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Bike Racing Games
All bike racing games including new released and most popular onesare in one app. However, our app enables you to see the list ofbike racing games but you can not play them on our app, you shouldinstall. We just choose the games meticulously and collect them inone app to make them easily accessible. Please note that itrequires internet connectivity.There are screenshots of the games showing you the bikes andspeedways in the games. Also, you can read the game reviews tolearn more about them.Let me mention about the features of the games in our list. Bikeracing games category covers some of the hill climb racing gameswhich are what the extreme sport lovers seek! The list offers manyoffroad bike racing games that let you ride a dirt bike or quadbike on a rough, muddy, dusty roads. Also, there are some bikeracing games taking you to a city environment whose roads is filledwith bandits, crazy racers and fast bike riders. Challenge to diein whichever you want.The list includes high quality motorcycle games that you canupgrade the wheel, color, and some skills of your motorbike. Reachthe frontier point of motocross racing excitement.Overtake the rash riders on the highway by driving at thehighest speed or try to climb on a mountain with an ATV or a dirtbike. Whatever you want and expect from a motorbike racing game,the list gives you.Features:- A complete list of bike racing games- Best games chosen by the editor in star collection- Free and paid categories- New released and most popular games- Daily update- Ease of access and installing- Great screenshotsAbout the games on our list:- Various racing tracks, roads, speedways- Many motobikes, dirt bikes- Riders performing tricks- Off road bike racing games where you climb on a mountain with adirt bike- Games to perform extreme dangerous tricks on stunts with yourmotorcycle- City bike racing games to compete racers on the road at highspeed
Extreme Car Driving Racing 3D
Extreme Car Driving Racing 3D Simulator is thebest car simulator of 2014, thanks to its advanced real physicsengine.Ever wanted to try a sports car simulator? Now you can drive, driftand feel a racing sports car for free!Be a furious racer on a whole city for you. No need to brakebecause of traffic or racing other rival vehicles, so you canperform illegal stunt actions and run full speed with police carschasing you!Don't let cops chase you or you will be arrested!Drifting fast and doing burnouts had never been so fun! Burn theasphalt of this open world city!GAME FEATURES------------------------------------------Full real HUD including revs, gear and speed.ABS, TC and ESP simulation. You can also turn them off!Explore a detailed open world environment.Realistic car damage. Crash your car!Accurate physics.Control your car with a steering wheel, accelerometer orarrowsSeveral different cameras.
Western Wasteland Racer
Western Wasteland Racer is an awesome racinggame, featuring superior physics, gorgeous graphics and of courseeasy gameplay.Drive your car through highways. Speed up like a gust of wind!Wanna be a top racer? Come on, this racing game has them all.Features- NO in app purchases.- Easy game play.- Great 3D graphics.- Awesome music.- Endless fun!The simple game control and cool graphics will bring you anexciting experience of speed and drift. What are you waiting for?Download Western Wasteland Racer now!
Furious Car Driving
Furious Car Driving is an advanced drivingsimulator with great physics for both sport and an off-roadcar.One super car that is fully controllable you can open doors, trunkand hood.An off-road hummer car for driving on hills and to simulate 4x4traction.Top Features- Incredible vehicles- Full HD graphics- Realistic sounds- Controllable car parts- Realistic physicsDo you like it?
Extreme Simulator GT Racing 3D
Extreme Simulator GT Racing 3D is the best carsimulator of 2014, thanks to its advanced real physics engineEver wanted to try a sports car simulator? Now you can drive, driftand feel a racing sports car for free!Be a furious racer on a whole city for you. No need to brakebecause of traffic or racing other rival vehicles, so you canperform illegal stunt actions and run full speed without the policechasing you!Drifting fast and doing burnouts had never been so fun! Burn theasphalt of this open world city!GAME FEATURES------------------------------------------Full real HUD including revs, gear and speed.ABS, TC and ESP simulation. You can also turn them off!Explore a detailed open world environment.Realistic car damage. Crash your car!Accurate physics.Control your car with a steering wheel, accelerometer orarrowsSeveral different cameras.
