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Old MacDonald Pet Farm
Pretty Pet Co
E-I-E-I-O! Tired of the city life? Manage and decorate your veryown farm with Cuby, the cute owner of Pretty Pet Salon! Start outwith a small plot of land, grow crops, raise livestock, and craftgoods. Visit other farms, interact with the townsfolk, and set up aroadside shop to sell your products!Weary of the city life, Cubywent back to the Old MacDonald farm town to take a break but seeshow empty the quaint farming town has become. He decides to bringthe town back to life, and you, young farmer, and many others, haveanswered Cuby’s plea.Help Cuby bring his hometown back to life bymanaging your own farm! Grow your own crops (fruits andvegetables), raise livestock, and produce goods. Then you canfulfill orders from the townsfolk and the passing freight train,sell your goods at your own roadside stall, and even visit otherfarms. Decorate your farm to impress your friends and attract newfollowers. Finally, kindle the small town spirit; visit and helpyour friends and neighbors with their problems, and work togetherto bring the dying town back to life.The fate of Old Macdonald'sfarm town is now in your hands!FEATURES:- Help Cuby and the PrettyPets bring the town back to life- Cute and adorable art style-Plant an assortment of crops- Raise cute and lively farm animals-Gather resources for farm upgrades and to craft products- Tradecrops and products with friends and townsfolk- Fulfill variousorders from your neighbors, townsfolk and passersby ** Please notethat while the app is free, please be aware that it contains paidcontent for real money that can be purchased upon users' wish toenhance their gaming experience.You may control in-app purchasesmade within this app using password protection which can be enabledfrom the setting page of the Google Play Store app. **
Kuis Galau
Agate Jogja
"Karena kegalauanmu akan mengubah dunia" -Mbah Bejo (selatan Pasar Giwangan, Yogyakarta)[Peringatan] yg ngerate 5 bintang, kita doain enteng jodoh!Yang mau ngereview, sebutin juga dunk kalian tau Kuis Galaudarimana?Kuis Galau adalah kuis yang dibuat untuk mengisi waktu paraGalauers, berisikan pertanyaan-pertanyaan galau dari para Galauersyang kadang susah masuk nalar manusia normal. Kuis Galau yangditujukan untuk kalian para Galauers yang sedang bingung mencarisecerca harapan ataupun jati diri.Kalau kamu ngaku lagi galau, sebaiknya kamu main kuis ini untukmengetahui sejauh mana kegalauan kamu di mata Galauers Nusantara.Jawaban dari pertanyaan galau yang kamu pilih juga akan tersimpandalam survey Galauers.Kamu ingin kegalauanmu tersiar hingga pelosok Nusantara? kirimpertanyaan galaumu! apa bila menurut kami cukup galau, maka akankami muat di update selanjutnya untuk mendapatkan tanggapan daripara Galauers!Kuis Galau, dari Galauers untuk Galauers!"Because kegalauanmu willchange the world" - Mbah Bejo (South of Market Giwangan,Yogyakarta)[Warning] who ngerate 5, we Doain lightly mate!Who want ngereview, sebutin also dunk Quiz Galau you knowwhere?Galau Quiz is a quiz created to fill the time Galauers,containing questions from the Galauers confusion that is sometimesdifficult to enter normal human reason. Quiz Galau devoted to theGalauers you who are confused to find secerca hopes oridentity.If you admit to more confusion, we suggest you play this quiz tofind out how far you are in the eyes of turmoil Galauersarchipelago. The answer to upset you select will also be saved in asurvey Galauers.You want kegalauanmu spread to remote archipelago? sendquestions galaumu! What if we think quite upset, then will we fitin the next update to get a response from the Galauers!Quiz of worries, from Galauers to Galauers!
