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Gangster city escape simulator is the ultimate high-speed pursuitgame in criminal mafia town. Recruit new gang members, fight withthe rival police, and attack their station in revenge of your mafiacartel. Damage and destroy the government assets in the act ofvengeance of your cartel boss against the corrupt officials ofgangster city, use assault rifle to attack the citizens and anypolicemen stopping you from terrorizing the city. Your mission isto create chaos, attack the civilians and end the crime free eraestablished by the real officers. You the real gangsta mafia arethere to turn this city of lights into disaster and anarchy. Drivesports car from perilous maze of modern city streets after robbinggold and diamonds from big bank. Drive through breathtakingenvironments and obstacles to escape from police cars. Completegangster escape missions from police car chase before they catchyou again. Like a notorious criminal, escape from police car racerby safe driving in cops and gangsters mafia simulation game. Becomea mafia spy agent with ghost stealing & killing skills to grabcrimes evidences against mafia lords and disappear in thinair.Steal the gangster car in city from innocent civilians and dumpit soon after the robbery. You do not want police on your backchasing you in a high-speed police chase, as they will succeed inbusting the gangsters in town. Attack and Shoot to kill thesecurity and policemen in town with your assault rifle and plan aperfect robbery in gangster mafia city. Outrun the police inhigh-speed police car chase drive; you cannot afford to wind up intheir custody. Storm into the police station, empty your weapons onthe immaculate policemen and escape from the crime scene beforethey call for backup on you.Experience the thrill of mafia gangsterdriving in this action packed gangster police chase simulation gameand be the lord of the gangster town. Drive sports cars and escapepolice chase after committing heinous crimes. Straight outta prisongo to mafia chief and recruit other gangsters in your top criminalgang. Get into crazy action to expand turf inside mad city. Workfor Don Corleone as secret agent to avenge his lost family incartel gang wars. Dark intriguing and ruthless world of crimes isat your fingertips now. Get out of urban slums and enter into glitzof crime world.Prepare for badass action against law and breakevery rule to pick a fight against town police. Engage in policecar pursuit and escape epic chase in mad city mafia crime simulatorgame.Key Features:- Realistic 3D city environment.- Amazing DrivingExperience.- Attack with Assault rifle.- Exciting levels-High-speed police car chase.- Gangsta shootout between mafia andpolice.- Fun Gameplay.

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    Gangster Escape Police Chase
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    October 18, 2017
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Piranha Studios
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There is a new mafia boss in gangster town. This hood is lookingfor fresh blood with a clean record and conscience to expand itsillegal and dangerous operations in the town and take over theentire city. You are called out to brawl in the street. Get readyfor fun, immersive, and wild gun wars! Join his mafia gods’ gang,support the criminal boss to defeat all his rivals in the Vegasmafia city and terrorize the territory, take over the entireneighborhood gangster town and squeeze as much money from theinnocent civilians as you want before bullying escalated intohallway brawl. You are now an important member of the crimesyndicate, brawl in the town streets if you wish your way to thetop as a mafia gangster, you have to gain trust of the crime lordand a new godfather in town. Brawl in this city gangster town atother mafia gangsters, follow his orders and help him accomplishthe impossible dream. Survive criminals chase and start shootinggangster in town while the police officers are chasing. As mafiacriminal gangster killing machine in your criminal squad, kill allthe other bad guys of your rival syndicate and double agent in yourown gang. Get into vicious brawl fight. Enjoy some real policeescaping a car chase on a real mafia gangster bike; complete racerand shooting gameplay like never before. Don’t let police or anyother criminals smash mafia bike. In this real gangster town,crime, action packed simulation game you as a noob has to prove theworth to your crime lord to welcome you in the gang, don’t looseyourself in a brawl. Kill the citizens of the city for money. Trackand hunt the double agent in your native team. Loot the jewelryshops and brawl in the banks. Kidnap a businessperson for ransommoney and attack the rival gang in the city to make your positionstronger and stable. Never get caught by the police, as you cannotfail your boss nor want to rot in for the rest of life in anunderground prison dungeon. Use assault rifle to attack, fight thegangsters and the police, ride gangster heavy bike and escape fromthe crime scene. Don’t leave any clue at the scene trailing back toyou or to your boss that will jeopardize the ultimate mission andplan to be the godfather and a real crime lord syndicate. This gamebrings you to the streets of New Vegas full of gangsters, cops andspecial force soldiers. Show no mercy to anyone who stands on yourway! Unlock all the levels to make your way to the top elite mafiaclass. Dominate the city with a devastating firepower of advancedmilitary weapons. An Epic shooting game between the mafia people,criminal, mobster, city police and you. Mobsters are running acrime cartel. Shoot your enemies down and tear them apart withheavy artillery. Try to survive in the crime city full of danger.Complete fraction tasks to get reputation. With respect ofdifferent gangs they begin to protect you from your enemies. Allthe best things and much more in this grand game. Try now! KeyFeatures: - Real 3D graphics. - Gangster bike ride experience. -Use military assault rifles to kill. - Interesting action packedgameplay. - Stunning & High Quality 3D Graphics - Easy and funto play. - Thrilling and challenging bike riding simulatorMissions.
