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UFB 2: Ultra Fighting Bros - Ultimate Championship
Tapps Games
The Ultra Fighting Bros have company in UFB 2! Discover the all-newCAREER mode and fight your way in 50 bone-breaking challenges andcombats against fighters from all around the world. The greatlyimproved multiplayer mode is also sure to get you and your friendshooked from the first punch. Step inside the arena, it’s time tofight! CAREER MODE Beat dozens of challenges and fights to progressthrough your career and become the greatest fighter of all times!Show off your best moves at the UFB Arena, the Forest, the Glacierand the Power Plant! MULTIPLAYER MODE Fight against friends -- orenemies -- in real life too! Engage in challenging combats and makegood use of all your training drills in career mode. Can you beatthem all? INTERNATIONAL FIGHTERS Engage in combats with or againstBulldog Burton from the USA, Brutov from Russia, Hellga fromSweden, Rocha from Brazil, Raging Ramirez from Mexico and Brobotfrom Mars -- plus their zombie and hyperstrong counterparts!HIGHLIGHTS • Fun game inspired by Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) •Single-player arcade mode and multiplayer mode: play by yourself orwith friends • Simple but challenging gameplay • Greatly improvedover the original Ultra Fighting Bros game Please note! This gameis free to play, but it contains items that can be purchased forreal money. Some features and extras mentioned in the descriptionmay also have to be purchased for real money.
8-ball pool game for one player against computer. Choose striped orsolid balls, pot them all and then complete black ball to victory.
Specially designed for carp anglers and totally free. Keeps trackof your carp fishing history and provides useful tools such as rodcounters and various statistics aimed to improve your fishingexperience. Contains a customizable user interface - from simple(allowing tracking of minimal information) to complex (allowingtracking of the used bait and usage of rod counters), designed tobe usable in fishing situations (powerful sun, night fishing).Features: - counter alarm for each rod (Each alarm has a distinctsound which can be configured) - hookbait management (You candefine & use your own set of hookbaits in order to obtainstatistics regarding their success) - minimal interface that allowsrapid catch addition - post on facebook (All pictures associatedwith catches can be in one click posted on facebook) - catchespicture gallery (Display catches augmented with catch information:hour, bait, catch type) - trip notes (Allows you to add notes aboutthe fishing spot, tackle you noticed were missing, weatherconditions, etc) - powerful statistics - trip management(Add/delete existing trips and open old trips to see their recordeddata) - powerful settings (customize each option that shall be usedin a trip, send trip results by email to your friends) -multi-language support (for now English, German, French, Italian,Spanish, Romanian, Hungarian, Russian)
Disc Caddy 2 - Disc Golf app
Disc Caddy is disc-golf scorekeeper for Android-phones and-tablets. It's designed to be easy and fast to use while playing onthe course. The font-sizes and colors have been carefully chosen inorder to offer great visibility in sunlight. You can share yourscores with your friends, use navigator-feature to find coursesnear by you etc. The light-weight design allows Disc Caddy to berun on older phone-models as well as the very new ones.With Disc Caddy 2 you can forget tedious par-editing as DiscCaddy 2 offers over 5000 ready courses around the world. You cantrack your progress with various charts and export your scorecardsin csv and xml formats.Search wordsFrisbee golf disc golf scorecard scoreboard scorekeeper disc caddydisc golf course player facebook disc golf course review chartfrolf dgcr navigator gps driving instructions
ערוץ הספורט
אפליקציית ערוץ הספורט: אפליקציית הספורט המובילה בישראל מתעדכנת עםשידורים חיים בכל יום, תקצירים, כתבות, מאמרים, טבלאות ותוצאות. סיקורנרחב של ליגת האלופות, ליגת העל בכדורגל, NBA, מכבי תל אביב ביורוליג,ליגת ווינר סל וכל מה שמעניין בספורט. בואו לצפות בתקצירים חינםולהתעדכן בזמן אמת בתוצאות משחקים. באפליקציה מספר אזורים: ראשי:כתבות במגוון נושאים: כדורגל עולמי, כדורגל ישראלי, כדורסל, טוריםודעות, טניס וענפים נוספים. רדיו: שידורים חיים מידי יום של תוכניותהרדיו של ערוץ הספורט, משחקים ופודקאסטים בשלל נושאים. ליגת החלומותופנטזי ליג: משחק הכדורגל הווירטואלי שמאפשר לכם להרכיב, לנהל ולאמןקבוצת כדורגל מתוך מאגר שחקני כל הקבוצות המשתתפות בליגת העל בכדורגלובליגת האלופות. וידאו: עולם VOD עשיר וחינמי עם כל התקצירים וכלתוכניות ערוץ הספורט האהובות. תוצאות בזמן אמת: תוצאות ונתונים בזמןאמת ממשחקי כדורגל, כדורסל, טניס ועוד - מישראל והעולם. הקבוצה שלי:החדשות, התוצאות, הסגלים, ההיסטוריה וכל מה שמעניין על קבוצתכםהאהודה. 