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Official Rugby World Cup 2015
World Rugby
Follow your favourite team's preparations forthe biggest event in world rugby and compare their social buzz withthe other 19 contenders for the Webb Ellis Cup.Personalise the app for your favourite #RWC2015 teamTest your knowledge in the RWC trivia quizWork out the great RWC moment from a close up photoAdd the RWC match schedule to your calendarCheck out which RWC matches still have tickets availableWatch some of the best moments from the RWC archiveTM © RWC Ltd 1986
Didier Drogba Football Manager
A new football team is looking for a manager... it could be YOU!Have you always dreamed of managing your own club? Now thatdream can come true, thanks to Goal One! With support from DidierDrogba, Chelsea's 4th-highest scorer of all time, you'll start yourcareer as a rookie manager and build your own team fromscratch.Choose a name, logo and jersey for your team and lead them tothe top. As you rise through the ranks, you'll have to prove yourmettle against other players and their teams. Study your opponents,discover their weaknesses, and develop a strategy against them!Do you have what it takes to train top-quality players likeDidier Drogba? Try it out now! Goal One is supported by therecord-holder for the most goals in the UEFA Champions League by anAfrican player: Didier Drogba himself! With his help, find the bestplayers for your squad and improve their stats to give your team atactical advantage!FEATURESPlay for free – no daily limits or other restrictions.Create your team from scratch – choose a name, logo, and jerseyto create the team of your dreams!Train your players to be All-Stars – develop the strengths ofeach individual player and use them to craft your strategy.Watch every match live – analyze your opponents and adapt yourstrategy in real-time.Transfer players from other teams – buy and sell players toperfect your lineup.Build your own stadium – get financial support from your fansand build the best stadium possible!Play with your friends – compete against friends and take homevaluable prizes as a cup winner.Be a part of our community! Contribute to the development of theapp and share your experiences with other players. Visit us or like us on Facebook. ( ).Go for the cup and advance from league to league until yourplayers become famous! Become a football expert and prove yourtalent as a manager.Fight for victory, and show everyone you're even better than theAll-Star team! Download Goal One now and fight your way to the topwith Didier Drogba by your side!
Win Sports Online
Win Sports es un canal de deportes Colombiano,presenta el Campeonato Nacional de Fútbol y otra variedad deprogramas como Noticias de Deporte, Programas de Entrevista yAnálisis del Fútbol. Con la aplicación, los usuarios puedendisfrutar la señal en vivo todo el día y ver contenido VOD dejuegos y programas.Win Sports is a Colombiansports channel, presents the National Football League and othervariety programs like Sports News, Interview and Analysis ProgramsSoccer. With the application, users can enjoy the live feed all dayand watch VOD content of games and programs.
Head Soccer - World Football
Genera Games
Many players have fought to earn a place amongsoccer’s elite, but only those who win a World Cup become truelegends. Are you another aspiring champion with a thirst fortriumph? Show us what you’ve got in HEAD SOCCER - Ultimate WorldEdition.Go further than anyone by winning all of the CUPS, LEAGUES andCHALLENGES for each team.To get there you’ll need to improve your ball skills and use yourPower Ups wisely to surprise your opponents.If you’ve got what it takes to win each tournament you’ll get sweetREWARDS!ABIILITIES. Use SPRINT to move more quickly around the field and beat youropponent.. The HEADER is the best way to score a goal.. Use the POWER UP to surprise your opponent with a special shot,or to block theirs.. Try to trick your rival and take a SHOT on goal.FRIENDLY MODEPractice your skills playing in friendly games against any team.Remember that in Football there are no small opponents!CUP MODEYou’ve got a date with the best players in the world. Stay focusedduring the competition and you’ll become a World Championtoo.LEAGUE MODEIn a championship tournament every game is a final! Show off yourball skills to become an All-Star.SURVIVAL MODEIf you want to become a legend you need to beat every team. Win asmany consecutive games in a row as you can!You’ve got an empty trophy case! Win all of the cups, make history,and you’ll be in the HALL OF FAME!Cheer on your team!
