incredibly cheery latestAndroid game doing home work cloud gaming community this MobileVietnam in 2014Download to feel okay for you!
なんてたって五目並べ(無料) by GMO
■アプリ概要子供から大人まで楽しめる五目並べ!暇潰しに便利な定番ゲームが無料で登場!■Game紹介テーブルゲームの定番本格派五目並べが無料で登場。CPUは初級、中級、上級の難易度を選べます。さらに、このアプリ1つで友達と対戦も出来るぞ。三三禁などの「禁じ手」はありません。盤上の拡大機能があるので打ち間違いを気にしなくても大丈夫です。通算対戦成績の保存もあるから、自分がどれだけ上達したかが分かります。【ジャンル】ボードゲーム,テーブルゲーム【対応機種一覧】Xperia(エクスペリア)Xperia arc SO-01C(エクスペリアアーク)Galaxy S(ギャラクシー)GalaxyTab SC-01C(ギャラクシータブ)Lynx 3D SH-03C(リンクス)REGZA Phone T-01C(レグザフォン)MEDIAS N-04C(メディアス)Optimus chat L-04C(オプティマスチャット)Optimus Pad L-06C(オプティマスパッド)IS03REGZA Phone IS04(レグザ フォン)IS05SIRIUS α IS06(シリウス)htc EVO WiMAX ISW11HT(エボワイマックス)HTC Desire X06HT/X06HTⅡ(android 2.1)(デザイア)HTC Desire X06HT/X06HTⅡ(android 2.2)DesireHD(デザイア HD)GALAPAGOS 003SH(ガラパゴス)DELL Streak SoftBank 001DL(デルストリーク)Libero SoftBank 003Z(リベロ)GARAPAGOS 005SH(ガラパゴス)DM009SH(ディズニーモバイル)HTC Aria (S31HT) (アリア)Nexus One (ネクサスワン)<ご注意下さい>※Gゲーを快適に楽しむには、端末の再起動をしてメモリを綺麗な状態にしてください。※ゲームをプレイするためにはGゲーの無料会員登録が必要です。GMOゲームセンター「Gゲー」は、他にも、メジャーゲームから無料ゲームまで、有名ゲームがいっぱいのGAME紹介アプリケーション。--SNSアカウント--【Twitter】GMOGamecenter【Facebook】GMOGAME
なんてたってリバーシ(無料) by GMO
ひまつぶしにオススメ定番ゲーム!本格派リバーシ(Reversi)がGゲーから無料で登場!一般的に「オセロ」として知られているゲームです♪対CPUの強さは、初級、中級、上級から選べるので初心者からベテランまで夢中になる楽しさ。このアプリ1つで友達と対戦も出来るよ。●「なんてたってリバーシ」のルール挟んだ相手の石をひっくり返していき、自分の色の石が多ければ勝利!相手より石が少ないと負けとなります。要するに定番的なリバーシです。●「なんてたってリバーシ」の特徴・対CPU・対友達が選べる自由設定。・どこに打てるか表示してくれるヒント機能。・好みに合わせて遊べる難易度設定(初級、中級、上級)・先手・後手を選べる自由設定。・CPU戦では「待った」が使える。・通算対戦成績の保存もあるから、自分がどれだけ上達したかが分かる。シンプルだからこそ奥が深い!定番パズルゲーム「リバーシ」のGゲー版『なんてたってリバーシ』!暇な時にでも遊んで頂けたらうれしいです。【ジャンル】テーブルゲーム、パズルゲーム【対応OS一覧】AndroidOS2.1以上※一部対応していない機種もございます。「Gゲー」は、東証一部上場企業のGMOインターネットグループのGMOゲームセンターが提供するサービスです。有名ゲーム・無料ゲーム約200タイトル以上ラインアップ!今後も続々と有名ゲームが登場します!有名ゲーム「ソニック・ザ・ヘッジホッグ」ヒットパズルゲーム「ルミネス」人気RPGゲーム「無限魔界ディスガイア」人気カジュアルゲーム「ミカンせいじん箱(無料ゲーム)」Androidマーケット最高7位の「金魚の達人(無料ゲーム)」など遊び放題!※TGS 2011(東京ゲームショウ)「Xperia PLAY」コーナーでも多数の人気アプリが紹介されています!※多数の無料ゲームをご用意しておりますのでお気軽にお楽しみ頂けます。<ご注意下さい>※Gゲーを快適に楽しむには、端末の再起動をしてメモリを綺麗な状態にしてください。※ゲームをプレイするためにはGゲーの無料会員登録が必要です。GMOゲームセンター「Gゲー」は、他にも、メジャーゲームから無料ゲームまで、有名ゲームがいっぱいのGAME紹介アプリケーション。--SNSアカウント--【Twitter】GMOGamecenter【Facebook】GMOGAME
Kazutaka Sato
初級・中級・上級と難易度が選べます。 ぜひ、打倒、上級くまモンを目指してください。2人対戦もでき、くまモンが観戦に来てくれます。 お友達やお子さんとぜひ遊んでいただけたらと思います。Beginner, intermediateand advanced and difficulty to choose. By all means, overthrow,please aim to senior Kumamon.2 people play can also be, Kumamon you came to watch. I thinkItadaketara Come and playing with your friends and children.