5 חבר'ה: משחק הניחושים של ערוץ הספורט בו תוכלו לנחש אתתוצאות המשחקים ולהתחרות בחבריכם. עוד באפליקציה: סקרים, חידונים,משחקים ושלל פעילויות. Sports channel app: The leading sports app inIsrael is updated with daily live broadcasts, abstracts, articles,articles, tables and results. Extensive coverage of the ChampionsLeague, Premier League football, NBA, Maccabi Tel Aviv Euroleague,Winner League basket and all that is interesting in sports. Come toview free abstracts and get real-time updates on game results. Theapp has several areas: Main: Articles on a variety of topics: worldsoccer, Israeli soccer, basketball, columns and opinions, tennisand other trades. Radio: daily live broadcasts of sports channelradio programs, games and podcasts on a variety of topics. FantasyLeague and Fantasy League: The virtual soccer game that allows youto assemble, manage and train a football team from the pool ofplayers of all teams participating in the Premier League and theChampions League. Video: A rich and free VOD world with all theabstracts and all the favorite sports channel programs. Real-timeresults: Real-time results and data from soccer, basketball, tennisand more - from Israel and the world. My group: the news, theresults, the staff, the history and all that interests yourfavorite team. 5 Guys: The guessing game of the sports channelwhere you can guess the results of the games and compete with yourfriends. More in the app: polls, quizzes, games, and a host ofactivities.
Table Tennis Mania
The best table tennis action comes to your device. Here you have tofight to your hard opponents in the most exciting sports simulationon your mobile phone.Features:* The best Ping Pong action* 3 levelof difficulty settings* Most exciting 3D graphics* Great control ofbat and shoot like with the real bat* exciting sound and again thegraphics is awesomeIMPORTANT NOTE:Please rate the game if you likeit. Positive feedback will help support development.Thanks!********************************************************************Formore info or any query please********************************************************************
Tennis Game
The most popular sports game is here! ! !It is not the same asother tennis games before! ! !Smooth game control! ! ! Richteaching guide! ! !Vivid sound effect! ! ! Realistic game graphics!! !More realistic and thorough experience! ! !Don’t hesitate! Justdownload and install it! !Tennis Mania_Fun Game is a touch-screentennis-simulating game developed for tennis lovers. The game has 3different levels of game difficulty. Skills can be upgraded througha small course. Compete with 35 masters of different skills! Thegame supports auto-save players’ classes and ongoing competitions.8 unique events and 3 different sites! In different sites, thetennis ball bounces differently, which gives you more realisticgaming experience!Features★★★★★ Smooth game control★★★★★ Vividbackground music is in harmony with the game!★★★★★ Many modes foryou to choose★★★★★ Special and interesting stages★★★★★ Share funwith your friends!
Doodle Basketball 2
Doodle Basketball 2 is a sequel of an exciting game with finegraphics and lifelike physics. Play Basketball on a sheet of paperand enjoy the ingenuity and unforgettable atmosphere. Your aim isto gain the maximum points playing with the limited number ofballs. Shoot the ball through the basket without it touching therim and gain additional balls. The more you score, the more variousbonuses you get. Score and open up new balls. Now a multiplayergame is available! Compete with your friends or gamers from allover the world, play world known Minus Five pickup game whenplayers shoot the ball in turns. If one’s shoot is successful thenext player has to shoot the ball from the same place. Become No 1in the leadership board!Doodle Basketball 2 is lots of fun!KEY GAMEFEATURES:- User-friendly- Off-beat design and sounds - Bonuses andachievements- Game with friends on one device- Bluetooth game-Online multiplayer: play online with gamers from all over the world- Global leadership board-----*The game is free and with no in-gamepurchases required.
UEFA Europa League Fantasy
UEFA Europa League Fantasy Football has cometo your mobile: create, manage, transfer and get live updates onthe move with the game’s official app.Create a team from scratch, browsing through all the players –from Lloris to Higuaín – to select the best possible 15-mansquad.Already have a team? Use the app to make transfers,mid-matchweek substitutions and captain changes and formationtweaks.See how you are getting on against the rest: check where you arein your personal leagues, and the overall standings, and join newleagues as well.Watch your points roll in as the games happen with live updateson the app.Forgot to change your team at work or at home? No problem – theapp has push notifications to remind you to make your changesbefore the deadline.