Glassy Surf Report | Forecast
Glassy’s only goal is to improve the way wesurf.Glassy’s surfing community is made up of 200,000 surfers that havealready downloaded the app. Along with our increasing user basethere are more than 13,000 spots around the world created by theown surfers and validated by our team.TRACK YOUR SURF SESSIONSCreate your surfing social profile to input, measure and evaluateyour surf sessions.Go back and see your progress through your session library.ACCESS 13K+ SURF SPOTSCreate a personalized list of your favorite spots and create yourown spot if it doesn’t exist yet.WORLDWIDE FORECASTAccurate and always updated weather and swell conditions.RECEIVE SWELL ALERTSSet up your own notifications for when the ideal surfing conditionsshow up (height of swell, swell direction, swell period, wind speedand wind direction).CONNECT WITH YOUR FRIENDSShare your surfing sessions on Facebook and Twitter.Upload photos of your session, attach the surfboard sued in thatsession and improve your current level.COMING SOON· The possibility to challenge your friends or any surfer aroundthe world.· A main page in the app where you can see all the activity of yourfriends.Since we know that you are a passionate about surfing we consideryour opinion very valuable. We invite you to join the Glassycommunity by telling us what we could do to improve your surfexperience.You can email us to
Stick Cricket Super Sixes
The creators of the chart-topping Stick Cricket®, the most popularcricket game in the world, bring you Super Sixes - a revolutionarynew batting game!Instead of facing mere mortals, your opponent is thestate-of-the-art Bowlomatic 3000: a sadistic bowling machine thatis hell bent on wiping you out.Smash as many sixes as you can but be wary, as the Bowlomatic3000 has plenty of tricks up his proverbial sleeve to ensure aharrowing time at the crease.The Bowlo doesn’t get it all his own way, though. Alter trickylevels by unlocking the Super Bat, allowing you to slog sixesfurther than ever before, or rack up the points by switching toGolden Balls.Featuring endless gameplay, a raft of innovative challenges anddetailed stats tracking, Super Sixes is the ultimate test of yourcricket skills.***Pocket-lint ‘App of the Day’“The gameplay is brilliant and, although using the same controlsetup as the original, it feels like an entirely differentgame.”All Out Cricket“There are new innovations to build on the ingenious simplicity ofthe original. Two minutes swiftly becomes an hour.”By downloading this app you are accepting our EULA: message: This game includes in-app purchases.
TC&C srl
TUTTO Mercato WEB è un sito di notiziesportive (calcio) particolarmente attento al CALCIOMERCATO.Altre funzionalità:- Risultati partite in temporeale (con notifiche push) con relativacronaca delle principali partite- Classifica Serie A / Serie B / Lega Pro- Calendario Serie A / Serie B / Lega pro- Archivio foto e video- TMW Radio (disponibile solo con Android 4.1 e successivi)- Widget Orologio (non funziona spostando l'app su SD)www.tuttomercatoweb.comALL WEB Market is asports news website (soccer) especially attentive to the transfermarket.Other features:- Results in games TempoReale (with push notifications) with itschronicle of the main games- Serie A / B Series / Pro League- Calendar Series A / B Series / Pro League- Archive photos and videos- TMW Radio (only available with Android 4.1 and later)- Widget Clock (does not work by moving the app to SD)
Patrick Kane's Arcade Hockey
Take over the rink in this season’s tastiestarcade hockey hustle featuring Team USA and Chicago superstarPatrick Kane!Ditch the rules and rip a slapshot past the goalie in thisfun-filled 3-on-3 puckfest with exaggerated 3D visuals, 18 nationalteams and classic arcade gameplay. Beam your opponents up toanother galaxy with eye-popping game changers in the Power HockeyLeague, all while racking up the cup trophies at home and onforeign land.Earn coveted KANE cards to unlock extra game modes, over 40 cityteams and the chance to play as the scoring maestro himself:Patrick Kane!TURN DOWN FOR WHAT?!Power up and blast off to another dimension in the Power HockeyLeague, where pucks explode and UFOs collect pesky opposingplayers. This otherworldly mode comes complete with a variety ofpower-ups, boosts and custom rinks for a magical game of arcadehockey.FACE OFF LIKE A BOSSGive your rivals a cold welcome to the big leagues with twistedwristers and screaming Howitzers all aimed at your opponent’s topshelf. Choose from one of 18 national teams from the get-go andunlock more squads to showcase your hockey prowess on a citylevel.CUP RUNNETH OVER WITH TOURNAMENTSFrom classic international clashes of the hockey giants to sockingit to your city rivals, there’s more than enough glory to be won inthe City and Nations Cups.ALL HAIL THE SOCIAL KINGClaim all the achievements and unlock KANE cards to show the fellowhockey hounds just exactly who runs this rink. Post yourachievements on leaderboards and Facebook to see if your friendscan beat you at your own game.PHOENIX™ TECH POWERS BIG HEADS AND EVEN BIGGER TALENTPhoenix™ engine powers the big-headed action with eye-popping 3Dgraphics and classic arcade controls. No tutorials needed beyond arink, a stick and some flavored ice to get your puck on.------Want more Kane and hockey? If it’s a resounding YES, check outPatrick Kane’s Hockey Classic on Google Play for more Kane-infusedhockey shenanigans on ice.Want in on all the community action? Come and join our Facebookposse at’s, the Golden Arches logo and I’m lovin’ it are trademarksof McDonald’s Corporation and its affiliates, used withpermission.
