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Let’s play marvelous Gangster City Revenge: Mafia Battle which is amixture of luxury car, sports bike, and truck racing, as well asmafia fighting. You have escaped from jail. Now your mission is tocatch all those dirty crooks who betrayed you! Rove the vegasstreets as an insidious gangster! Root out your enemies one by oneas you fight with others to dominate the city. There can only beONE BOSS, and it has to be you! Gangster city battle is amazing,thrilling and action game in gaming world.Gangster City revenge isspecially designed for mafia or gangster fighting lovers. Live yourlife as a hardcore gangster, fight for money power and respect inthe cutting edge. Take down masses of enemy mafias and turn theirgangland to dust, shake down and defeat your challenging wickedgang. You can even take off into the sky as you explore every inchof this mafia gangster paradise, start a gang turf war and make thetitle one man army.GAMEPLAY:Gangster City Revenge: Mafia Battle isstarted with simple and interested gameplay. You start as anordinary mafia, terminate back alley mafia gangs and takeoverterritories of upstate criminals, steal their treasured loot andearn respect mission by mission, fight your way to the top and thenbecome the legendary gangster of mafia environment. Walk and engageinto battles. Kill all the opponents gangs mafia from the vicecity. Throw your best fighting skills to the rival’s face. You canalso drive incredible cars designs inspired from Royal and luxurycars. You can also steal cars from citizens, show your power anddrive freely in the massive striking atmospheres. Exciting,shooting missions are ready to blast the gaming world.GANGSTER CITYREVENGE: MAFIA BATTLE FEATURES:• Play as dangerous gangster, robthe bank and take over all the mafia gangs• Unique mixer of ashooter, hand to hand fight and steal cars from locals• Incredible3D graphics and natural touch controls• Amazing gameplay and easyto understand • Realistic sound effects with mafia battleenvironment Are your ready for unlimited criminal adventure?Gangster City Revenge is full of adventure and dangerous fightingmissions. In this action game packed you stealing, shooting andtake controls all the gangster or criminals gangs. The gangsterillegal act town is full with dangerous gangsters, street criminalsand godfather. Use classic weapons and ammunition to kill peopleand mafia thugs. Become the king of the underworld!

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    Gangster City Revenge: Mafia Battle
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    September 23, 2017
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Action Uni
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Get the helmet, hit the ignition and hold on Speed in this AmazingBike Wipeout Racing to win the thrilling race. You are going toplay in the tricky Wipe-out challenges. Let’s ride motorbike onmost difficult, extreme dangerous tracks and experience extremesports Bike Racing with trials wipe-out tasks. You will race aroundwonderful wipe out tracks across a lively and interactive watersurface, you have to set the correct balance between power and gripplus you must be aware of different kind of dangerous rings,pendulum, water splashes, water balls and rotating balls if youtrapped or hit by them your bike racing adventure will beover.Amazing Bike Wipe out racing is exciting and adventurous gamefor all stunts lovers or wipeout games fans. This simulator is fullof thrill and dangerous tracks. In fact your track is full ofkiller actions; you must try some new extreme mobile action andcrazy stunts to reach your final destination point.GAMEPLAY:Amazing Bike Wipe out Racing is a 3D bikes driving stuntgame with daring and interesting gameplay where you cross anenergetic track to reach the finish line carefully. This sportsbikes stunts game is all about action, adventure and thrills ofdriving most difficult stunt tracks in the gaming world. Ridethrough tricky obstacles in the most outstanding environment builtjust for performing the craziest tricks in this racing simulator.Bury the competition as you