Real FootBall 15: soccer 3D
You are a best SOCCER STAR!! . Let's play themost realistic football game ever “ Real FOOTBALL2015”.Chose from one of your favorite football team out of real teamplayer and have fun with real day night look.A real day night environment in the football stadium for soccerlovers to play football match against any favorite champion leagueor football team.To be a good football champion a real football 3D game havestunning visuals and immerse sounds which let you play the longtime and feel it as you are playing in the real ground with world’sfootball players.<<<< Realistic story of Football 3D>>>>Football 2015 looks like Real football simulation game that isoffering you to select one of the top tournaments winning teamamongst many opponent playing teams to feel the real simulation offootball 2015. This new featured game has good graphics and easy touse controls. Show of your match winning football playingskills.Be careful to hold a wining position throughout a footballtournament fight against different legends teams until get top inthe semi final and final, once you beat up in the final round ofthis football game you will be winner in football 15. So keep it upto be a very first football tournament winner in 2015 and get atrophy and show of your good playing skills.<<< Football 2015 new Rules >>>>The opponent team had already been quite dodging you in last FIFAtournaments held in 2014 it was due to unnecessary footballpenalties. Now in football 15 you are playing Real Soccer 3D Gamebe careful to playing wrong football kicks hence it will increasemore wining chance of your opponent football team ,once you getmore goals your will win this footfall tournamentReal Football Soccer Game is ready for you. We're bringing you areal, free fantasy simulation and a comprehensive manager game.Improve your team’s good fielding skills in Real league or cupgames. You might need to improve your player’s strength to get thetop position in league and complete against the best teams in theworld of championship and soccer cup. If you think yourself a bestplayer of Real soccer 14, and FiFA player you will definitely morelike this Rea football simulation game it’s 100% Full andfree<<<< Featured and Free Functions >>>>• Real 3D Team characters, real Football ground• Match with most popular teams• User friendly game controls• play tournaments and be champion league• Realistic sounds and stunning graphics makes footabll15 morecharming• Real Football Game for Android phones
Stickman Soccer - Classic
New version, Stickman Soccer 2018 now available! Experience puresoccer fun with fast paced gameplay, an astonishing atmosphere,stunning smooth animations, simple controls, insane action and tonsof replay value. Choose your national soccer team and rank up whileplaying various seasons in spectacular stadiums or simple dominatein street soccer style matches. Decide whether you want fullcontrol over your players with manual running and shoot timing oruse the automatic running mode where you have control over precisepass timing and watch your players tackle your opponents. Chooseyour favorite national soccer team from more than 32 differentskilled teams and lead them to glory! • #1 Soccer Game in variouscountries • Stickman Soccer is now MOGA Enhanced! Available atmajor retailers, carrier stores and online at • From the makers of various top hitslike Stickman Downhill, Stick Stunt Biker, Stickman Tennis,Stickman Cliff Diving, Stickman Base Jumper, Rope'n'Fly and more...
FEATURES • Quick Game, Seasons and Training Mode • Bonus StreetSoccer mode • MOGA Game Controller support for Stickman Soccer • 11vs. 11 and 4 vs. 4 game modes • Complete Seasons to challenge in •Various stadiums and configurable game time • 3 difficulty levelsfor longterm motivation (easy, medium, hard) • Simple yet powerfultouch controls with timing control • Automatic or Manual Running •32 different soccer teams to choose from • Match statistics •Smooth animations with 60 frames per second • Compete with yourfriends with the integrated world ranking leaderboard 
• Puresoccer action! Take a look at the Stickman Soccer Trailer : Feel free to post yourideas, we will try to implement them as soon as possible Thank youvery much for all your support and interest in our games! We wouldlove to hear your suggestions!
CBS Sports App - Scores, News, Stats & Watch Live
CBS Sports is the #1 source for the top sports news, scores, videosand more! We cover MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, MLS, NCAA sports, theMasters, WNBA and many others! Keep up with live coverage of yourfavorite events, such as the PGA Masters! Follow the latestdevelopments as leagues look to resume their seasons. Keep up onmoves being made in the NFL offseason and review all picks from the2020 NFL Draft. Watch live games and events from CBS and CBS SportsNetwork! Stream events from all of your favorite sports: NCAAbasketball, NFL, NCAA football, the Masters, the PGA GolfChampionship, select PGA TOUR golf events, BIG3 basketball, WNBA,NCAA hockey, Professional Bull Riding (PBR), and more directly onyour phone or tablet! Simply log in with your TV provider. Plus,tune in to CBS Sports HQ, the free 24-hour sports news network thatbrings you the best highlights, expert analysis, game previews andrecaps, fantasy info and betting advice. It’s all about whathappens on the field, with no yelling, fake debates, or politics.CBS Sports HQ is live all day, every day and available wherever youare. Just open the app and watch whenever you want. Get in-depthcoverage of the biggest leagues and sporting events — NFL, MLB,NBA, the Masters, NHL, NCAA football, NCAA basketball, PGA golf,soccer, WNBA, MMA, boxing and more. Watch the top highlights of theday, get in-depth analysis, and stay up-to-date with all the latestnews and stats. Plus, get betting insights from the Vegas expertsat SportsLine. Your one-stop sports app - available on Android,Android Tablet, and Chromecast. Get the fastest scores, stats,news, tweets & push notifications for all major sports -personalized to your favorite teams. CBS Sports app features: -Live stream the latest highlights, news, and analysis anytime withCBS Sports HQ - Stream the Masters golf tournament - Dark modesupport for anyone on Android 10 - Every major sport: MLB Baseball,NBA Basketball, FIFA Soccer, NHL Hockey, NFL Football, NCAAFootball, MLS Soccer, PGA Tour Golf, Tennis, NASCAR, WNBAbasketball, MMA, College Basketball, UFC, WWE and more! - Fastestnews, scores and stats – Know the latest big plays and scoresbefore your friends with the CBS Sports App - Access CBS Sportspodcasts, from Off the Bench to Fantasy Football Today - It's noweasier than ever to find related videos. Just play any video to seea list of similar content. - Your team's news in a custom feedpacked with real-time info from dedicated insiders - Hand-picked,personalized news alerts for every must-know story - Watch sports& games LIVE! Watch sports events and analysis all year long -Stream The Masters, and CBS Sports Network events and shows. -Listen to live streaming radio, including Jim Rome, Bill Reiter,Tiki and Tierney & more for all of your sports news Stay on topof the game with the CBS Sports app. Download it now for free!Please note: This app features Nielsen's proprietary measurementsoftware which contributes to market research, like Nielsen's TVRatings. Please see for moreinformation California Privacy/Info We Collect: California Do Not Sell My Info:
Free Billiards Snooker Pool
free billiards snooker pool This is a free 3d billiards sport game.Game Features: Realistic 3D ball movement. Touch control for movingthe cue. You can adjust the cue distance There are 2 modes 8 BallPool and 9 Ball Pool and You can play against computer , human orsingle player.
La Liga - Liga MX y Ascenso MX
¡Bienvenido a La Liga! La mejor aplicaciónpara seguir en vivo los torneos del fútbol mexicano, copasinternacionales y ligas de europa con jugadores mexicanos.Sigue los partidos, lee las últimas noticias y recibe lasnovedades minuto a minuto.Elige además los equipos de los que quieres mantenerte informado ydiariamente recibirás las noticias más importantes.La Liga es una aplicación de noticias gratuita que te acerca entiempo real toda la información que necesitas de las ligas másimportantes del Fútbol Mexicano, de los torneos internacionales enlos cuales participan equipos mexicanos y de los torneos de europadonde juegan jugadores Mexicanos!Con La Liga podrás acceder a fixtures completos de MX Prmera, MXAscenso, Copa América, Copa Libertadores, Copa Sudamericana,Mundial, torneos europeos con jugadores mexicanos (ChampionsLeague, España, Italia, Inglaterra), y sus respectivas tablas deposiciones y goleadores.También puedes seguir Los Juegos Olímpicos Brasil 2016 y laEurocopa 2016.Durante cada partido, te puedes informar de las formaciones decada equipo y el detalle completo con tarjetas, goles, cambios,árbitros y estadios.También vas a puedes seguir los partidos en vivo, recibirnotificaciones de cada evento importante y los goles que se hacen¡minuto a minuto!Todas las notificaciones son configurables para que saques elmáximo provecho a La Liga y entérate al instante que está pasandoen los partidos en curso.La Liga es una versión beta totalmente gratuita.Fútbol de México.Welcome to La Liga! Thebest application to follow live Mexican soccer tournaments,international cups and leagues of Europe with Mexican players.Follow the matches, read the latest news and receive newsminute.also select the teams you want to stay informed and daily receivethe most important news. The League is an application of free news that brings you real timeall the information you need from the major leagues Mexican Soccer,international tournaments in which participating Mexican andEuropean tournaments teams where they play Mexican players!With La Liga you can access complete fixtures of MX prmera, MXRise, Copa America, Copa Libertadores, Copa Sudamericana, World,European tournaments with Mexican players (Champions League, Spain,Italy, England), and their respective standings and scorers .You can also follow Brazil 2016 Olympics and Euro 2016.During each game, you can you report each team formations andfull detail with cards, goals, changes, referees andstadiums. You'll also can follow the games live, receive notifications everymajor event and the goals that the minute true!All notifications are configurable to bring out the most of LaLiga and find out instantly is happening in the games inprogress. The League is a free beta version.Mexico Football.
Stick Tennis
* WIRED - Essential App * The Telegraph - Must Have App * Easy toplay yet difficult to master, Stick Tennis offers fast and fluidgameplay and a huge range of unique player styles andcharacteristics to unlock and play. With just a simple one-fingeredswipe you’ll soon be thumping crosscourt winners, yet at the coreof Stick Tennis is a highly sophisticated physics engine thatrewards tactical play. * Take on the all-time greats in WORLDDOMINATION * Steer your favorite player to success in the SLAMS *Earn trophies in the DAILY CHALLENGE * Improve your game at theCASUAL SETS TENNIS CLUB * Unlock TEN realistic court surfaces fromaround the globe * Unlock more than SEVENTY players New ballsplease! Important message: This game includes in-app purchases ***New York Times “If you’re into tennis even just a bit you may loveStick Tennis. It has cute graphics and surprisingly good gameplay.”The Sun “Incredibly addictive. You’ll soon find yourself hooked.”Pocketgamer ‘Top Ten’ “It’s often better when sports games go allout for raw, demented playability. Stick Tennis demands instantreactions. Get this.” *** Follow us on Twitter: @StickSports Bydownloading this app you are accepting our EULA: Important message: Thisgame includes in-app purchases.