HandicapperPlus Mobile Edition
Tony Lake
HandicapperPlus is one of the easiest to use, lowest cost, and mostaccurate handicapping programs you'll ever use. HandicapperPlusworks on Android devices to automate the tedious manualcalculations that horse players previously undertook by hand, andcombines the ability to manually input data or share and importdata from friends or other sources with the built-in sharingfunctions. With the purchase of our one-time $9.99 upgrade,HandicapperPlus Mobile Edition will import directly from BrisnetSingle data past performance and JCapper files. Daily Racing FormFormulator files can also be used by importing them intoHandicapperPlus Desktop Edition then exporting races to the mobilefile format. Note that the upgrade is not required to take fulladvantage of the mobile edition - in fact, if you prefer tomanually enter data, simply use your Daily Racing Form or BrisnetPast Performances and enter six data points for each horse tohandicap the races. HandicapperPlus is user friendly and includeslinks to our dedicated online help pages. There is no complex, hardto understand, time consuming learning curve. Using your DailyRacing Form, Brisnet Past Performances, or JCapper file, simplyimport, share, or manually enter six data points for each horse,select any number of the built in algorithms you want to sort thehorse by, add (or not) your own stored handicapping method, andpush a button to display the picks. With the upgrade, you canimport DRF Formulator, Brisnet Single Data Past Performances, andJCapper files directly, thus completely eliminating the need totype in any data at all. HandicapperPlus will literally handicapthe horses in as few as one or as many as nine different methodssimultaneously, and present the results in a format similar to anypick sheet you might purchase at the track. HandicapperPlusincludes eight separate mathematical models to pick the horses, butyou're not limited to the included algorithms if you purchase theone-time $9.99 in-app "custom algorithm" upgrade to the program! Bysetting just six numerical weights through our simple interface,you'll be handicapping using your own method in under five minutes.Your custom handicapping algorithm is stored for your later use.HandicapperPlus uses Past Performance data from the Daily RacingForm, Formulator, Brisnet Past Performances, or JCapper files.HandicapperPlus allows you to apply your own handicapping rules oruse either or both of two included special algorithms. If youdecide to create your own algorithm, you only need enter it once topick by your method every time in the future - and you can tweakand update your algorithm at any time. The included algorithmsinclude an algorithm similar to a basic Ainsley handicappingmethod, and the proprietary blend that we at Handicapper use. Inaddition, HandicapperPlus can sort your race card by as many as sixother different ways simultaneously. Scores can be formatted todisplay averages, sums, or weighted so that the best horse alwaysscores 100, and other horses sorted proportionally. The time itusually takes to manually handicap races is literally reduced fromhours to minutes. With the import utilities available online or bypurchasing the one time upgrade, entering data for an entire racecard can literally take just seconds. If you want to see summariesof your data, for example, if you'd like to see the sum of the lasttwo Beyers, or the average of the last three speed and trackvariants, or any random combination, you need do nothing more thanpush the button that sorts the horses accordingly. HandicapperPlusis free, but a one-time $9.99 in-app upgrade is available if youwant to be able to import data files directly (sharing data fileswith friends is included in the free version). Also included withthe upgrade is the ability to use your own handicapping method (inaddition to any or all of the other handicapping algorithmsincluded in the free version).
Top Eleven Tool
THIS IS NOT A HACKA tool for Top Eleven manager game to keep track of yourEXISTING players from Top Eleven quality development. You canmanage more than one team. The existing players from Top Eleven areadded and updated manually. There is no way to add and updateautomatically because Nordeus do not provide the required resourcefor that.- Add your teams and players- Track how many skill points to gain quality- Multiple sorting formats i.e. quality or remaning skillpoints- Backup to external storage is possible- Many in-app languagesFuture features:- Backup function (Cloud)- Better tablet support- Statistic graphs- Pc WebApp syncNOTE: This tool has no relation with Nordeus nor the Top Elevengame.Thanks to translators: My friends(chringle and edinoibrito) andfrom XDA(roberto.orgiu, MasterPhW, oukithegreat, xabierportu)
L'application officielle de SO FOOT, premiermagazine mensuel de foot en France ! Tout à portée demain : résultats, classements, calendriers, actualités, analyses,compte-rendus, portraits, interviews, reportages... Retrouvez toutce qu'il faut savoir de la Ligue 1, de la Liga, de la PremierLeague, de la Bundesliga, de la Serie A, des championnatssud-américains, des compétitions européennes et internationales.Retrouvez aussi un univers "Paris en ligne" avec les cotes desmatchs et les pronostics de la rédaction de SO FOOT.*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=Utilisateur d'Android 2.2 ou 2.3, vous pouvez rencontrer desproblèmes avec la dernière version de l'application, qui n'est pluscompatible avec vos téléphone. Vous pouvez néanmoins télécharger laversion précédente de l'app, toujours compatible avec votreterminal Android, a cette adresse trouverez sur cette page la marche à suivre pour installerl'application : official applicationof SO FOOT first monthly magazine of football in France at hand: results, rankings, schedules, news, analyzes,reports, portraits, interviews, reports ... Find everything youneed to know in Ligue 1, La Liga, the Premier League, Bundesliga,Serie A, the South American championships, European andinternational competitions. Find a universe as "Paris Online" withthe odds of the matches and prognoses of writing FOOT SO.* = * = * = * = * = * = * = * = * = * = * = * = * = * = * = * = * =* = * = * = * = * = * = * = * = * = * = * = * = * = * = * = * = *=User Android 2.2 or 2.3, you may experience problems with thelatest version of the application, which is no longer compatiblewith your phone. You can still download the previous version of theapp, always compatible with your Android device, to this find the procedure for installing the application:
Terrier Apps
Getting tired of skating the same spots everyday? New in town, haven’t found the best spots to skate yet? Goingon a trip, the skate is in the backpack but don’t know where thespots are?Relax, the solution is here!SkateSpots finds spots near you, adds your favorite spots,searches for spots all over the world just out there waiting foryou to skate!With the SkateSpots application you can search for skate parks,street skating, the best hills to go longboarding and much, muchmore. By using the SkateSpots filtering functionality you canselect spots matching your skate style, filter on indoor, outdoor,park, street, ramp, bowl, longboard etc.Found a spot to skate and don’t know how to get there, noproblem, use the map view and it will take you there in notime…SkateSpots is the original and the best spotter on Android!