City Gangster Clown Attack 3D 2.0 APK
Do you ever think to terror the city and its people with yourcreative pure yet evil ideas? Well, here is your chance to unleashthe animal inside you in this action simulation game by followingjust your dream regardless of the consequences of your actions. Youare creepy clown gangster whose mission is to assault the citizensof state at your boss orders who is deeply connected to citycriminal mafia gangsters. Kill any citizens in your way either theyare hanging around in the supermarket or withdrawing their moneyfrom the bank. Assault them from your deadly weapons you have abaseball bat or an assault rifle. The action in this clown gangsteroffence simulator 3D game revolves around shooting and killing yourenemies as Russian mafia guiltiness clown gang mobster. Attack,Shoot the police or the robbers it doesn’t matter because you havethe support of your criminal mafia gangster boss who knows how totackle any situation. Guard yourself as others can also kill youtrying to protect them or retaliate to the situation. Do not getarrest for shooting and killing gangster rivals. It is Combinationof all games like fighting running racing action adventureterrorist game stunt real mission real gangster shooting game. Inthis crime action game your mission is to survive differentsituations, attack chase police or the citizens and strike themwhen they expect least action. You are a clown gangster, who don'tneed brilliance, you have greed for revenge. Protect your boss frompolice surrounding his palace & attack deadly criminals, It'stime to show everyone who’s boss by shooting rivals and ruling thestreets, You are provided the unique opportunity to become a supervillain. You were once the offence lord of Miami, Russia and manyother crime cities. loot the money of citizens, attack and escapefrom the spot without getting killed. You have to put up yourguiltiness empire within the City of Angels. You just got out ofSan Andreas country prison. You can do two things struggle to makeliving or you can start playing like a criminal underworldgangster. Capture rival turf, ruling the hood and expanding yourRussian mafia territory. Shoot down real enemy gang members. Masterin attacks to bring down opponents gangster city rivals and cops.Put your fear in dangerous mobsters in guiltiness town. This Gameis only for real fun Not a Real crime. Clown Gangsters puts thedark, intriguing and ruthless world of the city’s street crimes onyour phones. Stealing auto cars, evading city cops, racing throughcity streets, and shooting down other city gang members. Do youhave enough guts to rise to the top of the criminal piles? Keyfeatures: Amazing real 3D environment. Fist fighting, assault rifleand batons. Criminal missions with each unique tasks. Smooth andintuitive controls. Car driving experience . Hardcore stuntsimulation games. Rush Grab & steal auto cars like a realmobster.
Truck Driving:Supermarket Transporter–Simulator 3D 1.12 APK
Ultimate trucker driving challenge starts as day begins withheavy-duty traffic and transporting cargo to supermarket in time.Load in grand truck with fork lifter & drive the package on therough roads of the city. Become a real driver and play this TruckSimulator 3D Game! Drive mega transporter trucks and transportcargo to the destination in realistic city supermarket. This isquite the challenge. Do you think you can park the amazing vehiclesaccurately? Get ready for this supermarket modern car parking game!
Driving challenge come with Advance Features in this game. You’veworked as cashier at cash register counter for so long, now takechallenging job of an ultimate truck driver. Enjoy driving supercool heavy vehicles and avoid crashing on road. Master yourforklift driver skills from the backyard of multi-storey plaza.Follow the checkpoints to find your way in the building. Take athrilling driving Adventure & become Supermarket TransporterTruck Drive in this parking game. Cargo Trailer Transport TruckSimulator gives the driver an addictive game play experience andrealistic city environment to drive the grand transporter heavytruck. It gives you smooth driving and handling controls which willmake you play this game for hours. Be on time to satisfy yourclients because being late will result in the failure of yourconsignment. Driving in the city traffic, not to harm pedestriansand also avoid accidents with cars and crashes, like a skilleddriver. Drive the forklifter to load the cargo and then park thegrand trailer to complete your consignment. Play like one of thebest cargo trailer supermarket transporter driver in thecity!