drive through a variety of deceitfultracks while enjoying the realistic physics and fast-pacedgameplay. Dangerous tricky stunts, thrilling tracks and amazinggameplay is ready to bash the gaming world. Thrilling missions arewaiting for you.AMAZING BIKE WIPE OUT RACING FEATURES:• Play asdaring bike rider and clear all dangerous tracks • Choose yourfavorite motorcycle to ride in this simulator• Smooth controls withthrilling environment• 3D graphics and adventure gameplay• Manydefying missions in this free gameAmazing bike wipe-out racing isespecially designed for all bike rider lovers and racing fans. Feelthe speed as you negotiate your way through hurdles in this uniquebike racing outdoor game! Race, jump and stunt through difficultchallenges breakers, massive balls of death, falling floor, pitswith spikes and so on! There’s no time to waste but enjoy thisamazing bike wipeout simulator
Dinosaur Island Survival Battle 1.0 APK
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Welcome to Dinosaur fighting game with the violent dinosaurs onthis Dinosaur Island Survival Battle. This challenge is only forthe powerful dinosaur which is stronger, fleeter and crueler tosurvive on this risky land. You will meet the various ancientenemies such as the giant carnivorous Spinosaurus, the famous kingof all dinosaurs T-Rex, the bloody hunter stegosaurus and severalof dinosaurs’ species from Jurassic and other era. The weakerdinosaur will be a victim to the tougher. In order for yourCarnotaurus to survive, you need to kill, eat, and fight to gainthe experiences for increasing the Dino skills on attack damage,life energy and body energy. The more you hunt, the more you areclever, strong and evolution to the ultimate dinosaur hunter thatno one is able to attack on you. Dinosaur Island Survival battle isthrilling game for all Dino lovers and survival gameslovers.GAMEPLAY:Dinosaur Island Survival battle is exciting gamewith interesting gameplay where you play as Dangerous Carnotaurusand kill all dinosaurs species which are survive in this dangerousisland. Choose your favorite Dino to survive in this survivalbattle. Gameplay is not difficult, just control your dinosaursthrough the mobile screen to attack, bite and roar to the enemiesor attack them before they kill you. When the thrilling missionsand strength growing up, you can fight with the giant bosses ofeach rivals zones. However, you should have awareness of thedangerous Dino bosses because they are too strong and harsh, so youmight escape or be killed. Fight with other dinosaurs likeSpinosaurus, crazy tynnosaururs and many more in this battleenvironment.DINOSAUR ISLAND SURVIVAL BATTLE FEATURES:• Play asstrong Carnotaurus and fight with Spinosaurus, tyrannosaurus •Choose your favorite Dino to survive in dangerous island•Interesting gameplay with blasting environment• Smooth controls andeasy to play• Realistic sound effect with 3D graphicsLet’s come tojoin the world of epic dinosaur fighting journey! Dinosaur islandsurvival battle is specially designed for all dinosaur lovers andfighting games fans. It looks like a giant lizard. It has apowerful bite, 3 fingers, and strong sharp nails for tearing otherskin to eat. It’s a brutal and aggressive hunter .
Super Monster Hero Prison War 1.0 APK
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Get ready for terrific and awesome Super Monster hero Prison Warwhich is full of action, thrilled and Adventure. You are captured& prisoned in grand city Jail together with jail prisoners forlong time. Now you have to shrewdly idea your prison escape orprison break by destroying all dangerous city gangsters or PoliceOfficers and survive as long as you transform back into normalhuman from Incredible Super Monster hero revolution. In this jailescape mission, you will start ride in prison or vice city jailalong with jail crooks & gang beasts having extreme skilled K9sfor maximum security just like a war between police officers vsthieves in prison.In this action game, you will battle in anambitious versus-fighting action as a super monster hero along withlockup criminals. Become a mysterious man behind incredible rescuermonster or fearless