Race Team Manager
Big Bit Ltd
In Race Team Manager you live the life of anup-and-coming team boss across various racing categories. Work yourway up from the junior leagues to the pinnacle of motor sport andbecome a championship winning team!RACE DAYFeaturing all the best parts of a traditional racing game,overtakes, spectacular crashes, pit stops and blocks are all fullyinteractive using the latest cutting edge graphics and specialeffects. As team manager it’s also your job to call strategy fromthe pit wall, instructing when and how hard to push the car andstrategically call the optimum moment to pit.MANAGEMENTOutside of Race Day you decide when and how to upgrade your car,and manage your driver and mechanic relationships. You’ll also needto sign sponsorship deals and ensure your team hits their targets.Build up enough reserves to go racing at the highest level andinvest in your facility to boost on track performance.EXPERIENCEGameplay is short burst and immediate, but there’s more than enoughhere to keep you coming back for months. Whether you’ve got acouple of minutes or hours to spare there are races to be won andmanagement decisions to be made. Will you focus on the car, yourteam, the sponsors or your facility? As long as you’re winning youcan run your team as you see fit!
Real Muscle Car
Pudlus Games
Real Muscle Car is a physics engine drift autogame.If you like Simulator Games, drifting, crushing try it.Smooth controls, realistic auto physics.Test your real drift skills.***FEATURES**** Easy controller* Realistic driving experience and feelings* Beautiful Graphics* Realistic sound environment* Realistic physics* Tablet support and FULL HD support* FULL HD graphics with high quality
Kids Toy Car Driving Game Free
Does Your kid like to play in a car? He willlove Kids Toy Car Fun free driving simulator game for toddlers andpreschool children with carwash and auto mechanics.This fun and educational game is like sitting in the driver's seatwith all the extras included. Children can freely interact andexplore the car equipment turn on the devices on the dashboard. Tocreate a fun and educational experience we also added a carwash andauto mechanic. Driving our free car game for kids will become anunforgettable journey for toddlers and preschool children.Why your kid will love it?+ Extremely easy and intuitive to play!+ Drive in a world of sights and sounds+ Fully working dashboard and driving controls+ Develops creativity and imagination+ Super fun- to play and learn!+ Kid-friendly interface+ Great driving game for little boys and girls!If your kid loves good driving fun - this is the best car simulatorapp for children!Fun activities to discover all around the car - honk the horn,shift gears and much more fun to discover.Turn the engine on and start driving!Kids Toy Car Fun driving game is designed for toddlers, preschoolchildren as a free to play car app. There are no high scores,failures, limits or stress. Your kids can role-play using their ownimaginations and learn at their own pace.Kids Toy Car Fun Game modules:Driving - offers your children the ability to explore the car fromthe driver's perspective. Children can freely interact with theequipment turn on the devices on the dashboard and much more.Car mechanics - it’s time to roll up your sleeves and play as amechanic. Look under the hood and change automotive fluids. Findout how a car works. Great to practice full motor skills and colorrecognition.Car wash - clean the car with brushes, soap, and bubbles. Childrencan feel free to make the car dirty and wash it all over again tomake the car clean and sparkling!Kids Toy Car Game will surprise you with many realistic effectsinside and outside the toy car!We recommend our Kids Toy Car interactive game for toddlers andpreschool children.Our app was designed to develop your child's cognitive skills andlearn about cause and effect. As a role- play app it helps childrenfoster their imagination by engaging them in the fun and realisticactivities.The non-linear gameplay allows kids free choices within the gameand gives children a chance to do as they please.Download it and enable your kids to develop role playingskills.Galante Games is a team of designers and engineers dedicated tocreating best educational and fun to play apps for kids. Thanks toour car games children are able to safely and creatively explorethe world around them.We support children’s development as best as we can, so please,help us make this applicationbetter. If you have any suggestions, remarks or comments, let usknow, send us an email!Questions or suggestions? Feel free to contact us! Policy: recommend this free driving game for toddlers, preschool andschool children, especially if they like driving games or playingwith toy cars.