Driving forklift in supermarket plaza is harder than otherordinary simulator. Park your forklifter without hitting anyobstacles! Avoid crashing into barriers and other vehicles! Games.This multi storey 3d will make you a furious driver. Be theprofessional forklifter sim games player and show your forklifterparking skills in our multistory parking sim. It’s time for you tobe a skilled pro sim games driver with this simulator in the finestmulti storey truck simulator 3d games. So be careful and don’t hitany other vehicles or object in the parking area especially duringreverse parking. 
Supermarket Transporter Truck Features: 
 -Exciting truck & heavy vehicles missions
. - Simple andintuitive controls
. - Responsive and Realistic Game. - Play
Realistic driving of vehicles, 
Challenging levels to test Yourskills. - 
Realistic Traffic Control System
Realistic environmentwith supermarket multi storey parking lot. Check out moreinteresting games on our website : http://www.piranhastudios.co orlike our facebook page for latest updates on games:https://www.facebook.com/Piranha-Studios-590620311326022/
Secret Agent Gangster Brawl 1.10 APK
Live the secret life of agent in the midst of city and perform highprofile tasks involving national security. You are chosen torestore balance to the world and secure national assets byperforming secret agent missions encounter the evil of the world inthis game. As a brave agent soldier you have to sneak into enemiesplace where they have kept another spy member. During this secretagent gangster brawl game you will face multiple challenges. Manyspy cameras are installed in the building, which you have to breakfirst so that you can get into the criminal squad city building.Then you have to hack gangsters’ computer to get insights abouttheir secret criminal activities. Enemy secret agent service spyagency plans a network hack to stealing sensitive gangsterinformation by decoding the encrypted data in Dean office system.Kill the terrorist gangster splinter groups from stealinginformation and selling to crime syndicate. Eliminate dangerousterrorists cell members and save innocent hostages of city insecret emergency situation. Agent Max went deep cover to collectevidence against deadly evil forces that are experimenting citizenwith inhuman ways. After physical and mental rough hard timestruggle he the swat agent managed to collect intense evidence fromthe system killing all the terrorists and their mobster gangmembers who are connected all the way up to crime syndicate chainin this stealth survival game.In this secret agent gangster brawlaction packed game you encounter a hostage situation, secretdocuments retrieving from the hard drive guarded by dangerouscriminals, attack terrorists with assault rifles and batons. Sneakthrough the lasers and CCTV cameras and breaking into the hotelhosting the crime family and the enemies of the state. Experiencethe drive of boat to the lake house, cracking the master plan ofterrorists creating chaos in the city, drive car to multiplelocations in this city game in search of secret information, secureinfo and kill all the terrorists.Key Features:* High-end3Dgraphics.* Easy and fun to play.* Smooth and realistic controls.*Interesting spy missions.* Assault Rifle Crossfire andbatons.*Realistic hostage building with 3D graphics* MassDestruction as Stealth Agent in Rogue Nation Brawl Mission.* Fistfighting and batons.
Prison Escape Survival Mission 1.11 APK
Do you honor your friendship? Breakout your childhood friend fromthe world’s worst prison Alcatraz as he is stuck there in falseclaims and the law can do nothing about him because of lack ofevidence to stick by his side. Don’t let him lose all his hopes andbreak him out of that nightmare and give him his life back withyou. This escape mission includes the test of your true friendship.Will you be able to escape your friend from this torturing hell?Gather your strength and do whatever it takes to find, survive andrescue your friend. Get reunited with him! Alcatraz prison escapeis the real hard time simulation of breaking out from prison,defeating all your criminal opponents killing them brutally as theywill not think a second for butchering you and stopping you toachieve your ultimate task. You are there to do or die no matterwhat the situation Is and how hard it gets to breakout your friendfrom Alcatraz jail as he is rotting there in search of hope. Killthe hard time police gangster officers in the prisoner simulationgame and drive police bus. In this great and challenging simulationgame you will feel like a mobster whose sole purpose of existenceis to take revenge from the corrupt officials of Alcatraz and honoryour friendship by breaking out your friend from the worst prisonever. Make the best possible jail escape plan to rescue your friendbefore the lockdown in the limited time killing all your opponentsbrutally and do not get killed in the process of rescuing. Becareful about each move as Alcatraz jail has many sensitive areasmonitored by CCTV cameras, and patrolling jail cops. Any wrong movewould get you killed immediately. You will be entering in theAlcatraz jail in jet ski by the secret lake to the prison thenenter into the premises by killing all the security guarding theprison. In Prison Escape Alcatraz survival simulation you can beatthe cops by your bare hands, mechanical tools like wrench or fromyour powerful kicks as combos. Climb down the ladder to secrettunnels of prison, fight the policemen guarding the prison’sterritory, find your way to your friend and break him out thatprison he is into and escape from Alcatraz. Unlock his cell fromthe master key and jump through the tunnel into the river openingparachute in the way as the guards cannot follow you there becausethey don’t have what it takes to rescue from that much height. Landsafely into the landing area and escape through the jet ski waitingthere for its ride to take you back home. ↗ An addictive prisonescape game! ↗ Great, challenging and attractive missions! ↗Fighting with mechanical tools and different combos! ↗ Addictinggameplay! ↗ Gorgeous graphics and different themed rooms! ↗ Easyand fun to play! ↗ Realistic 3D prison environment!