Paralympic Games Rio 2016
Rio 2016
Now with more features, and a lot faster!Download the official app for the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games.As well as the opening and closing ceremonies, you will also beable to access links to official broadcasts of live sports such asjudo, athletics, swimming, goalball, wheelchair basketball and manymore.The full schedule and results for all of the competitions areconstantly updated. You can also set the app to send notificationsfor your favourite sports and athletes, and even include yourpreferred events in your personal agenda.For those in Rio, the app will provide a detailed guide withtips for events that do not require a ticket to watch (marathon,triathlon, road cycling etc.), details of the Fest Rio 2016 fansites, as well as being the first place for news and incrediblephotos from the competitions. Enjoy!
Skate Dice
Petru Toader
The Skate Dice brings all the joy of playing games of S.K.A.T.E. onflatground, rails and boxes. Now you can practice flat tricks,grinds and manuals! All included in a single app and available inyour pocket using your Android mobile. Switch between the stylesthat most suits you and have fun with your friends while learningnew tricks everyday.tags: skateboard skate dice flatground grind manuals sk8dice sk8free skateboarding
GPS Laps
Lap times can be measured by using GPS of thephone. The time gap to the best lap is displayed while measuringit. If the sector is set, each sector's gap is displayed. Past laptimes can be confirmed from the history screen.The measurement using an external GPS receiver by Bluetooth ispossible.To cmmunicate with external GPS receiver, external GPS receivershould be able to send NMEA0183 RMC sentence with SPP(Serial PortProfile).Log of the measurement data can be recorded by NMEA0183 RMCsentence (the measurement data acquired from the terminal is outputas it is, log format might change depending on the specification ofthe terminal).By using recorded log, the speed and the track line can beanalysed.Measurement track information can be made by using Google Maps. Twoor more measurement sector can be installed in the made measurementtrack, and the measurement track can be set as a circuit or asection.Measurement track information for major circuits is setbeforehand.Operability confirmed GPS Devices:Qstarz BT-Q1000eXQstarz BT-Q818XT
Live Cricket Score App
Decor Apps
-> Current Running Match and Series <-∀ India vs South Africa∀ Pakistan vs England∀ Sri Lanka vs West IndiesWelcome to most desirable and preferred application for livecricket entertainment. We will display everything related tocricket match. We will provide you complete information of eachcricket match like international TEST match, ODI match, T20 match,Leagues, Ranji, Tournaments etc.We included all most everything regarding a cricket match asfollows- live score chart,Series List,Series Match List,SeriesMatch Result,Series Player List,Breaking News,Match Summary,Ball byBall commentary,Cricket Records,,Player Ranking,Team Ranking,PointTables- Live cricket scorecard streaming- Live Score Widget- Running, Upcoming matches- Ball by Ball commentary of each innings- Man of the match, Man of the series, Toss result, Umpiredetails- Playing XI player list- Player RankingIntroduction -- Most preferred cricket score application- Listed in Top Chart of play store in many countries- Complete Coverage of each international, Leagues, Ranji,Tournament cricket matches- Best application for slow internet connectionTop Features-- Instant Short Live Scores on home screen with current batsman andbowler- Auto refresh scorecard- Running Series list and complete information with hostteams- All breaking news regarding cricket history- Complete score chart of each match- Summary of each match- Complete inning commentary- Wicket commentary- Boundary commentary- Series match list and series breaking news- Series Team players- Player profile and complete statistics- Point tables of each series- All records of Batting, Bowling, Team in ODI, TEST, T20 matchMean Time Special--> Most runs in carrier-> Most runs in Innings-> Most runs in Calendar year-> Most Wickets in carrier-> Most Sixes in carrier-> Most catches in carrier etc.We worked to make a full featured application but if you findany bug or problem then please contact us on sudeshmishra71@gmail.comDisclaimer :This application is no way with IPL, BCCI, ICC or any of itsparticipating teams and all logo and trademarks are registered withtheir respective owners. But you have any suggestion then you arewelcome.