Virtual Regatta Offshore
Skipper your own boat all around the world inthe most famous sailing races (the Volvo Ocean Race, Vendée Globe,Transat Jacques Vabre, Fastnet, Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race,Route du Rhum, Clipper RTW and lots of others). Race againsthundreds of thousands of rivals in real time.HOW TO PLAY :• Be at the helm of your virtual boat and start at the same timethan the real skippers.• Use the real weather forecasts as a fine tactician.• Fine tune your sails to real weather conditions.• Set your course to ride the weather.• Follow your boat everywhere on your mobile and tablet.THE VIRTUAL REGATTA COMMUNITY :• By sailing on Virtual Regatta, you are entering the world’slargest sailing community, with more than a million activegamers.• The most famous virtual races bring together several hundreds ofthousands of players!• Sail with the best! The greatest international skippers endorseVirtual Regatta.
Star Speed: Turbo Racing II
The amazing car racing game first hits Androidnow! Star Speed: Turbo Racing II is totally free!Gorgeous visual effects! Numerous power-ups! What are you waitingfor? Come on and join us!It is smoother and more realistic than Star Speed: Turbo Racing!Invite your friends to play it together!You can drive your car and race in the city with the fastest speedand the most exciting controlling!Star Speed: Turbo Racing has the most beautiful hi-tech gamescenes, the best graphics of high quality, and the most attractivegame play!You will love it! Let’s race together!Star Speed: Turbo Racing II is a side-scrolling racing game. Youcontrol the direction with gravity sensor. In the game, playersshould be careful to avoid other cars and try to collect coins andpower-ups. When you get a power-up of Top Speed, you can release itto experience racing without obstacles at the fastest speed!Features★★★★★ Amazing visual effects!★★★★★ Smooth game controlling experience!★★★★★ Fast and vivid background music!★★★★★ Numerous power-ups in the game!★★★★★ What are you waiting for? Come on!
Traffic Racer Motor
Bunbo games
Traffic Racer Motor, with eye-catchinggraphics and realistic driving sensations of a racing game.With bike racing movies releasing just around the corner, the allnew Traffic Racer Motor lets you test your extreme-speed bikeriding skills on the highway aboard the coolest, sharpesttwo-wheeler on road. Tilt to steer the bike, drive really close toother vehicles to score more and embrace new top speeds to see howfar you can go!★ A snazzy highway death racing bike to call your own★ Sharp HD graphics in a visually stunning 3D experience★ Life-life adrenaline rush of driving a bike★Tilt your phone left and right to dodge vehicles and steerahead★Super smooth tilt effect★Realistic acceleration feature adds to the thrill
Rally Racing Games
We have collected different kinds of rally racing games for you. Inthis app, you see a long list of games but you cannot play them onthis app but find easily and install games selected from AndroidMarket™. Our app enables you to access this kind of racing gameseasily and to download them. Please note that it requires internetconnectivity.We have collected rally racing games, one of the most popularmotor sports, that you cannot find among too many games on AndroidMarket™. These racing games on our list, give you a chance to drivemagnificient sports cars on different tracks at full speed. You canchoose one of them and install to play. We follow the new releasedgames and include in our list.As selecting games for rally lovers, we give priority to therally games offering turbo feature, tournament or championship modeand various endless racing tracks. Beside them, we have includedthe games giving you the real rally experience with upgradablerally cars, 4x4 or quad bikes. To reach ultimate rally excitement,prefer the games where you adjust suspension or gearbox to thesport cars.For ridge racers, the list offers offroad rally games withbumpy, dirty, or muddy roads. If you like city environment, you canfind real drift games with rally cars.Features:- Ease of access to rally racing games- A comprehensive game collection- Daily update- Free and paid options- Best games chosen by the editor in the star category- Most popular ones in featured category- Ease of installing- New released rally racing gamesAbout the games on our list:- Various rally vehicles- Asphalt tracks and muddy roads- Championships and challenging laps- Crazy racers and rivals to compete in the ultimate off-roadrush- Rally tournaments for more action
Extreme Sports Car Driving 3D
Extreme Sports Car Driving 3D Simulator is thebest car simulator of 2014, thanks to its advanced real physicsengineEver wanted to try a sports car simulator? Now you can drive, driftand feel a racing sports car for free!Be a furious racer on a whole city for you. No need to brakebecause of traffic or racing other rival vehicles, so you canperform illegal stunt actions and run full speed without the policechasing you!Drifting fast and doing burnouts had never been so fun! Burn theasphalt of this open world city!GAME FEATURES------------------------------------------Full real HUD including revs, gear and speed.ABS, TC and ESP simulation. You can also turn them off!Explore a detailed open world environment.Realistic car damage. Crash your car!Accurate physics.Control your car with a steering wheel, accelerometer orarrowsSeveral different cameras.