V-Planner scuba diving decompression planning software. V-Plannerpresents the VPM decompression model and includes both VPM-B andVPM-B/E model versions. The diver can specify any combination ofnitrox or trimix, and as many deco gases as required. Planningmethods include both OC and Closed Circuit Rebreather. It includesplanning for bailouts with SCR and OC legs in a CCR plan. Includesdetails of ppO2, END, and gas consumptions.
Fixture Maker
Kuark Dijital
Fixture Maker, when you play console football games or pc footballgames with your friends, you arrange league by this application.You can create league or tournament with many teams you want.
Youth World Handball Champ2013
Easy to use application containing information about 2013 Men'sYouth World Handball Championship (Under-19)which began on 10th ofAugust 2013 in Hungary. Contains: matches and results, groups andfinal standings, scorers,cards, penalties andreferees,squads,cities and arenas,history and statistics.Thisapplication is going to be updated after every matchday.Please notethat you need to update the whole application to get the newestresults, as this application doesn't work online.
Cricbuzz - In Indian Languages
Cricbuzz, the No. 1 Cricket App on Google Play, now brings Cricketin Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Marathi and Bengali. The appprovides ball-by-ball coverage of all international cricket matches(Test, ODI and T20), Indian Premier League (IPL), ICC Cricket WorldCup, Champions League T20, Big Bash and other major domestictournaments from across the globe in regional languages. TopFeatures: - Live cricket scores and ball by ball updates that helpsyou stay close to the action. - Squads, Playing XI, Umpires, Venues- all the information you need about ongoing matches. - Upcomingmatches - what's up for tomorrow, next week, next month? - Resultsof recent matches - in case you want to look at the scorecard of agame that you recently missed. - Player profiles - Cricket is allabout the players - runs, wickets and everything else. ImportantNote: - Some handsets do not support certain regional languages.So, if you are not able to find any of the above mentionedlanguages in the list, it is a device specific issue. - For theComplete Cricket App in English (which includes ball by ballcommentary, news, photos, rankings, archives and much more)download this version of the Cricbuzz App here:
World Cup Brazil Soccer 2014
World Cup Brazil Soccer 2014 Free is the newgame of the year. If you like soccer and sports' games and apps youcannot miss this one!Watch its promotional Youtube video on your mobile to enjoy funwithout limits. Play with your friends in multiplayer mode and getthe best score by yourself, which will lead you to the number 1 onthe Google Play Games' online leaderboards.Live the 2014 Soccer Brazil World Cup with the best free soccergame. Feel like your favorite sports stars with its 32 teams andwin to be the champion of the world cup!Shoot kicks and penalties , and defend your goal undefeated.Kick the ball with all your strength to win!Crush your opponents in 5 rounds of this sports simulator.★ Improve your soccer skills !----------------------------------------­----------· Try the training mode where you can improve your shootingaccuracy to become the best player !· Be a manager or a player on your team and play with head to getthe World Cup trophy in the way !· Shoot the target in quick match mode and run for the win !★ Show your friends who is the best !----------------------------------------­----------· Compete against your friends for the trophy in multiplayer andalso beat them through leaderboards and achievements of Google PlayGames !· Share your victories via Twitter and Facebook with all yourcontacts so they will know who is the champion ! Tell everyone!★ Real football on the screen of your phone or tablet----------------------------------------­----------· HD graphics optimized for tablets.· Amazing soundtrack composed by the greatest artists of today,including free music Juanitos' Black Samba .· Easy control of the ball that provides accuracy and speed.★ Be a hero in your country :★ Choose your club teams from 32 different real countries :----------------------------------------­----------★ Brazil★ Spain★ Colombia★ Uruguay★ Switzerland★ Argentina★ Germany★ Belgium★ Croatia★ Netherlands★ Greece★ Costa Rica★ Ecuador★ Bosnia - Herzegovina★ Portugal★ Algeria★ Cameroon★ Chile★ Ivory Coast★ England★ France★ Iran★ Ghana★ Russia★ Mexico★ Australia★ Japan★ Italy★ Honduras★ Nigeria★ USA★ South Korea
Borussia Dortmund
Echte Liebe. Now in English! (although you can switch the languageanytime in the Settings) Thank you for choosing the official BVBApp. The new App brings you closer to your favourite club than everbefore. All the information you could ever want about BorussiaDortmund now lies at your fingertips. Download now for free andremain permanently on the ball. We are looking forward to receivingyour feedback at Features at a glance: - The optional‘Push-Function’ will alert you to any news, kick-offs, goals and soforth. - All Black and Yellow Facebook and Twitter posts can beseen in a compact stream. - Get hold of exclusive insights intowhat’s going on thanks to the integration of the official InstagramChannel into the app. - Follow all the players’ official socialnetwork sites under the heading “Locker Room”. - On starting theApp, you will be shown how far away you are from the Black andYellow ‘temple’! - Get the latest news and information aboutongoing games in a convenient overview. - All games – ChampionsLeague, DFB-Cup and Bundesliga – at a glance. - Your own BVBminute-by-minute keeps you up to date even when on the move – nevermiss what’s happening during a game. - Line-ups, highlights, pre-and post-match reports: Get all the information you need to knowfirst hand. - All free videos from BVB total! and YouTube availableon demand. - Overview of the entire squad including personal dataand player stories. - Direct access to BVB fan items via the mobileOnlineshop. - Sundry statistics including yellow/red cards, goalscorers and tables for all Black and Yellow statistic freaks. -Dates of every training session and game available in a calendaroverview.