World Soccer Games 2014 Cup
A fast and fun top football game for Android.(Or top soccer games for the American in you).Play a fun game of the best football game experience on yourdevice.Kick-off from the centre of the football field, dribble your way tothe opponent's goal, and kick the ball in for a score.From realistic passes to powerful shots, this football game has itall.This game will have you hooked for many matches as you watch yourteam make it to the winner cup finals!So get ready from the point the whistle blows off for kick off,this is one football game you'll want to be with!
Sports Games
3Dev Games
Play all top sport games and high ranking game sport in a wellcategorized format. You can access the latest and most popular topfree sport games played by millions quickly and easily. That can beenjoyed in one place including sport games for kids, sport cargames, and much more among the carefully selected updates. Our bestSports Games include New sport games, sport car games are updatedin real time, and does not alarm. HD, 2D, 3D, simulation games, andcarefully selected quality games with excellent graphics.- A collection of free sports games like soccer games, basketballgames, sports games for kids- Provide high-resolution graphics.- Star category including the best all sport games chosen by theeditor.- Most popular and new releases game sport.
البطولة ⚽ Elbotola
☆ Elbotola | MOST POPULAR ARABIC SportsApp. Trusted by +1 Million User 👍First Arab sports App that provides soccer news, live scores,fixtures, results, tables on a daily basis, in addition to variousvideos for all major Arab and international leagues.Elbotola also offers many betting games to win amazing gifts likePlaystation 4.Elbotola App supports the following leagues :▸ UEFA EURO 2016▸ Copa América Centenario 2016▸ La Liga BBVA▸ Premier League▸ Bundesliga▸ France Ligue 1▸ Eredivisie▸ Belgian Pro League▸ Botola Pro▸ Algerian Ligue Professionnelle 1▸ Tunisian Ligue Professionnelle 1▸ Egyptian Premier League▸ Libyan Premier League▸ Saudi Professional League▸ UAE Pro League▸ Qatar Stars League▸ Lebanese Premier League▸ Kuwaiti Premier League▸ Jordan Premier League+ And much more leagues ...For feedback or questions :Email : android@elbotola.comFacebook : :
JUST *TAP* *TAP* AND KEEP IT UP!Kickerinho needs your help to become best juggler in the beautifulcity of Rio de Janeiro! Will you help him fulfill this dream?• Get additcted with simple yet challenging juggling gameplay• Choose from over hundred of football T-Shirts. Barcelona orMadrid? We have'em. Wanna wear a suit instead? We've got youcovered.• Unlock dozens of football tricks: juggle with foot, stall theball on your head, show who's the juggling master!• Be immersed by beautiful graphics and smooth animation.Remember: juggling is a skill that is improved by repetition. Themore you do the better you will get.WARNING: game is highly addictive and may cause “let me try!”requests from people around you!Please note: Kickerinho is optimized for iPhone 4s/ iPad 2/ iPodTouch 5th gen and up.