Incredible Hero Legends: Crime Simulator 1.6 APK
Jumping and flying through rooftops, chasing after nasty criminalsto save the city is superhero duty, with your strange hero powerssave the incredible city from destruction. Fight crime; killmobsters and evils, live like a true superhero. The rivalry betweencriminals and hero takes a new twist. In Miami a villain appearedand even the police cannot win over him. You can be reincarnated asthe king of the gangland. Feel yourself as incredible hero of citywith strange hero powers like speed, accuracy, flying, climbing andall new third-person shooting with heavy artillery to use, Handcombat with multiple combos. Future crime battle of mobs and peopledepends on the Action hero. Crime Fighter incredible Action Hero isone of the best hero games which features the super hero combatmoves. This Amazing Hero Crime Simulator is in a strange waragainst the mafia families who occupies lands and properties of theinnocent civilians. The cartel and gangs are into some serious evilbusinesses like narcotics and heroin. Drug trafficking destroyingthe neighborhood. Fight off, Gangsters, truly working against thewar hero. Chase the crime like a super hero. GAMEPLAY Explore thecrime city, full of gangs and aggressive fractions. Become citizenhope as a super hero fighting against crime with strange heropowers • More than 20 different quest lines. • Reward in each levelas the game continues. Unlock hero powers and different weapons toenjoy the crime simulator game. • Interactive world events withdifferent missions to achieve upgrade in powers. COMBAT You areprovided the unique opportunity to become a super hero. Manydifferent ammunition and weapons are at your disposal. Become achief on the streets of criminality in Vegas City! • Advanced thirdperson shooting, hand combat fighting, realistic future car chaseand driving, enjoy unlimited offline gameplay. • Super Speed! •Multiple weapons and powers to fight against gangsters.TRANSFORMATION Start with real basic hero, as the game continues:each level gives you powers and upgrades to transform intoincredible super hero. Drive futuristic hero car with boost upgradeand chase criminals in hero city. ATMOSPHERES & SURROUNDINGSPlay in multiple ambiences with different settings. Enjoy night anddaytime featuring unique behaviors and interactive world features.PROGRESS Master all the abilities and become the unstoppable flyingsuper hero with ultimate speed and powers. • Level-up upgrades foryour abilities and skills. • In-game tutorial leading you throughall the new functional. Game Features: • Control territory and makethe villains vanish in no time. • Enthralling and smooth gameplayto deliver the crime story of the city. • Use special powers andattacks to fight against crime. • Beat the invincible crime cultsand anarchy promoters. • Outlaws in disguise of the common peoplein the streets are your major target. • Fearless attacks on thethug enemies’ • Crime lords are striking with a really big arsenal.• Drive speed racer car in hero city to chase criminals and win therace over. • Enjoy unlimited ammo with third person shooting andhand combat. Introducing different views and environment effects.Play the true game of war on the hero streets. Find out the truthabout main hero past. ENJOY hours of FUN and entertaining gameplay.Become a good hero for the city or be a villain and destroyeverything. Decision is up to you.