Quizkampen er et intelligent, farverigt, sjovt og socialt quizspilhvor du kan udfordre dine venner og andre spillere til trivia spil- og lære forbløffende fakta! *Nyheder for 2015*NYT Design >Frisk ny grafik, avatars, toplister, typografi, interfaces ogfarver!*HØJDEPUNKTER*・+30.000 tekst og billedspørgsmål i højkvalitet skrevet af holdet bag Quizkampen og af vores hengivnespillere. Vælg mellem mange forskellige kategorier."・Kravl til tops- sammenlign din viden med andre topspillere i dit land.・Bidrag meddine gene originale quiz spørgsmål til spillet og blivbelønnet.・Forbind spillet til din bruger på de sociale medier oginviter dine venner til at spille.・Design din egen unikkeQuizkampen avatar.・Quizkampen bliver aldrig forældet! Nye tekst ogbilledspørgsmål dagligt! Lad os spille!!www.feomedia.comFacebook:Quizkampen-DanmarkQuiz game is a smart, colorful, fun and socialquiz game where you can challenge your friends and other players totrivia games - and learn amazing facts!* New for 2015 *NEWDesign> Fresh new graphics, avatars, top lists, typography,interfaces and colors!* HIGHLIGHTS *· +30.000 Text and picturequestions in high quality written by the team behind Quiz struggleand of our devoted players. Choose from many different categories."· Rise to the top - compare your knowledge with other top playersin your country.· Contribute your inconvenience original quizquestions to the game and be rewarded.· Connect the game to youruse of social media and invite your friends to play.· Design yourown unique Quiz Fight avatar.· Quiz The battle will never beoutdated! New text and image issues every day!Let's play!!www.feomedia.comFacebook: Quiz Kampen Denmark
Олимпиада 3К - заработай умом
Проверь свою эрудицию! Соревнуйся с друзьями в знаниях! Отвечай навопросы правильно и как можно быстрее — и ты поборешься за призовойфонд в размере 3 млн рублей.Прояви свои способности в пятидисциплинах: экономика, математика, физика, химия и биология. —Играй в реальном времени со своими друзьями, однокурсниками истудентами со всего мира;— Защити честь и повысь рейтинг своегоуниверситета;— Борись за призовой фонд в размере 3 млн. рублей идругие ценные призы.Знай, у каждого равные шансы на победу!Играявляется первым этапом самой массовой студенческой цифровойОлимпиады 3К, которая продлится до мая 2015г.Успей принять участиеи набрать необходимое количество очков для попадания во второйэтап!Все подробности об Олимпиаде — на официальном сайте3k.edolymp.ruTest your erudition! Compete with your friends inknowledge! Answer the questions correctly and as quickly aspossible - and you poboreshsya for a prize fund of $ 3 million.Todemonstrate their abilities in five disciplines: economics,mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology.- Play in real timewith your friends, classmates and students from around the world;-Increase protection of honor and the rating of the university;-Fight for a prize pool of $ 3 million. Rubles and other valuableprizes.Know everyone an equal chance to win!The game is the firststage of the mass student 3K Digital Olympics, which will lastuntil May 2015.Things to take part and to recruit the necessarynumber of points to qualify for the second round!All the detailsabout the Olympics - the official website
Super Quiz - Wissens Deutsch
Super Quiz ist ein tolles Spiel zum Allgemeinwissen, mit sehreinfachen Regeln: - Beantworte 15 Fragen - Benutze die Hinweiseunterwegs - Gewinne 1 Millionen Euro - Werde zum Millionär Andersals viele andere Spiele gibt Super Quiz dir unbegrenzt Zeit, umjede Frage zu beantworten. Du kannst es mit Familie oder Freundenspielen, aber versuche, nicht so viel zu googeln. Mit einer großenund stetig wachsenden Fragen-Datenbank wird Super Quiz deinAllgemeinwissen bis an seine Grenzen testen. Je mehr du gewinnst,desto mehr Erfolge kannst du erzielen und mit deinen Freundenteilen. Super Quiz is a great game of general knowledge, with verysimple rules: - Correctly answer 15 questions - Use the informationon the go - Win 1 million Euro - Become a Millionaire Unlike manyother games Super Quiz gives you unlimited time to answer everyquestion. You can personalize it with family or friends to play,but try not so much to googling. With a large and growing questionsdatabase Superquiz will test your general knowledge to its limits.The more you win, the more success you can achieve and share withyour friends.