FC매니저 모바일 for afreecaTV - 축구게임
▶뼛속까지 "진짜"인 리얼 매니지먼트 게임!현재 그라운드를 뛰고 있는 선수들의 실제 사진, 실제 이름,여기에 실제 데이터까지 모두 반영!실제 스타 플레이어들이 여러분의 지시를 기다리고 있습니다!▶실시간 전략 전술로 깊어지는 몰입감!경기 전에세운 전략은 거들 뿐!실시간 전략 변경과 선수 교체로 무한한 변수 제공!여러분의 뛰어난 두뇌로 판세를뒤집어주세요!▶"진짜"에 "리얼함"을 더하다! 3D 중계!실제 축구 경기를 보는듯 한 다이나믹한 카메라 워크,모든 경우의수를 집약시킨 생동감 넘치는 중계방송!언제 어디서든 여러분이 원하는 경기를 눈앞에서 감상하세요!▶FIFPro 공식인증으로 공신력있는 데이터 제공!본 게임에 나오는 모든 데이터는 가장 정확한 데이터 입니다!※ The use ofimages and names of the football players in this game is underlicense from FIFPro Commercial Enterprises BV.FIFPro is aregistered trademark of FIFPro Commercial Enterprises BV.▶FC매니저 모바일홈페이지▶FC매니저모바일 공식 커뮤니티▶FC매니저 모바일 고객센터안내㈜한빛소프트전화 문의: 02-703-074310:00 ~ 12:00 / 14:00 ~ 16:00 (주말/공휴일휴무)----개발자 연락처 :주소 : 서울특별시 금천구 가산디지털 1로 186 3층 (08502)고객지원센터 :02-703-0743▶ "real" real-management games to the bone!Actual photosof the players that currently play ground, real name,This reflectedboth by the actual data!The actual star players are waiting foryour instructions!▶ deepening immersion with real-time strategy,tactics!Strategy established before the game as the girdle!Itprovides infinite variable to change real-time strategy andsubstitution!Turn over the panse with your superior brain!▶ tot "Doreal" in the "real"! 3D relay!A dynamic camera work actually likewatching a football game,Lively hookup that aggregate number of allcases!Listen anytime, anywhere on the front of the game you want!▶provide credible data to FIFPro official certification!All datacontained in this game is the most accurate data!※ The use ofimages and names of the football players in this game is underlicense from FIFPro Commercial Enterprises BV.FIFPro is aregistered trademark of FIFPro Commercial Enterprises BV.▶ FCmanager mobilehomepage▶FC Official manager Mobile Community▶FC manager Mobile Customer Service Information㈜ HanbitSoftContactUs: 02-703-074310:00 to 12:00 / 14:00 ~ 16:00 (weekends / holidays)
Fanatical Football
Mouse Games
Fanatical Football delivers the #1 realistic football experience todate on Android. Pick and lead your team through exhibition andseason matches all the way to final victory! Fanatical Footballmakes you feel the pulse of the NFL season. Build your team and runthe show on offense and defense with new and improved touchcontrols and game modes! Score touchdowns by running, passing, andmaking big hits on D with intuitive tap and swipe controls. Thanksto immersive graphics and sounds, enjoy revamped crowd andenvironmental effects, making your Football experience moreauthentic than ever! Game Features: - Awesome graphics featuringyou with incredibly detailed players in the most impressive settingever seen - Quick Game mode and Championship mode - Build andupgrade your team and equip special power-ups
Buster Bash Pro
BUSTER BASH PRO is the spiritual successor to the criticallyacclaimed, "Buster Bash"! Just swipe your finger to hit the balland watch as it collects coins, power ups and causes general mayhemin the destructible environments! With a slew of new features,Buster Bash Pro is much like Buster Posey, rearing to go for the2013 season! Take Buster or his sister, softball phenom SamanthaPosey, across America to 5 major cities! Do you have what it takesto beat the 5 Challengers that await you at each stadium afteryou've proven yourself a true competitor? If you're not quite up tosnuff, spend some time working on your baseball skills in thetraining area featuring 3 unique mini-games! Collect gold andplatinum coins to buy power-ups, equipment and clothing tocustomize Buster or Samantha's uniform! Step up to the plate andtake your best cut! Featuring: - Improved controls - Dazzlinggraphics and effects - 3 unique stats for the player to raise tohelp their swing! - New, fun objectives involving destructiveenvironments. - A Challenger system that puts the player in a oneon one baseball battle! - Play as Buster or Samantha Posey -Several different types of pitches for the player to try to sendout of the park! - 3 new mini-games for the player to help increasestats! Follow on Twitter @BusterBash or Like us on Facebook forofficial Buster Bash giveaways.