Christmas Gangster Robbery 1.7 APK
Want to build a Criminal Empire and crush your rivals? Get ready toshow everyone whose boss by fighting in open world real actiongame. Rule the streets in this action-packed game.Intro: In thisrobbery game you are a real city gangster - robber, who is notafraid of anything. Savage, aggressive criminals are everywhere.You shoot people, kill, and rob banks and stores. There is acriminal chaos in the city on Christmas. Your mission is to createterror in the city and execute the perfect robbery like neverhappened before, loot the places and attack any security in yourway. Escape in high-speed gangster car and don’t get busted bycrazy police car chase.You are now tired of waiting for theopportunity to change your life and now one has to decide betweenthe fate and destiny. Christmas has brought you the chance. Takematters into your own hands and be as rich and famous as you want.Attack the public,kill, rob and steal what you think should beyours. The world is yours if you have will and classic criminalmind to execute perfect planned robbery.Attack the citizens in thisChristmas gangster robbery crime city, steal their cars and loottheir hard earned money. This Christmas has given you the chance tofulfill your lifetime dream. Rob the private properties like banksand jewelry shops with your gang members. Drive gangster car in thecriminal city and pick them up on the way. Kill all the securityguarding the property and protecting its assets in this Christmasseason, assault with your riffle at police plan perfect robbery andescape from the crime scene as soon as possible before they reachfor backup force. Extreme action cop v/s robber car chaseexperience and taste the flavor of criminal gangster robber in townin Christmas fever. In this intense Christmas felony action robberygangster simulator, enjoy thug life by extreme rob, shoot andescape. Steal cash counter as fast as you can, rob the innocentcitizens, manage gangster escape from store guards before they callsin city police squad. Rush towards store exit rapidly, shootguards and jump into real gangster car. Police cars are behind youdrive thug car in high speed and escape from the crime scene. Takevendetta from crime city police squad in this Christmas season andkill cops in combat shooting. Don’t stand like a noob do whateverit takes to pull of this grand heist and become robbery master.Asits Christmas Eve, supermarket store has exceeded its expectedsale. Plan big-armed robbery in Russian city supermarket to stealmoney and make innocent hostages. Kidnap the businessperson fromthe fund raising Christmas event, kill all the security and policeand demand the ransom money for his freedom. Be careful at therendezvous point as police is tracking you with all their resourcesand latest tracing technology.Beat the public at the streets ofMiami, Don't let the police catch you. Get yourself preparedagainst police and other armed security forces, fight themfearlessly and get your mission achieved in an absoluteprofessional way.Equip yourself with destructive guns and bring thehell to the streets. Meet the cops and swat squads head-on!Policechases, armed-robbery, citizen shoot out and much more.Real crimeof the real gangster robber in the city!Key Features:* Amazing 3DChristmas environment.* Assault rifle experience.* Fist fight withbatons.* Realistic and fun gameplay.* Real Gangster car drivingexperience.* Cops v/s robbers car chase.* Challenging and excitingmissions.
High School Gangster 1.12 APK
This game revolves around troubled story of high school dropoutgangster boy Gary whose sole purpose is to have fun with othernaughty students and his class fellows, Gary proves himself to beincredibly evil, manipulative to other students and teachers, andhighly intelligent, being a bad boy he constantly reminds otherkids of his arrogance and vanity. This game is not about shootingor fighting but its a fun game full of adventure where you will bean interesting gangster in your high school and you will break allthe rules of the discipline! Your mission is to behave like a badboy in high school gangster game, survive and escape through hardtime missions. Fight and strike slender students and high schoolsecurity guards in cafeteria and college hallway. Sneak into theprincipal office stealing important confidential notes and surviveyour time lock in detention, sneaking from creepy teachers andauthorities. High school Gangster is a third person bad boy gamewhere a troubled psychopath teenager is entered into the schoollife to enjoy humiliating other high school students and teachers.You as a third person player; Gary, has to save his friend frombeating, throw rocks and papers, don’t seek too much attention toyourself and stop anyone from complaining to the principal aboutyour secret hunts of the crazy adventure in this gangster highschool game. You have been caught into the detention as punishmentfor your disciplinary actions, sneak and escape from the officewhile the teacher is sleeping, destroying the cameras of the campusto erase any footage of your crime recordings. Be the viciouscriminal in high school and get ready for some great fun of yourlife in high school. Features: • Includes the complete high schoolgangster story with extra missions, characters, hall monitors,teachers and classroom with fellow students in Game. • Gorgeousgraphics: high-resolution textures, dynamic lighting, shadows andparticle effects • Challenge your friends to see who gets to beatthe high school students more while competing with missionaccomplishment. • Intelligent touch controls with contextualbuttons only when you need them. • Rescue the grand combat againstcity high school frontline security guards & student gangwings. • Create chaos in cafeteria, fight with security guards andstudents. • Awesome classroom fever starts in high school fever bysneaking from teacher.