あのパワプロ、プロスピのKONAMIが送る、プロ野球ゲームの決定版!!好きな選手を集め、キミだけのドリームナインで戦え!【ドリナイSSとは?】◇プロ野球選手が実写で登場!!実際のプロ野球のペナント成績に基づいた選手たちが実写フィギュアとなって登場!各球団主な収録選手はこちら!(敬称略)<パ・リーグ>福岡ソフトバンクホークス(柳田悠岐 / 松田宣浩 / 内川聖一 等)北海道日本ハムファイターズ(大谷翔平 / 中田翔 / 西川遥輝 等)千葉ロッテマリーンズ(涌井秀章 / 鈴木大地 / 清田育宏 等)埼玉西武ライオンズ(秋山翔吾 / 中村剛也 / 浅村栄斗 等)オリックス・バファローズ(金子千尋 / 吉田正尚 / 佐藤達也 等)東北楽天ゴールデンイーグルス(則本昂大 / 嶋基宏 / 松井裕樹 等)<セ・リーグ>東京ヤクルトスワローズ(山田哲人 / 川端慎吾 / 小川泰弘 等)読売ジャイアンツ(菅野智之 / 阿部慎之助 / 坂本勇人 等)阪神タイガース(鳥谷敬 / 藤浪晋太郎 / 福留孝介 等)広島東洋カープ(新井貴浩 / 菊池涼介 / 鈴木誠也 等)中日ドラゴンズ(平田良介 / 大野雄大 / 大島洋平 等)横浜DeNAベイスターズ(筒香嘉智 / 山﨑康晃 / 梶谷隆幸 等)◇毎日開催のリーグ戦で本格シミュレーション平日開催のレギュラーシーズンで順位を競え!週末の熾烈なリーグ入れ替え戦で上位リーグを目指そう!◇敏腕スカウトからのレポート報告?!選手の特徴が書かれたスカウトレポートで優秀な選手を探し出せ!曲者ぞろいのスカウトと契約して目当ての選手をGET!!◇成長のカギは試合にある!!選手たちは試合を重ねるごとにどんどん成長するぞ!作戦や選手の組み合わせは無限大、いろんなオーダーを試してみよう!試合後には新たなスカウトが見つかることも…?!キミだけのドリームナインでリーグの頂点を目指そう!日本野球機構承認、データ提供:スタッツ・ジャパン----------------------------------------・本アプリはオンラインゲームです。通信可能な環境でお楽しみください。・対応OS:Android4.0以降・推奨RAMサイズ:1GB以上・動作確認端末:GALAXY S4 SC-04EXperia A SO-04EAQUOS PAD SH-08EAQUOS PHONE ZETA SH-02EARROWS Me F-11DARROWS X F-10D、GALAXY NEXUS SC-04DGALAXY S III SC-06DGALAXY S III α SC-03EGALAXY Tab 7.7 Plus SC-01E※上記端末以外は動作保証対象外となります。※動作確認端末以外でのトラブルにつきましてはサポート対象外となります。あらかじめご了承ください。That Power Pro,sentbyKONAMI of Purosupi, definitive edition of theprofessionalbaseballgame !!Collect your favorite players, fight in Dream Nine of only Kimi![And Dorinai SS?]◇ appeared in professional baseball players inthelive-action!!Players who were based on the actual professionalbaseballpennantresults appeared in a live-action figure!Each team main recording player is here! (Titles omitted)Fukuoka Softbank Hawks (Yuki Yanagita / Nobuhiro Matsuda/SeiichiUchikawa, etc.)Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters (Shohei Otani / Sho Nakata/HarukiNishikawa, etc.)Chiba Lotte Marines (Hideaki Wakui / Daichi Suzuki /IkuhiroKiyota,etc.)Saitama Seibu Lions (Shogo Akiyama / Takeya Nakamura/HidetoAsamura, etc.)Orix Buffaloes (Chihiro Kaneko / Yoshida Masanao /TatsuyaSato,etc.)Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles (Takahiro Norimoto / MotohiroShima/Hiroki Matsui, etc.)Tokyo Yakult Swallows (Tetsuto Yamada / Shingo Kawabata/YasuhiroOgawa, etc.)Yomiuri Giants (Tomoyuki Kanno / Shinnosuke Abe /HayatoSakamoto,etc.)Hanshin Tigers (Takashi Toritani / Shintaro Fujinami/KosukeFukudome, etc.)Hiroshima Toyo Carp (Takahiro Arai / Ryosuke Kikuchi /SuzukiSeiya,etc.)Chunichi Dragons (Ryosuke Hirata / Takehiro Ono /YoheiOshima,etc.)Yokohama DeNA BayStars (Yoshitomo Tsutsugoh / YamazakiKanAkira/Takayuki Kajiya, etc.)◇ full-scale simulation in the league held every dayAble to compete the ranking in the regular seasonofweekdayheld!Aim the top league in the fierce weekend of leagueplayaqualification game!◇ report report from the talented scout?!In scout report the characteristics of the playerswaswrittenretreive an excellent player!GET !! players of mercenary contracts with ScoutKyokushacompleteset◇ key to growth lies in the game !!Players rapidly grow in each succeeding game!The combination of strategy and players Try infinity, alotoforder!Also found a new scouts after the game ... ?!Aim the vertices of the league just a dream Nine Kimi!Nippon Professional Baseball approval, dataprovided:StutzJapan----------------------------------------- This app is an online game. Please enjoycommunicationpossibleenvironment.- Correspondence OS: Android4.0 or later• Recommended RAM size: 1GB or moreOperation verification terminal:GALAXY S4 SC-04EXperia A SO-04EAQUOS PAD SH-08EAQUOS PHONE ZETA SH-02EARROWS Me F-11DARROWS X F-10D,GALAXY NEXUS SC-04DGALAXY S III SC-06DGALAXY S III α SC-03EGALAXY Tab 7.7 Plus SC-01E※ other than the terminal will be operating out of warranty.※ With regard to trouble with non-tested terminal willbesupportedoutside. Please note.
Carrom Live
Octro, Inc.