star chosen for superheroes and intelligentlymove in dark shadows and disappear from the jail. Successfullycomplete all jail escape missions utilizing your super powers likeincredible monster hero power. Enjoy unlimited action in thisIncredible Super monster hero prison war survival game with highlyinteractive present law-breaking city missions.GAMEPALY:SuperMonster Hero Prison War is started with amazing and thrillinggameplay; you play as super monster hero and destroy the armyhelicopters in the prisons. There are two types of prisoner in thecentral jail one is your friend which are fight with bad criminalsand help the monster hero. You escape from the prisoner to saveyour life and transform into monster hero to destroy the policehelicopter which are trying to stop you. You kill the bad guys inthe jail and escape from the prisoner. Armed forces and helicoptersare chasing you to stop. You destroy the helicopters on the grandcity which are chasing you and try to stop you. Your prisonerfriends are helping you to fight with bad guys, corrupt policeofficers and dangerous gangsters. Fight with thug’s mafia to cleansthe grand city from the evil powers. Exciting and dangerousmissions are waiting.SUPER MONSTER HERO PRISON WAR FEATURES:• Playas Super Monster hero and destroy the armed helicopter with thehelp of powerful jump attack.• Choose your favorite monster skin toplay and kill the bad criminals• Friendly criminals are with youand kill the corrupt officers, gangster in the jail• HD graphicsand smooth controls• Thrilling gameplay with battleenvironmentSuper Monster hero Prison War is specially designed forall monster hero lover and escape missions fans. This simulatorprovides thrilling adventure as an Incredible Superhero Monster orfearless hero by planning jail escape mission from city jail withcity crooks. Be Careful! As all the prison security guards arefully equipped with latest weapons like most survival games &rescuer games. So get ready and move out as monster hero orfearless hero and complete action packed armed forces vs muggersadventure by defeating enemies using your super monster powers.
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Super Jet Plane Parking is a 3D Airplane Parking Simulator game.You are the pilot of the super plane with auto landing facility andmust park your plane in the correct runway within the airport withsurge and agility and taxi your plane carefully around the airportand park carefully and safely. Super Jet Plane Parking Simulator 3Dis a super cool 3D thrill parking flight simulator game look alike,but this time you don’t get behind of the steering wheel of car orother small vehicles.This time you are the pilot of a jet airplane,and parking a super plane is something totally different thenparking a truck, bus or car. After landing your aircraft safely onthe airstrip, flight control will give you the right directionstowards your specific route where you have to park your airplanesafely without any damage and deliver cargo. Avoid colliding withother planes and vehicles.Are you looking for an entirely newparking game challenge? You can enjoy extreme addictive andmentally challenging levels that are specially designed in stunning3D-style snow airfield. But don’t take it too long because time isgoing to run out. Air traffic is so dense and fast these days so, apilot needs to get its jumbo transporter jet to the right parkingspot at the right time. So park your jet plane as fast as possible,otherwise you need to start all over again. Incredible missions arewaiting.SUPER JET PLANE PARKING FEATURES:• 5 super cool jetsincluding the Boeing 747 jumbo jet, Airbus 330, A321 and air forceGalaxy• Real life parking situations and amazing environments •Realistic and dynamic Controls with 3D graphics• Incrediblegame-play and outstanding jumbo jet planes• Real Physicsexperience• Amazing and Adventurous levels are readyIf you arelooking for a total new parking game challenges that is even toughfor the most skilled and experienced parking drivers then super jetplane parking simulator is the best game. We hope you will have funand will enjoy our newest game Super Jet Plane Parking.