Hi Guess the Place: World Quiz
Which famous cities and countries have you been to? Start thisamazing trivia quiz and try to guess all the places in the picture.Let’s travel the world with beautiful place puzzles.If you are boring with playing the ordinary logo game, why don'tyou come to try our newly designed guess game - Hi Guess the Place.It is different from those trivia quiz games which only show brandlogos or icons in the picture. This is a great quiz game that letyou test your knowledge about countries, cities and cultures. Andit is full of famous buildings, beautiful scenery, traditionalperformance, typical food or drinks etc. It contains hundreds ofimages from all over the world, like Eiffel Tower, Sydney OperaHouse, Statue of Liberty, Big Ben, Fujiyama, Pyramid & Sphinx,Colosseum etc. Travel the world with these famous historic andcultural sites, imagine the taste of drinks and delicious food,enjoy the amazing performance... What a fabulous experience!Countless funny puzzles from easy to hard are waiting for you!New puzzles will be added continuously for endless fun! It's easyto start and simple to play. See the image and guess the city orthe country. Challenge and test if you know all the cities andcountries in the pictures! Or you can share this wonderful quizgame to your friends to figure out who knows more places or who canguess them faster.Stuck? Don't worry, you can use hints to solve puzzles that youcan't figure out or even reach out to your friends using Facebookto ask for help. Or you also can tap the “Reveal Letter” button toshow a random correct letter, the “Remove Letters” function willhelp you to remove the incorrect letters. And if you want to getthe answer and access the next puzzle directly, you can tap thebutton of “Reveal the Answer”. Besides, if you already run out ofthe hints, you can get more free ones by rating us.This is not only a geography landmark quiz, but also is aculture test. If you love traveling, you must love this game!Travel the beautiful world immediately and imagine the taste of thedelicious food with the game! Come on, download it now!Features:Easy to start, have fun immediately!Free, no registration required. Download and enjoy the endless funnow! Simple to play for everyone.New puzzles will be added continuously for endless fun!We will update the game and add more amazing puzzles continuously!No ending fun is waiting for you!Most addictive trivia quiz!Can you recognize all the places (cities or countries) in thepictures? How many places have you travelled? I believe that youcan't help solving the puzzles once you start it!Funny and sophisticated graphics make you feel relax!The perfect color match and well-designed interface offer you anawesome visual experience.Various help & hints options!You can use the free hints (Reveal Letter, Remove Letters andReveal the Answer) to help you, or you also can share the puzzleyou can't solve to friends to ask for help. If you run out of thefree hints, you can rate us to get more free ones or buy some.
مثل و كلمة مفقودة
Andro 2014
مثل و كلمة مفقودة تطبيق رائع يتضمن التطبيق امثال وحكم عربية عالمية، المطلوب منك كتابة الكلمة الناقصة الرصيد = 300 قطعة ذهبية - يتضمنالتطبيق وسائل للمساعدة : * حذف الحروف الخاطئة = 30 قطعة ذهبية * كشفحرف صحيح = 10 قطع ذهبية * حذف حرف خاطئ = 5 قطع ذهبية نتمنى أن ينالالتطبيق إعجابكم Such as a missing word and a wonderful applicationThe application includes the likes of Arab and international rule,required you to write the missing word Balance = 300 gold pieces -Application includes ways to help: * Delete the wrong letters = 30gold pieces * = True character revealed 10 gold pieces * Delete thewrong character = 5 gold pieces We wish that the applicationreceives you like it
The Perfectionist - The Most Perfect Minigames
If it ain’t perfect, make it perfect!Some things in life simplyMUST be done in a certain, very specific, particular and perfectway, and that’s that! Exercise your right to be an order-putting,balance-making, neat-freaking perfectionist with fun minigames thatare the perfect stress relief pastime for those valiant souls whofight the little chaoses of everyday life!Some of the blissfullyorganized minigames you’ll play include:• Fixing horribly shuffledtiles• Shutting dangerously open windows• Buttoning unnecessarilyundone buttons• Seeking and destroying cringe-worthy brokenpatternsWait, why did you just clench your teeth?PERFECTHIGHLIGHTS• RELAX with many different minigames that present allkinds of satisfying scenarios for the unbending perfectionist weall know lives inside you!• DOUBLE your score by beating lots ofminigames in a row and triggering the neatly designed Fever Mode,the perfect reward for being too perfect!• UNLOCK new andbeautifully ordered minigames by finding missing puzzles pieces soyou never have to stop your quest for perfection!• MEET thePerfectionist Dudes, the craziest fellow neat-freaks ever that willcheer you on all the way! (but also freak out if you make thetiniest mistake, as true friends should do!)• HAVE FUN withaddictive, simple and, of course, PERFECT one touch gameplay!Yoursearch for the perfect outlet for your very special needs isfinally over! Society may frown at your charming perfectionism, butnow you can be yourself as much as you want anytime, anywhere!Whatare you waiting for? The world won’t get perfect by itself: pushsome order into it now!Please note! This game is free to play, butit contains items that can be purchased for real money. Somefeatures and extras mentioned in the description may also have tobe purchased for real money.