The game of carrom is believed tohave originated from the Indian subcontinent. Theobjective of play is to use a striker disk with a flickof the finger to make contact with and move lighter object diskscalled carrom men, which are thus propelled into one offour corner pockets.The aim of the game is to pot (or pocket) one'snine carrom men (either Black or White) and the Queen(Red) before your opponent. Carrom follows similar "strike andpocket" games, like pool, shuffleboard, billiards, snooker etc.with its use of rebounds, angles and obstruction of opponent'spieces. Carrom is also known as karrom, karom, carom, carrum invarious parts of the world.FEATURESSingle Player Offline Mode – Play carrom unlimited inoffline mode with more than 100 levels. Unlock the cool andchallenging stages while playing. Practice to be the best.Multiplayer Game Modes – Play carrom live against realopponents anytime, anywhere in exciting online multiplayermodes.Play with world – Take down real players anytime,anywhere in a thrilling carrom match.Play with Friends – Invite, Challenge & Compete withyour friends, Win the carrom challenges/matches and climb theleader-board.Play Nearby – Beat the other near by real players to bethe carrom king.Featuring two amazing multiplayer game types – fire in thehole 'Freestyle' and showdown of the knights 'Black& White'. ( )Bet and play tables - Win big chips beating opponentswith table selection feature.With improved visuals, graphics and a new eloquent UI.Switch the direction of Powermeter controls (Left/Right) as per your preferenceand choice.Never run out of chips !! Get daily free playingchips as BONUS and play carom non stop.Chat with your opponents and friends while playing –Good conversations are a part of good friendship and betterrivalry.Connect with facebook to invite/challenge friends and sharethe joy!Also try other exciting games by Octro -> TeenPatti – IndianPoker, Indian Rummy, Tambola - Indian Bingo, Card Royale –TeenPatti Battle, Yuddhbhoomi – Strategy War game, Donkey Quiz –India’s Quiz Game.Octro just simulates the game with virtual currency, and is notinvolved in any gambling.Support :Please send Emailto for any help andsupport.Privacy Policy and Terms ofservice:
Football with Patrick Willis
Feel the excitement with the fast-paced,5-on-5 football arcade challenge featuring football’s most fearedLinebacker Patrick Willis!NO playbook, NO flags, NO penalties, just pure action, power andskill as you mow down your opponents in the adrenaline-fuelled raceto the BOWL! Bring on the PAIN with over-the-top hits and tackles,impossible plays made possible and much more, as you try todominate the gridiron.Playing HARD gets you paid, son! Spend your hard-earned Willisbucks on new players, customizing and training the team or evenunleashing the fury of Mother Nature on the unsuspecting fools onthe opposing team. Friends turn foes, as you beat their records oneby one leaving nothing but your blood, sweat and their tears on thefield!Features• Football’s tackling machine Patrick Willis working his magic ondefense AND offense! Activate Patrick’s LB vision for dominationwith precision.• Hustle like a champ with mind-blowing passes, runs and tacklesbringing pure destruction from city to city all the way to theBOWL.• Make it rain on new players, training your squad and equippingthem with THE best Willis Bucks can buy!• Crush the opponent’s chances with crazy game changers fromMother Nature’s bag of tricks.• Seek ‘n destroy frenemies on your quest to rule the gridiron.Share that swagger on Facebook for extra rep.• Custom-built Phoenix™ engine powered, ‘exaggerated reality’ 3Dvisuals with motion-captured animations are unlike anything seen onGoogle Play!• Exclusive extras, including daily rewards, unlockable items,achievements, leaderboards and MORE.