Race the Traffic Nitro
Race the Traffic Nitro has lots of new featsthat take the game to a whole new level. Have fun dodging cars andtrucks while you speed up to the limit. Race against the AI in anoutstanding Racing Face-Off and try to earn the respect of yourfellow drivers.Race the Traffic Nitro includes the most awesome feature for cargames: Nitro Boost. Fill up your nitro by speeding and overtakingother cars and then use it to reach max speed. Also, you can getseveral cars to improve your performance.What are you waiting for? Download Race the Traffic now!DISCLAIMER: No cows were harmed in the making of this app.Features:- 3 game modes.- Over 10 amazing cars to purchase.- Excellent gameplay.- Great 3D graphics.- Lots of car racing fun!
Snowmobile Santa - Racing Game
Launch off monster jumps, speed through deepvalleys, and power up hill climbs like you've never seen before.Santa has traded his sleigh in for a snow machine built speciallyfor him by the elves in Santa's workshop! Snowmobile Santa is a newracing game where Santa Claus rides snowmobiles through the snowymountains around the world. Watch out for snow balls, icicles,Christmas trees and other obstacles as you navigate the treacherousterrain. Don’t let Santa hit his head or he will go flying off hissnowmobile in spectacular crashes!In addition, Santa learns that the proper term is not snowmobilesbut rather snowmachines.This game bring Christmas cheer to all racing fans, includingmotorcycle, moto bike, ski racing, and snowboarding. Our freeChristmas present to you!This game is free and therefore contains ads. However, this gamewill not install any ad-related search bars on your phone or placeads in your notification bar. ADS WILL ONLY APPEAR WITHIN THEGAME.By downloading this application you are agreeing to StudyHallEntertainment LLC's End User License Agreement and Privacy Policywhich can be found at:
Mountain Offroad Truck Racer
Ria Games
Mountain Offroad Truck Racer is a physicsengine drift auto game.If you like Simulator Games, drifting, crushing try it.Smooth controls, realistic auto physics.Test your real drift skills.***FEATURES**** Easy controller* Realistic driving experience and feelings* Beautiful Graphics* Realistic sound environment* Realistic physics* Tablet support and FULL HD support* FULL HD graphics with high quality
Duty Driver Bus LITE
After many players of Duty Driver games wroteus that they want special Bus edition, we developed Duty DriverBus. In this game you are a bus driver and you will be able todrive 10 different missions:• Tour - drive bus in town• City line - point by point driving• Tourist - drive tourists to the mountains• Interstate - drive outside city• Football bus driver - drive football team to the game and avoidobstacles on the road• Parking - park my bus levels• School - drive children to school with school bus• Find a way - find a way on map to get to the finish point• Fog - drive in heavy fog conditions• Mirrors - drive backwards and park using side mirrorsThis game is available in 2 versions:• Lite (free, total download size 45 MB, 17 levels)• Full (paid, total download size 45 MB, 51 levels)Warning:• BEFORE YOU BUY FULL VERSION, PLEASE CHECK LITE VERSION (free) ONYOUR MOBILE PHONE.