Jodha Akbar Game
History goes digital. Zee TV brings to you afun and educational gameYou can challenge your knowledge about the Mughal Empire through aquiz game - The Grand Entry. Test your reflexes as you race alongthe battle field combating the enemy in The Ride of your Life andThe Battle Royale. The Hot Spot tests your observation skills. FortQuest is a game that gives you a chance to become the great warriorAkbar and conquer the fort.With each threshold crossed in points your rank increases in theMughal Army from Mansabdar to a Wazir to a Jawaan and finally crossa score of 1 lac points to gain the title of the Mughal Baashah andunlock a secret game The Nine Jewels.Each game tests your skill, knowledge, logic and game play likeno other.
Quiz Test Your Knowledge
Did you know that knowledge is an irreplaceable part and a form ofintelligence? Without a certain level of general knowledge, or, inother words, erudition, it is impossible to use the intelligence.Knowledge is the most important and necessary component of successin all the professional fields. Here you can test your knowledge indifferent categories: from the ?school? disciplines such asmathematics, chemistry or geography to the art and culture,including movies and music. Do you love animals ? test how much youknow about your favorite one! Fond of your mobile and everythingrelated to it ? go ahead! The possibilities are unlimited! Testyourself with this tests, quizzes and trivia.General knowledgeabout pop culture, history, and the like may not be of much use ineveryday life (unless you're a contestant on a game show), but it'salways fun to see how much you really know about the world aroundyou. Put your knowledge to the test with this fun quiz!Improve YourKnowledge by having fun!!The Trivia covers the followingtopics:> General Knowledge All questions related to GeneralKnowledge including Art, Finance, Literature, Classical Musicetc> Science Includes Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Maths andAstronomy questions.> Geography Land, Continents, Countries andtheir capitals, states and oceans.> History World history, Warsand battles.> Facts Cool facts, fun facts, everyday facts.>Countries> Awards> Currencies> Education>Entertainment> Famous People> TechnologyIf you don't have aspecialist subject. These General Knowledge questions will stretchyour knowledge to its limits.This is a General Knowledge Triviawhere you get to Test Your Knowledge about all that is around you.Read each question carefully and choose the response that you feelis correct. After finishing test, you will receive a detailed,personalized interpretation of your score.
Feud for Google Search
Play 'Family Feud' against the top ten results in Google'sautocomplete.Google's hilarious autocomplete suggestions have been turnedinto a game. - The VergeGoogle Feud tests whether or not you can guess how Google wouldautocomplete a search in a Family Feud-style game - BuzzfeedIt's called Google Feud, and it's pretty much exactly what itsounds like. - The Verge
Guess the Color - 50 Shades
DeBIA Limited
Can you guess all colors? Be ready for color test!Our simple andinteresting game in which you have to guess the color of objects.Exciting game Guess the Color for children kids and adults. Guessthe color shade of the fifty - is it possible? And to understandwhat color is this dress? White, black, gold, blue or brown? Hereis a mystery!Try to guess the color! What color is the banana?Yellow! What color is a sign "STOP"? Red! You have perfectly turnsto guess the color! How many icons, logos, brands and symbols canyou recognize? Check whether you are not colorblind and test yourmemory - Complete all levels in the game "Guess the color!" So ifyou are not afraid this is color test for you.For each correctanswer you will get 20 points. So if you made a mistake you willlose 5 points.In this Quiz you can find the following:* colorfulpictures* more than 100 levels* set of colors - to select a correctone* collect points and use it if you made a mistakeOver a hundredlevels that extend through updates. it's a real color quiz! No needto wait to get the color game - all levels are available now.Download Guess the color free and test yourself.
Star Wars Character Quiz