Ducati Challenge
Speed and fun on two wheels, in the palm ofyour hand.Get ready for breathtaking challenges and unique thrills ridingofficial Ducati motorbikes in a graphically stunning 3D racinggame. Wheelies, stoppies, overtaking, high speed and steeringprecision make Ducati Challenge a must-have game for Ducati andmotorbike fans alike.---- Official Ducati bikesRide the most powerful standard models in Ducati's line, includingMonster 1100 EVO, Hypermotard 1100 EVO SP, Diavel Carbon,Multistrada 1200 S, Streetfighter S, Superbike 1198 SP, MultistradaPikes Peak, Diavel Cromo and Superbike 1199 Panigale S. The roar ofevery single engine was recorded live to offer all Ducati fans animmersive experience.---- Original and varied tracksFast race tracks, winding mountain roads, narrow medieval villagestreets, bustling metropolises and hot desert valleys will make theperfect locations for exciting challenges, where you can safelyunleash all the power of Ducati's awesome bikes.---- CHAMPIONSHIP MODETackle a series of challenges to become Champion. Earn pointsduring races, unlock new goodies and circuits in Quick Challengemode. Upgrade your bikes and crush your opponents. Use enhancedfuel to improve your performance.---- QUICK CHALLENGE MODEPick your ride, track, number of laps and difficulty level and justjump into the race. More tracks and bikes will be unlocked as youprogress through the championship mode.---- Different camera anglesIn-game camera angles convey all the thrills of high speed racingon two wheels. Opt for a standard third person view or the amazingfirst person view.---- Easy handlingThanks to the customizable handling system (including steeringsensitivity control based on your device leaning and the brakeassist), Ducati Challenge offers user-friendly controls for playersof all levels, ranging from beginners to experts.You can choose between arcade and simulation settings to get yourfavourite driving experience.--- Graphic QualityThanks to the graphic quality customization, you can choose between3 different settings to get the best performance out of yourdevice: low quality (no effects), medium quality (anti-aliasingactivated), high quality (anti-aliasing + motion blur + highquality particles activated).---- Image galleries and achievementsThe rich game Extras, including unlockable achievements andexclusive Ducati images you can save on your device, will be theicing on the cake for all Ducati fans.*NOTE: in case of any issues running the game, before posting a badreview, please ask for our support We'll be happy to helpyou!FIND US US OUR
Football Kicks Title Race
Take a swipe at the soccer season withFootball Kicks Title Race!Create and train your dream team to dominate match day, where YOUtake all the shots at goal. From penalties to corners and crosses,your soccer skills coupled with your squad stats decide whether yougo up or down in the league. As well as all of this you can playLive Soccer with our brand new LIVE GAMES mode.Score against real players in Live Games and decide if your teamwins the tournament by scoring the most points. Show you’re a truefan of this beautiful sport by supporting your team on Facebook, ortaunting the losers!Train your players to create your fantasy team, build amazingstadiums and hit the Transfer deadline for the best soccer playerson the world TRANSFER MARKET all with the tap of a button.With a weekly FREE PRACTICE championship, stunning graphics andmini games, Football Kicks: Title Race is the premier soccermanagement and flick soccer game.For more soccer banter, FREE gold and competitions, join us You can also tweet us @distinctivegamewith #titlerace
Cartoon Mini Golf Games 3D
An easy to pick up and play mini golf game in3D in a cartoon setting!Complete all 18 holes, and see if you score the best in this funcartoon miniature golf game. In full 3D and with beautifulcartoonish relaxing sceneries, enjoy putting the green in thisobstacle laden mini golf course.Bring out the golfer in you in this exciting mini golf game.Breathtaking 3D sceneries, cute nice environments, perfect to relaxon the green after a day of hard work or play. Enjoy the variety oflandscape as you traverse from one cartoonish location toanother.Navigate the obstacles, find the shortest and easiest path to thehole. Don't miss a shot! Don't hit the golf ball too hard, or youwill end up with your ball knocked into the water.Just make sure your ball finds the hole with the flag in thisawesome beautiful minigolf game. Putt your way to greatness!So, whether you call it miniature golf, mini-golf, midget golf orgoofy golf, you're sure to enjoy this superbly great mini golf 3Dgame, set in a beautifully varying cartoon setting.
Stick Cricket Partnerships
Pad up and partner up!From the creators of the most popular cricket game in the world,Stick Cricket Partnerships offers you the chance to:BAT WITH YOUR FRIENDSHead out into the middle with your mates, working together tocomplete each level. Whether chasing a big target, smashing sixesor surviving against spin, teamwork is essential.BAT WITH THE ALL STARSPartner with some of the greats of the game. Choose carefully: astand with a Slogger may end prematurely, while batting alongsidean Accumulator may send you - and the crowd - to sleep.REVIEW UMPIRING DECISIONSExtend your stay at the crease with the help of the DRS (DodgyReview System).EARN REWARDSPocket cash bonuses to spend on upgrading your bat, unlocking moreAll Star Partners or stocking up on Dodgy Referrals.---Easy to play yet hard to master, Stick Cricket Partnershipsboasts the same “hellishly addictive” (Gizmodo) gameplay thathelped Stick Cricket to become a productivity-destroying phenomenonworldwide.Whether batting with a friend (Facebook or Stick Sports accountrequired) or forging a one-day stand with a random, Partnerships isthe ultimate test of teamwork.By downloading this app you are accepting our EULA: message: This game includes in-app purchases.
Bolton Wanderers
This is the Bolton Wanderers Football Club appdeveloped in collaboration with English Football League and InCrowdSports, using a new technology that boosts connectivity within thestadium on matchdays.When the fans arrive at the match, the app connects to other phonesthat have the app, building a network directly between the phones.Anyone who can get a signal pulls down the latest content to theapp, such as breaking news, live scores or Twitter updates, andcirculates these updates to other phones. It does not facilitategeneral Internet access at the stadium - only the updates all fanscare about such as the live scores and the current matchstatistics. You can control how much of your app data you share,and the battery level at which the app stops working on the"Settings/Preferences" screen.Please Note: This app requires a companion app called "TribeHiveConnect" to work and you will be prompted to install this secondaryapp once this app is opened.