最強無料麻雀 遊々(2人打ち) by GMO
完全無料でサクサク遊べる本格派ボイス付き2人打ち麻雀です。個性的な6人の雀士とのサクサク東風戦の対局を楽しめます。美しいグラフィックと、リアルな効果音で無料ボイス付き麻雀では最高レベルの麻雀が楽しめます。はまりすぎてバッテリー切れになるスタッフ続出!※ご意見ご感想をレビューまで頂けると幸いです。<遊々のルール>○東風戦のみ○25000点持ち30000点返し○流局あり○喰いタンあり○後付けあり○カン裏ドラあり○形式テンパイあり○頭ハネあり○積み符あり○一翻縛りあり○ノーテン親流れ(オーラス同様)○持ち点1000点無ければリーチできない○局で4回以上のカンで流局(四槓散了)○七対子は25符、平和はツモでも20符※グリーンや赤等の特殊なルールは無いシンプルな東風戦です。【ジャンル】テーブル,カジノ【対応機種一覧】Xperia(エクスペリア)Xperia arc SO-01C(エクスペリアアーク)Lynx 3D SH-03C(リンクス)REGZA Phone T-01C(レグザフォン)MEDIAS N-04C(メディアス)Optimus chat L-04C(オプティマスチャット)Optimus Pad L-06C(オプティマスパッド)IS03REGZA Phone IS04(レグザ フォン)IS05SIRIUS α IS06(シリウス)HTC Desire X06HT/X06HTⅡ(android 2.1)(デザイア)HTC Desire X06HT/X06HTⅡ(android 2.2)DesireHD(デザイア HD)GALAPAGOS 003SH(ガラパゴス)DELL Streak SoftBank 001DL(デルストリーク)Libero SoftBank 003Z(リベロ)GARAPAGOS 005SH(ガラパゴス)DM009SH(ディズニーモバイル)au HTC evo Wimax(イーボワイマックス)本ゲームは任天堂の「バレーボール」「新鬼ヶ島」等のプログラムで知られる橋下友茂氏のディレクションによる無料ゲームです。※ゲームをプレイするためにはGゲーの無料会員登録が必要です。GMOゲームセンター「Gゲー」は、「くまポン」や「クリック証券」でおなじみの東証一部上場企業、株式会社GMOインターネットが提供するメジャーゲームから無料ゲームまで、有名ゲームがいっぱいのGAME紹介アプリケーション。--SNSアカウント--【Twitter】GMOGamecenter【Facebook】GMOGAME
最大4人同時に楽しめるボードゲーム!ウルトラクターに乗って元気の源、フルーツを集めてフルーツ王子を目指そう!フルーツ王国の国王「メロン大王」や「ウメ女王」が君を待ってるぞ!================================【ゲーム紹介】▼ルールは簡単ルーレットを回してウルトラクターで目的地に向かって進むだけ!クイズマスではクリ大臣がフルーツクイズを出題!フルーツ王国を旅しながらフルーツ博士になれるかも?!フルーツを集めて収穫祭で1位になろう!▼友達と一緒に4人でボードゲーム!Bluetooth通信で近くにいる友達と、最大4人まで同時にボードゲームがプレイできる!接続が切れても復帰できるから安心!みんなでわいわいボードゲーム!▼色々なイベント!フルーツ王国の国王「メロン大王」からの祝福や、品種改良大成功など、フルーツ王国の旅は楽しいことが盛りだくさん!================================【注意】フルーツトラベラーズLite版ではプレイ年数は1年のみとなります。フルーツトラベラーズLite版同士でも1年プレイを4人で対戦できます。フルーツトラベラーズ(300円)をご購入いただくとより長いプレイ年数、1〜20年を選んでプレイでき、さらに楽しく遊べるようになります。================================【推奨環境】■みんなで遊ぶ ・推奨OS:Android 4.3以上搭載機種※一部機種には対応しておりません。■ひとりで遊ぶ ・推奨OS:Android 4.0以上搭載機種※一部機種には対応しておりません。================================Copyright © 2015 ACT/フルトラ製作委員会/土居孝幸Up to fourpeople at the same time you can enjoy board games!Riding on Ultra compactorsGenki of source, I will aim the prince fruit by collecting thefruit!Fruit kingdom of King "melon the Great" and "plum queen" is waitingfor you!================================[Game introduction]▼ rules EasyThe only progress toward the destination at Ultra restrictor Turnthe roulette!Chestnut Minister in Kuizumasu is questions the fruit quiz!? I might get used to fruit Dr. while traveling the fruitkingdom!Become a first place in the harvest festival by collecting thefruit!