Arsenal Official App
The official Arsenal app, with more video content and better matchcoverage, plus all the fixture and player information you need tosupport the team you love. Features: • Stay up to date with latestArsenal news from across all of our teams: Men's, Women's &Academy • Live Match Day Show and selected academy matches • Watchfull press conference coverage, training and exclusive videos •LIVE text commentary, team news, and other scores • Matchhighlights and full coverage of every arsenal match • Latest news,picture galleries, league table and fixtures • Push notificationsfor goals, starting XI line ups, half-time and full-time scores,and more • Player profiles Terms of Use & Privacy Policy Bydownloading this app you agree to our Terms of Use( and PrivacyPolicy (, a copy of which canalso be found on these pages).
차구차구 2017 for Kakao
어려운 축구 게임은 이제 그만!엄마도 할 수 있는 쉬운 축구게임! 차구차구 for Kakao!■■■17년 2월 업데이트 내용■■■- 국가.클럽 팀 밸런스 조정-- 싱글리그 보상 밸런스 조정 -- 실시간 컨트롤 대전 랭킹 추가-- 블랙카드 분해 기능 추가 -- 미니게임 모드 추가 -■■■ 게임 특징 ■■■▶이제 내가 원하는 대로 조작한다!“패드 조작”, “터치 조작”, “자동 진행” 까지!!내 손 끝에서 느껴지는 슈팅 쾌감! 짜릿한 '골 맛'을 느껴보세요!▶3,000여명의 선수카드!내가 좋아하는 선수를 수집하는 재미!내가 좋아하는 클럽을 수집하는 재미!이 모든 재미가 차구차구에 있습니다!■■■ 게임 모드 ■■■▶실제 축구 시즌을 진행하는 "싱글리그"▶실시간 전략으로 친구와 승부하는 "실시간전술배틀리그"▶다양한 캐릭터와 대결하는 스테이지 형식의 "스페셜리그"▶월드컵 우승의 꿈을 실현 하는 "토너먼트 모드"* 차구차구 공식 커뮤니티- 공식카페: 본 게임은 카카오톡 계정으로 이용할 수 있습니다.(내 카카오계정 확인 방법 : 카카오톡 > 더보기 > 카카오계정)※ 게임 이용 중 카카오톡을 탈퇴하지 마세요.차구차구 for Kakao는 게임 내 별도의 계정이 존재하지 않으며,카카오톡 계정을 연동하여 게임 서비스를 제공하고 있습니다.따라서 차구차구가 연동된 카카오톡 계정을 탈퇴하시면 게임 데이터가 모두 초기화 될 수 있습니다. 카카오톡 탈퇴는 신중하게선택해주세요.※ 유료 아이템 구매 시 별도의 요금이 부과됩니다.■ 상품 정보 및 이용 조건 안내 ■- 공급자 : 넷마블게임즈㈜ 대표이사 권영식- 이용조건 및 기간: 게임 내 별도 고지된 내용에 따름(사용기간이 표시되지 않은 경우, 서비스의 종료일까지를 사용기간으로 간주)- 결제금액 및 방법 : 상품 별 별도 고지된 결제금액 및 결제방법에 따름(외화 결제 시 환율 및 수수료 등으로 인해 실제 청구금액과 다를 수 있음)- 상품지급방식 : 게임 내 구매한 아이디(캐릭터)로 즉시 지급- 넷마블 고객센터 : 1588-3995 (평일 오전9시~오후6시 상담가능)- 최소사양 : CPU 듀얼코어 1.2GHz, Ram 1GB- 개인정보 취급방침 : 서비스 운영 정책 :개발자 연락처 :02-1588-3995서울특별시 구로구 디지털로 300사업자 번호 : 105-87-64746통신판매업 번호 : 제 2014-서울구로-1028 호Football games aredifficult enough!Mom and easy football game that you can! Chagu chagu forKakao!■■■ ■■■ 17 years 2 Mon updates- National Club Team Balance Adjustment -- Single-League reward balance adjustment -- Add real-time control Rankings War -- Black Card decomposition feature added -- Added mini-game mode -Game Features ■■■ ■■■▶ Now Operating as I want!   "Pad operations", "touch operation" to "Autocontinue"!  Shooting pleasure felt in my fingertips! Enjoy theexhilarating 'goal taste!▶ 3,000 people card players!  I am fun to collect your favorite players!  I am fun to collect favorite club!  All the fun is in the chagu chagu!■■■ ■■■ game modes▶ "single League" to proceed with the actual football season▶ "real-time tactical battle league" to a friend with a real-timestrategy game▶ stage of confrontation with the various types of character,"Special League."▶ "Tournament Mode" to realize the dream of winning the WorldCup* Chagu chagu official community- Official Cafe: The game is available as KakaoTalk account.(Check my account cacao method: KakaoTalk> More> cacaoaccount)※ Do not leave the game use of KakaoTalk.Chagu chagu for Kakao separate account does not exist in thegame,By interlocking the game KakaoTalk account and provideservices.So you can leave your KakaoTalk account the chagu chagu peristalticgame data is initialized. KakaoTalk withdrawal, please choosecarefully.※ Paid items will be charged separately at the time ofpurchase.■ ■ Product Information and Terms and Conditions Information- Provider: Net Marble Games CEO ㈜ gwonyoungsik- Terms and conditions and duration: Follow the game on my separateinformation notices the(If the period is not displayed, it is from the end of the serviceperiod)- Payment amount and method: according to product-specific noticesseparate payments and payment method(Due to foreign currency exchange rates and fee payments may differfrom the actual charges)- Products of payment: immediate payment with my purchase ID game(character)- Net Marble Customer Service: 1588-3995 (weekdays from 9:00 am to6:00 pm counseling available)- Minimum specifications: CPU dual-core 1.2GHz, Ram 1GB- Privacy: Service operational policies:
Darts Scoreboard
Darts Scoreboard is the perfect app for tracking your darts scoresduring a game of 501 or one of its variants. In the app you can setmany preferences, such as the number of players, the start score,or whether you want to play in legs or sets. Using the app is easy,after every turn you simply need to enter the total points scoredwith three darts. Darts Scoreboard does the math and gives you awide range of statistics. It is possible to save and share thesestatistics. When you reach a score that can be finished the appwill show a checkout suggestion. Profile If you are logged in yoursaved games will be associated with your profile. Also you canselect your profile when you start a new game. You can view yourown statistics in a list. In a future update you will be able toview various graphs, so you can see your progress. Preferences *Players: 1 to 4 players, custom names can be specified * Startscore: 101, 170, 201, 301 up to and including 2501 * Match type:sets or legs * Number of legs to win a set: 2, 3, 4, 5 * Checkouttype: single, double, triple Statistics * Various averages, likematch average, best set and/or leg average, average of first ninedarts in a leg * Scores: Number of 180, 140+, 100+, etc. *Checkouts: Highest and average checkout, number of outs above 100,number of outs above 50 * Other: Highest score, best leg, list ofdarts needed per leg Darts Scoreboard is free of charge and isupdated with new functionality on a regular basis. The app isdesigned for smartphones and tablets. Use it while playing withfriends, or when you are training or practicing on your own.
ESPN Radio
Take your sports wherever your ears go! Introducing the new andimproved ESPN Radio app for your Android, with a host of expandedfeatures and functionality for sports fans. Listen live to ESPNRadio, your favorite podcasts, live play-by-play and more.· LISTEN LIVE to internet broadcasts of over 35 ESPN Radio stationsaround the country· LISTEN to your favorite ESPN shows like Mike and Mike in theMorning, The Herd with Colin Cowherd, SVP & Russillo, TheMichael Kay Show and many more!· LISTEN to play-by-play from some of your favorite college andprofessional sports teams*· LISTEN to 35 ESPN Radio podcasts including The B.S. Report withBill Simmons, Pardon The Interruption, Around The Horn, FantasyFocus and Tony Kornheiser Show· LISTEN OnDemand to SportsCenter - updated every 20 minutes!** NEW ** Create custom stations and playlists with yourfavorite teams/topics/players/sports/shows** NEW ** Download your playlists for ‘off-line’ listening** NEW ** Alerts/breaking news notifications from around the sportsworld*Due to contractual limitations with certain content, especiallyplay-by-play broadcasts, there are times when the schedule that'son-air won't match the schedule that's online. While we make everyeffort to update the schedule, occasionally the nature ofplay-by-play broadcasting limits our ability to accurately presentthe latest schedule (ie., rain delays, last minute schedulechanges). We apologize for any inconvenience this causes. If youhave specific schedule questions, please contact the stationdirectly by visiting their website.--Before you download this app, please consider that it includesadvertising, some of which may be targeted to your interests. Youmay choose to control targeted advertising within mobileapplications by using your mobile device settings (for example, byre-setting your device’s advertising identifier and/or opting outof interest based ads).