• IF DOWNLOAD OR INSTALL DOESN'T WORK RESTART YOUR PHONE AND TRYOVER WI-FI AND OVER MOBILE INTERNET• THIS GAME MIGHT NOT WORK ON LOW END DEVICES AS IT NEEDS A LOT OFRAM MEMORY• TO GET BEST RENDERING PERFORMANCE CLOSE OTHER ACTIVE APPLICATIONSON YOUR MOBILEAdvantages:• Beautiful city scenarios• Complete game size is only 45 MB - no extra download needed• Changing weather conditions• Simple but colorful and fast graphics rendering• No extra permissions needed for installation• Easy quit from game• 4 different buses• Big highway intersections• Different bus stations• Simulation mode (1st person, no damage, no time limit)• Freedom mode (select any bus, no objective, just drive)• Random mode will open you one of completed levels with random busand random skyFeatures:• Unity 3D engine• NVIDIA® PhysX® physics engine• Support for both OpenGL 1.x and OpenGL 2.0• Available for Android 2.0.1 Eclair (API level 6) or higher• Possibility to configure difficulty level: easy, medium,hard• Possibility to configure way to control your vehicle: by touch,by slider, by using wheel and by tilt screen• Possibility to reduce visibility range, to increase frame rate onlow-end devices• Possibility to change camera during game (in car, follow car,rotate cam, dynamic and static)• Supports all screen sizes from e.g. Samsung Galaxy Mini (480x320)to Samsung Galaxy S3 or Huawei Tablets• During loading of levels check new games from our partneradvertisement networkNotes:• Use LITE version to check Duty Driver Bus LITE performance,before downloading full version!• You need better Android device to run this game. If you havelow-end device and game works to slow, even after reducingvisibility range and turning off fog and other effects, pleasedon't rate this game with 1 star. Just get faster Android.• On some devices visibility range, model details and texturesmight be different, depending of device that you are using• In case of bad performance, reduce visibility range inOPTIONS/GRAPHICS to 150 meters and turn the fog OFF• If you will like this game, check occasionally Google Play fornew versions of Duty Driver• Vehicle traffic use simple physics model in order to work fast onmobile devices• Loading of some levels might be longer because world is builtelement by element to reduce total game size to 45 MB• There is no animated walking people on bus stations at it coulddecrease rendering performance• Auto-detect mode will decrease visibility range if renderingspeed drops below 20 frames per second (FPS) and increase above 30FPS• Email us your experience with this game: ideas for new episodesof Duty Driver, what you don't like and what kind of missions didyou like the bestEnjoy the game!
Car Drift Simulator 3D
Racing Bros
Real 3D Physics Car Driving Simulator gameProudly Presented! And it's Free!Fast driving experience brought to heights of whole new level -Race the Traffic, Free Roam in city driving or Become the off-roaddrift champion!◆ Real DrivingReal cars, real tracks with epic drift stunts. Climb up the milesand get jaw-dropping cars!◆ Upgrades & CustomizeTurbo engines, tinted windows, colorful paints, flip mode, rimspainting and All Free!.◆ Super CarsTop cars from the world's most prestigious countries. Just keepracking up miles. It is Free!◆ Multiple Racing ModesFree Roam, Traffic Mode and Eye Popping Cop Mode - Get the PoliceFail Spectacularly!Like us at Facebook and stay tuned with all new features:'d appreciate to hear your suggestions and comments!
Ride Or Die - Monster Truck
Future Prints
★★★★★ Reviewed by top Russian reviewers , a game going at a goodpace and a game which users would love to play . Drive the intenseRide or Die . comes your way a level based truck game which will get yougoing . A game that takes you through the toughest of the roads, the Crests and the Troughs , the hilly roads , small cracks ,which takes you to nothing less than HELL .Overcome the difficulties , ride through the hell , keep yourpatience , stay alive , try to be the king , try to RIDE or GoDIE .Features :★ Heart-throbing levels★ Several Beautifully designed monster trucks★ Upgradation of the features of the truck★ Smooth physics simulation★ Dynamic Sound★ The most addictive gameplay that takes all the TIME toll Are you READY for it ? Download it today .