▼ The board game in four people with friends!And friends who are close to the Bluetooth communication,4 people up to at the same time board game can play!Safe because the connection is even able to return off!Have fun with everybody board game!▼ variety of events!Blessing and from the fruit kingdom of King "melon theGreat",Such as breeding great success,Lots that fruit kingdom of journey fun!================================NotePlay lives in fruit Travelers' Lite version will be only oneyear.I can play four people a year playing in fruit Travelers' Liteversion with each other.When you purchase the fruit Travelers' (300 yen)Longer play life, it is possible to play by selecting from 1 to 20years,I will now play even more fun.================================[Recommended environment]■ I play with everyone• Recommended OS: Android 4.3 or more models equipped withIt does not correspond to some models ※.I play alone ■• Recommended OS: Android 4.0 or more models equipped withIt does not correspond to some models ※.================================Copyright © 2015 ACT / Furutora Production Committee / DoiTakayuki
แอพพลิเคชั่น เพื่อหาคนที่ต้องถูกทำโทษในวงเพื่อนๆ *วิธีการเล่นแสนง่ายดาย **** กรุณาอ่านกฏของไพ่นั้นๆก่อนการเล่น ที่วิธีการ 1.นั่งล้อมวงกับเพื่อนๆของคุณ 2. เปิดแอพและกดเริ่มเกม ->กดเรื่องไพ่ไปเรื่อยๆ 3. ทำตามกฏข้อบังคับของไพ่แต่ละใบ (ดูได้ที่วิธีการเล่น หรือ How To) 4. สนุกไปพร้อมๆ กับเพื่อนๆ ของคุณ*ใช้ในงานไหนได้บ้าง - สนุกที่สุดคือล้อมวงสังสรรในขณะที่เริ่มมีคนทำตัวเปลี่ยนนามสกุลเป็น "แช่แก้ว" ทำโทษซะ(แล้วแต่ดวง)
マドリス47 全国統一版
Qooga Create
Tic Tac Toe
You want to play a little game to pass time inthe subway or you just want to spend a moment with a friend? Inthis case, Tic Tac Toe is the perfect game for you. This verysimple game is the perfect way to train your memory and to practicede basic of strategy all while having a good time. Take part to thehistory of this game as old as time itself.Do we still need to explain the rules of the Tic Tac Toe? You playon a board of 3x3 squares and your goal is… to draw a line of threesymbols. Your line can be horizontal, vertical