Super Hero Cop 1.3 APK
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Get ready for Super Hero Cop game where our Superhero Police mancrackdown to gangsters and criminals. There are many crimes in themodern city like terrorist activities by mafia criminals andgangster. You have super powers and fighting skills so stopgangsters from escape and dealing with criminals. The criminalactivity level is at rise due to poor law and order conditions.Some cops are involved with mafia. Super hero cop can drive so weused superfast sport car and racing bike in vice city. Super copfight and shoot with mafia, criminals and corrupted policeofficers. Superhero saves people and city from mafia and gangsters.This Extraordinary Hero cop game is full of thrilling and actionadventures.SUPER COPSuper Hero Cop with amazing super powers andgreat skills like flying with jetpack, fire with amazing guns fightwith punching hand. With the power of jetpack you can fly on theopen grand city. Use all your super skills and amazing strategylike shooting, fighting to save the people and city from the mafia.It is a new flying super hero cop game while you are playing andenjoy the missions when you are solved. Cop hero saves people andcity also from corrupt police officers and criminals. Super HeroCop provides stand where people live happily and save in ourcity.STORYThis game is started with wonderful story; scientisthighly trained the super cop and genetically modified the super copwith super powers. Jetpack making in secret lab when theengineering made the jetpack so the government decided jetpackgiven to the super cop to decrease the crime rate of the city andclean the gangsters, mafia, criminals in the grand city. So superhero cop use the jetpack to save the civilians of the city.STORYBASED MISSIONSPlay this magnificent episode to complete themissions. Mafia sells drug to innocent citizens with the power ofhunger and weapons, so you will stop spiteful activity. Differentplaces of the city you will stop the dealing with criminals andgangsters. Some corrupt cop member handshake with the power ofbribe from mafia and drugs dealer, so police also against you. Youwill save own and citizen life from police and gangsters. In short,you will save the own and citizen life with the expletive of drugsand mafia.SUPER HERO COP FEATURES:• Presenting a new Super HeroCop.• Cop hero is a complete package with the marvelous powers• Flywith jetpack, drive cars and sports bikes to chase criminals.•Shoot enemies with innovative weapon.• Hand to hand fight withmafia and criminals.• Incredible 3D graphics and realistic soundeffects• Dangerous and action city environmentFINAL BATTLE AGAINSTBAD CRIMINALS AND DRUGS DEALERTime for final battle, our cop herowith unique skills is here to fight with mafia gangster in citybattle. Use all your fanciful power as flying superhero cop withthe help of jetpack and marvelous strategy like fighting andshooting to protect the people and the city. Combination ofFuturistic games and survival games added with the taste of superhero cop fighting in city with the criminals and drugs dealers.
Demolition Derby Cars War 1.1 APK
Action Uni
Get ready to cause some DAMAGE! Demolition Derby Cars War is youronly chance to go furious with absolutely no rules or limits! It’sall about destruction in this attractive demolition arena. Smashand hit other derby vehicles, obliterating them to pieces! Pick themost stylish derby from different racing cars. Demolition derbycars simulator is best thrilling, destruction, smoking arena andcars battle game in gaming world. In this action packed simulatoryou destroy the enemies’ cars and become the racing king in thisbattle arena. Get ready to race, destroy your opponents indemolition derbies war and derby track in this battle arena is fullof exciting, destruction and thrilling. Destruction has never feltas real as you see doors and other car parts smash of your amazingcar. Other enemies’ cars try to destroy your stylish war car byhitting your car hard and strong.GAMEPLAY: DemolitionMissionsDemolition Derby Cars War is incredible, amazing anddestruction game in 2017.You play as car war racer in thisdemolition game. All drivers start in opposite directions and thegoal is to smash the other sports cars and be the last man (car)standing to win the arena war race. Select the wonderful car anddestroy the enemies’ car by strong hitting them and collect thepoints to move next level. Derby demolition cars war speciallydesigned for destruction lover and racing cars arena battle.Demolition games are full with action, thrilling and arena battle.Exciting and dangerous missions are waiting for you.DEMOLITIONDERBY CARS WAR FEATURES:• Play as demolition racer and destroy allthe enemies cars• Real-time car destruction, damage deformation andcrash physics engine• Addictive gameplay with cars fightingenvironments• Realistic sound effects and 3D graphics • Easy andsmooth controlsDemolition is made twice as fun in this spectacularenvironment. Take your dangerous racing car to the limit; knockdown, crash, smash, and flip your opponents into the vacuum wherethey will disappear forever! Challenge your driving skills in themost dangerous derby game ever to be released! Demolition DerbyCars War is an absolutely thrilling and action packed killing game,where you have to drive cars at high speed and make sure thatyou're last survivor.