Race the Traffic Moto
Race the Traffic Moto takes bikes games to awhole new level. Have fun dodging cars and trucks while you speedup to the limit. Race against the AI in an outstanding RacingFace-Off and try to earn the respect of your fellow bikers.Enjoy the fun of driving the most amazing bike models in the world.You can get some custom bikes or even some older classics.Race the Traffic Moto includes the most awesome feature in any bikegame: Nitro Boost. Fill up your nitro by speeding and overtakingother cars and then use it to reach max speed. Also, you can getseveral bikes to improve your performance.What are you waiting for? Download Race the Traffic Moto now!Features:- 3 game modes.- 6 amazing bikes to purchase.- Excellent gameplay.- Great 3D graphics.- Lots of bike racing fun!
Highway Rally: Fast Car Racing
FEEL THE RUSH ON THE HIGHWAY:- Race on a total of 20 scenic highway tracks in this fast andfurious highway racer- Push your speed to beat gold, silver, or bronze targettimes- Unlock new tracks if you get bronze or better- 3+ hours of fast, high-velocity racing- Earn in-game cash by completing tracks, getting air time, anddrifting- Collect special pick-ups and collectablesCOOL CARS:- 12 vehicles- Stunning 3D graphics gives a real simulator feel!- Upgrade your speed, acceleration, handling and nitro tank withcash- Upgrade your car's engine, spoiler, hood, and wheels- Nitro tanks for turbo speed boostsINTENSE GAMEPLAY:- Different camera views- Compete against ghost cars and compare your performance to thetarget time- Stay at maximum speed to beat the clock- Swerve to avoid collisions with obstacles- Get caught by the speed cameras and share the photo online viaTwitter and Facebook!Hit the highway for a racing road-trip of pure adrenaline! Race on20 extreme 3D highway tracks, and beat target times to unlockspecial cars, cash, and new levels. Highway Rally is the King ofracing games: a fast and furious road trip that will leave youbegging for more. Let your need for speed drive you to win!CUSTOM CARS:With Highway Rally, you not only have 20 performance cars to choosefrom, you can also customize them to give your drag racing game anextra turbo boost! You can tune up your vehicle any way you want –change car color, upgrade your car with a new engine, tires,spoilers and more! Highway Rally lets you decide what you want tofocus on – top speed, drifting, nitro, or improve your handling toavoid crashing out the race – it’s up to you. Customizing has neverbeen this fun!PLAY WITH FRIENDS:Feel yourself looking for some multiplayer action? Well withHighway Rally you can take extreme racing to the next level andplay against your friends. Compete against their times, set yourown and even share your greatest moments by capturing them on thespeed camera. You can then share them on Facebook or Twitter.Capture your greatest drift, your fastest time or any other epicmoment!INCREDIBLE GRAPHICS:Unlike typical car games for kids, Highway Rally boasts someseriously awesome 3D graphics – you’ll feel like you’re driving ina simulator! Each of the 20 scenic highway tracks has been lovinglydesigned to give you that authentic highway driving experience.Perfect for boys, for girls, adults and kids: jump into that sportscar and prepare for the roadtrip of a lifetime. With more than 3hours of car racing to get involved in – you can be sure you won’tget bored fast!EXTREME GAMEPLAY:Highway Rally also has a variety of different arcade racing modesthat puts you in the driver’s seat. Looking to beat the clock andsee if you can master the maximum speed? Then tear it up in thetime trial mode and see if you can beat the ghost car. Searchingfor a classic high speed GT racing experience? Then enter into anyof the races and put your speed racing skills to the test. Or maybeyou fancy just heading out for a spin and taking your car for theultimate road trip? It’s up to you. Highway Rally is one seriouslycool car game.If you’re a fan of drag racing driving games, speed racing or anykind of car games, then we can guarantee you’re going to fall inlove with Highway Racing.More updates full of exciting new features are coming soon, forFREE!Stay tuned!Check our Official Website: us on Facebook: like getting comments. Rate and review us!