or even in diagonal.In addition to drawing your own line, you must make your best toprevent your opponent to draw his own.Have fun with this game, discovers all the combinations of possibleplay and fight all your friends to become the champion of Tic TacToe. It’s time to put your brain to the trial while having a goodtime!CARACTERISTICS- Solo and multiplayer mode- Best score- Touch the screen to interact
Lucas Joppen
Würfle Dich ins Glück!Du bist unterwegs und hast keinen Würfel? Du bist bei Freunden undhast keinen Würfel? Du stehst vor einer Entscheidung und kannstDich nicht entscheiden? Du stehst vor einer Verzweigung und weisstnicht wohin abbiegen? Du bist in der Bar und weisst nicht, was dufür ein Getränk bestellen sollst?Die Würfelapp steht Dir jederzeit zur Verfügung. Schüttle und dukommst weiter.Hol Dir die Würfelapp, jetzt!Würfle Dich ins Glück!Die Würfelapp ist eine App, die Dich im Alltag begleitet. Egal woDu Dich befindest, mit deinem Smartphone kannst Du die Würfelappstarten und würfeln.Die Würfelapp ist leicht zu bedienen. Du kannst Dich beim Würfelnentscheiden, ob Du mittels Knopfdruck oder Schütteln dieWürfelfunktion betätigen möchtest. Du kannst eine maximaleAugenzahl von eins bis sechs aussuchen. Mit einem leichten Wischverschwindet der Würfel aus dem Display. Die Würfelapp istpraktisch und lässt sich in jeder Situation anwenden.Hol Dir die Würfelapp, jetzt!Würfle Dich ins Glück!Roll you tohappiness!You're on the go and do not have a dice? You're with friends and donot have a dice? You stand in front of a decision and can notdecide? You stand in front of a branch and do not know where toturn? You are in the bar and do not know what you should order fora drink?The Würfelapp stands out at any time. Shake and you come on.Get the free Würfelapp, now!Roll you to happiness!The Würfelapp is an app that you accompanied in everyday life. Nomatter where you find yourself in, with your Smartphone you canstart the Würfelapp and dice.The Würfelapp is easy to use. You can decide whether you want tooperate the cube function by pressing a button or shake you atdice. You can choose a maximum number of one to six eyes. With aslight wiping the cube disappear from the display. The Würfelapp ispractical and can be applied in any situation.Get the free Würfelapp, now!Roll you to happiness!