Stickman Trials
*** We need your feedback and comments to make the game better! ***Stickman Trials – the incredible new bike simulator withrealistic physics, offers racing with mountain-bikes, bmx,motorcycles, pitbikes, mopeds and other two-wheeled rides. Combinedownhill racing, stunt and jumps, avoid falls and crashes tocomplete all trials and win 3 stars on various levels ofchallenging tracks!Choose from a wide variety of bike classes: everything frombicycles, such as MTB, BMX or double tandems to motor bikes,including motorcycles, sport-bikes, scooters and pit-bikes! Eachbike has a unique set of characteristics (Speed, Grip,Acceleration, Stability) that allow players to test their trialskills.Compete with your friends in multiplayer mode, unlock all thetracks, bikes and motorcycles, improve your performance andchallenge the world record to take the first place top spot on theleaderboards!Game features:• Different levels with tracks of various complexity• Wide variety of bicycles, motorcycles and other two-wheeledrides• Multiplayer mode: compete with friends or people from all overthe world• Realistic bicycle and motorcycle models• Incredible stunts and crashes• Customize the way your bikes look• Hundreds of items to customize the outfit of StickmanJoin us and share your impressions:• Facebook:• Twitter:• Youtube:• Google+:• Instagram:• Vk:• Pinterest:• Flickr:• Tumblr:• MySpace:
Voxel Rush: 3D Racer Free
Superfast, minimalistic and extreme 3D racinggame! Now with real-time multiplayer!Accelerometer-controlled, endless and free racing game. Racethrough minimalistic landscapes. Avoid obstacles and don't crash!Be fast, be aggressive, race like you know no fear! Get itnow!What players say:"Voxel Rush is fast, dynamic, engrossing, and a thrill to play.""What's scarier than riding speeders through the forest moon ofEndor? Voxel Rush: 3D Racer Free just might be" -AndroidGuys.comAs featured in TegraZone:• REAL-TIME MULTIPLAYER! Compete with your friends in a TRON-likelandscape and win Credits or V$ in a thrilling 60 seconds race.Higher-scoring player wins!• Full support for NVIDIA Shield and brand new Android TV!• Show off! Race close to obstacles to get more points• The more aggressive your racing, the more combos you get• Achievements and leaderboards (Google sign-in required)• Use tons of upgrades, power-ups and modules to race evenfaster• Get FREE Credits for inviting friends! Invite through Facebook,Google+ and email. Spread the word about this amazing free racinggame!• Share your best moments in the game and post your in-game pics onGoogle+ and Facebook. Show your friends what top racing means:)• Collect powerful boosters like Invulnerability or SlowMotion• Survive events like Total Collapse, Tunnel of Death orCrushers• Enjoy stereoscopic 3D mode (glasses required)• Remove ads with purchase of any Credits or V$ coin-packs• The Other World will blow your mind!****Join Voxel Rush for FREE promo codes, early previews and othergoodies:- Google+: Facebook: Twitter:****Optimized for Intel x86 mobile devicesDeveloped by Rafal WilinskiPublished by HyperBeesSupercharged by Dataspin
Crash Drive 2: 3D racing cars
Spil Games
🏁 FREE install🏁 Multiplayer gameplay🏁 6 random competitive events: Coin Collect, King of the Crown,Race, Tag, Stunt, Find the Ring🏁 New Mode: Tank Battles🏁 Accurate physics movements🏁 4 endless levels (Open Worlds) to explore…can you find all thesecret areas?🏁 Highscores and leaderboards🏁 Free credits every day you play🏁 30 unique outrageous cars to unlock (like a School bus or a tank!)🏁 Special car-leveling systemCrash Drive 3D is back !