《未來境界》是一款集RPG、育成、對戰、策略於一身的原創手遊,遊戲中集結大量原創人物、魔物、場景並配合緊張音樂;加入日系動畫情節貫穿遊戲,令玩家更投入戰鬥氣氛。- 遊戲背景未來時代故事模式,玩家將飾演故事中一名軍隊的小隊長,為拯救人類與天使及惡魔全力奮戰。與自由組合的四種強大職業配合,攜手抵抗敵人,作戰到底。- 遊戲玩法採用創新戰略消除玩法,把三個或以上的數字方塊合成並消除,玩家可一邊消除,一邊控制角色們進行攻擊,享受超酷的連續爽快攻擊模式!- 隊伍編制《未來境界》中有多個不同職業有不同的定位及能力,而每個角色均有專屬的特別技能。玩家可透過編隊系統自由組合隊伍,助你突破困難關卡。玩家更可藉著收集角色或強化素材,令隊伍擁有更強更高的戰鬥力!《未來境界》免費下載!同時玩家亦可在遊戲中選購鑽石,招募稀有及特別角色,回復體力值及增加隊員容量等等。官方網頁:官方FACEBOOK 專頁:官方INSTAGRAM:
장기도사 - 최강의 인공지능 장기 프로그램
오랫동안 사랑받고 있는 프로 고단자 기력의 PC용 인공지능 장기 프로그램인 장기도사가 아이폰용에 이어 안드로이드용 으로나왔습니다. 한국 앱스토어 보드게임 1위, 전체게임 2위, 전체유료 6위! ★ PC용 장기도사에 이어 스마트폰용도 최강의기력을 가졌습니다. ★ 최하수: 18~13급, 하수: 12~6급, 중수: 5~1급, 고수: 1~4단, 초고수: 5단 이상입니다. ★ 인터넷에 올라온 기보를 터치하면 장기도사가 실행되면서 기보를 볼 수 있으며 저장을 할 수도 있습니다. 수만개의 프로, 아마 기보를 인터넷에서 무료로 다운 받을 수 있습니다. ★ 휴대폰에 저장한 기보를 PC에 올려 PC용장기도사로 볼 수 있습니다. ■■■ 안드로이드용 장기도사의 기능 ■■■ - 최하수부터 초고수까지 5단계의 수준을 선택할수 있어서 초보부터 프로까지 사용할 수 있습니다. - 다양한 포진법에 따라서 두므로 매번 다른 수로 대국을 할 수 있어싫증이 나지 않습니다. - 장기도사의 기풍을 면포, 면상, 변칙 중 선택할 수 있습니다. - 대국도중에라도 대국자를 바꿀수 있어서 수 연구를 하기에 좋습니다. - 사람에게도 시간제한을 둘 수 있으며 제한시간이 다되면 초읽기를 해줍니다. -실수하기 기능이 있어 장기도사가 사람처럼 실수를 하게 할 수 있습니다. - 장기도사끼리 대국을 하게 할 수 있습니다. -장기도사가 생각 중이거나 대국이 끝난 뒤에도 무르기가 가능합니다. - 힌트 보기 기능이 있어 장기도사로부터 도움을 받을수 있습니다. - 기보 저장/감상이 가능합니다. - 기보감상 시 의문이 생기는 수를 두어 보기로 두어 볼 수 있어 수연구에 좋습니다. - 자동이동 기능으로 편리하게 기보를 볼 수 있습니다. - 하나의 파일에 여러 개의 기보를 저장할 수있어 기보관리 하기에 좋습니다. - 기보의 각 수마다 해설을 넣을 수 있으며 나중에 해설을 수정할 수도 있습니다. -기보 삭제, 정보 수정을 할 수 있습니다. - 기보 자동저장 기능이 있어서 자동으로 기보를 저장할 수 있습니다. -변화수를 입력할 수 있어서 체계적으로 장기를 연구할 수 있습니다. - 접장기를 둘 수 있습니다. - 박보를 만든 뒤장기도사가 박보를 풀게끔 할 수 있으며 사람이 풀고 장기도사가 응수를 하게끔 할 수도 있습니다. - 사람끼리 두기로 해서두면 초반에 두어지는 각 수의 비율을 알 수 있어 포진법을 익힐 수 있습니다. - 경험쌓기 기능이 있어서 장기도사가 잘못둔 수는 되풀이하지 않으며 결과가 좋은 수는 다시 둡니다. - 대회명, 대국자명, 차림으로 기보를 검색할 수 있습니다.- 중단된 대국을 이어두기 할 수 있습니다. - 스킨을 바꿀 수 있습니다. - 장기판을 바꿀 수 있습니다. - 남성,여성 소리를 선택할 수 있습니다. - 휴대폰이 차림, 기풍을 랜덤하게 설정하게 할 수 있습니다. - 사람끼리로 놓을 경우초시계로 사용할 수 있습니다. 설명서와 기보 다운로드는 에서 할수 있습니다. * 휴대폰, 전화번호, 통신사를 바꾸어도 구입할 때의 구글 계정(이메일 주소)만 바꾸지 않았다면 다시구입할 필요가 없습니다. 계정이 같다면 데모 버전을 받으면 자동으로 정식 버전으로 바뀝니다. 만약 안되면 휴대폰 전원을껐다가 켜보세요. 정식 버전으로 안 바뀐다면 설정의 계정에 들어가서 같은지 비교를 해보세요. 다르다면 지금의 계정을삭제한 뒤에 추가를 해서 같게 하세요. * 결제가 안될 경우에는 구글 코리아 080-234-0051로 전화를 해보세요.* 선택 접근권한 안내 기보를 보거나 저장하기 위해서는 파일 접근 권한이 필요합니다. ---- 개발자 연락처 :070-7136-1260