Drag Racing Bike Edition Tunes
The long-awaited tunes-app of the most popular game Drag RacingBike EditionBecome the Top player of the game using "DRBE Pro tunes" by"Appslitter"- Challenge all players and win every race.- Get to the top of the leaderboards in the racing.- Beat the best players of Drag Racing Bike Edition.- Increase your ranking in your country and worldwide.- Interact with other teams & players on our facebook page.Enjoy racing with real pro bike tunes perfectly optimized forDrag Racing Bike edition. With "DRBE Protunes" you can become theultimate player.Race & Beat the legends of the Drag Racing Bike Edition(Neerox, Arouq, BMAN, Wrestlebot & many more) with these biketunes on the track, If you need help on tuning, shifting, Upgradesetc., don't worry - Our Support is available 24x7. just mail us tuning apps coming soon.
Dirt Car Rally - Offroad Drive
Game Canvas
If you are interested to race in hilly andsnowy areas then "Dirt Car Rally" will be your excellent choice.Select among 4 Super cars with super horsepower and byachieving milestone in each level in desired time, you can unlocknext levels. Compete in thrilling races on snow, desert and dirttracks. Dirt Car Rally is a drift based rally game and not atraffic racer. Drive with hill climb, asphalt drift, and real dirtdrift. Rally with drift together. This category redefined withRally Racer Dirt. Rally Racer Dirt introduces best realistic andstunning controls for a rally game. Have fun with drifty andrealistic tuned physics with detailed graphics, vehicles and racingtracks. Be a rally racer, drive as Mitch Robin, and Collin on thetracks not in the traffic. Dirt Car Rally is an exciting speed carmoto racing game, where you have to drive as fast as you can to thefinish line. But it won't be as easy, as you may think. Burn up thestreet with the fastest and most visually stunning driving speedracing. One of the most addictive and entertaining physics baseddriving game ever made! With astonishing physics, eye-poppingtracks, and awesome cars, Fast Racing creates a new type of racingexperience for Android users.You can test your skills in this Awesome simulation, on variousOvals Racing Circuits.In this game based on one of the most important racing categoriesof world, the player will can drive the fantastic Stock Cars anddevelop the better strategy to win the championship or win thechallenges that will test your skills.>WHAT'S NEW?* Boost Speed.* Speedometer display.* Continue Boosting will crash your engine and burn your car.* Tune able cars with adjustable suspension.* Carefully tuned car physics and controls.>GAME PLAY:- Tilt to move left or right to control car- Touch boost button to accelerate>TIPS:- The faster you drive, the faster you will achieve milestone- When driving over 120 km/h, use boost to get more speed for about140 km/h.- Tilt right or left to avoid hurdles like stones, barriersetc.>FEATURES:Fantastic 6 levels:- Each level has an excellent surface like snowy, desert and hillyand also dark night.- To unlock next level, you have to compete the previous one.- In level 1 you have been given 1 minute to achieve the target, innext level time give 1min and 20sec and same for other four morelevels, time increase and difficulty also increases.Stunning 3D graphics:- Dirt Car Rally is a racing game with tremendous graphics andsound, good management and an excellent game play control by tiltyour device.- Smooth and realistic car handlingStylish Cars:- There are four types of stylish cars, each one having differentfeatures.- You have to select your favorite car and try to complete thelevel as soon as possible.Dirt Car Rally will be updated constantly. Please rate us and giveyour feedback for further improvements in the game.
FC Classic Road Fighter Racing
FC Classic Road Fighter RacingDo you still remember the Road Fighter Game?Road Fighter is an arcade style 8 Bit racing game wherethe player controls a red car. The object of the game is tonavigate the car through obstacles (other moving cars and oilspills generally) to the finish line before it runs out of fuel.Fuel is partially refilled by hitting against special type of cars.The game features four different courses in each level.We will take you back to the childhood, with a better gamesystem, fancy game scenes, and an open game platform.★★★Now available on your Android Phone and Tablets.★★★Play FC Road Racing the hero is a classic road racinggame.Free Download FC Road Racing game for unlimited time!